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1. SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snacks

SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snacks

There is a snack that is diet friendly. SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb snack cups are a great snack for a diet. Each snack is packed with 8g of fat to keep you full for hours with layers of rich and refreshing lemon flavor coated in white chocolate Icing to satisfy your sugar cravings. KETO & LOW CARB. Their snack cups are made without the sugars and calories found in regular sweets making them a great snack for people on a low-fat diet. GLUTEN is free. Their snacks are made with optimal nutrition in mind, and are made with a variety of ingredients. Their Fat Bombs are free from artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, so they are equally delicious in taste. SlimFast understands that snacking while on a diet can be hard. Their Fat Bombs are perfect for snacking on the go. Pack their Fat Bombs with you so that you always have a quick, healthy treat that will keep you full and help you stay on track wherever you go. Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Slimfast

👤I am angry with this product. The front of the box says "coconut mct oil", which leads you to believe it's 100% coconut oil. It is made with a blend of coconut and palm oils. I am anti-palm oils due to the clear cutting of forests to grow the palm trees and the false "sustainably produced" sources. Slim Fast needs to correct the false print with the coconut and palm oil blend. They are likely to not sell as much. I won't buy these again.

👤This is a fat bomb. I was surprised to find it at Walmart for $10 for a box.

👤Those who gave five stars are not the only ones. If you are trying to find a way to make a cup like the one I use, keep looking. These are not good. The "peanut butter" to "chocolate" ratio is way off, the texture is dry and oily at the same time, and the taste is not even good. It's a good thing. I knew I was taking a chance on these, but I need to remind myself to order something other than this product to keep my sweet tooth at bay.

👤I was knocked out of ketosis by these. The first time I took a test strip, I had negative readings because I ate two. My nose was bleeding and it tasted like expired ressess. If you're trying to stay in ketosis, eat reqular reesees.

👤If you love lemon and are tired of all of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors, then you will love these. I am sure you know how much the public loves your lemon fat bombs. They are the only product you did not use. I have a suggestion. Key lime pie and orange creamsicle fat bomb can be made using the same formula. I think they will be a big hit. We can see how many people like this idea if we mark my comment as helpful. We fans know that these are sold out at a lot of major retailers.

👤I was knocked about of ketosis by these. They aren't "keto approved". Save your money and progress.

👤Oh. My. Gosh. These are amazing. The flavor is excellent if you expect them to taste like Reese's. I was worried because a lot of the snacks in the program have an odd, slightly horrible, artificial aftertaste. No need to be worried. I only gave it a 4-star because of the price. It is incredibly expensive for something that could easily disappear from my shelf in a weekend. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. They are not easily absorbed by the body so you subtract them from the total number of calories. 2g Erythritol is equal to 1g net carbs. If you eat them all in one sitting, you won't feel guilty.

👤I bought this because I thought it wouldn't spike my blood sugar. I will never buy it again big, it was the wroth thing. No.

👤I didn't pay attention to the prices. I bought a box in the US for $9.99 and thought it was a bigger box because of the price.

2. Quest Nutrition Chocolate Protein Cookie

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Protein Cookie

You should cook a dessert. The chocolate chip cookies from the Quest have a soft, soft cookie with 15g ofProtein, 4g net carbs and less than 1g of sugar. The UNWRAP complete prophecy. The chocolate chip cookies are made with complete, dairy-based proteins. It's your best friend, furry. The 9g of fiber in the chocolate chip cookies give your body a complete macro profile. Ready to eat is the state of readiness. Sweet without all the sugar. A chocolate chip cookie has less than 1g of sugar. You can take Quest chocolate chip cookies with you wherever you go. There are chocolate chip cookies in the box. Chips are a food form.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I am so disappointed. I have been eating these for a few months and thought they were good for keto. I noticed that I was having gastrointestinal issues but didn't know what they were. I noticed that the ingredients had corn fiber. Sounds harmless, right? It is not! Maltodextrin is a bad sugar substitute that I would never eat on purpose. It is against the law for companies to use innocent sounding names for bad ingredients. And beware if you are a vegetarian. You can gain weight if you haveuble corn fiber. It will increase your blood sugar even if you have a lower score on the glycemic index. That is a recipe for fat storage. It is not a fiber so when it is subtracted from the gross carbs of the cookie, it makes the net carbs look a lot lower than they actually are. Fiber doesn't increase blood sugar. It will. It seems unethical for companies to promote food items that aren't necessarily containing Maltodextrin. Well, anything for a buck, right?

👤This is crazy. I opened a cookie and saw this. These are going to expire in 2020.

👤I have stated before that I love these cookies. I liked the regular cookies. When I opened the double fudge cookies, I noticed that some of them had weird white matter on the outer layer. These cookies are expensive and I had to throw them away because of the risk of mold orbacteria. I changed my rating from 5 stars to 2 stars because of the lack of quality control and the amount of white matter on my cookies. Before packing a cookie, it is advisable to check the quality and the Best Buy date. My cookies were labeled "best buy" when they were purchased in September of 2018). The company should be more proactive about this product.

👤The size of the cookie is the reason for two stars. It's a large cookie, that's for sure. It tastes like dirt. There is almost no joy to this. It's bitter. I have to warm it up and put peanut butter on it to digest it. Is it diet? Yes. Does it ruin your appetite for the rest of the day? Yes. Maybe that's a good thing? If you're looking for something that tastes good, steer clear. If you just want a snack that is good for you, go for it. Or just take a break. It would have more flavor.

👤The difference is huge... 4g vs 19g. That's not right. I don't know if I'd mind if they tasted ok, but the Erythritol they use leaves a terrible aftertaste. I don't recommend.

👤I was going to take a picture of the cookie for a review, but I ate it like a mom sneaking a cookie in the pantry while her toddler asks "what are you doing?" The texture was very similar to those soft-baked cookies in the red package, and it did not make a mess when I tried it. It wasn't quite as sweet as those cookies, but it is a very close comparison for me. I was amazed at how good it was. I still eat sugar treats. Some people don't have sugar or carbs for a long time and they review a cookie. I am going to order the chocolate chip ones right now.

3. Keto Co Naturally Sweetened Diabetic

Keto Co Naturally Sweetened Diabetic

The award-winning fudge brownies have a rich chocolate taste with less sugar than leading brands. All you need to make a pan of brownies is eggs and butter. Just mix, bake and enjoy! A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. Their products are made with your health in mind. 8g of fiber is included in each brownie serving.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤These brownies are wonderful. This brownie mix saved the day for me because I still struggle with the occasional craving for sweets. I was surprised at how much butter was in the mix. Butter makes most things taste better. Ha! I had to leave the brownies in the oven for 45 minutes to bake the cheesecake brownies. I had to hide the brownie pan because they were so delicious. These brownies were so delicious and moist that they killed my cravings. You will not be disappointed. For those that are interested, there is a recipe for a brownie mix and a cream cheese alternative.

👤I was excited to eat these brownies. I paid $10 for a small bag of mix. I put the brownies in the oven and waited for them to smell good. There is a After a few hours, I sat down and enjoyed my brownie. I felt crunchiness when I took a bite. The same thing happened when I took another bite. The salty flavor spread throughout my mouth. The large grains of salt were visible when I peeled the cupcake wrapping. I opened another one and it was full of salt. I don't know why my brownies have so much salt in them. All I wanted was brownies. I couldn't eat anything. My daughter made me a cake from a recipe on the internet. That was great.

👤Don't make a mistake. The package says to add melted butter with the brownie mix, but fails to mention that if the butter is warm or hot, it will combine with the mix creating a thick mixture. I was sad. A waste of money. Cool your butter.

👤These brownies are for people who like moist brownies. When you first try them out in the oven, they taste a little off, but as soon as you put them in the fridge for a couple hours or even better the next day, it will get better. It is amazing. I took a photo with a bite to show the texture. It is like eating cookie dough that is rich and sweet. I ordered another packet.

👤The flavor on these is very good. It seems like it's only possible with brownies with a lot of calories, but I like my brownies with a good amount of chew. This is a good backup plan. I give it four stars because I'm a little leery of the "Wondrose" sweetener. The component of it that spikes your blood sugar is corn fiber. Search for studies on this. Improperly developed as a sugar substitute, Improperly baked like sugar and have a similar impact on the body as real sugar, are praised for this. It's not a bad idea for manufacturers to say that their foods have low net carbs, but don't be fooled by that. You can be kicked out of ketosis. The good news is that there is more than one sweetener in these. If you add the "fiber" carbs back in, it appears that you can eat a serving or two of these brownies and stay in ketosis. I ate a lot of these over the course of a week and they didn't make me lose my mind. It's over. The brownies from the Diabetic Kitchen are packed with the same things. They do taste better, but they knocked me out of ketosis. It took me about a week and a half to get back on track after I gained 5 lbs in a week. I will never do those again. If you're going to do that, make up a bunch of Pillsbury brownies.

4. HighKey Gluten Free Snack Pack

HighKey Gluten Free Snack Pack

While adhering to a low-carb diet, you can indulge in chocolate chip, brownie bites, and snickerdoodle. Their version of grandma's favorite recipe will make you reach for the bag without guilt. You will not miss a thing until they are gone. These little gems are sweetened with their own blend of natural sweeteners. Zero added sugar; full satisfaction! HighKey Keto Mini Cookies are made with wholesome ingredients for a sweet treat. The three flavors in this 3-pack are all low in net carbs and sugar and made with natural ingredients. It's perfect for people on a diet who want to enjoy their favorite sweets. HighKey Mini Cookies are a great choice for when you want a delicious snack while maintaining a gluten free diet. These cookies are made with natural ingredients like almond flour and coconut oil for a delicious alternative to store bought cookies that have wheat, grain, and fillers. If you're looking for cookies that taste the same as the original, HighKey has you covered. HighKey Cookies are a healthy snack for kids and adults. Their cookies are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and mysterious ingredients. The cookies are made with clean, wholesome ingredients and natural sugar substitute so you and your family can enjoy them without the added junk. The classic cookie taste is rich and creamy without the added sugars. The HighKey Mini Cookies have a lot of flavor. These cookies are low in calories and are perfect for snacking on the go. HighKey cookies are made with zero added sugar so you can finally enjoy your favorite sweets without the sugar crash.

Brand: Highkey

👤I was very excited to receive them. I need some new snacks after 6 months in the Ketogenic diet. I laughed out loud when I opened the box. The bags are small. These are expensive for what you get. About 1/3 of the way up, the bags are filled. There were a lot of broken ones and crumbs. The light and crisp texture is what I like. I'll savor every crumb of these cookies.

👤These little guys are amazing. I have found the best keto cookies there and I have tried many of them. 1. They remind me of cookies. These are not bombs, they are tiny joyous cookies. 2. They are wet. They are not pasty. They are just. Right. You need to appreciate CRISP cookies to enjoy these. These cookies are not like those that would make Paul Hollywood cringe. These cookies are crisp and have some SNAP in them. 3. They are not too sweet and taste like little bits of heaven. I have lost 100 pounds and have lost my taste for regular sugar, but I still prefer these because they are too sweet for me now. I don't feel guilty if I accidentally finish a whole bag, and I don't care about it. Thank you for your high key.

👤These products are similar to potato chips and similar snacks, where the manufacturer tries to convince you that you are getting more than you think. The contents only make up 25% of the bag. The bags are the same size as potato chip bags. As soon as you open a bag, you are disappointed. The bag was consumed by three of us in less than a minute because the portion size is small and there are few cookies inside. The flavor of the cookies is decent, but the amount of cookies in each bag is too much for the price. I will not buy them again.

👤I'm surprised by how good these were. I've tried to make almond-flour-based cookies before, but they weren't good. I had low expectations for these cookies, but I was pleasantly surprised. The variety 3-pack is very delicious. The texture is powdery, not moist. That's fine with me. It's not like a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, but they're not hard at all. They're not going to be as good as a regular chocolate chip cookie, so don't expect them to be. I will definitely buy them again, they're fantastic for a low-carb cookie. A good ingredient list is not a bunch of junk.

👤I didn't know how I was going to like this, but I've made some banana breads and some are okay. None have been great. These ones are pretty good. The sugar alcohol taste is not overpowering and there is a cool feeling on your tongue from erythritol. The combination of seeds in this biscuit is the best part. It makes me feel like I'm eating healthy and good for me if I don't eat ket. If you're missing the taste of bananas, it's a good substitute.

5. Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers

Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers

Almond Flour Keto Crackers are the healthiest snack you have been waiting for. Maintaining a sugar-free diet isn't easy. Fat Snax are the cracker that loves you back when you're looking for a low-carb bite. They source almond flour and coconut flour to make the perfect snack for low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free lifestyles. It's crunch time. Each serving contains no added sugar, 2 net carbs, and 11g of fat making their crackers the perfect snack for people on a strict diet. It can be hard to buy online snacks that you've never tried before. They offer a money-back guarantee on all orders.

Brand: Fat Snax

👤I have been on the diet for 2.5 years and never have I been able to find a store bought cracker that tasted good or had integrity. It was either flimsy chips that crumbled right apart in your dip or something like the flaxseed "crackers" which were a taste and texture nightmare that did not remind me of a cracker at all. These crackers are great for dipping in thicker or chunkier dips. I have only tried the everything, but I am going to order the other 2 flavors as well. Take it from someone who has thrown her money away. single. These are the ones that are overpriced. They are worth the price if you stop looking.

👤These are delicious but it is expensive. Fat Snax does what many others do and puts the net on the packaging. It is a 3 serving bag, instead of just coming right out and putting the total net carbs in the packaging. Some of the Keto snack makers have transparency and honesty in their packaging. Put the total for the entire package, not the net carbs, if you're going to bother putting it on the package.

👤Wow! Cheez-it cravings are so bad. These crackers really hit a home run for Francois. Don't pass these up! They are salty and healthy. These amazing snacks exist, but that is a con. I know I'll be a customer for the rest of my life. The ingredients are clean and the count is low. I plan to eat the whole bag for movie night this Friday. I don't have to worry about the bloat or kick out of ketosis because there is no wheat in sight. Thank you, sir. Excellent! I'm going to order 2 more boxes.

👤I love the taste of these crackers. They remind me of something. You can eat the whole bag for 3 net carbs, or you can have 11 crackers for 1 net. These are great!

👤I've been on a diet for a few years and I try products whenever I'm too busy or lazy to make my own. I was hesitant to try these because I didn't like their cookies and other keto crackers were too hard for my taste. These are good. They are about the size of wheat thins and have the same flavor. They are perfect for eating with cheese cubes. The bag was not broken or crumbled, which is a nice plus.

👤Buy them. You will not regret it. I've been on and off with it. The problem was that I kept getting frustrated with the same foods. Same snacks, same meals for weeks on end. I couldn't find anything that met my desire for a cracker. I just wanted some crackers that were low in fat. My cravings for specific foods would cause me to fall off of the keto wagon. I would binge and my husband would binge, so it's dumb to ditch the whole diet. Both of us would binge. I found a cracker. I wanted to have something different from the daily cheese and meat. First bite. I was very happy. The sea salt ones tasted like a sesame cracker. Ok! I can do this again. I can eat a cracker. A whole package of them, and still stay keto. Just buy them. Don't think too much. Just do it.

6. Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

The pancakes are delicious. For the ultimate low-carb breakfast, pair with sugar-free syrup, butter, bacon, and eggs. It's quick and easy. A stack of hot, delicious, keto-friendly pancakes can be made with just a few ingredients. Leading brands with 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving promote gut health, while 2.0g NET CARBS have less. A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. Eating healthy should be fun. This versatile mix can be used to make waffles, donuts, or even french toast.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤I wanted to make waffles that were low in calories and high in fat. I was surprised how good it tasted. I attached photos of the ingredients I used for the extra cooked batter on the side of the waffle maker. You can mix up half a cup of the mix with 3 eggs, 2 cups of Almond Milk and 1 cup of MCT Oil. The waffle maker was sprayed with oil. It came out great when you put some GheeVanilla Butter on the waffles. I'll be getting some keto-friendly syrup in the future to top it all off. It says you can make a batches that are good for 6-7 pancakes, but only if you make 2 net carbs. I made a small amount of batter and used it up for the waffle I made in the photos. If you eat the whole batches, it's more like 6 net carbs. Hope this helps!

👤These pancakes were really good. The batter was easy to mix and the pancakes looked like regular pancakes. I added some extract to make it taste better. The pancakes are not like regular batter. When the batter on top looks dry, check the bottom and flip them. I posted a couple of pictures. The first picture shows how the pancakes came out after 30 seconds of sitting in the pan. The pancakes are fluffier after the batter sat longer waiting for the others to cook. The 3rd picture shows the pancakes. We used maple syrup. I recommend.

👤I have not had pancakes in at least six years because I have been on a low-cholesterol diet. I bought this because I thought it would be good. It was more than I anticipated. The package will make a lot of pancakes. I am a fan of this product and will be buying it again and again.

👤It took approx one full recipe per the instructions to make a 4-slice Belgian waffle. I had enough eggs to double the recipe, but it took a while to cook because of how thick the batter is. It turned out to be so dry that it didn't burn at all. It was very dry. My husband doesn't like to eat keto so he soaked his piece in syrup and only had a few bites. We decided to use the second half of the batter for pancakes after we saw the result. The pancakes were moist and delicious. I will definitely make these again. I had to knock off the star since they were advertised as a pancake and waffle mix. We threw the waffle so much that we didn't try to eat it. Make sure to take note of the instructions to cook the pancakes on medium-low so they cook all the way through without burning!

👤I received a sample of this mix in one of my monthly boxes. The recipe for chicken and waffles was in the box. I haven't made waffles from any of the other mixes I've tried, but I have made pancakes and most of the other mixes were very coarse. I've tried many different pancake and waffle mixes and none were better than the made-from-scratch ones. I was trying to find the right balance of ingredients. This mix has it all. The waffles were very fluffy and not grainy. They have the right amount of sweet so that you can make them 888-270-6611 I ordered two more bags of the mix so I can make them more than once.

7. Hilo Life Friendly Variety Pouches

Hilo Life Friendly Variety Pouches

KETO FRIENDLY, LOW-CARB SNACK MIXES. A good source of net carbs is 4g or less. 2 individual pouches of Hilo LIfe Really Ranchy Crispy Gouda Cheese and Pecans, and 2 individual pouches of Hilo LIfe Piece-A-Pizza are included. The Life Variety pack has it all. Each carton has one of their favorite flavors. It is perfect for when you are indecisive or just plain hungry. You feel like you are missing out when you count-carbs. Sometimes you just need a snack break and they can help. With HIlo. You can enjoy the snacks you love and keep doing the same.

Brand: Hilo Life

👤So starting with the delivery. When I told them that the door they took was not mine, they immediately gave me a full refund. The recipient dropped off the box outside my door the next morning. The snacks are here. The first bite was delicious. The cheese tastes better than the typical cheese crisps. This is a snack I would love to have more of and it is expensive. It was good.

👤These are really good. They were in good condition when they arrived. Both flavors are good and satisfy that salty craving that we all have. If you feel the price is too high, you could portion out some blue diamond almonds and moon cheese and get the same result. The convenience and the macros are great. I will buy these again.

👤It's not greasy, full of flavor. It's easy to share. It's easy to carry a bag. Good count of calories and salty taste. I would have liked more in each bag.

👤I bought these for my kids to eat. There is plenty in each pack and the flavor is good. The "best before" date is 2 months from now, which makes me wonder how long they were sitting on the shelf. I'm sure we'll finish them before then, but I think it's a good idea for those who wouldn't eat them as fast.

👤It's pretty much a whole meal, high in calories. It is not very filling. It tastes good. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I prefer the Cheddar. I was full after eating them and it felt good to be able to taste some familiar flavors while not breaking my net carbs intake. Will be buying more.

👤These are really good. This is everything I have been craving since I started on the keto diet.

👤The internet makes it easier to find snacks that are friendly to the Ketogenic diet. I avoided both of these because they have no soy orgluten, but I sought them out because they are friendly to the Ketogenic diet. I like nuts and cheese, but these are basically bland. The ranch doesn't taste like ranch. The food does not taste the same. I might mix some Moon Cheese with almonds and call it a day for the cost.

8. NUCO Certified ORGANIC Coconut Quantities

NUCO Certified ORGANIC Coconut Quantities

If Wraps are frozen due to cold weather, please allow them to thaw fully before consuming. The certified organic, all-natural, raw, non-GMO NUCO coconut wrap has 70 calories and 4 grams net carbs. No GUILT, low Carbohydrates, no sugar. These Certified Organic and Kosher wraps are perfect for alternative bread needs, such as sandwiches, tortillas, deserts, snacks, and more. This wrap is yeast free and Kosher. Coconut Wraps are great for vegan, paleo, and Ketogenic diet. It's perfect for sandwiches, tortillas, and more. It is possible to use Wraps with ingredients, roll it up, and enjoy it off the bag.

Brand: Nuco

👤I did not get to try them, but I will post a review for my dogs. When I returned home, the torn up package was strewn across the floor and all the wraps were gone. My dogs don't counter-surf. They only took almonds and beef jerky in the last seven years, so they must really love these wraps. My dogs didn't like them enough to clean up the packaging.

👤Let's be realistic here. What is expected from a wrap? I used to be a raw vegan and have tasted some weird food. They like coconut a little. We have sauces and spreads because of that. These wraps are very good. Trust me. It has always been soft enough to wrap. They will dry out if they are stored wrong. They are smaller than commercial wraps. This is a smart decision in manufacturing. I love these wraps and am grateful they allow me to eat them. It was boom!

👤Absolutely amazing. Added grilled chicken, tomato, and avowal mayo.

👤These are good. I have used them to make breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, bacon, and hot sauce, and they have a slight coconut flavor, but with veryflavorful ingredients, it didn't bother me at all. After trying a pack on Amazon, I went to the manufactures website and was able to get 12 packs for $60 shipped, which was much better than the original price. They held up well. I would not put wet ingredients in your lunch, it's best to assemble before eating.

👤I give these 5 stars because they are coconut wraps. The coconut wrap is great. They smell good, but they don't taste sweet. If you are buying these, you know that they are not comparable to a bread or corn wrap. They are a good substitute. They have a waxy feel. These are great for people who need a substitute for wraps. They only have 3 organic ingredients - coconut water, coconut meat and coconut oil. Can't go wrong with that!

👤I tell you that these came from Heaven. If I could, I would give millions of stars. I tried one for the first time and it was amazing. They are good. I warmed it in the pan on both sides and then rushed to roll it up because it gets stiff very quickly. Keep it in your hand, they will mold it into a burrito and you will be good to go. Now is the time to order them. You won't be disappointed.

👤It's a low cost option and I love it! It has a great taste. No issues with cooking with it. I made bulgogi and kimchi quesadillas with an aoli.

👤I have tried a number of different paleo wraps and have found them tough. These are not. They have a coconut taste that is appealing. Some might not. I would like to try these.

👤The wraps on my eggs and bacon are thin and crack easily, so it's a messy breakfast. I was not sure if I was supposed to heat them first. They were hard to get out of the package. I barely like coconut, which doesn't bother me either way. These costs are not worth it for the money. I would rather not have the wrap.

9. HighKey Carb Snacks Cheddar Crackers

HighKey Carb Snacks Cheddar Crackers

Who are they to disagree about cheese making sweet dreams? They make the perfect low carb chips with 2g of net carbs per serving. Almond crackers are low in calories and high in nutrition. These snack crackers are a good snack for adults and kids. These crackers are low in calories and can be used as a substitute for cheese crisps and chips. Enjoy their cheese snacks and make your dreams come true. The HighKey Crackers are a low-cholesterol and low-fat snack that can be enjoyed while staying in ketosis. These almond crackers are made with wholesome ingredients and no added sugar. They did the hard work for you with these delicious low-cholesterol crackers. When you want a delicious, convenient snack while maintaining a gluten free diet, their cheddar crackers are a great choice. These crackers are made with natural ingredients like almond flour and real butter for a delicious alternative to store bought crackers that have wheat, grain, and fillers. If you're looking for crackers that taste the same as the original, HighKey has you covered. HighKey Cheddar Crackers are a great snack for kids and adults. Almond flour crackers are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and mysterious ingredients. HighKey crackers are made with clean, wholesome ingredients and natural grain substitute so you and your family can enjoy their favorite treats without the added junk. The taste of cheddar crackers is salty and good without the carbs. The crackers are made with butter and almond flour. These crackers are perfect for snacking on the go. HighKey crackers are made with zero added sugar, so you can finally enjoy your favorite snacks.

Brand: Highkey

👤These crackers are really good. These are perfect for people who are low in calories but still want some cheese and crackers. It's a good idea to put cream cheese, spinach dip, hard cheeses on them for a low-fat snack. I like to have a few things on my shelf. A small amount is enough to satisfy my hunger. It was great!

👤The crackers would have been perfect if it weren't for the ONION flavor. I ordered Sea Salt, which implies that it is not original. I tasted a lot of onion as soon as I ate one. I saw onion powder and garlic powder when I looked in the ingredients. They give the crackers a distinct taste, so they should be named "garden herb" or "onion". I would never buy these crackers if I knew they had a strong onion taste. I don't understand why the company can't just make a sea salt cracker with a strong herb. It is like calling a cracker unflavored, but sneaking in something. That would be lying. If you added sea salt to a cracker that was called onion flavor, that would be fine because salt is a complement and doesn't over power. It is the other way around with this company. They took a neutral flavor and made it taste like herb. I feel like I have been deceived. High Key might think that they are giving the crackers an enhanced flavor because Sea salt wouldn't be enough. There are people who just want a neutral cracker without the onion taste. I want to thank High Key for ruining my day by selling me crackers that are onion crackers. The onion is also in the Cheddar flavor. Can you make a product without onion flavor? Not everyone likes onion.

👤I am a person with a disease and everything is " no". Sometimes I snack in the middle of the night. These crackers are made from almond flour. The crackers taste like Chicken and Hen crackers. I have to say that they like it. okay The 8th cracker sawdust came to my mind when I got there. They answered my need to "cruch" and didn't kick my blood sugar.

👤You are paying nearly $13 for a bag of crackers. The process of making dough and baking it is the same as with a standard cracker. There is no plausible reason for such a high price. A bag of crackers should be no more than $5. texture is next. 4 out of 10. I know it is made with almond flour and will never be like a regular cracker, but they are too sticky and thick to eat, and they get stuck on your teeth. It was very unpleasant. Finally, flavor. 2 out of 10. There is not a cracker flavor. It tastes very bland. All purpose flour is almost like eating plain. It was nasty. I bought sea salt and cheese. The sea salt variety was bland, but I wanted something better to remove the gross flavor of blandness from my mouth, but the cheddar were just as disappointing as the sea salt variety. There is no cheese flavor. I was expecting a mild taste like with goldfish crackers. I got more flour-tasting dough in my teeth with no cheese flavor. Two thumbs down and a double bummer. I will not be buying them again. I went through the trouble of calling Amazon and demanding a refund despite the items not being returnable, because I was so upset about spending $25 on 2 bags of crackers. I would normally give them away, but because they were so gross and expensive, I decided to give them back. You can save money by making your own crackers from Sola bread slices. HighKey needs to stop making fun of crackers and stick to cookies, an item of theirs that I love very much.

10. ChocZeros Dark Chocolate Chips Friendly

ChocZeros Dark Chocolate Chips Friendly

ChocZero makes healthy chocolate that is better for you low-cholesterol alternatives to traditional baking chocolate. A sugar free chip that tastes like premium baking chocolate is created by using a low glycemic sugar substitute called monk fruit. The dark chocolate baking chips are the ideal low-cholesterol ingredient for your recipes because they are just 1g net carbs. They created a dark chocolate chip that is free from common allergens like soy, dairy andGluten and rich in cocoa. These all-purpose sugar free chocolate chips are perfect for baking into keto cookies, low-fat pancakes and mug cakes, or for melting down for a rich sugar free chocolate ganache. Unlike other sugar free baking chocolate, they don't have sugar alcohols. Their chocolate won't have sugar alcohols like sorbitol or malitol in it, and that means you won't get a taste of it. Premium ingredients are made with real cocoa butter and non-GMO ingredients. Are you new to baking low in calories? There is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the back of the bag. The best chocolate chips for low sugar recipes. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them.

Brand: Choczero

👤Freddie wrote a review that said buyer beware. It's ridiculous! The person who left the review should have done more research. There are two types of fiber that have health benefits. Insoluble fiber, found in wheat, vegetables, and whole grains, is not dissolved as it moves through the GI tract. It is the type of fiber you have heard referred to as roughage. Soluble fiber, which is found in nuts, seeds, and some fruits and vegetables, is a gel that slows the digestion of other vitamins and minerals. The FDA considers corn fiber to be a true diet fiber, unlike other fibers such as isomaltooligosaccharides. Alix Turoff saysuble corn fiber is not the same as corn. It's appropriate for a ketogenic diet because it has a very low net carbs load. It has been confused with the ingredient maltodextrin, which is resistant to corn fiber. The two are not the same in their glycemic effects. Maltodextrin is high on the GI, meaning that it can cause a spike in blood sugar, but research shows that corn fiber does not have the same effect. These chocolate chips are amazing. A true game change!

👤The chips taste great, and the biggest appeal was their friendly nature. They don't work. I ate some of the coconut/macademia clusters I made with it. Within 45 minutes, the blood sugar rose by >50. I use monkfruit and dairy a lot, so it doesn't seem to be those items that cause this increase. I think it's the culprit, because the theory says it should be resistant to maltodextrin. It tastes great and is not keto or diabetic friendly.

👤These were delicious. If you're on a low-fat diet and looking for a substitute for baking, they are worth the extra cost. It comes with two bags. These cookies were made with almond flour, egg, andchoc zero chips. I was skeptical that they would turn out okay, but they were so good. I find myself sneaking the chips out of the bag as a snack on their own, which is dangerous because I may eat the whole bag instead of saving them for baking. You won't regret it if you buy these.

👤I have been wanting white chocolate for a long time. It is ok as flavor goes. A bit of a texture as well. It reminds me of cheap Easter chocolate. It is good enough for cookies. I will likely purchase more white chocolate chips in the future because I have yet to find any other white chocolate chips that are similar to the one I am after. I couldn't make cookies immediately. Next time, I will add macadamia nuts. I made the recipe more suited to my tastes. I used brown butter because it gives a much deeper flavor, as well as adding a bit of molasses for more flavor depth, and added a bit of vital wheat gluten because it's not significant enough to matter. You have to add some water to the wonderose sweetener, as per directions on the bag. It has the least amount of aftertaste. Coconut flour, baking powder, salt, and Cream butter are combined. Add egg, molasses, and vanilla and mix. Add dry ingredients to a separate bowl. Add the dry ingredient mixture to the wet. Add in any other add ins you want. Form into balls on a baking sheet or mat and bake at 350 for 10-13 minutes.

11. Pork King Good Breadcrumbs Gluten Free

Pork King Good Breadcrumbs Gluten Free

No cars! If you are following a diet like a ketogenic diet, paleo diet, bariatric diet, or just watching your carbs, you will now be able to enjoy your favorite foods again without the guilt! Their Pork King Good Pork Rind Crumbs have no calories. Simple and delicious! Pork King Good Pork Rinds and chicharrones have been grinded down into crumbs to be used in place of bread crumbs in your favorite recipes. They can be used to make chicken fingers, fish sticks, meatballs, and even garlic bread and pancakes. The options are endless. For free recipes, visit them online. CONVENIENT! If you have tried crunching up pork rinds before in your low-fat recipes, you know that it is time consuming and tedious. They at Pork King Good have been grinding up pork rinds for their own personal use for a long time, until they decided to offer this option to the rest of the world. The jar shape makes it easy to scoop and measure the Pork Rind Crumbs in their 12 oz packages. Why do you call it PORK RINDS? They are Pork-King good. What did they do there? The most delicious pork rinds are out there. They need to say more about the light, salty, crunchy melt-in-your-mouth. Pork King good pork rinds are not just a snack. They are the ultimate, naturally low-carb snack food. Each serving contains 90 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

Brand: Pork King Good

👤I'm not sure about the taste. My husband and I are doing KETO so I was excited to try this product. There is a strange object in the bottom of the container. I don't know what it is. The product is not open. The seal isn't completely sealed. The seal has a gap. We can't return it for a refund. So... That's fun. This is going to be thrown away.

👤This is the best product for low-cholesterol eating. I had to write a review for this product. I told my husband the other night that I was not sure if it was the pork rinds or the air fryer. I prefer the pork bread rinding over anything else. There are so many opportunities with this product. I have used them for many things, including chicken parm, eggplant parm, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and even crust for cheesecakes! It's easy and convenient. They are actually better than the ones I ground up. I would give it ten stars.

👤The top was cracked when I received it. The sellers were very accommodating and responded to me within minutes. That is deserving of a 5 star review. This product is an amazing substitute for breadcrumb. I have been on the Keto diet for a year and have been looking for a way to cut time processing pork rinds. The answer to those with time limits is this product. It's great for low-cholesterol meals. Highly recommended!

👤I used these pork-rinds to make air-fryer pork and chicken. Pork rinds are put into a bowl with seasonings. Beat an egg with a spoon. The meat should be coat in the egg and rind mix you just made. The air-fryer is good for 10 minutes and then 10 more. I'm going to make cheese sticks next.

👤This is a game-changing change for anyone following a low-fat diet. I couldn't eat my family and friends from keeping their hands of what I made. I like the plain crumbs because I can make my own seasonings. The pork crumbs are not heavy and do not need an egg wash to stick to your food. Who doesn't love that? It saves time. I like cooking chicken, shrimp, and pork chops in my air fryer. It's similar to Shake bake. The pork crumbs are great for making fried cheese sticks. You have a fan. Thank you for making such a great product.

👤I have made amazing fried chicken and pizza dough with these breadcrumbs. It is very versatile and many recipe options. These are perfect because I am on a diet.

👤Excellent! I made air fried chicken thighs. They were a huge hit with my family. I am making mozzarella cheese sticks with them, hoping they turn out just as good. I will buy this product again and again.

👤I use this product to make meatballs that are so delicious, and I also use it to make chicken nuggets, because it saves me time and makes me feel better.


What is the best product for keto chips no carb tortillas?

Keto chips no carb tortillas products from Slimfast. In this article about keto chips no carb tortillas you can see why people choose the product. Quest Nutrition and Keto And Co are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto chips no carb tortillas.

What are the best brands for keto chips no carb tortillas?

Slimfast, Quest Nutrition and Keto And Co are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto chips no carb tortillas. Find the detail in this article. Highkey, Fat Snax and Keto And Co are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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