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1. Keto Cereal Protein Friendly Breakfast

Keto Cereal Protein Friendly Breakfast

Cut Carbs, Not Comfort Food: Reclaim the magic of childhood mornings without compromising on your grown-up health goals with delicious low-carbohydrate, high fiber cereals. Nostalgia Without the Guilt is guilt-free because they only use the cleanest ingredients. They add high-quality, grass-fed bovine collagen to support strong, healthy bones, joints, nails, and skin for a healthy cereals that tastes great and is good for you. You will love this fiber cereals. Perfect Keto cereals are certified to be paleo, grain free, and Paleo, with 9g ofProtein, and only 2g ofCarbohydrates per serving. If you don't like Perfect Keto Low Carb Cereal, they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Perfect Keto

👤My new favorite cereals of all time are not just my new favorite healthy cereals. The crunch from the honey nut flavor is amazing. Better than any other cereals on the market because it stays in milk. Grain-free cereals are hard to come by nowadays. Perfect Keto hit it out of the park. I love that it has added some ingredients. That is never seen in a cereals before. I like it with cold milk, but I find myself snacking on it right out of the bag. I placed an order for cinnamon because I was impressed with it. BRAVO.

👤I ate this morning. It was really good. I was not sure if 1/2 cup would be enough. I ate one cup and one cup filled me. Wow, amazing. Didn't think it would happen. But it did. I fill up on 2 cups of cereals. The stuff tastes really good. It's just the right amount of sweet. It doesn't stay wet in milk. I wasn't going to throw out the rest of the cereals because I couldn't finish my bowl. I put it in the fridge and ate it the next day. It was still very hard. This is a great cereals to love. I can order it on their website.

👤It had a real good smell when I opened it, so my hopes were not too high. I tasted one without milk. I decided to make myself a cup of cereals in half a cup as a serving size, and to my surprise it was the best I have ever tried, it does not stay in my mouth.

👤I will definitely buy again even though it can be hard to justify $12 for cereals. The flavor is amazing and it is a much healthier option than what is on the shelves. You would almost describe it as juicy if it was so good. Thats a weird thought. You get full off of it less than you would pour yourself for anything off the shelves. Excited to try the cinnamon flavor.

👤I've tried many of the perfect keto products and this one is really good. I put it on my fruit bowls and oatmeal. The taste is good and the texture is very crisp. The crunch. I was looking for something. It's a great way to snack on. Definitely recommend.

👤I eat this at work. It tastes good and is healthy.

👤I ordered a quick and easy breakfast option that is also Keto friendly. The taste is great. I like how it stays in my almond milk. It was delicious!

👤Good flavor without sugar. It fits in my diet and is free of both sugars. If you don't like your cereals too much, you can sit in the milk. You should order this right now if you like sweet and crunchy.

2. Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

0g net calories and sugar free cereals. HighKey is a delicious diet-friendly cereal made with no artificial ingredients and no added sugars. This breakfast classic is perfect for people who are on a diet and don't want to miss out on chocolate puffs. This is a great post workout meal with a lot of high-quality meat and veggies. This excellent source of food is good for your body. These crispies are great for on the go. This is a satisfying start to the day with less than 100 calories per serving. This healthy cereals may help you lose weight. It tastes great with almond milk, low fat milk, or as an individual. This powerful mix has all the familiar texture and taste of an original cereals breakfast. Good food from better ingredients is great for a variety of diet plans. Also known as- breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals,

Brand: Highkey

👤I was so excited to see that High Key has food. I ordered the cocoa flavor and waited for my delivery. My box was shipped in a soft Manila envelope. The box was smashed. I wondered if I accidentally ordered a mini brands version. The box is small. You only get 8 ounces, which is less than a box of cereals. I was assuming it would be a box of cereals for $12. I put the bowl of almond milk on top of it. I was surprised by the texture of the bite I took. It was not like cocoa krispies. It was dense and a bit hard to chew. The flavor and texture were good. It had a classic flavor. I love High Key and the cookies. This is a serious rip off. I would pay $7 tops for this box. My 2 stars are based on value.

👤The smallest box of cereals I have ever seen is this one. Small. If you want a smaller bowl or a single serving of cereals, you can get them in this box. A box for $12 is a little ridiculous. It was okay. It tasted like coffee grounds and almonds to me.

👤Appalled by the positive reviews of this cereals. I thought it would be good. It tastes like chemicals and I don't like chocolate at all. I don't know what's so natural about caramel color, I like caramel flavor, but I didn't realize it had a natural caramel color. Magic spoon is not as bad as cereals school, but it is pretty bad. This one is rather disgusting. The money went down the drain.

👤I was given a promotional discount by a third party in order to try this item. The risk associated with me trying this cereals was zero. The decision? It is good. You can really hope for a low-fat, low-cholesterol breakfast. It smells like Rice Krispie Treats when you open it. It tastes like a butter cookie to me. I found it interesting. It is on the sweeter side, but if you are using dairy alternatives you are likely using them as a substitute for sweets, so I wouldn't say that's an issue unless you're really sensitive to sweets. It doesn't change much in milk, and it retains the crunch you're looking for. Is it like a lot of these cereals? A small amount. It will stick to your teeth. It is expected that this is a result of being made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product Would I order it again? I don't know. I would like to try some of the other flavors. I hope High Key understands that it is too expensive for someone to experiment with a small box of cereals. A multipack discount would be nice. One serving is about $1.70 and the serving size is small. If you are expecting to get 7 or 8 full-sized bowls out of one of these boxes, you will be disappointed to learn that the 28g serving barely covers the bottom of a standard sized bowl. The cereals are good-tasting and sweet. I am not sure if the box size and serving size is worth the price of admission. I am glad I tried it, and if you are missing cereals, you may want to give it a try. I will stick with Magic Spoon for now.

3. Livlo Keto Nut Granola Cereal

Livlo Keto Nut Granola Cereal

Low-fat and friendly. It shouldn't be hard to follow a low-fat diet. This low-carb nut granola is a great treat to satisfy your snack cravings. No wheat. There was no grains. There is no guilt. You can eat this snack with just 1g Net Carbs and no Sugar Added. You are actually feeding your body with premium nuts, seeds, and spices, even if you don't eat any more food. Why you will love it. They don't skimp. This is not a typical oats and sugar granola. The real ingredients in their Keto Granola are almonds, pecans, seeds, and coconut chips. Livlo, how do you? The possibilities are endless, from a healthy breakfast to satisfying a late night crave. By the handful, with almond milk, heavy cream, or yogurt, sprinkled on salad or your favorite dessert, or added to a go-to recipe. Get creative! They want to hear what you come up with. Their promise. The quality and tastiness of Livlo products are behind them. If you don't like the product for any reason, contact them and they'll make it right.

Brand: Livlo

👤I have this with some water and cream. It's amazing! I've tried many recipes that are similar to the keto diet. This is the first recipe I've found that is better than non-keto cereals. Most of the time, the sugar in the recipes gives me a headaches and has a strange taste. This does not have that. I had to check the label again to make sure there was no hidden sugar. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

👤I am not on any kind of diet. I like eating healthier food options. I went on a limb to try this and it has become my favorite. It tastes like a cinnamon muffin or coffee cake. You can read about the health benefits in the other reviews, but I'm here to tell you how good it tastes.

👤I dare you to get from the mailbox to the house without opening this amazing Granolo. I've never tried anything like this before, and I've ordered many. The taste of this tastes 10 times better than the taste of High Key Keto hot cereal or the taste of Jillians Bakery granola. When you try this coconutty goodness, your tastebuds will sing hallelujah. I ordered more bags for my family after I tried it. They will be hooked as well. Thanks for making a delicious product. Please make a bigger bag of it.

👤A clean granola that tastes great! I destroyed the entire bag in a week. It's similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch but with clean ingredients you can feel good about eating. It was good. Adding this to my waffles in the AM or baking it into zucchini bread was my favorite. That is very good. The next bag will arrive.

👤It's a good snack. I only eat a small amount at a time. I put that in a small container and add a dash of cold water to make it creamy. I don't like the price. I'd rather eat half a bag at a time, but when I need something sweet and cereals-like, this is the perfect snack. I'll probably get at least 10 serving out of the bag, so it's not too bad. I'll buy it again.

👤I've been on the diet for almost 3 years. I found out that Oika's Triple Zero yogurt has about 5 calories per serving, based on my blood sugar. The search for a great "granola" began once I found this. I also bought another brand. Don't bother with anyone else, take my word for it. This is excellent. You don't miss the oats at all. I just ordered my second bag. It is a perfect breakfast with Oika's Triple Zero with 1/3 cup on top and it is more than enough because it is so filling. I snack on it at night.

👤I use it on top of Greek yogurt. I've been using the same product from Low Karb for a while and decided to try it. Compared to Low Karb, this is less obvious, sweetner and is a good thing. It doesn't get soggy with the similar stuff from Low Karb and it is more crisp with the toasting coconut. Is that soggy in Greek yogurt? Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I have to save it for later. Struggle, right? I will try more flavors from Granolo. I did try their chocolate cinnamon, but I didn't like it very much. I am more sensitive to the sweet than the product, so this isn't a knock against it. If you're missing junk food like Cocoa Puffs, you'd probably like it. I like this cinnamon almond pecan. I wish there was more in the bag for the money but it seems to go farther than Low Karb even though both are the same weight.

4. General Cereal Wonderworks Friendly Cinnamon

General Cereal Wonderworks Friendly Cinnamon

KETO FRIENDLY BREAKFAST is a good place to eat. Wonderworks Cinnamon is an easy breakfast in a bowl. Before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high fat foods, consult your physician. The high protein cereal knife is used. Wonderworks Cinnamon is a snack that has 15g ofProtein per serving. Nutrition information for calories, total fat and sat can be found here. There is fat content. Wonderworks cereals have just 3 Net Carbs per serving to fit into your lifestyle. 16 net carbs is 3g. g Total calories - 4g, fiber, sugar, alcohol, and Allulose. It's great in a trail mix because it has the home baked taste of cinnamon.

Brand: Wonderworks

👤Don't buy it, it's so confusing. This starts out with a greasy flour texture and then tastes horrible and will make you spit it out. I wouldn't give it to my enemy.

👤There's not much to say. The flavor is like vomit. I liked the chocolate one. I don't think I'll try the peanut butter after this.

👤I thought it would be good for my diet. The price is a little steep for the amount of cereals you get. I would pay if the cereals tasted good. It's cinnamon flavoured. "Too Much cinnamon" is what they use. It tasted like I dropped a spoon of cinnamon on it. It was just too strong. The first bowl was very difficult to finish. I tried to hide some of the strong cinnamon by using fruit, but it tasted the same. I wouldn't eat this cereal and try something else. If you buy it, you will be disappointed.

👤. My review is the same for all flavors, but they're made mostly with high-in-protein, and... It's easy to eat big bowls of these and you can harm your kidneys. I'm happy that companies are starting to make cereals with the Ketogenic diet. I hope that they find an alternative formula that doesn't rely on the main ingredient, and that someone will make a Truly Keto formula that is healthy fat, moderate or even low in calories. I think that's a good way to say it.

👤I was put on a strict diet and was looking for alternatives. Was excited about it. The box is small and wont give you a lot of bowls. The flavor is so bad that it tastes like a bar of soap. First bite, I spit it out. Don't do it.

👤Kids and their dad don't like the taste. I do. I am used to very little sweetener. I added a bit of sweetener because the family said it wasn't sweet enough. Not for everyone.

👤This is a delicious breakfast. It's cheaper than Three Wishes and Magic Spoon. I'm re-submitting this because I'm determined to give General Mills' new offering a 5-star review, even though Amazon doesn't like me giving it.

👤It smells good, tastes good, and has a dusty texture. I'm incredibly disappointed. This was a big miss because most of the Keto foods are hit or miss. I don't think it's a good idea.

5. Kashi Breakfast Chocolate Non GMO Verified

Kashi Breakfast Chocolate Non GMO Verified

You can indulge in rich, Fair-Trade chocolate with puffed whole grains. It can be eaten as a quick and easy breakfast or as a snack. An excellent source of fiber, with 7g total fat per serving; Non-GMO Project verified; 100% whole grains; Kosher Dairy; and Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. The carbon emissions from the cooking and baking of their foods are measured annually by Kashi and offset through programs that prevent or remove greenhouse gases from the air. The box of cereals is packaged for freshness and great taste.

Brand: Kashi

👤I'm not going to lie. I have been obsessed with cereals for 35 years. There is something about the cold milk and the convenience factor. It was one of the only sweet meals of the day with a mom who loved cooking new things. I ordered 4 chocolate cereals for nostalgia. I assumed that technology has advanced in every other walk of life, so why not cereals? I was correct. For the most part, I liked the following brands: Annie's Organic Cereal, Cocoa Bunnies, Oat, Corn, Rice Cereal, and this guy. I enjoyed all of them except this guy. My theory is that all the high ratings are from people who are vegan, who don't like sweet, candy or processed food, because it is bland. I mostly avoid those things as they're terrible for you. All three of the cereals I bought took me back to being a kid again, with my Count Chocolula, Cocoa Crispies, etc. If you share my love for all things chocolate, I recommend avoiding this cereal and trying any of the other ones. I'm not a shill, no one asked me to write a review, I'm just a guy who likes cereals, and wants others to as well. It'snamaste.

👤You can check the website. The breakdown and %ages of ingredients should be included in the package.

👤This cereals contains a lot of fiber and nutrition. Would recommend to anyone on the planet. I only have ghost poops after 5 years of having this cereal, and I have known for the past 5 years that it was all smeary poops. Someone on the other side of the world is getting my extra poop. I can only be thankful that it is not me.

👤I love this food. Sometimes it is a nice treat as a whole food plant based dieter. It's very expensive and you don't get much in the box. It's not much cereal, but you can't eat more than the serving size. I think a bigger box would be better for the price.

👤The peanut butter flavor makes us pretend we are eating Reese's puffs. We have the proper serving sizes and we are full, unlike the Reese's, I will eat the whole box of Reese's, milk or not!

👤It is very hard. You could make a trail mix with it. Maybe nuts. It isn't delicious to eat it alone, out of the bag, or with milk. The recipe needs some work. It is healthy.

👤There is a distinctive bitterness to the cereals. It's not nice. The chocolate flavor does a better job of covering that after taste than the other flavors. This was a good price.

👤I was happy to find this. Sometimes you want a snack that reminds you of being a kid. This one has better ingredients. I like to add a bit of a boost to my diet with the addition of chia pudding and chia pudding with chia pudding and chia pudding with chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding with chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding and chia pudding and

6. Fiber One Multigrain Cereal Packof

Fiber One Multigrain Cereal Packof

Basic 4 is not a basic breakfast cereal, but it does include a variety of cereals and snacks to help you start your day strong. A diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Basic 4 cereals are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol free. This multigrain cereals with fruit and almonds is a good source of calcium and a good source of vitamins D and F. It's very good as a yogurt topping, trail mix or just a snack. The pack contains 19.8 ounces.

Brand: Fiber One

👤I eat a lot of this cereal because I have to watch my diet closely. It can be hard to find it in the stores, so ordering it from Amazon makes it a little easier to get. I look at the price on Amazon as if it's a little high, but I would rather have my favorite breakfast or try other cereals if I can't find one that fits my diet, or pay a little more and have the one I want.

👤This is my favorite cereals and it is hard to find in the grocery store. This is the best way to keep it in the house.

👤I have been eating Basic 4 for decades and I can't say anything bad about it. Just get it. My family likes it. I saved extra trips to the grocery store because of this bulk packaging. Thank you to!

👤How do you combine taste and nutrition? This cereals does it. I have been eating a wide variety of cereals for a long time, and have never found a better one.

👤I like the mixture of ingredients. I wish it had strawberry pieces, which I add to it myself.

👤The husband eats a lot of it. It was nice to have it delivered in bulk. It is a little expensive. It is paying for the luxury of not having to go to the store.

👤I like to snack on something healthy rather than eat cake. I like this cereal. I gain some healthier intake points. This item comes in bulk so I will make another purchase.

👤The cereals are very good. It doesn't get wet, so I like it the most. It has almonds and small pieces of cranberry.

7. Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

A delicious healthy breakfast with 3g net calories. It's easy to make a low-cholesterol snack with Almond milk or Heavy Cream, or a low-cholesterol food with Almond milk or Heavy Cream. You can enjoy as your favorite Keto food, snack, and dessert. They've been called out for items like pro Granola, low-fat and low-cholesterol snacks, and high-fat and low-cholesterol foods in groceries.

Brand: Low Karb

👤The flavor of this product is amazing. It doesn't taste like low-fat. It tastes like a nutty cocoa krispies. If you eat too much of the third cup portion, it can cause a laxative effect. Its expensive. It is worth it in my opinion.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to eat it like a breakfast. I used it as a traditional granola topping on the Two Good brand yogurts. The method makes the product last longer since I only use 1 or 2 at a time. I was hesitant to buy this product because it contains pumpkin seeds which I am not a fan of, but I don't taste them at all. I have a backup after I bought this product. Don't stop making this!

👤This is a great breakfast. Good flavor and filling. Many products I have found are dry and have an after taste. This product does not work. I think it's a good idea.

👤This stuff is great. It fit the bill for me. It's difficult to find things that are sweet on a low-carb diet. It's like desert for breakfast when I add this to my yogurt. Is it worth the price? I think that is very subjective. To me, it is. I only eat it when I need something sweet and cruisy. I only eat half a serving at a time and it lasts me a while. It may be too expensive to sit down and eat handfuls at a time. I ran out of the serving size so I included a picture of the bag size. I already at most of the pecans since they seem to sit at the top of the mix.

👤This is very good. I have been on a diet for over a year and a half and this finally hits the craving. There was no impact on blood sugar or ketones. It was filling and satisfying. I will subscribe from now on. My kids love it. They want it in place of cereals.

👤I was hoping that they would work on the blend to make it more appetizing, since it was advertised as a cereals. It's just plain oats with some chocolate. Nothing special or grand. For those that are curious, there's no sugar to it. You can shave some dark chocolate at home. You'll get the same thing for half the price.

👤I don't have words for the food I had for breakfast. This stuff is amazing. Some of the other food I have purchased tastes weird. This is real and delicious and made me want to vomit. Thank you so much!

👤This is nice if you miss cereals. The price was not good. Maybe you will get 4 bowls. It is good.

8. Keto Co Diabetic Naturally Sweetened

Keto Co Diabetic Naturally Sweetened

A delicious peanut butter recipe. Their low-sugar, low-cholesterol, and pure, low-cholesterol, Granola Keto is a handful of pure, low-cholesterol, and pure, low-cholesterol, bliss. Take it on the go. Their delicious mix of nuts, seeds, coconut, spices and fiber is the perfect snack for any occasion. Only 2.7g net bagels are naturally sweetened with 6 grams of fiber per serving. A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. You can combine this with your favorite nut milk, tossed with berries, on a salad, smoothie, yogurt, or simply by the handful! There are many ways to enjoy the ketogenic diet.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤The product tastes good. The portion size is unclear in the blurry image. That's three bites. You're done after three bites. And still hungry. All of my cereals and nut granolas are 1/3 to 1/2 cups. It's a mixed bag if you're watching calories. You can eat more than a competitor. The blurred image may be hiding the fact that the portions are too small and that the numbers are not as accurate as they could be. If this product was broken down by a 1/3 cup like most cereals, the numbers would be higher and it would look less competitive. It really tastes great. It arrives, like a grain or large sand, with almost nothing but tiny fragments. It's better to eat a little at a time as a treat than to use it as a sad but delicious three-bites-and-done cereal.

👤The ingredients are great, but each serving is less than a cup. The bag is less than 2 bowls. If. I would be okay with this if the ingredients were arranged differently, but the most abundant component is the seeds. Sunflower seeds are inexpensive. - The company seems to be taking advantage of the name. We'll talk if the price is halved or doubled.

👤Really, really good. I have not eaten breakfast in a long time. I haven't had any other cereals like this for 2 years. I poured some heavy cream and some almond milk over and I am in a good mood. My husband and I love the fudge brownies from Keto and Co. Like a lot. We have to split the brownies in half to make sure we are fair. Excellent job by the team of Keto and Co. We love your products.

👤The taste is elevated by the saltyness of the sea salt. The cocoa flavor is mellow and soft. It's almost like a chocolate bar but less sweet. It's a satisfying crunchiness that still comes from the addition of milk. I have type two diabetes so I use smaller portions and my blood sugar was within range. A satisfying product that will please chocolate lovers.

👤It is convenient and delicious, but it only has 2.7 net carbs, and it is free of added sugar and gmo.

👤I was very excited to get this. I have lost 70 pounds and have tried a lot of paleo and keto-genic food. Within 5 minutes, this one made me sick. It had a bad taste. I threw up. I know other products are good, but this one missed the mark. I threw it away.

👤This one was the clear winner when I was searching for a snack to enjoy with my yogurt. The balance of flavors, texture, salt and sweet are addictive when added to yogurt. I recommend using a scale to get the right portion and stick to it because it is easy to over eat.

👤If you're going to sprinkle on yogurt, 10'snackable' serving sounds good. You can get 2 cups out of this packet for $5 per serving if you want a 1 cup serving. It's very expensive for 2 bowls and I like the other products from Keto & Co. I think it's back to the drawing board for the Granola line. It would be more cost effective if it were priced at $3-4 per packet, but it's too steep for regular consumption.

9. Kashi Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal 7 00

Kashi Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal 7 00

This decadent cereal is sure to wake your taste buds up and give them a warm cinnamon roll sensation. It can be eaten as a quick and easy breakfast or as a snack. An excellent source of fiber, with 7g total fat per serving, is a good source of nutrition. The carbon emissions from the cooking and baking of their foods are measured annually by Kashi and offset through programs that prevent or remove greenhouse gases from the air. There is a 7-ounce box of Kashi GO. It's a drug called Keto. It is packaged for freshness and great taste.

Brand: Kashi

👤I liked this food. I enjoyed eating it as it was nice and crisp, and I could use more cinnamon. The flavor is close enough to be satisfying, even though it isn't going to taste exactly like grain cereals. It's on the lower end of what I've seen other Keto cereals priced at, usually between $7.99 and $12. I will be buying this again.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the food. I miss cereals the most about a low-carb lifestyle. There are so few low-carb options that I used to snack on that much. The serving size of 1-1/4 cups was very impressive to me. That's a lot of cereals for 150 calories and 10 net carbs. It stays very hard in my almond milk. It's kind of pricey, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, but I've seen worse prices. I hope we don't see "out of stock" in the near future. I think this is a great cereals.

👤I'm impressed with the quality and balance of the ingredients of this cereals, it has the perfect balance of sweet and salty for my adult tastes. It's great for people who don't like sweet cereals and like a nice crunch. It doesn't taste like it would, but I'm pleasantly surprised that it doesn't have a weird "pea" flavor like I've experienced with other legume-based cereals.

👤I want to eat this. I do. The smell is amazing and the first taste is almond milk? It was perfect. The problem is 10 seconds after the first bite. You get the taste of pea protein. There is a cinnamon spread. If you're not able to eat something, anything for a snack that is lower in calories is fine. If you're just looking to cut down on carbs, this will do the job.

👤I've tasted the best keto cereals so far. It's similar to regular cereals but with less sugar.

👤The cinnamon flavor is lacking. The lentil flavor is stronger than before. They are not very sweet.

👤The chocolate and vanilla are really good. I've tried many other keto cereals that are too expensive for a small box and have a bad taste. The Kashi GO is affordable.

👤I threw out all of the different varieties of the Keto Kashi Go after a few bites. Catalina Crunch is a better low-carb cereals.

10. Julian Bakery ProGranola Gluten Free Grain Free

Julian Bakery ProGranola Gluten Free Grain Free

A delicious, high-fiber, grain-free, soy-free, low-fat, low-cholesterol breakfast. 1 cup is 1 serving. There are 97 calories, 12g egg white, and 2 net calories. The Two Bag Value Pack is free ofGenetically modified organisms. It tastes like it Curbs Without Bloating. IKDiet compliant, no junk, 0g sugar, Monk fruit, and organic seeds.

Brand: Julian Bakery

👤The reviews on this product are all over the place and I think the bad ones are often due to having unrealistic expectations. Nature Valley granola bars and sugar laden cereals are not going to be replaced. If you are on a similar diet like the Keto, you are missing out on some of the tastes and textures you get into your diet and weight loss. Your brain is going to have to adapt to the new way our diet tastes. One of those things is the ProGranola. Does it have a different taste? I didn't notice it much after eating it for the first time. It is not going to be a chocolate chip bar no matter how much you want it to be. The pieces are either too large or too small. Guess what? They are both. The pieces of a bag of chips are smaller the further you get into it. This is not ProGranola's fault. I eat the big pieces on the go like a bar or snack and use the smaller pieces in the bottom of the bag in a bowl of cereals with Almond Milk. The cost seems to be the biggest complaint. It is expensive, but so is everything else associated with eating packaged, low-cholesterol foods that are made to help fight cravings and fill the void left by the carbs that we aren't eating anymore. You know what else is expensive? If you don't control your weight, you'll have to pay for open heart surgery and funerals. I think this is a great product and highly recommend it. It tastes pretty dang good, fills a void in the lifestyle, and should not be overlooked because of the mixed and bad reviews.

👤I almost didn't try this because it's a bit expensive. I'm glad I tried it. Rarely do you try something and it's what you wanted it to be. When I bought it, I thought it should taste like Sweet, cinnamon, and crunchy. If you want to taste that, then buy this. Are there any negatives? Yes, two. The cost. It is a bit pricey. Some pieces are large. There were a lot of people complaining about this. They are correct. Some pieces are large. It's funny. It took me 5 seconds to break the large pieces up. It was nothing. Some people can be lazy and spoiled. This product is very good. I've only eaten it as a snack, but I'm going to try it in yogurt soon.

👤I have lost 65 pounds since changing my diet to a low-fat, sugar-free diet, but some foods that I used to enjoy, I can no longer have, or limit severely. I missed breakfast. Enter ProGranola! It works well as a hot breakfast, using half and half to cook the crumbled cereals. It is a great topping for sugar free desserts and can be eaten cold with almond milk or half&half. Some of the cereals are in big chunks, but they are easy toChunk up with your fingers. If you're used to it, you won't notice anything. I used Sucralose and it was not unpleasant. I mostly tasted cinnamon. This is going to be a regular part of my diet.

11. Poop Like Champion Highest Servings

Poop Like Champion Highest Servings

Their high fiber cereals have both insoluble andsoluble fiber. Go Number 2 regularly if you want to improve digestion, colon cleanse and absorb more nutrition. Just one serving at breakfast and 80% of your daily fiber needs are met! A diet with psyllium fiber is a good fit for busy lifestyles. Premium ingredients and clean food only - Non-GMO Sorghum flour, psyllium husk powder, corn Bran and more! It's high in fiber, low in cholesterol, and it's free ofgluten. 160 calories per serving is what keeps your calories in check. It's a great alternative to oatmeal and granola. Poops like a champion! It's not made to taste great, but it's made to work great. If you like it, add a little brown sugar or honey to make it taste nutty.

Brand: Poop Like A Champion

👤I'm on a low-cholesterol diet and thought this would be a great snack. The order was received Saturday. I just finished a 2 mile walk and had a lot of water to drink. I had almond milk and fruit in the bowl. It tasted ok. There is more water. More walking. Nothing. There is more water. More walking. Nothing. I had another 1/2 cup bowl for dinner that night because I decided that another 1/2 cup bowl might work. There is more water. More walking. Nothing. The cramps started. I had stomach pains and gas all night. I had many false alarms. Nothing. I was almost afraid to fall asleep because of what was happening in my stomach, but I finally did around 4 a.m. The cramps were gone the next day. Coffee, bacon and eggs are what I had for breakfast. Nothing. We went shopping and did nothing else. We needed to go to Walmart quickly, and I felt a lump in my throat when I stepped in the door. I had to leave. Like right then. The restrooms were by the entrance. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the people in the other stalls. It wasn't pretty. I couldn't stop. I remember thinking, "So this is how I'm going to die." In a restroom. My husband was concerned when I returned to the store. I had less traumatic movements later in the day, but I stayed at home. I wouldn't risk another emergency. I'm starting to wonder if I've done permanent damage to my body after another crazy bowel movement this morning. It works, but you may need to wait for it. Don't eat too much. You will regret it.

👤I bought this because I don't like cereals with milk and I wanted to make bars out of it with marshmallows and chocolate chips since cereals with milk tend to taste like a box they came in. I didn't think to try the cereals before making the bars, but they are delicious. If you dislike the taste of the fiber cereals, it might help to know that they are really good. I used one cup of chocolate chips and one bag of mini marshmallows, and I had four cups of cereals. I ate fast food from a restaurant and got the worst food poisoning I've ever had. It took three weeks for me to be able to eat. I was only able to keep down white carbs like rice and potatoes. Three weeks with no fiber. I tried all the usual remedies and they didn't work. A friend suggested a snack. I will pay twelve dollars to poop again, so I ordered some. I made the bars and had a small piece because I didn't want to serve the full 1/2 cup. It was wise to start out slowly. The afternoon was yesterday. I went to bed hoping that things would improve by the morning. I woke up at 2:30 am and felt unwell. I had a backlog to get out of my system for three weeks so this was to be expected. It's not going to be very comfortable as that stuff is moving inside. I didn't feel like a champion for a while, but I was able to get through it and go at 4:12 am There was nothing violent. A normal "go". I went back to bed after getting up and it was nice. Again, nothing violent. It's just normal and productive. I'm going to keep the rest of the pan of bars in the freezer and just have one each morning with my coffee because I found this cereals to be very effective for me.


What is the best product for keto cereal magic spoon?

Keto cereal magic spoon products from Perfect Keto. In this article about keto cereal magic spoon you can see why people choose the product. Highkey and Livlo are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto cereal magic spoon.

What are the best brands for keto cereal magic spoon?

Perfect Keto, Highkey and Livlo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto cereal magic spoon. Find the detail in this article. Wonderworks, Kashi and Fiber One are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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