Best Keto Bread Zero Carb Mix

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1. CarbRite Diet Friendly Dessert Chocolate

CarbRite Diet Friendly Dessert Chocolate

One of the hardest parts of a low-cholesterol diet is cutting out sweets. You can have your cake and eat it with the mix. You can bake a tray of snacks for the whole family that are sugar free. Pack them in a lunch and go. Their brownie mix is made with fiber to help you feel full after a snack. You can bake brownies, chocolate cupcakes, or cake in your favorite pan. Get creative and share. Don't let cravings get in the way of your diet. Enjoy the process and snack on the diet.

Brand: Doctor's Carbrite Diet

👤You were the best for 15 minutes on this diet. I enjoyed every bite. You turned on me. I thought they were colon cleanse brownies when I woke up for the 8th time in a night. At one point, I thought I was going to kill the bed. It was only a hot fart. ... If you need to be in public for 8 hours, I don't recommend eating these. I think that's correct.

👤You may enjoy these if you can tolerate more power from malitol. The taste was great. They were very easy to say "moist". I had two. It was a big mistake. I didn't know if I got food poisoning about an hour later. I thought I might have the flu. The sound that my stomach made was unlike anything I've heard before. The sounds I heard were new to me. I had a violent attack of vomiting all night. The next day I tried another and confirmed that the brownies were to blame. I am married to a man who has never heard or suspected me of farting. I had to kick my self out of the bedroom as I had been married for 14 years.

👤I have included a screen shot of a picture taken directly from this post as well as actual pictures of what I received and made sure to show the entire box so it is clear that this product is the same one that I ordered from this seller. The box pictured on this page is not the same as the one I received. I have never been so angry about anything like this before. You will notice that the allergy alert on each box isn't the same. The one on this page doesn't mention shellfish. Yes. A fish. It says it is processed the same way as fish and shellfish. I thought I could eat this product. I am allergic to fish and shellfish. I can't be in a house where it's cooking because my throat swells. Who knows what would have happened if this had not been looked over first night. I need anyone who is deathly allergic to fish and shellfish to be warned because the makers of this company or the company that sells it overlooked that fact. Change your pictures. I can't have a product that costs almost 6 dollars. Thanks so much for that.

👤Delish. Don't eat if you have to be somewhere. It's hard for me to find desserts that don't have a bad taste. These are not very sweet, but they will clear you out. I ate one and went back for another 5 minutes later because it was good. I felt my metabolism kick into high gear. The boom system was cleaned. Ok. It wouldn't hurt to be at home. It was shocking. It hit again an hour later. I think I'm doing well. I have 10 left. I'm eating them. I'll freeze some and eat on occasion. Whatever. Don't judge.

👤I didn't think it was possible for the healthy stuff to taste as good as these brownies. The comments about the brownies gave me a good laugh. I didn't experience the rumbling tummy and thought I was sh*t myself. I feel guilty because I didn't get the brownies that tasted so good. Too good to be true, will only have them once a month. For the people that don't know, you need to be able to put the pan that you cook brownies in, inside another pan. You have to fill the pan with 1 inch of water. The brownies are moist and amazing.

2. Mr Tortilla Tortillas Kosher Multigrain

Mr Tortilla Tortillas Kosher Multigrain

The tissues are healthy now. Their tortillas are low in calories and fat. They're cholesterol-free too. Their shells are great for making delicious keto taco, tostadas, and more. Each of their taco tortillas can hold a fully loaded taco with only one tortilla. The tortillas bake and fry well for a satisfying crunch. They don't skimp on flavor when it comes to their product. Their wraps are made with the best and freshest ingredients to ensure excellent taste. You can keep up with your diet this holiday season with only 1 net carbs per taco. Mr Tortilla Street taco tortillas are cholesterol-free and low in calories. You can make a lot of delicious and healthy food with their shells. They are confident in the quality of their tortillas. If the product you receive doesn't meet your expectations, contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Mr. Tortilla

👤I loved the street taco that Mr. Tortilla's tortillas were the same size as. The wholesomeness of their taste and texture perfectly matches the flavors of most anything we could put inside. This is an evolutionary product. They need to be offered in burrito-sizing as well. 96 of the tortillas are at a low price and are an elite value. Was this used? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤People are clearly told that the taco shell is street size. The real taco shell is 4 inches in diameter. Same as this product! The bad reviews for size should be ignored. It is a treat for people on the diet.

👤These are not friendly to the Ketogenic diet and will affect your blood sugar levels.

👤These tortillas are very strong. They are perfect when you want chips and guacamole. I cook them up myself with a little seasoning. My diet and cravings are gone.

👤I'm sold on these. They are small. They are perfect for portion control. I think they taste like a regular tortilla shell. I put a cheese stick and a pepperoni in one for a picture. Will be ordering more.

👤The tortillas are small so you can buy 5 of them at any grocery store that is 4 times bigger.

👤There are 15 acres of land. They are the smallest things I have ever seen.

👤Good tortilla. Is the same price for shipping if it's not free? The tortilla is good, but lies are not.

👤These were expensive and a total scam. I don't know what to do with them because they are so small, they are only about 3 inches across. Saving your money is what a rip off.

👤I was worried that they were too good to be true. I'm glad I tried them. These are the perfect little rap if you are trying to do low-carb, or just low- calories. The tortilla is small. It feels like I am eating more than I am because I can have two or three of them with a meal. This makes me feel satisfied. Even with the taco filling in my video, they hold up well. I would normally dip tortilla chips in a taco beef dip. I decided to make low-cholesterol tortillas with it. The wraps are great for a breakfast burrito with eggs, or a taco, or even an enchilada, and they complement it nicely. 5 stars for sure.

👤They taste like tortillas. I was hesitant to buy it. They are definitely worth it at 1g net carb. They are small. I was happy with my purchase. If you are not sensitive to wheat, this is highly recommended.

👤I was surprised by how small they are. You could use them for mini pizza crusts. I bought them to make some food for my birthday. I wanted to see how they held together. They were great! I miss a sandwich a lot. I make breakfast sandwiches with some and put a few in muffin cups and toast them to see how they work for mini taco bowls and things like that. They are a time saver because of the value. It's a good value. Use your imagination, they offer some variety.

3. Pancakes Friendly Diabetic Breakfast No Pancakes 30

Pancakes Friendly Diabetic Breakfast No Pancakes 30

The pancakes are delicious and fluffy. The paleo pancake mix is great for everyone. The baking mix is so good that it can fool sugar-eaters. SuperFat keto pancake mix is a rich, delicious, and satisfying pancake mix that is low in sugar and high in calories. These sugar free pancakes and waffles are an irresistible no-cheat treat for a perfect breakfast. Just add eggs, coconut oil, milk or water and voila, you have perfect waffles and pancakes in minutes. Bring back your childhood favorite with this delicious pancake mix. It's the breakfast you can enjoy any time of the day, and it's made with almond and coconut flour. SuperFat is behind the quality of their products. They will make it right if you don't fall in love with their mix. Packaging may be different.

Brand: Superfat

👤I was surprised how delicious this was and the texture was spot on, but I couldn't tell it was flour. When I added the eggs and milk it made a weird batter consistency and the use of coconut oil was odd. It took a little longer to cook than an ordinary batter, which was questionable at first. I would prefer not to use coconut oil next time because I don't want my pancakes to have a hint of coconut flavor. The package was bad, it was a zip-top type, and it wouldn't seal. The package should have been bigger for $10. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The taste is amazing and I love that this has a low net carbs count. I gave it 4 stars because I followed the recipe and the bag made 18 pancakes, not 30.

👤The smell of the dry mix was really good and the creation of the product with additional ingredients was interesting. I believe that the battle took a little bit longer to set, which made the pancakes dark, so add just a tiny bit more of them mix. This product was very useful to use in my daughter. I liked it very much.

👤I will buy again. I don't like using Rice flour in Paleo and Keto recipes. It was very dense and delicious. I made waffles with this mix. Adding the 2 eggs and water is easy to make. I made 2 large waffles. My bag is still full.

👤I have been searching for a good pancake mix for several years and this is my favorite so far. None of the others I tried have been good enough for me to reorder. Thank you for a good product.

👤The price is high. The flavor is good but not great. Eggs, oil and water are all you need to make a pancake. For a healthy diet, this is good.

👤You have found a KETO pancake alternative if you stop trying to make it. It takes 3 other ingredients to make pancake batter.

👤It is easy to make and delicious. I have type 2 diabetes and this didn't raise my blood sugar.

4. Carbquik Baking Convenient Resealable Friendly

Carbquik Baking Convenient Resealable Friendly

The complete biscuit and baking mix is in a pouch. It's great for a low-carb diet. High in fiber and low in salt. Trans Fat is not Hydrogenated Oils. Substitute for regular mixes in pancakes, waffles, and create new ones by adding different seasonings. Now! It's easy to use and store in a 5 LB pouch. Keep the rest fresh by using what you need.

Brand: Carbquik

👤This baking mix is helping me in my transition to the ketogenic lifestyle. I know that there are people out there who think that this isn't a keto food, and I respect that they have their own opinions, but to each his own. When I want biscuits and sausage gravy, this product does not disappoint. It's easy to use, just add water. I used to make my own biscuits from scratch when I ate flour, and they were light and flaky. I don't eat flour anymore, so this works for me when I am hungry and in a hurry, and I want a biscuit or something. My husband liked these biscuits too. Win? I think so...

👤We have been on the diet for 2 months. Drop biscuits and waffles are some of the comfort foods we miss. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I was impressed. The biscuit has 2 net carbs, but the cheddar drop biscuits were amazing. The biscuit is so delicious that it's close to the Bisquick version. I made the McGriddle version of the pancake. The result was great for us. My husband didn't like the pancakes with cream cheese. He thought the biscuits and pancakes were great. This diet is great for him because he is a diabetes patient. His blood sugar is unaffected by the pancakes and biscuits. Carbiquick is a good thing.

👤My first set of pancakes were terrible. I followed the instructions, but they said to make a batter that waspourable, and I needed more water to get to that point. I decided to make biscuits after that, and they were just like real biscuits. So good! I decided to try the pancakes again. I followed the instructions again, paying more attention to the "do not over mix", which I did the previous day to get rid of the lump. I adjusted the recipe to my liking. This makes half of the original recipe because there are only two of us and we don't eat more than 4 pancakes. The recipe on the bag calls for melted butter, so don't add it. It makes delicious pancakes, but they are hard to make/flip. I believe that adding butter to the pancakes makes them very fragile, and you'll have to use a spatula to flip them. I don't know what the purpose of the butter is, but the mix already has shortening chunks mixed in. It doesn't need butter. One cup of food. The batter should be recognizable as pancake batter by mixing a bowl with a fork with a cup of heavy cream and a cup of water. Don't worry about it after 30 seconds, just try to get the lump out. Make sure it's mixed together. As usual, pour out onto the griddle. The pizza was pretty good. It worked well as a low-carb replacement despite being slightly bready. I tried the pizza crust again and made sure to roll it very thin with a rolling pin and bake it a bit before putting the topping on. This product will help me stick to the low-carb diet.

5. Low Carb Bread Variety Friendly

Low Carb Bread Variety Friendly

1.5g net calories per serving. Each bag has 24 serving per bag. You get 3 pounds of bread. The Variety Pack includes one of their bread mixes. Depending on the ingredients, each bag makes 24 ounces of bread loaf. There is a packet of yeast. There is a yeast packet and caraway seeds in this package. You can decide if you want to add the seeds. Replacing butter and eggs with your preferred ingredients is a good way to prepare low fat or vegan food. There are eggs with olive oil. You can use bread, waffles, and hamburger buns, as well as breadcrumbs and coating for your favorite fried foods. Allow to rise 1 hour and bake for 45 minutes after mixing. You can enjoy fresh baked bread in 2 hours.

Brand: Keto Llaabs

👤I've been on a low-carb diet for a couple years now and haven't been able to find a good bread product. The combo pack was bought by me. I was very impressed with both products. I have tried several bread mixes and loaves but have not succeeded. I made a pastrami reuben that was amazing, and I was able to make my kids a waffle recipe with wheat. I can have bread again.

👤The best low-cholesterol bread is anywhere. I've tried them all. Excellent customer service. When I had questions, they went out of their way. Buy it! Buy it now!

👤The yeast was bad. It was a flat pile of disappointment. Been making bread for a long time. I feel like I got cheated.

👤I followed instructions in my kitchen aide. The bread was baked as directed. This bread is great. You can't tell its low-fat diet when it's toast. I highly recommend.

6. Keto Pizza Crust Zero Carb

Keto Pizza Crust Zero Carb

A pizza with 0g Net Carbs per slice is a great option for people with low cholesterol. Scotty. It's easy to share a pizza with friends and family if you're not restricted by diet or carbs. It's a free ofgluten They made a completely nut free pizza crust mix. It is made with no nut flour. Scotty's pizza tastes just like the classic pizza but without all the calories. You will know when the pizza is ready because it will be filling your house and the crust will get golden brown. Their recipe mix comes with easy instructions for baking a large pizza crust. You just have to add water and olive oil. Rise time is needed. Rolling or pressing out the dough is fun. Pop it in the oven. It should be cool before it is eaten. When was the last time you had a pizza that was low in calories? You will be using this dough for everything. Use this mix to make a variety of low-fat and low-cholesterol baked goods.

Brand: Scotty's Everyday

👤It is very easy to make. The spicy sausage was topped with onions and jalapenos. I seasoned the tomatoes I purchased with crushed tomatoes. Trying not to use regular sauce because of all the sugar. I added a lot of cheese. And boi was amazing. I'm ashamed to say I ate the whole pizza to myself within 2 days. I would purchase again.

👤I have tried the first pizza mix. It was good, but took some time to make, having to wait for the yeast to rise and the dough was sticky. The formula is so easy to make. Just mix the dough, roll it out, and bake. It turned out great. They decided to improve the recipe.

👤It's always difficult to find a low-cholesterol substitute for the food I love the most, like pizza, as I have a Diabetes. I've been diagnosed with diabetes for a decade, and I've tried every low-fat pizza option there is. This is the best I have had so far. It's not perfect, and it won't fool you into thinking it's a "real", flour based, pizza crust, but when the craving hits you like a ton of bricks and you don't want to get off the diet, this crust saves the day When made thin, New York style, the crust is very crisp. It is brittle and lacks the bendiness of a pizza crust. The flavor is good, but we found that it could use more salt to make the dough. The pizza sauce and cheese won't stick to the crust as much as on a regular pizza, and the topping won't slide around on top of the pizza. After ten years of searching, I finally found a good pizza crust that works well when the craving hits.

👤This is the best pizza dough for people on a diet. I've been doing it for more than a year now and have had a hard time finding a substitute for the pizza dough we all know and love. One day, I came across this brand and decided to give it a try. It was pretty good. The dough always feels dehydrated even after all of the liquid ingredients are added. The process of rolling out was inconvenient. I won't hold it against anyone because many of the alternatives are low in/free ofGluten. I recommend adding one egg for a boost in flavor, structure and nutrition. This is a good product and I would encourage anyone who loves pizza to buy it.

👤I have tried many different pizza crusts, but the only one that compares to regular pizza is Scotty's keto pizza crust mix. It was delicious!

👤This one is probably not very high up in the pantheon of pizza crusts. This is a good option on the short list of quality pizza crusts. It's a bit spongey, but most of the options are. It didn't taste like cauliflower, which is a big win. It has xanthan gum in it, which makes it slimy in your mouth. I'm trying to explain it, but I'm being negative. It was one of the better options we've found for a pizza crust that was low in calories and high in fat.

7. Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

The pancakes are delicious. For the ultimate low-carb breakfast, pair with sugar-free syrup, butter, bacon, and eggs. It's quick and easy. A stack of hot, delicious, keto-friendly pancakes can be made with just a few ingredients. Leading brands with 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving promote gut health, while 2.0g NET CARBS have less. A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. Eating healthy should be fun. This versatile mix can be used to make waffles, donuts, or even french toast.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤I wanted to make waffles that were low in calories and high in fat. I was surprised how good it tasted. I attached photos of the ingredients I used for the extra cooked batter on the side of the waffle maker. You can mix up half a cup of the mix with 3 eggs, 2 cups of Almond Milk and 1 cup of MCT Oil. The waffle maker was sprayed with oil. It came out great when you put some GheeVanilla Butter on the waffles. I'll be getting some keto-friendly syrup in the future to top it all off. It says you can make a batches that are good for 6-7 pancakes, but only if you make 2 net carbs. I made a small amount of batter and used it up for the waffle I made in the photos. If you eat the whole batches, it's more like 6 net carbs. Hope this helps!

👤These pancakes were really good. The batter was easy to mix and the pancakes looked like regular pancakes. I added some extract to make it taste better. The pancakes are not like regular batter. When the batter on top looks dry, check the bottom and flip them. I posted a couple of pictures. The first picture shows how the pancakes came out after 30 seconds of sitting in the pan. The pancakes are fluffier after the batter sat longer waiting for the others to cook. The 3rd picture shows the pancakes. We used maple syrup. I recommend.

👤I have not had pancakes in at least six years because I have been on a low-cholesterol diet. I bought this because I thought it would be good. It was more than I anticipated. The package will make a lot of pancakes. I am a fan of this product and will be buying it again and again.

👤It took approx one full recipe per the instructions to make a 4-slice Belgian waffle. I had enough eggs to double the recipe, but it took a while to cook because of how thick the batter is. It turned out to be so dry that it didn't burn at all. It was very dry. My husband doesn't like to eat keto so he soaked his piece in syrup and only had a few bites. We decided to use the second half of the batter for pancakes after we saw the result. The pancakes were moist and delicious. I will definitely make these again. I had to knock off the star since they were advertised as a pancake and waffle mix. We threw the waffle so much that we didn't try to eat it. Make sure to take note of the instructions to cook the pancakes on medium-low so they cook all the way through without burning!

👤I received a sample of this mix in one of my monthly boxes. The recipe for chicken and waffles was in the box. I haven't made waffles from any of the other mixes I've tried, but I have made pancakes and most of the other mixes were very coarse. I've tried many different pancake and waffle mixes and none were better than the made-from-scratch ones. I was trying to find the right balance of ingredients. This mix has it all. The waffles were very fluffy and not grainy. They have the right amount of sweet so that you can make them 888-270-6611 I ordered two more bags of the mix so I can make them more than once.

8. Arramonas Keto Food Healthy Protein

Arramonas Keto Food Healthy Protein

Finally! The bread is low in calories. Yes, that's right! It's Zero Carb bread that's ready to eat in 40 minutes or less. No yeast, no starches, no rising, no anything shady or controversial and guilt free. They have spent the last 3 years trialling their bread baking mix's to get them perfect. The key to high ketosis is raw, organic and gluten free ingredients. They made their own bread because they were tired of seeing all the fake bread. Add olives to make It an Italian bread, put the mixture into a muffin tray to make hamburger buns, swap out the eggs to make vegan bread, and so on. Make the healthy low calories option mandatory for both you and your loved ones and take a tour of the world of Arramona's keto bread mix. They promise that you will be happy with them. WARN IN G! This bread is intended for people who love the Ketogenic diet. It's not intended for people who don't want to change their lifestyle or taste regular bread. There is no sugar, no flavour enhancers and no raw keto ingredients. Expect the flavour to be raw.

Brand: Arramona

👤This is a quick and easy way to get your bread fix. Tasty! It's easy to make.

👤This has an odd flavor that needs a lot to move past like butter, heavy condiments, nut butter sharp cheese or avocados. I will make my own cornbread instead of buying it again.

👤The bread is very expensive. Don't waste time or money. Sand has a different flavor than bread.

👤I reduced the amount of eggs in this and it turned out great. I replaced 2 eggs with soy creamer and used 3 instead of 5. The full contents of the package of mix were added with the instructions, which included lemon juice, butter, olive oil, and Miyoko's vegan butter. I added the melted vegan butter very slowly after I mixed all the wet ingredients. You don't want to cook the eggs when you add butter. The dry mix from the bag should be added after all the wet ingredients are mixed. I lined the loaf of bread with paper and cooked it for 35 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove it from the loaf pan. It turned out great! You can see from my photos that it turned out great. It was so warm that I put the cream cheese on it. This product is made in the USA and is a 5-star product. Such a great price too.

👤I was excited about the bread because it had many grains and no sugar. It requires quite a few eggs, but is not a problem to mix and stick into the oven. The bread is not very fluffy but it has a nice consistency. It had a nice appearance. The taste was a bit lacking, but with a light topping or soup it works well.

👤There are lots of nuts and seeds. I could use a little more salt, but it's still delicious.

👤This was the first time I had ever eaten bread made from ket. I could live on it. A bit bland but good to eat.

9. Sandwich Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free Grain Free

Sandwich Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free Grain Free

The SANDWICH BREAD MIX is 14SERVINGS. Their 7 Oz Sandwich Bread Mix is a great way to eat fresh-baked sandwich bread. It's perfect for a diet that's low in net sugars and high in Dietary Fiber, and it's also good for people with diabetes. Great source of information. Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, and Psyllium Husk Powder add a great source of fiber and nutrition. There are natural, GRAIN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE foods. It's a great option for those with dairy sensitivities and also a great option for the diet conscious due to no added sugars. PrePARATION IS A BREEZE. The back of the product packaging has complete recipe and preparation instructions. If you don't want to use it all at once, they have a resealable closure that will keep the mix fresh for future use.

Brand: Keto Factory

👤I don't know about you, but when I buy a pre-packaged mix for something, I expect all of the dry ingredients to be present, so I bring my own liquids and fat. This is just flour that comes with a recipe for cinnamon rolls. They did not include CINNAMON. The cinnamon coffee cake mix I got from Krusteaz came with a smaller package of cinnamon sugar inside. Why didn't they do something like that? There are six not included ingredients, and if that is all it is gonna be, have the integrity to label it as such.

👤The cinnamon roll mix is amazing. I made cinnamon rolls for people with no restrictions on their diet. My kids wanted mine over their cinnamon buns. One lady I made them for told me that she has been dreaming about them since I made them. I have years of experience with alternative flours, so it was easy for me to use. I can see how a newbie would struggle with the directions. Not all mixes need to have all dry ingredients. This mix is based on the fact that using non wheat flours will compare to wheat flour. The hard part of making that blend is why consumers have to provide so many other ingredients. We can provide our own wet ingredients. Many basic mixes are made with wheat flour, so they still tell you to make your own yeast. It isn't much of an issue. The instructions seem to be more intimidating than they are. It is worth buying. If you are trying to follow a paleo lifestyle. It is still easier than starting from scratch. It will smell like apple cider, but there is no apple cider flavor after baking. I was able to substitute for dairy free alternatives, so this mix is a great option.

👤I followed the recipe but they didn't rise and looked like a hockey puck. I found the insides to be inedible after 30 minutes of baking. They were doughy after 25 minutes of adding more time. They tasted one before throwing it away. It's horrible.

👤It has too much xanthan gum and it tastes like flour.

👤I made bread. Follow the directions and everything. It was like a brick. It tasted nothing like bread and I didn't lose any teeth. The texture was not bread. I will try and eat anything to give me a sense of normal at this point. This was thrown into the trash. No thanks. I will keep dreaming of a loaf of warm bread.

👤The letter came out raw in the middle, didn't look right and didn't taste better. Very disappointing.

👤The recipe was followed and the puck was very dense. All ended up in the garbage.

👤The buns come out hard and tiny, like wet sand. These are not good for burgers.

10. Ketonia Keto Bread Mix Desserts

Ketonia Keto Bread Mix Desserts

KETO & LOW CARB FRIENDLY. It's perfect for any low-fat diet. Their bread is easy to make. It works in bread machines. Finally, fresh bread. Pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, Bagels, croutons, and many more are made from this bread mix. Each week they create new recipes from the bread mix. You'll never run out of new things to make. To get every new recipe, follow their Amazon Store and scroll down to see a few of their favorites. There are zero net cars. The 9 grams of instant yeast and the 7 grams of honey are what make their bread. If you want to switch the honey for Allulose, be sure to multiply the rising time by 5. Their goal has always been to help their fellow Americans find success. Every bag of bread mix is made in the USA.

Brand: Ketonia

👤I have followed variations on a low-carbohydrate diet for over five years. I have tried many types of bread and this is far away from the star. I used my bread machine to knead the bread for 10 minutes after it was baked. My family eats the same way I do, and they also give this bread the best marks, because they know what I like.

👤Wow! I have been craving bread and this one is amazing. Simple ingredients and delicious! I sprinkled "everything bagel" seasoning on top of the olive oil before baking. I will definitely purchase again.

👤It's very easy to make and tastes good. Don't dump the mix in a bowl without paying attention to the packets in the package.

👤I've been searching for bread to make stuffing. This is the one that has been around for hundreds of recipes and loaves. The flavor is very close to wheat. I am not an experienced bread maker and didn't knead the dough nearly enough, yet it still turned out excellent, as you can see in the video of our first loaf. The grilled cheese sandwiches were great and the toast was nice. If you're hesitant because you have to bake it yourself, look at the buyers that get bread from Kiss My Keto or ThinSlim. The way to go is ketosis.

👤I have been on the diet for almost a year and have been looking for a good bread product. This is it! I love baking and this bread filled the bill. I felt like a real baker again. It tastes like wheat bread and toasts beautifully. I'm in heaven! It is a bit expensive but worth it for those on a diet who miss their breakfast toast.

👤Really good product. It's wonderful to be able to make yeast bread. If you want a good substitute for high-carb bread, this is it. The bread came out pretty good, but I will make some changes for my next attempt. The bread has not much flavor. I will add something to give it more pizazz the next time. I made the bread in a Dutch oven using a recipe on the manufacturer's website. I had to cook it 15 minutes longer than I said I would.

👤I use my bread maker to make this bread mix and it is very easy. I like to put the seeds in it to give it more substance. I wish it was less than 150 calories per slice, but it is a small price to pay. It's great to make grilled cheese.

👤I don't like low-carb diet because bread is my biggest weakness and I always cave. I don't like baking and the last time I tried making my own cauliflower bread, it went to the trash. This is the best purchase I've ever made. It tastes like whole wheat bread. The instructions were not good. Some reviews say you need more products to make it. I read the package instructions before buying the picture. I have butter, eggs and honey at home. The yeast is cheap, so I had to buy it. I don't like kneading and still have an airy bread. It comes with a good amount ofProtein. I don't like eating eggs and soy. This bread has boosted my intake of food. It definitely needs to be frozen. The loaf went bad in 3 days when it was convered in cling film. I wish it came with instructions for storing bread.

11. Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Sugar reduction just got that much. SWEETER- Pyure Organic's newest spread has Cocoa. Less than the market leading brand. It is sweetened with organic erythritol. The sweet tooth was approved. Spread on your breakfast waffles, fruit, pretzels, add to brownie mixes, lattes, ice cream, or better yet, spoon straight into your mouth! A smooth, rich, chocolatey and creamy taste is enhanced with coconut oil and cocoa butter. The net carBS are low. It's perfect for sugar sensitive lifestyles. The highest quality ingredients. All ingredients are certified organic.

Brand: Pyure

👤This is good and satisfying to have in the cupboard for an occasional treat. The texture is very loose and perfect for dipping and drizzeling. I bought 3 different types of sugar free hazelnut products to test, and this one was the only one that was LC friendly and affordable. I have been on a diet for over a year and my tastes have changed. This info might make a difference for people just starting out, as they haven't completely stopped eating sugar, and some sugar free product reviews are negative. This product won't help you lose weight. It is a compromise to help stay on track, and should only be used in emergencies or when needed.

👤One of my all-time favorite snacks was the spread on pretzel thins, but I was fat, pre-diabetic, and very bad for you. 140 pounds were lighter three years later. I stumbled upon this. I was expecting it to be thinner than Nutella and to have a little bit of a fake-sugar taste to it, so I was somewhat disappointed. Not so! When I eat a small amount of it by myself and don't bother with the aftertaste, it's a pretty good one. It tastes amazing and is not made with inflammatory oils. It's definitely thinner, but that doesn't bother me. My second jar needs to be ordered now. It's a good thing.

👤I love the product. I wanted to spread the consistency on toast, dip strawberries and put in smoothie for a sweet taste. They don't use Palm Oil and all of their ingredients are organic. I have tried maple syrup alternative, honey alternative and liquid sweetener for coffee and was impressed with all of them. This will be a regular dessert in my home. Must try!

👤This is as close to a sugar free alternative as you can get. I put mine in the fridge and it firmed up beautifully, even though it was a lot less runnier than Nutella. Definitely recommend.

👤The jar size is smaller than the jar I usually buy, that's something to know about this product. This is noticeably smaller than the large jars I get. I should have looked closer at the volume. It's pretty good, a very low sugar, palm oil free version of Nutella. I give it about 4 stars on merit alone. The consistency is runnier than the chocolate and it makes it harder to work with. I put it on a banana. If I were to compare the taste, I would say it's half as good. I think my expectations for this product were realistic, so I give it four stars. I paid 3 times more for a smaller jar than I would have paid for the normal jar of Nutella, but I'm willing to pay more for a healthier version of a treat I only eat from time to time. If you're only interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then you might skip it, but if you're really interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then I think it's worth trying.


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