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1. Crunchy Variety Peas Flavors Protein

Crunchy Variety Peas Flavors Protein

PeaTos can be found in 15 bags in the party mix vampire pack. A new take on a classic salty snack with better ingredients that packs big flavor is included. CRAVEABLE FLAVORS: PeaTos has the bold flavors and crunch you crave in junk food without the calories. PeaTos are a better snacking alternative. Junk food, without the junk. PeaTos replaces the traditional corn base with powerful peas, giving you 2x the nutrition and 3x the fiber of traditional snacks. PeaTos have nothing artificial, and taste better than the other snacks. PeaTos are vegetarian, non-GMO, and have no artificial flavors, colors, or added MSG. They keep it real with bold colors that come from natural sources.

Brand: Peatos

👤I finally got my peatos. There is a I like the flavor of classic cheese, it reminds me of the Mexican version. Over all delicious! There is a I posted a picture of the bag so people can see how big it is. The bag on the pictures looks bigger than it is, so I felt a bit deceived. The hot spicy ones have to kick to them because they are not the same as the other brands. These are better for the little ones when they want a snack. ! Update! There is a The fiery rings are the best ones. Everyone is obsessed with the hot brand of chips. I am going to order that from Now own. They are only 6 calories.

👤These were my favorite. The flavor is different, but the heat level is the same, so they are not comparable to Flaming Hot Cheetos. I really liked the barbeque taste of these. I think it's 10/10. I would buy it again. There is a Peatos Zesty Ranch are very good. Like more than Cool Ranch Doritos. I couldn't finish a whole bag in one sitting because it was almost too ranchy after I ate a couple pieces. I think it's 8/10. The flavor is strong. The onion rings are very oniony. If you love Funyions, you will love these. The onion rings have a strong onion flavor with a punch of heat. Those that love spice and fun would definitely be recommended. I don't like the taste of Classic Cheese Curls. I thought these would taste like Cheetos, but I was wrong. The cheese powder is not as good as the cheese puffs you can get from a dollar store. A friend of mine will eat anything. He didn't ask me for the other two packs. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤I kept seeing these on my timeline. I ordered some and caved in. These are so delicious. The cheese flavoured one was the only one I didn't like. It smells like mac and cheese. The onion was pretty good. There is a The fiery ones were very good.

👤These are actually good and can be eaten as a side or chip. quest chips are ok, but they can throw me out of ketosis if I pair them with a bread sandwich. The chips have the perfect amount of calories to be able to enjoy a normal diet without going over my daily allowance. The classic onion tastes like funyons, and the fiery onion tastes like a spicy version. If you don't like funyons or onion chips, don't buy them. Otherwise I recommend. I should have taken points off for the onion flavor, but I didn't. .

👤I don't know where to start. I have been trying to eat healthy for a while now and have been on and off of keto. I am addicted to Cheetos for 18 years. Cheetos isn't on the list for me. I've tried different chips as a substitute for Cheetos. It failed. This is the closest thing you can get to a healthier alternative to cheese Cheetos, hot Cheetos, Funyuns and hot Funyuns. I am amazed at how close it is to the not-so-healthy version. I like the crunchiness and think it is even crunchier. Today, this won me over. I fell asleep with an open bag of Peatos at my nightstand. It was going to be dull in the morning. Wrong! Still very tasty. I don't know if it's the packaging. This definitely won me over. It is called "longevity." It's funny. Peatos is addicting to me now. It's sad to say... I don't know if it's helping with my diet since I eat 5 of these bags a day. My points are that it is that good.

2. GoMacro MacroBar Organic Nutrition Cherries

GoMacro MacroBar Organic Nutrition Cherries

It is a healthy industry. A delicious combination of sweet cherries, delicious berries, and oats. The new favorite snack bar is made with plant-based and recognizable ingredients. Eating clean never tasted so good, whether you enjoy them as a meal replacement, snack bar on-the-go, or delicious treat. You can trust the information. GoMacro MacroBars are Certified Organic, vegan, Kosher, non-GMO, and C.L.E.A.N. You can snack with confidence if you are free of soy. They would have a certification for delicious. There is a reliable source of this information. Natural food that is closer to the earth and less processed is better for the body and soul. Suppliers who meet their high standards for taste, certifications, and environmental stewardship are the ones they work with. On a mission, high protein knives are used. Their mission is to spread awareness for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle with vegan bars that have positive effects on the world.

Brand: Gomacro

👤The cherry flavor is my favorite. I find it easy to understand. The restaurant by my house sells them for the same price as I am getting here, but they are not always available. I am happy to receive a box of these once a month. I wasEnrolled in subscribe and save. I was getting the box for $18.95) and it jumped to 22.74 this month. I was taken advantage of being in the automatic order. I'll have to make sure the price is fair before I buy the bars.

👤If you're like me, you've discovered the delicious "cherry uplift" bar at your local organic market and would like to shave off a few dollars by going bulk and purchasing a 12-pack on Amazon. It's understandable that these bars taste like oatmeal and only have 160 calories. I am sad to report that about 2 of every 3 orders I get of this product, has been inedible. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤It was found on every bar. Had to throw them away. We will see if a different batches suffer the same problem.

👤The dates were removed by GoMacro. All of the boxes I bought have no dates listed in the ingredients anymore. This is not the same as what is being sold on Amazon. The new bars have a bad taste. I want my money back. Beware.

👤I have had this flavor before and it was very good. I was obsessed. I decided to order them through Amazon for the price cut. They were in a box of 15. It was like a brick and white. It was just bad. Don't do it.

👤I love them. The cherry flavor is wonderful. The almond butter taste makes these taste like a snack. Love them.

👤Terrible! I get these a lot, but this last time, the bars were old and hard. Very disappointing. If they are as inedible as the last 2 packages, I will stop patronizing them.

👤The last box I ordered contained only 11 bars instead of the 12 I ordered. Is there an error during packing at the manufacturer? Is there a problem at the warehouse? It's impossible to say. I can't find a way to communicate this to Amazon.

3. Shrewd Food Cookies Protein Artificial

Shrewd Food Cookies Protein Artificial

For every lifestyle, there is only 3g's of calories per serving. Shrewd Food is a snack for adults and a dessert option for the kids. Are you in need of a snack that is free of both wheat and dairy? Shrewd has you covered, their puffs are free from all artificial ingredients. These Tasty Keto Puffs are designed to keep you going throughout the day. Shrewd Food has come to your rescue, whether you are looking for a snack that won't spike your blood sugar, or a snack that won't make you want to eat it. Shrewd Food is about snacking smart with all of the flavor and no guilt. Their low-cholesterol, low-fat, and low-sugar desserts are always delicious. Shrewd food is the best way to snack. You'll want to eat all day if you add Almond Milk. Their cookies and cream puffs are Allergen Friendly and have 90 calories.

Brand: Shrewd Food

👤I hadn't thought of using a sweet flavor on this type of food item before I bought this flavor and strawberry one at the same time. I had no preconceived notions other than they would either be good or gross. The cookies and cream tasted great. The flavor is slightly subdued, but since it's tasteless, it works out fine and ends up being more chocolatey than the traditional cookies and cream flavor. They taste good and are not like any other snack that I have had thus far. I like every flavor of the shrewd food items that I have tried. The churro / cinnamon flavor would work well with the puffed up base. It's possible that the manufacturer is looking for new flavors.

👤I was expecting something to taste more like chocolate cookies or something, but I was very disappointed by the cookies and cream flavor. The first puff had a slight chocolate taste, but for the most part they tasted like rice cakes, cardboard, packaging pellets, etc. With the large number of positive reviews, it could be me or the batches I purchased. If you're thinking about buying a case, I would recommend you try out a single pouch first. I threw out most of my purchase because they didn't taste good to me. The risk of buying on the internet is something to learn.

👤I ordered the pizza flavor and cookies and cream. I haven't tried the pizza yet but the cookies and cream are gross. I like diet foods and don't mind the taste of light foods. I don't gain weight because of the trade off. I met my match with these. I don't understand the great reviews if the other flavors are better. I am throwing out 9 bags because they are awful.

👤If you hate your children and want them to leave the house when they graduate high school, you should feed them this snack. There is an instant of flavor and the rest is just chewing and disappointment. They are great for weight loss, I ate half a bag and didn't want anything else to eat for the night, but I have so many more bags left, I went to bed feeling a bit nauseous. I might give them to the pan handler in my area so they won't ask me for anything again.

👤I received a text from Shrewd food asking me to allow them to make things right. There is no way to communicate with the company through the link in the text. I was offered a "return item" option. After a month, I no longer have the product and have found replacements. The first time I tried to return a product, the link took me to a declaration that the company did not accept returns. I prefer their Cookies and Cream product if it is properly coated and not just a tasteless product. Shrewd Food, if you really read these and are serious about making things right, replace the 4 boxes of Cookies and Cream product that had no coating on them. I will be here waiting for their arrival.

4. Popcorners Protein Chips Variety Flavor

Popcorners Protein Chips Variety Flavor

There are 20 1 oz bags of PopCorners Flex Protein Crisps that are convenient to carry on-the-go. The snacks are 120 calories per serving and have 10g ofProtein. 4g of fiber. These popped crisps are made with 10g of protein, 5g of fiber, and 120 calories per serving. Non-GMO project verified, Never Fried, Barbeque Flavored and Barbecue Flavored are not genetically modified. These popped crisps give you more energy to seize the day.

Brand: Popcorners

👤These used to be an excellent selection. A serving of 28 g had 10 g of food. I received a shipment over the weekend and found that calories have gone up 25% from 90 to 120. These are a less appealing snack. The 90 cal bag pictured is no longer accurate.

👤This was my 3rd box of Flex. I am on a low cal diet. The first bag is from the new case. I noticed the calories when I threw the bag away. The last box was the top of my bedroom trash. The calories increased from 90 to 120. That is a 33% increase. The fat is up a bit, as well as the carbs. But the calories? They are not going to be able to go to crisp. I might have to take them off. Sad. There is a They are a decent crisp if calories don't bother you.

👤I have bought these chips 14 times and never had a problem. The labels on the boxes changed. The old one was 90 calories and the new one was 120. This is a big enough game change for me that nothing has changed in flavor. I would eat a lot of bags at a time. Is there an extra 60/90 calories for the same stuff? It adds up. There was nothing wrong with the 90 calories version.

👤My go-to chips are the Quest BBQ. They were out of stock when I added them to my order. These were not recommended. People were complaining about the change in calories. I was excited to try them since I hadn't heard of them before. They are way higher in calories than I wanted. The first chip was terrible, so I sat down to eat. It was still bad to try another. Once more. They're in the trash. They have a styrofoam taste, but not completely unpalatable. Like the smell of styrofoam? I can't explain it. They left me with a bad taste in my mouth after brushing my teeth. If you don't mind the waste of it, they're worth it for yourself. If you try to return them, you will get a refund without having to return it.

👤I am not a person who is active in the Ketogenic diet. I can't say that. I'm a high veg and low carbs person. These chips are good for dipping in ranch fat free greek yogurt. I initially bought these because they were cheaper than quest chips. These were some of my favorites. Sometimes you want a chip that's more heartier, like these. I like the flavor of the BBQ ones. I am a fan of buffalo seasoning, but they are my least favorite chip. I mix and match my snackage with the more expensive Q chips.

👤I used to eat them almost daily. The sudden increase in calories doesn't fit in my count and seems unethical. I already ate my usual amount before I noticed the increase in calories, and the ad on Amazon has 90 calories in it. Very disappointed.

5. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

There are 24 1 ounce bags shipped in Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. The whole family will love snacking on their delicious Garden Veggie Chips. The leading potato chip has 30% more fat. No artificial flavors or trans fats. It is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Brand: Sensible Portions

👤These are a good snack for people trying to control their weight or have diabetes. They taste great, are not crushed up in the package, and have worked wonders for me in my travels. They don't do a number on my blood sugar readings.

👤The chips were fresh and crisp, but a little close to being expired. Enough time to kill it before the exp date. My toddler gets excited when he gets to eat this flavor of chips. It is made from different vegetables not just potato.

👤My daughters and I enjoy eating these chips. They have a nice flavor and the portion size is right. If you want to use them to scoop up a dip, they are thick enough to do it. They have a great crispness when they bite into it.

👤The straws are too salty. My husband and I don't want to eat them. A bad choice for a snack.

👤I like this product because I don't feel guilty eating something that tastes like a chip but has veggies in it. The others I've gotten seem to be a bit more salty. The packaging this time was aweful. Two of the bags burst open as my box was crushed in. This had never happened before. I don't like the fact that it came in the back of someone's car and not in a truck. Hope this is a one time deal.

👤We order these often and know the price is a bit high but we enjoy the convenience and quality. The bags were not sealed and the case was filled with chips. The sealed bags of the treat contained hard chips that destroyed the enjoyment of the treat. I'm not sure how to contact anyone, but I'd like to know why.

👤The product was delicious. My family loves them. When I take a bag of chips to the cottage, any that aren't eaten on the first serving seem to end up being old by the next day, so I like the individual bags. I am constantly trying to keep up with demand since everyone grabs them.

👤I was happy to see these for sale. The chips are hard to find as most places only have straws. The chips are better. Having portioned out already is great. Each pack has a large amount.

6. GimMe Snacks Organic Roasted Go

GimMe Snacks Organic Roasted Go

gimMe's organic roasted seaweed is a great snack for kids and adults alike. You can eat on the go with a single pack of gimMe Organic Roasted Seaweed, only 50 calories per sharing sized pack. SPINS Topline Total (US - March 2020) is the best selling organic seaweed brand. Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Teriyaki, Toasted Sesame, Wasabi, and new Sea Salt & Avocado Oil are all included in their seaweed snack. Their seaweed is non-GMO and is naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, which makes it one of the most important sources of nutrition in the world.

Brand: Gimme

👤There is an interview with an astronomer. I haven't tried the other teriyaki flavors. If you've never had nori before or haven't had it as a snack, it might take a few tries to get used to. When I try a new food that has a texture-flavor combo that I'm not expecting it to take me a while to get used to, I'm the type of person that will take a little while to get used to it. This won't be the same as potato or corn chips. It's more like a flaky piece of paper and not as dense as chips, but it's usually enough to satisfy most people. The teriyaki flavor is pretty good, but it's a bit bland and like eating a Dorito. If you're feeding this to the kids, it can be a messy snack as the nori leaves, and the seasoning makes a little sprinkly mess, so just be aware of that before you give it to them in the car or somewhere. We eat a lot of musubi in Hawaii, and we like to put a little rice in the middle, wrap it up and eat it. I usually fry up some of the stuff with brown sugar, shoyu and water, slice it up and put it on a plate for the kids to eat. This is the lazy-man's musubi. The Korean style seaweed is usually made by seasoning with oil before roasting, so there's a difference between it and Japanese nori. If you don't like the oil, you can try Japanese nori, but it is more expensive. Sometimes you can find packets with lots of oil separated and sometimes it looks like there's no oil at all, but I assume that's just a product of what happens during temperature changes. There's the same amount of oil no matter what. The seaweed from the Kirkland brand seems easier than other brands. Health and sugar. I've noticed a boom recently with nori, with statements of the health benefits especially as a replacement for chips and crackers, but be aware that most nori packets don't list sugar, but any of the flavors definitely have. I'm not sure how this affects people with diabetes because they don't have to list it in the nutrition values. I'm not a food scientist, I'm not a medical expert, and I'm not a nutrition expert. Cane sugar is listed on the ingredients list, so don't take my word for it. This is still a healthier option than chips. If you really don't like it, Amazon will usually give you a refund, but you may have to go through an Amazon chat/e-mail/phone to do it. You might have to give a better reason than "I don't like it." Maybe it "tastes bad", "too greasy", "smells weird", etc. If you don't like it, get your money back.

👤I haven't tried the others yet, so this is for the sea salt version. It's hard to find snacks that fit a paleo or keto diet. Most of them taste like cardboard or chalk. I'm happy to have found roasted seaweed snacks. They are perfect for a diet that is low in calories and high in fat. An entire package is only 50 calories, even if you don't care about macros or watching calories. Add to that the trace minerals you get (potassium, calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium), and seaweed snacks beat any of the alternatives I've seen on the market. It takes the first sheet or two to get used to the texture of roasted seaweed, which becomes a little fibrous after hitting your tongue. It's not bad if you stop expecting popcorn to be like a leaf of lettuce or a vegetable, because it will stick to your tongue and suck up the water. Is it the best use? I like to put the sheets in a sandwich bag and watch movies with my family. I don't have to feel like I'm being left out when people are eating high-fat snacks. I've added them to my soup and enjoyed it. I recommend gimMe seaweed snacks.

7. Harvest Snaps Plant Based Certified Gluten Free

Harvest Snaps Plant Based Certified Gluten Free

Harvest snaps green pea snack Crisps are the perfect choice for a 1.0oz bag. WholesOME INGREDIENTS ARE IN THE HARVEST SNAPS. Their first and main ingredient is chickpeas. They provide a better crunch. This is the best thing that could get better. Feed your mind, body and soul. Harvest Snaps Snack Crisps are the perfect snack for you and your family, whether you are looking for a snack that keeps you going at work, or you just want to snack while watching your favorite movie. Harvest Snaps Snack Crisps are plant-based, Certified Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Project verified. They are baked, never fried, and have a source of fiber and lower salt than the leading brand of potato chips. They are a great choice for the whole family because they are peanut and tree nut free. Better for the planet. Their peas have a relationship with the earth. They act as a cover crop to protect against erosion and are a naturalfertilizer filled with nitrogen. The fertility gods are happy when they see HapPEA peas. There is anAllergen information about walnuts.

Brand: Harvest Snaps

👤I have a vegan/plant based diet that I have to eat because of my allergies and sensitivities. I haven't had Cheetos in almost a decade, but when I tried these, I felt like I was eating Cheetos puffs! They are allergy friendly. Absolutely delicious. It is too easy to eat the entire bag at one time with a single pack. A regular customer, a big fan.

👤I received these on the 3rd of October. I have to eat 2 packages a day in order to use them. They taste good. I'm disappointed that I didn't buy more bags, but I would never have bought 24 individual bags. I can't recommend that for that reason.

👤I like this product and buy it a lot. 6 individual packages were not sealed in the last box. Send a note to the manufacturer to make sure they are on top of things. Past purchases lost 25% in one purchase.

👤The convenience is the main thing these have going for them. It is easy to grab a bag for a school lunch or snack. The convenience comes at a higher price than the larger bags you can get at most grocery stores. The small snack-sized packs seem to be more boring than the larger packages.

👤The texture surprised me. These are similar to your favorite cheese puffs, but light and airy and salty. A nice snack.

👤This snack is a good way to eat healthy while watching a movie. If the portion of individual packages is bigger, it would be better.

👤These are the snacks that I can eat without reactions. The peas air baked don't produce stomach gas because they don't use salt. I can eat late at night. I like the larger bags. They still have a taste that is unintelligible. It's in the mouth.

👤I love peas because they are unique, they are crisp, fresh and right touch of salt, and every time I open a bag, it is hard to put it away.

8. Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Loaded

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Loaded

Enjoy more. CarB LESS: The taco style chips have all the crunch and satisfaction of a regular tortilla chip. Theirs has 19g ofProtein and 4g net carbs per bag. The bullet enters complete torsos. The taco style chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids. There are Salty, Savary, and Chubby. The chips are seasoned to perfection and have no added soy ingredients. BAKED, NEVER FELL: The chips are baked to provide you with a satisfying crunch without adding oils to your chips. You can take the chips with you wherever you go, in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever you go.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I've been missing chips since I started the Keto diet. I was excited to find chips because I was missing crunch and I was willing to pay the price if they satisfied my chip cravings. I knew they weren't going to be perfect, but I was so happy. I didn't think they would be pure chalk. I got sick after eating a snack. They didn't get any better with dip. I am sad. It has the "light crunch" you'd hope for, and maybe it's just the nacho cheese flavor, but it was horrible. Very disappointed.

👤You immediately think of the taste of a cup of coffee when you think of large amounts of protein. You can feel it on your tongue. It's not a cringe, but it is a cringe. You push the feeling aside because you know you won't find a lot of the stuff in one serving. You think to yourself, it's for the gains. You bite the shotgun. Forget about what you know about the subject. These chips are great. The Ranch flavor reminds me of Cool Ranch, but they aren't as thick. I like to have chip cravings. It's a one minute walk to buy some and that doesn't help. They help satisfy that craving. I might add that it's healthily. I can only speak for my taste, but I don't see where the reviews are coming from. I think it's a 5-star for me. I don't want a full star on the packaging because I'm more concerned with the taste. They are packed in a box labeled "Quest" and that is all. There was no padding or wrapping. You can get a bag with broken chips. There are many broken chips. The taste. The taste is important. The taste!

👤If you're expecting a snack, you should know better. These taste like a cracker with a light cheddar flavor. The flavor and chip quickly leave your mouth. These are better for a vessel to scoop the dips into your mouth. If you absolutely want a chip. They are not horrible but they look like a chip. These are okay. It is very expensive. You have to buy a lot of them. I suggest buying the smaller box.

👤So good. Doesn't taste like a snack. It tastes great. It is worth it to pay more initially for a snack than later for a weight gain or blood sugar issues from eating junk snacks. The ranch flavor is the best. I have tried a lot of different snacks and one of the best is a low-cholesterol snack. I keep these on because I don't want to eat junk when I'm in the mood for it, so I keep them on subscribe and save. They fill me up better than similar chips.

👤I have the Ranch flavor. I know that anything low in calories and high in fat is not going to replace the real thing. I am very happy to have found these. I've been doing the diet for 4.5 months. I notice that the better low-fat versions of food taste better the longer I don't eat junk food. The flavor of these chips is great, they are a little grainy, so they would be better with dip. I think they may break off in the dip more easily than a regular dorito, but who cares, I can eat chips again! I will not feel left out when I go camping this summer because everyone else is snacking on chips and junk food.

9. Planters NUT Rition Energy Mix Ounce

Planters NUT Rition Energy Mix Ounce

There is a pouch of Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix. Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix has wholesome energy from nuts and dried fruit. Almonds and cashews meet banana chips and cranberries for a perfect balance. The trail mix has 30 calories. per serving You can snack with zero guilt if the ingredients are non-gmo. This product is great for people who are on a diet. This energy trail mix is great for snacking on the go. The nuts are packed in a bag.

Brand: Nutrition

👤I was amazed at how fresh and delicious this snack was when I first tried it. A combination of cashews, dried cranberries, banana chips, pistachios, salt and peanut oil is so delicious. You should not eat the whole bag at one sitting. The more you eat, the more you want. This stuff is addictive. The whole bag has 140 calories and 7 g of sugar. 700 calories and 35 g of sugar is what it is at one time. It's a lot better than a McDonald's Quarter Pounder and a small order of fries, but it still has a lot of calories and sugar. I drink a quart of water whenever I have some of the Planter's snack because the McDonald's meal is more filling.

👤The Energy Mix is by far the best of the variety I ordered. The mix has too much almonds to dried fruit. The mix has too many nuts. The energy mix is correct. The cranberries balance well with the pistachios. The cashews are a great cleanser, and the banana chips are delicious. It's very tasty and keeps you happy. The 5g of added sugar seems unnecessary, but by comparison 7g for a serving that includes two dried fruits isn't bad at all. I already own it, so I would buy it again.

👤Sorry for the bad review. I have to be honest. I'm not happy with the product. I bought 4 packs of trail mix and all 4 bags were expired. The complete from cover came off when I tired to open one of the packs. Not happy with the product.

👤I sometimes buy snacks from Amazon and they are not fresh. These were really good. It was good and fresh. If they weren't, I would be upset. I ordered more before I finished my first pack. Delivery was the next day.

👤Really like the combination of nuts and fruit. My order arrived quickly. I was going to place another order of this Energy mix but the price went up so I will buy it locally. The price went back to where it was before the review was written. I will order more now.

👤This snack is my new favorite snack. I could probably eat the whole bag in one sitting, but I haven't done that yet. I hope they come out with smaller snack bags for travel. It's great if you haven't tried it yet.

👤I love nuts. They sent me expired ones after I ordered them in October. I didn't realize it until I ate them. I was given a refund immediately, no questions asked, and I am satisfied with that. If I order more, they will not be expired.

👤This is delicious. I don't like people and I can't eat the hole package. I would love for Planters to put this in a large can. It is never enough. I like to mix the cranberries and banana chips.

10. Rhythm Superfoods Original Gluten Free Superfood

Rhythm Superfoods Original Gluten Free Superfood

Don't let your busy day stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy 4 snack size chips to fuel your day. The variety pack includes: Original, Zesty Nacho, Kool Ranch, and Mango Habanero. You can find your rhythm. Their dehydrated kale chips are always dried, never fried and are made from a blend of organic seeds, vegetable powders, juices, herbs and spices. Some people use the term "superfood" as a synonym, but to them, it's much more. It is their name. The integrity of their ingredients and the density of their nutrition is what determines who they are and what they offer. They make them super. There is malfeasance and adultery. Staying active, eating right, and having a positive mind can all make a difference. Their snacks help you find a healthy lifestyle. Simple ingredients. An excellent source of fiber and vegan, it's a superfood. There is nothing more to it.

Brand: Rhythm Superfoods

👤This is the first time that I have disagreed with the average review on Amazon. The chips were terrible. They tasted bad and left a metallic taste in my mouth. I couldn't tell the difference when I tried all four. I gave the unused portion to a friend who was very health-conscious and she threw them out because they tasted horrible. I am surprised that this has a 4+ rating, as I am in the minority.

👤Are you kidding me? I bought these hoping they would be as good as the chips I bought at the store. These are better than the other ones. When I tried the kool ranch, it was funny because my kids were sitting in front of me on the couch eating cool ranch chips, and I joked "look I've got some cool ranch chips too." They wrinkled their noses. I'll take these over doritos any day. It tastes extra crisp andcrunchy. I have found a snack that I can eat without feeling like I'm missing out on something. Will buy again.

👤They added sugar. Why? Take out the sugar. We don't need it. Thank you.

👤I didn't like this. I like to add some olive oil and salt to a kale chip. I am in heaven. The chips have too much going on. I ordered the original flavor and it tasted like cool-ranch, so I wonder what the ranch flavor tastes like. The chips have a good texture but all the seasonings make them gummy paste and get stuck in your teeth. Sugar is an ingredient. I wish they were better. I am not sure if I am judging them too harshly. I should have known better.

👤I love this brand of kale. I came here because of the fact that Costco hasn't had any for a while. The price in store was 3.5. I looked at their alternative. I don't like these chips, they aren't horrible. When I want something that tastes like kale, I want it to be fairly simple. I read a review that said all the flavors tasted like a ranch. I got the original pack. I got a variety pack. I've tried mango habanero. Both have a similar taste, but were looking for something simpler. I was looking for something more basic like the plain roasted kale that they sell, but the texture of the sunflower seed coating was a bit off.

👤I've tried Rhythm's chips before and always liked them. I decided to go with the variety pack because I wanted to try other flavors. Being a Prime member, I was able to get free shipping. I didn't have to leave my house because I bought the variety pack on Amazon and didn't have to go to my local grocery store. I was worried about the chips getting crushed because I had mixed results when ordering from Amazon. I was surprised. The outer box was in good condition when we arrived. The bags of chips were kept in a box that prevented them from sliding. The original flavor is a light seasoning. They have a nice texture and aren't too hard or flaky like other brands. The Dorito flavor was my favorite because it gave me a guilt-free fix. The Kool Ranch is addicting and I was happy that it wasn't over seasoned. My husband loved the Mango Habanero. I would order again.

11. True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Count

True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Count

Adding a lemon packet to your water, hot or iced tea, or other beverages will give you a fresh lemon taste without the seeds, mess or waste. Each packet contains zero calories, 0 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates. The taste of 1 lemon wedge is the same as the taste of 2 packets. A packet of lemon juice has 1 squeezed lemon in it. Made with simple, clean ingredients, it contains no sugar, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial preservatives, and no colors from artificial sources. It's great for offices, breakrooms, kitchens and lounges. You can use a lemon wedge or lemon juice anywhere. These packets can be used as a water flavor enhancer in hot or iced tea. Salt free seasoning is delicious. These packets are a great way to add flavor to your recipes without using salt. Combine your favorite herbs and spices to make your own seasoning. The authentic fresh squeezed taste of a wedge of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange is captured by the patented recipe of True Cucumber.

Brand: True Citrus

👤This was served with my drink. I thought it was a bad start to a vacation. What is the substitute for powder sugar? I tried it. The clouds parted, the angels sang, and sunbeams came through the window. Sometimes a place has bad limes, or I don't trust the line bowl sitting behind the bar for who knows how long. It's just lime. I am in love with it.

👤It's better than any other water flavor enhancer on the market. While this True Lemon product tastes great, is good for you and is cost effective, be aware that it is still a lemon product. It contains natural citric acid and that is not a good thing for your teeth. Don't sip your drink too much over time. Drink quickly. Don't let it sit in your mouth for a long time, use a straw and place it as far back in your mouth as possible. After drinking a drink, rinse your mouth with water for 30 seconds. Baking soda is not powder. That's all I can say, I love this product. It gives my water a nice flavor. I recommend you try this if you are currently using water drops.

👤I have ordered these from Amazon many times, both in bulk and smaller boxes. The smaller box that I purchased had been opened and taped shut, and it was obvious that I had done so. I had to throw them away because I will not eat a food product that is not new. This was concerning to me. The quality of these packets has gone down a lot and Amazon has not been storing them properly because they are hard and clumpy. This product cannot be healthy for people to consume. I will no longer purchase these.

👤When I looked at the number of great reviews, I wondered what the point was. I thought that my opinion counts as well. Here it is. I live in northern Canada, in a city of 1 million. Lemons are available year round, but during the winter they are so expensive you have to have a reason to buy them. I pay $1.25 for one small lemon when my friend in Arizona has lemons. I can easily taste the chemicals in the bottled juice. I immediately ordered a bulk pack when I heard about True Lemon. I thought she was lying. She wasn't. I reconstituted a lemon's worth and tasted it. Wow. I made myself a glass of lemonade. Wow. I can indulge myself during any time of the year. Baking and "brightening" are the things I use Real Lemon for most. I just sprinkle the crystals on my food. It was perfect! What's happening? If you watch the food channel, you'll see the chefs finish a dish with a squeeze of lemon or lime. That taste is a nice "bright and fresh" taste to the food and finishes it off perfectly. I now have True Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit in stock. It doesn't take up fridge space. If you forget about it, it doesn't get moldy or mushy.


What is the best product for keto chips ebt eligible?

Keto chips ebt eligible products from Peatos. In this article about keto chips ebt eligible you can see why people choose the product. Gomacro and Shrewd Food are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto chips ebt eligible.

What are the best brands for keto chips ebt eligible?

Peatos, Gomacro and Shrewd Food are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto chips ebt eligible. Find the detail in this article. Popcorners, Sensible Portions and Gimme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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