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1. GimMe Snacks Organic Roasted Go

GimMe Snacks Organic Roasted Go

gimMe's organic roasted seaweed is a great snack for kids and adults alike. A single pack of gimMe Organic Roasted Seaweed is only 25 calories per pack and can be eaten on the go. SPINS Topline Total (US - March 2020) is the best selling organic seaweed brand. Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Teriyaki, Toasted Sesame, Wasabi, and new Avocado Oil & Sea Salt are the six flavors of their original seaweed snack. seaweed is one of the most healthy foods in the world and is naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber; their seaweed has no artificial flavors or preservatives and is non-GMO.

Brand: Gimme

👤I like seaweed and it tastes good, but I want to make sure I check each pack before I eat it. I bit on something while eating this. The little pack had a hole in it and the beads were on the seaweed. I didn't realize what I was eating until I ate some of the beads.

👤I decided to buy seaweed online instead of going to the local H-mart to pick it up. I was concerned after reading some reviews and wondering if there was any difference between this brand and the ones we normally purchase. I asked my 9 year old how this compares to other brands, as he was taste testing it. The reply was that it tasted like seaweed. Happy to say that the kid approved. I grabbed a slice and it tasted the same as all the other brands we have bought. Would I buy it again? I just did.

👤These are looovvee! The new batches were oily and rubbery. Not like any of the patches I've received before. Contacted Amazon about it and waiting for a response. Amazon sent out more batches after this review. It was better the next day.

👤I have tried many seaweed snack brands over the years but don't stick with them for long, I usually buy them when I want to try a healthy snack. I bought these expecting to abandon them, but they are different. They are addictive. I don't know what it is, but these are so good. The right amount of salt, crispness, and the "ocean-y" aftertaste goes away very quickly. When I was eating kettle chips, I wanted seaweed snacks instead of them, so I knew something was better. I'm going to buy more.

👤The flavor and aftertaste were terrible. Try a couple and that's it. There are 19 packages of disgusting product. I don't think I can return them. I was hoping these would help with the diet. I can't stomach these. They got good reviews.

👤These are very good. I couldn't stop eating them. I was having packs in a sitting. I felt bad about the packaging. I wish there was a bigger container of them. I did not have all that plastic.

👤I have ordered them many times. I loved them. I am allergic to soy and sesame and they are listed as being made in shared equipment. This is not updated on the listing. The money was wasted.

👤The reviews were not good. The pack was thrown in the garbage. Sea weed is a good snack. Ate the first pack and hated it. They were no better than the first pack. If there is a better sea weed item, I would love to know it. My stomach didn't like it.

👤Excellent quality and the delivery was quick.

👤A great snack! It was well packed when it arrived on time.

2. Catalina Crunch Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich

Catalina Crunch Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich

Catalina Crunch has a new look. As they transition into their new packaging, it may be different. KETO FRIENDLY: The Catalina Crunch Sandwich Cookies are low in calories and high in nutrition. This chocolate cookie and creamy vanilla filling is created by using the finest Dutch cocoa powders and premium vanilla extract. You can use cookie crumbles as a dessert topping or have a glass of milk. 100% vegan: Sandwich cookies are vegan, low in sugar and sweetened with stevia, which makes them perfect for snacking without the processed sugars. The plant base is plant. Their cookies are made from a blend of pea proteins and prebiotic plant fibers, which deliver over 4g ofProtein in just two cookies.

Brand: Catalina Crunch

👤This product has sugar. The name "Keto Sandwich Cookie" is not true. The item isn't eligible for returns. I feel like this is a scam. I am upset with my order. I would love to give zero stars.

👤The packaging is small and not much for the price. I paid for 32 small cookies. The cookies are a bit larger than the cookie. I expected more for my money. I think this will work if you miss an Oreo fix. There are 2 cookies with 5g net carbs. There are many other options to get a sweet fix on Keto for 5 g net carbs. These get stuck in your teeth, so it will definitely remind you of Oreo.

👤The cookies taste terrible. I would rather eat an cookie and run an extra mile.

👤The cookies are delicious, but the price for 14 small cookies is outrageous. I assumed that the picture showed two boxes because the description didn't say anything about getting one box or two boxes. Wrong. I can get fresh baked keto treats from my local bakery.

👤I only received one box of cookies, so it's about $1.50 per cookie. It was a total rip-off.

👤I am not doing the whole thing. I bought these cookies because I was trying to cut back on my sweet tooth and thought they were a healthier option. I was wrong. I tasted all of the cookies and they tasted the same. If you blindfolded me and told me to try each one, I would be able to tell you what flavors I just tried. I think I was fed cardboard. They are so bad that even cardboard would be insulted. I didn't think peanut butter could be messed up, but this brand did. They had no flavor. I don't know how these cookies got approved. They had the audacity to not give it flavors. I have had Leto desserts before and they tasted great. I would rather take my chances on Oreo. These need to be changed.

👤Isn't peanut butter supposed to be a great food? It's third on the ingredients list. It doesn't taste good. It's not bad, but it's not really good. These are not as sweet as Back to Nature peanut butter sandwich cookies, but they are not as good as they could be. The texture and shape seem to be okay. The cookie cracker is very thin. These only have 16 cookies. These are close to a dollar per cookie. Unless you're desperate for a cookie with a low net carbs count, they're not worth it. Maybe they will see this review and change the formula so that it has peanut butter flavor.

👤I was excited to try these because I used to love sandwich cookies and was craving them after being on a diet for almost 4 years. I got a variety pack. I usually avoid ingredients in these cookies. I didn't like the peanut butter ones of these cookies. It was odd taste. I don't think these are worth the money, but they will cure the sandwich cookie craving. I am not sensitive to artificial sweeteners and don't normally have issues but these cookies caused bubble guts. If you do eat these, I would recommend that you stay close to home until you know how your body will react.

3. Crunchy Variety Peas Flavors Protein

Crunchy Variety Peas Flavors Protein

PeaTos can be found in 15 bags in the party mix vampire pack. A new take on a classic salty snack with better ingredients that packs big flavor is included. CRAVEABLE FLAVORS: PeaTos has the bold flavors and crunch you crave in junk food without the calories. PeaTos are a better snacking alternative. Junk food, without the junk. PeaTos replaces the traditional corn base with powerful peas, giving you 2x the nutrition and 3x the fiber of traditional snacks. PeaTos have nothing artificial, and taste better than the other snacks. PeaTos are vegetarian, non-GMO, and have no artificial flavors, colors, or added MSG. They keep it real with bold colors that come from natural sources.

Brand: Peatos

👤I finally got my peatos. There is a I like the flavor of classic cheese, it reminds me of the Mexican version. Over all delicious! There is a I posted a picture of the bag so people can see how big it is. The bag on the pictures looks bigger than it is, so I felt a bit deceived. The hot spicy ones have to kick to them because they are not the same as the other brands. These are better for the little ones when they want a snack. ! Update! There is a The fiery rings are the best ones. Everyone is obsessed with the hot brand of chips. I am going to order that from Now own. They are only 6 calories.

👤These were my favorite. The flavor is different, but the heat level is the same, so they are not comparable to Flaming Hot Cheetos. I really liked the barbeque taste of these. I think it's 10/10. I would buy it again. There is a Peatos Zesty Ranch are very good. Like more than Cool Ranch Doritos. I couldn't finish a whole bag in one sitting because it was almost too ranchy after I ate a couple pieces. I think it's 8/10. The flavor is strong. The onion rings are very oniony. If you love Funyions, you will love these. The onion rings have a strong onion flavor with a punch of heat. Those that love spice and fun would definitely be recommended. I don't like the taste of Classic Cheese Curls. I thought these would taste like Cheetos, but I was wrong. The cheese powder is not as good as the cheese puffs you can get from a dollar store. A friend of mine will eat anything. He didn't ask me for the other two packs. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤I kept seeing these on my timeline. I ordered some and caved in. These are so delicious. The cheese flavoured one was the only one I didn't like. It smells like mac and cheese. The onion was pretty good. There is a The fiery ones were very good.

👤These are actually good and can be eaten as a side or chip. quest chips are ok, but they can throw me out of ketosis if I pair them with a bread sandwich. The chips have the perfect amount of calories to be able to enjoy a normal diet without going over my daily allowance. The classic onion tastes like funyons, and the fiery onion tastes like a spicy version. If you don't like funyons or onion chips, don't buy them. Otherwise I recommend. I should have taken points off for the onion flavor, but I didn't. .

👤I don't know where to start. I have been trying to eat healthy for a while now and have been on and off of keto. I am addicted to Cheetos for 18 years. Cheetos isn't on the list for me. I've tried different chips as a substitute for Cheetos. It failed. This is the closest thing you can get to a healthier alternative to cheese Cheetos, hot Cheetos, Funyuns and hot Funyuns. I am amazed at how close it is to the not-so-healthy version. I like the crunchiness and think it is even crunchier. Today, this won me over. I fell asleep with an open bag of Peatos at my nightstand. It was going to be dull in the morning. Wrong! Still very tasty. I don't know if it's the packaging. This definitely won me over. It is called "longevity." It's funny. Peatos is addicting to me now. It's sad to say... I don't know if it's helping with my diet since I eat 5 of these bags a day. My points are that it is that good.

4. Al Dente Carba Nada Fettuccine 10 Ounce

Al Dente Carba Nada Fettuccine 10 Ounce

There are six 10-ounce bags. The roasted-garlic egg fettuccine has 18 net grams of carbs per serving. Whole eggs are made of semolina flour, defatted soy flour, wheat gluten, and cornstarch. Cooks in 3 minutes. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Al Dente

👤Not low-carb at all! 20 grams per.

👤I was overjoyed to find these, I gave up pasta as a low-carber. I tested a number of noodles in one week. I liked the other noodles but each had a different taste. These? They taste like pasta. Even if I cook them for longer than the suggested time, I love that they're slightly soft. I've made many recipes with them. They're not what you'd eat if you were eating very low-fat, but they're a great treat for moderate-fat days. Several of my friends have tried twosleevers after I posted a recipe on my website, and the reviews have been very positive. I posted it below with information on nutrition. It takes 15 minutes to cook a bowl of low carb PASTA with seasonings, veggies and cheese, and 35 minutes to cook a bowl of low carb CHEESE PREP. 4 hot italian sausage links, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 cups portabella mushrooms, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red tomato, and 1 small bunch basil are included in this recipe. 2 serving of carba-nada egg fettucini and 4 serving of parmesan cheese are required. Once it starts to cook, add chopped onion and garlic and let the two cook together for a few minutes. Add in mushrooms and bell pepper and cook. Put a lid on it and let it all cook. In the meantime, cook your pasta in the pot. I cooked mine for 7 minutes. Put equal portions of topping on each of the four bowls and serve them hot. There is information about the nucleus. The serving size is 1 calories and has 4 fat and 20 fiber.

👤This pasta is delicious. It's low in calories and only 3 SmartPoints for 1 1/2 cups for those of you doing WeightWatchers. The taste is similar to regular pasta. We love it. This is the only pasta they make. I would like to see pasta shells or spaghetti. I'm trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and pasta is a great addition to that.

👤I have ordered them before. We liked the first six but the recent order is rancid. Everyone knows what it is. These have it. I am very disappointed. The packages are rancid. I am very disappointed. If I give them another chance, I will get a rancid refund. It's not insignificant to throw away almost $25 of money.

👤I have pasta in my life again. I've been low-cholesterol for a while and mostly fine except for missing my pasta. I like pasta the most. I don't think about chocolate, but I do. They offer one bag for $7 or 6 bags for $24. What to do. I ordered the 6-pack because of the pricing and hoped I would love them. I do! You will! I looked up the scuplture resistant cornstarch and found it to be helpful. This tasted good, no weird "diety" taste at all. Don't overcook these, they are serious, so pay attention. I tasted for 3 minutes and ended up consuming about 4 and a half. They were a bit soft but once I added the sauce you could not tell they were special. Go for it!

5. BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

The perfect snack! BeyondChipz tortilla chips have 2g net calories and 13g of Plant-basedProtein, which is perfect for high-energy snacks, vegan snacks, or healthy snacks for adults and kids. Every time, BeyondChipz deliver a salty and satisfying crunch. Their chips have all of the crunch and texture of a tortilla chip. None of the bad stuff! There are many different types of food that are free of wheat, corn, soy, rice, peanut, and potato. 5 Servings per bag! Each bag has about 13 chips. They use the best food storage pouch you can find with a Resealable top for maximum chip freshness. You get a premium product in a pouch. They stand behind their products. If you don't like your BeyondChipz, they will give you a full refund of your order. Their chips are friendly with the Ketogenic diet. If you're looking for a snack that will help you lose weight, or add some extra calories to your snack, look no further. Versatility! BeyondChipz will be your go-to snack for a quick healthy snack.

Brand: Beyondchipz

👤These chips are great for a low-fat diet. The salt chips have a dry taste but are still great for dips. The ranch are really good. I haven't tried any other flavors yet. I just ordered ranch flavor and it is good with anything. I have made these and other foods with them and they are very good. If you are looking for an exact replica of a Dorito, look elsewhere. They are the best I have tasted on the market if you are a person with a diet that is low in saturated fat.

👤Terrible! I had high hopes based on other reviews. It took me a while to swallow the sand. I like quest chips that are low in calories. I wanted a salt only version of these.

👤They are good for being low in calories. They are crisp and can be used as a Dipper for sauces. They work on their own. The flavors aren't close to their names. There is little difference between plain and bang-bang. They have the same number of calories as real chips, but not as much. They are better than nothing, so try them!

👤These chips have a good flavor and arrived quickly, and none of them were broken, which is different from the chips I have ordered from other companies. The chips are very good for dips. The ranch flavor was good if you were not picky. I can't stop at just 13 chips because they have more of the daily requirement of sodium than I do. My usual organic corn chips have a maximum salt content of only 6%.

👤The package of these chips has the word "Protein" on it. They are made with the best ingredients and all of the ingredients that fit for people who are not interested in grains. I love tortilla chips and potato chips but had to give them up. I am free of grains. These work. They are very hard. Even the plain ones have a great flavor. It's tough enough for humus and wide enough for salsa. I put goat cheese on mine. Hats off to this company. Great product. I bought a lot of bags. That's right.

👤I finally found a healthy alternative to my salty snack cravings. The chips look exactly like the picture with the perfect amount of seasoning. Can't wait to try the other flavors These are a great snack if you are looking for a snack.

👤I wanted to hate them. I bought them because I'm on a diet that's good for me and I'm going to a Superbowl get together. I don't understand why they label this a flavor that tastes like nothing. I've never eaten cardboard. I can only imagine that this is similar. If you order from their shop, you'll spend almost $30 on shipping, and if you buy on Amazon, you'll get 4. I hope that before the last bag I get used to the taste, because I regret buying these. Saving grace is the fact that they are low in calories.

6. Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

Keto Pancake Co Pancakes Serving

The pancakes are delicious. For the ultimate low-carb breakfast, pair with sugar-free syrup, butter, bacon, and eggs. It's quick and easy. A stack of hot, delicious, keto-friendly pancakes can be made with just a few ingredients. Leading brands with 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving promote gut health, while 2.0g NET CARBS have less. A healthy combination of erythritol, fiber and monk fruit is what Wondrose is sweetened with. The natural sweetener tastes great without the negative effects of sugar. Eating healthy should be fun. This versatile mix can be used to make waffles, donuts, or even french toast.

Brand: Keto And Co

👤I wanted to make waffles that were low in calories and high in fat. I was surprised how good it tasted. I attached photos of the ingredients I used for the extra cooked batter on the side of the waffle maker. You can mix up half a cup of the mix with 3 eggs, 2 cups of Almond Milk and 1 cup of MCT Oil. The waffle maker was sprayed with oil. It came out great when you put some GheeVanilla Butter on the waffles. I'll be getting some keto-friendly syrup in the future to top it all off. It says you can make a batches that are good for 6-7 pancakes, but only if you make 2 net carbs. I made a small amount of batter and used it up for the waffle I made in the photos. If you eat the whole batches, it's more like 6 net carbs. Hope this helps!

👤These pancakes were really good. The batter was easy to mix and the pancakes looked like regular pancakes. I added some extract to make it taste better. The pancakes are not like regular batter. When the batter on top looks dry, check the bottom and flip them. I posted a couple of pictures. The first picture shows how the pancakes came out after 30 seconds of sitting in the pan. The pancakes are fluffier after the batter sat longer waiting for the others to cook. The 3rd picture shows the pancakes. We used maple syrup. I recommend.

👤I have not had pancakes in at least six years because I have been on a low-cholesterol diet. I bought this because I thought it would be good. It was more than I anticipated. The package will make a lot of pancakes. I am a fan of this product and will be buying it again and again.

👤It took approx one full recipe per the instructions to make a 4-slice Belgian waffle. I had enough eggs to double the recipe, but it took a while to cook because of how thick the batter is. It turned out to be so dry that it didn't burn at all. It was very dry. My husband doesn't like to eat keto so he soaked his piece in syrup and only had a few bites. We decided to use the second half of the batter for pancakes after we saw the result. The pancakes were moist and delicious. I will definitely make these again. I had to knock off the star since they were advertised as a pancake and waffle mix. We threw the waffle so much that we didn't try to eat it. Make sure to take note of the instructions to cook the pancakes on medium-low so they cook all the way through without burning!

👤I received a sample of this mix in one of my monthly boxes. The recipe for chicken and waffles was in the box. I haven't made waffles from any of the other mixes I've tried, but I have made pancakes and most of the other mixes were very coarse. I've tried many different pancake and waffle mixes and none were better than the made-from-scratch ones. I was trying to find the right balance of ingredients. This mix has it all. The waffles were very fluffy and not grainy. They have the right amount of sweet so that you can make them 888-270-6611 I ordered two more bags of the mix so I can make them more than once.

7. Quest Nutrition Protein Friendly 12Count

Quest Nutrition Protein Friendly 12Count

You should get a sweet treat. The peanut butter cups have less than 1g of sugar and 1g of net carbs per serving. The UNWRAP complete prophecy. The peanut butter cups are made with complete, dairy-based proteins. It's your best friend, furry. 4g of fiber is provided by the peanut butter cups of the Quest. Sweet without all the sugar. Treat yourself to the satisfyingly decadent taste of peanut butter cups without the worry of sugar. There are sweet treats for at- home casseroles. The peanut butter cups are a great reward for a sweet treat. There are 12 2-packs of peanut butter cups in the box. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤The chocolate tastes more dark than it does creamy. It isn't exactly what a regular Reese's would taste like, but it's not bad. A good bar with at least 1g ofProtein 10 calories is better than a product with only around 1g ofProtein 20 calories. These aren't bars with meat in them. They were made to be a better alternative to Reese's peanut butter cups, and I think they did a good job. These aren't meant to be a substitute for meat. These are for when you want a treat, but don't want the junk that comes along with it. For less than half the calories of a regular Reese's, you can get some additional nutrition. I am not sure if I will be buying a ton of them. If you priced them a little more reasonable, you will make a lot more sales. You will make more money overall.

👤These are amazing. Absolutely delicious. The chocolate is a work of art. If you look at it wrong, it won't melt. It is creamy and delicious. The peanut butter doesn't have a taste for food. I was pleasantly surprised that I am not a fan of the flavor. The fact that they are only 1g net carbs and 190 calories is the best part. My toddler is on a diet that is low in fat and he loves it. I don't miss regular candy bars because of them.

👤These snacks are the best ever. The flavors of the slim fast keto cups are good, but they taste like erythritol, so you have to have someone tell you they are low-cholesterol. The ingredients are solid and perfect. I wish they were more affordable but I will still purchase regularly.

👤I never write reviews, but this one deserves it. I am telling you that these are amazing. I've never had a product that was close to the high fat options. Buy these and do yourself a favor. I will be buying more once I run out. The ice pack was included in the box. I am impressed.

👤These are better than the other two, but still leave something to be desired. The peanut butter is dry and crumbly, which is not good. There are great macros. It will be good to have them around to get rid of the Reeses itch during Halloween. They didn't arrive a melted mess, so they should be appreciated.

👤I am low in calories and wanted something sweet. This is amazing and they nailed it. It is better than the real thing. You may or may not get along with some of the interesting ingredients, so do the research.

👤They came in yesterday and were packed well, and there was nothing melted in the Georgia heat. I have been craving Reese's cups since Halloween and these were perfect. It's so good! I wish they were cheaper. It seems that any low-priced item has a ridiculous price tag. The Malitol gives me uncomfortable side effects when I try the Atkins products. These did not do that. I will buy again. I hope they come out with candy like M&M and Snickers. Staying on track is really helped by the cravings.

8. Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers

Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers

Almond Flour Keto Crackers are the healthiest snack you have been waiting for. Maintaining a sugar-free diet isn't easy. Fat Snax are the cracker that loves you back when you're looking for a low-carb bite. They source almond flour and coconut flour to make the perfect snack for low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free lifestyles. It's crunch time. Each serving contains no added sugar, 2 net carbs, and 11g of fat making their crackers the perfect snack for people on a strict diet. It can be hard to buy online snacks that you've never tried before. They offer a money-back guarantee on all orders.

Brand: Fat Snax

👤I have been on the diet for 2.5 years and never have I been able to find a store bought cracker that tasted good or had integrity. It was either flimsy chips that crumbled right apart in your dip or something like the flaxseed "crackers" which were a taste and texture nightmare that did not remind me of a cracker at all. These crackers are great for dipping in thicker or chunkier dips. I have only tried the everything, but I am going to order the other 2 flavors as well. Take it from someone who has thrown her money away. single. These are the ones that are overpriced. They are worth the price if you stop looking.

👤These are delicious but it is expensive. Fat Snax does what many others do and puts the net on the packaging. It is a 3 serving bag, instead of just coming right out and putting the total net carbs in the packaging. Some of the Keto snack makers have transparency and honesty in their packaging. Put the total for the entire package, not the net carbs, if you're going to bother putting it on the package.

👤Wow! Cheez-it cravings are so bad. These crackers really hit a home run for Francois. Don't pass these up! They are salty and healthy. These amazing snacks exist, but that is a con. I know I'll be a customer for the rest of my life. The ingredients are clean and the count is low. I plan to eat the whole bag for movie night this Friday. I don't have to worry about the bloat or kick out of ketosis because there is no wheat in sight. Thank you, sir. Excellent! I'm going to order 2 more boxes.

👤I love the taste of these crackers. They remind me of something. You can eat the whole bag for 3 net carbs, or you can have 11 crackers for 1 net. These are great!

👤I've been on a diet for a few years and I try products whenever I'm too busy or lazy to make my own. I was hesitant to try these because I didn't like their cookies and other keto crackers were too hard for my taste. These are good. They are about the size of wheat thins and have the same flavor. They are perfect for eating with cheese cubes. The bag was not broken or crumbled, which is a nice plus.

👤Buy them. You will not regret it. I've been on and off with it. The problem was that I kept getting frustrated with the same foods. Same snacks, same meals for weeks on end. I couldn't find anything that met my desire for a cracker. I just wanted some crackers that were low in fat. My cravings for specific foods would cause me to fall off of the keto wagon. I would binge and my husband would binge, so it's dumb to ditch the whole diet. Both of us would binge. I found a cracker. I wanted to have something different from the daily cheese and meat. First bite. I was very happy. The sea salt ones tasted like a sesame cracker. Ok! I can do this again. I can eat a cracker. A whole package of them, and still stay keto. Just buy them. Don't think too much. Just do it.

9. Flock Chicken Protein Gluten Original

Flock Chicken Protein Gluten Original

100% KETO: These chicken skin chips are the ultimate snack for people on a strict diet. 13 grams of protein with 0 sugars is what their chips have in them to keep you full. Simple clean ingredients. Premium chicken and salt are used to make their chicken chips. There is no guessing at the ingredients needed here. There's no added sugar, dairy, or flour in this product. Their chicken chips are perfect for snacking and fit perfectly into your active lifestyle.

Brand: Flock

👤I first thought they tasted like pork rinds, but was overwhelmed by a bad flavor which stuck on my tongue for a long time. I couldn't eat a second chip. I found feathers in my bag that were deep fried.

👤This is the worst snack I have ever eaten. It is rancid chicken fat. I vomited the offending mass of grossness after burping up that taste. Go get a bag of pork rinds and steer away from this.

👤I am disappointed that these are fried in soy oil. I looked at the backside on Amazon. I would have looked at the ingredients more closely. They will sit in the pantry until I pitch them.

👤The chicken chips are a must have for anyone that likes to snack. They have no added ingredients and are full of 13 grams ofProtein. Chicken skins, salt, and soybean oil are what they are. They are the best snack I have ever had. I am obsessed with them. I usually eat them out of the bag. Sometimes I put them in a sandwich for extra flavor and sometimes I crunch them up and use them as a salad topping. I have seen people put them on a plate. I highly recommend them.

👤These will become your go-to if you are trying to avoid carbs. If you love fried chicken, but have too much guilt about eating the skin/breading, these are the answer. These are the perfect guilty pleasures, but without guilt. They are good, but they don't taste good for you. They have zero calories. I think they need to come in a larger size, because they are surprisingly filling. I can't get enough of them. I have had to purchase additional items on Amazon because I subscribe to them directly. They get me through the day without ruining my diet. Thank you for your kind words, Flock, for inventing this amazing product. I'd like to know if you can make them in an animal oil, or at least offer different oil options, so that people who are avoiding soy can eat them too.

👤These are great. Chicken skins are my favorite part of the chicken. I like the mild flavor of the salt and vinegar in my salad, not too strong of a vinegar flavor. Bbq is nice and neutral for just eating or putting something in. I want to bread them for frying.

👤I always look for new treats to help me get through those 8 weeks on my low-cholesterol diet. FLOCK is one of them. A lot of flavor and satisfaction. The crunch and spices give me a snack in between my low-fat meals. I recommend them very highly.

👤I expected these chips to taste decent for the price and amount in each package. Nope. I didn't want to try them because of the smell, which came out after opening the bag. There wasn't a hint of "BBQ" flavor, but it was gross. There were no returns allowed when I went to start a return. Don't fall prey to the idea of a tasty snack in these! You will be disappointed.

10. Hilo Life Friendly Variety Pouches

Hilo Life Friendly Variety Pouches

KETO FRIENDLY, LOW-CARB SNACK MIXES. A good source of net carbs is 4g or less. 2 individual pouches of Hilo LIfe Really Ranchy Crispy Gouda Cheese and Pecans, and 2 individual pouches of Hilo LIfe Piece-A-Pizza are included. The Life Variety pack has it all. Each carton has one of their favorite flavors. It is perfect for when you are indecisive or just plain hungry. You feel like you are missing out when you count-carbs. Sometimes you just need a snack break and they can help. With HIlo. You can enjoy the snacks you love and keep doing the same.

Brand: Hilo Life

👤So starting with the delivery. When I told them that the door they took was not mine, they immediately gave me a full refund. The recipient dropped off the box outside my door the next morning. The snacks are here. The first bite was delicious. The cheese tastes better than the typical cheese crisps. This is a snack I would love to have more of and it is expensive. It was good.

👤These are really good. They were in good condition when they arrived. Both flavors are good and satisfy that salty craving that we all have. If you feel the price is too high, you could portion out some blue diamond almonds and moon cheese and get the same result. The convenience and the macros are great. I will buy these again.

👤It's not greasy, full of flavor. It's easy to share. It's easy to carry a bag. Good count of calories and salty taste. I would have liked more in each bag.

👤I bought these for my kids to eat. There is plenty in each pack and the flavor is good. The "best before" date is 2 months from now, which makes me wonder how long they were sitting on the shelf. I'm sure we'll finish them before then, but I think it's a good idea for those who wouldn't eat them as fast.

👤It's pretty much a whole meal, high in calories. It is not very filling. It tastes good. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I prefer the Cheddar. I was full after eating them and it felt good to be able to taste some familiar flavors while not breaking my net carbs intake. Will be buying more.

👤These are really good. This is everything I have been craving since I started on the keto diet.

👤The internet makes it easier to find snacks that are friendly to the Ketogenic diet. I avoided both of these because they have no soy orgluten, but I sought them out because they are friendly to the Ketogenic diet. I like nuts and cheese, but these are basically bland. The ranch doesn't taste like ranch. The food does not taste the same. I might mix some Moon Cheese with almonds and call it a day for the cost.

11. HighKey Gluten Free Snack Pack

HighKey Gluten Free Snack Pack

While adhering to a low-carb diet, you can indulge in chocolate chip, brownie bites, and snickerdoodle. Their version of grandma's favorite recipe will make you reach for the bag without guilt. You will not miss a thing until they are gone. These little gems are sweetened with their own blend of natural sweeteners. Zero added sugar; full satisfaction! HighKey Keto Mini Cookies are made with wholesome ingredients for a sweet treat. The three flavors in this 3-pack are all low in net carbs and sugar and made with natural ingredients. It's perfect for people on a diet who want to enjoy their favorite sweets. HighKey Mini Cookies are a great choice for when you want a delicious snack while maintaining a gluten free diet. These cookies are made with natural ingredients like almond flour and coconut oil for a delicious alternative to store bought cookies that have wheat, grain, and fillers. If you're looking for cookies that taste the same as the original, HighKey has you covered. HighKey Cookies are a healthy snack for kids and adults. Their cookies are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and mysterious ingredients. The cookies are made with clean, wholesome ingredients and natural sugar substitute so you and your family can enjoy them without the added junk. The classic cookie taste is rich and creamy without the added sugars. The HighKey Mini Cookies have a lot of flavor. These cookies are low in calories and are perfect for snacking on the go. HighKey cookies are made with zero added sugar so you can finally enjoy your favorite sweets without the sugar crash.

Brand: Highkey

👤I was very excited to receive them. I need some new snacks after 6 months in the Ketogenic diet. I laughed out loud when I opened the box. The bags are small. These are expensive for what you get. About 1/3 of the way up, the bags are filled. There were a lot of broken ones and crumbs. The light and crisp texture is what I like. I'll savor every crumb of these cookies.

👤These little guys are amazing. I have found the best keto cookies there and I have tried many of them. 1. They remind me of cookies. These are not bombs, they are tiny joyous cookies. 2. They are wet. They are not pasty. They are just. Right. You need to appreciate CRISP cookies to enjoy these. These cookies are not like those that would make Paul Hollywood cringe. These cookies are crisp and have some SNAP in them. 3. They are not too sweet and taste like little bits of heaven. I have lost 100 pounds and have lost my taste for regular sugar, but I still prefer these because they are too sweet for me now. I don't feel guilty if I accidentally finish a whole bag, and I don't care about it. Thank you for your high key.

👤These products are similar to potato chips and similar snacks, where the manufacturer tries to convince you that you are getting more than you think. The contents only make up 25% of the bag. The bags are the same size as potato chip bags. As soon as you open a bag, you are disappointed. The bag was consumed by three of us in less than a minute because the portion size is small and there are few cookies inside. The flavor of the cookies is decent, but the amount of cookies in each bag is too much for the price. I will not buy them again.

👤I'm surprised by how good these were. I've tried to make almond-flour-based cookies before, but they weren't good. I had low expectations for these cookies, but I was pleasantly surprised. The variety 3-pack is very delicious. The texture is powdery, not moist. That's fine with me. It's not like a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, but they're not hard at all. They're not going to be as good as a regular chocolate chip cookie, so don't expect them to be. I will definitely buy them again, they're fantastic for a low-carb cookie. A good ingredient list is not a bunch of junk.

👤I didn't know how I was going to like this, but I've made some banana breads and some are okay. None have been great. These ones are pretty good. The sugar alcohol taste is not overpowering and there is a cool feeling on your tongue from erythritol. The combination of seeds in this biscuit is the best part. It makes me feel like I'm eating healthy and good for me if I don't eat ket. If you're missing the taste of bananas, it's a good substitute.


What is the best product for keto chips snacks?

Keto chips snacks products from Gimme. In this article about keto chips snacks you can see why people choose the product. Catalina Crunch and Peatos are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto chips snacks.

What are the best brands for keto chips snacks?

Gimme, Catalina Crunch and Peatos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto chips snacks. Find the detail in this article. Al Dente, Beyondchipz and Keto And Co are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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