Best Keto Chips Zero Carb

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1. Popcorners Protein Chips Variety Flavor

Popcorners Protein Chips Variety Flavor

There are 20 1 oz bags of PopCorners Flex Protein Crisps that are convenient to carry on-the-go. The snacks are 120 calories per serving and have 10g ofProtein. 4g of fiber. These popped crisps are made with 10g of protein, 5g of fiber, and 120 calories per serving. Non-GMO project verified, Never Fried, Barbeque Flavored and Barbecue Flavored are not genetically modified. These popped crisps give you more energy to seize the day.

Brand: Popcorners

👤These used to be an excellent selection. A serving of 28 g had 10 g of food. I received a shipment over the weekend and found that calories have gone up 25% from 90 to 120. These are a less appealing snack. The 90 cal bag pictured is no longer accurate.

👤This was my 3rd box of Flex. I am on a low cal diet. The first bag is from the new case. I noticed the calories when I threw the bag away. The last box was the top of my bedroom trash. The calories increased from 90 to 120. That is a 33% increase. The fat is up a bit, as well as the carbs. But the calories? They are not going to be able to go to crisp. I might have to take them off. Sad. There is a They are a decent crisp if calories don't bother you.

👤I have bought these chips 14 times and never had a problem. The labels on the boxes changed. The old one was 90 calories and the new one was 120. This is a big enough game change for me that nothing has changed in flavor. I would eat a lot of bags at a time. Is there an extra 60/90 calories for the same stuff? It adds up. There was nothing wrong with the 90 calories version.

👤My go-to chips are the Quest BBQ. They were out of stock when I added them to my order. These were not recommended. People were complaining about the change in calories. I was excited to try them since I hadn't heard of them before. They are way higher in calories than I wanted. The first chip was terrible, so I sat down to eat. It was still bad to try another. Once more. They're in the trash. They have a styrofoam taste, but not completely unpalatable. Like the smell of styrofoam? I can't explain it. They left me with a bad taste in my mouth after brushing my teeth. If you don't mind the waste of it, they're worth it for yourself. If you try to return them, you will get a refund without having to return it.

👤I am not a person who is active in the Ketogenic diet. I can't say that. I'm a high veg and low carbs person. These chips are good for dipping in ranch fat free greek yogurt. I initially bought these because they were cheaper than quest chips. These were some of my favorites. Sometimes you want a chip that's more heartier, like these. I like the flavor of the BBQ ones. I am a fan of buffalo seasoning, but they are my least favorite chip. I mix and match my snackage with the more expensive Q chips.

👤I used to eat them almost daily. The sudden increase in calories doesn't fit in my count and seems unethical. I already ate my usual amount before I noticed the increase in calories, and the ad on Amazon has 90 calories in it. Very disappointed.

2. Genius Gourmet Protein Premium Barbecue

Genius Gourmet Protein Premium Barbecue

KETO SNACKS: The bag of snack chips has 2g of net carbs. Their snack is great for all of your snacking needs. KETO CHIPS. The perfect snack to satisfy your hunger while maintaining your diet. There is a sledgehammer. Their chips have up to 2g of fiber and up to 8g ofProtein to help you stay awake. There are delicious premade chips that can be eaten healthy without sacrificing taste. The low carb knife is the perfect one. Curve cravings can be caused by eating a healthy snack chip. The car is low. The Genius Gourmet Low Carb Keto Chips are made in the USA and are a great alternative to the other chips. Everyone can enjoy a delicious snack whenever they want.

Brand: Genius Gourmet

👤I've tried every chip there is. The crunchier Quest chips are my second favorite, but they give more of a real chip texture. The portion size is perfect and the flavor is great.

👤My review has been updated. These are not Keto. They contain a type of starch that isn't allowed in Keto. My son said they knocked him out. I am not happy with all the fake products. The false advertising in the USA of Food products labelled Keto has gotten out of control.

👤I like to snack. I like to eat tortilla chips high in calories and low in fat. I give into regular tortilla chips occasionally. I don't have to. These are not like regular tortilla chips. I am very happy with these. I like the spicy nacho more than the ranch. They are very thick and very hard to eat. The whole bag has 2 net carbs. I would love to see a lime flavor in them. I will be making a dip that is low in calories. I'm happy to have these in my diet.

👤These are not like chips. The chip is not as thick as it should be. It has a weird taste which is not very good in my opinion. The ranch seasoning was okay, but it would have been better if it was stronger.

👤Yes, they are expensive, the bags are not crammed full to the top, and I am ording more right now. These are the best chips out there. I lost 120 lbs and became a life style person after I became a member of the ketogenic diet. I missed having a chip that would stand up to the elements. They taste good to me but I have my own taste.

👤A chip that doesn't taste like a bag of salty seasoning is finally here. I have been craving chips for a long time, and couldn't bring myself to go back to Quest, where I always waste a good portion of the bag. I came across these. They are going to save my subscription. They are thick, and will work great as a dipper. They are enjoyable. I put the bag aside after a while. They are all right! They don't fall to pieces in the first bite. There is no waste at the bottom of the bag. I don't think they compare to pork rinds. I get the comparison, but they are less oily and less harsh, which is good news. They are a bit bland, but that is ok with me, and better than going the other way. I will try the nacho next, but it is expensive. I need to get my favorite dip so I can start enjoying a snack that is more like a chip and dip. Someone figured it out. Genius is correct.

👤I've been on the diet for over 3 months now and while I was never a regular chip eater, I did enjoy the occasional treat. One of the biggest challenges for me is finding a recipe that is 'keto-friendly'. The product is perfect for all three. I used 2 bags to make "Keto nachos", which was a mixture of ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. Highly recommended. I'm down to just one bag so I hope they get them back in stock soon. Please let me know where I can get these.

3. Quevos Egg White Chips Flavorful

Quevos Egg White Chips Flavorful

The first egg white risotto. They turned to egg whites to create a snack that was healthy and satisfying, because they knew potatoes and tortillas weren't good for snacking. KETO, LOW CARB SNACK is ideal for a low-carb snack. It's perfect for a low-fat diet or anyone looking for a snack that's good for you. The high fiber and high protein snacks of the Quevos brand provide an excellent source of nutrition, with 8 grams per bag. All natural ingredients include egg whites, prebiotic fiber, and low sugar snacks. Are you getting ready to be eggcited? You can have them all, so why have one? The nutrition of an egg white omelette in a variety of keto flavors is delivered by the chip. You can find yourself in total eggstacy by tasting each flavor.

Brand: Quevos

👤The chips have the crunchiness right and taste good. There is no weird texture or taste like other chip products. Why did I take 2 stars off? There is no clear information onCLEAR nutrients. The front of the package does not match the back of the package. I don't know which one is correct. What is the total amount of net and net-derived calories? 2. Maybe the packaging could be better with more air in it. Most of the chips in the bags I received are crunched into smaller pieces. Some of the big ones are awesome. 3. The price needs to come down. It is very expensive for the amount. Don't inflate price just because you can take advantage of people who are desperate. Please be fair.

👤These are really good. I am not a fan of the flavor, nor do I ever buy it, but these are exceptional. The amount you get per bag is the only complaint I have. At least half the bags should be filled. I don't mind paying a little more for a snack, but I want more chips than air.

👤I always try products that are decent snacks because everyone needs a snack once in a while. The flavor is decent, but they are expensive, the bag is small, and the texture is weird. The amount of product may be due to the fact that the bags are large with a lot of chips but they are the same weight as the tiny bags. The chips are better with a chip crunch and no weird texture, but the macros are not very good. The first time I tried the chips, I couldn't believe the difference, they were not awful, but I couldn't let food go to waste. The world of clean, low-cholesterol andketo friendly food products is expanding so fast that I am not sure how this company is staying afloat.

👤I was hesitant to try them. My weakness after going low-carb is chips. I really missed the pickle potato chips, but I enjoy my pork rinds. I prefer egg whites over whole eggs. These things are amazing. I was sold one bag. They don't promote themselves as chips. I get a nice crunch for 4g. I will be ordering more.

👤After watching Shark Tank, we were excited to try Quevos. They are repulsive. The flavor is terrible. They leave a bad taste. You get a mouthful of tiny soft rubbery crumbs when the texture turns to scrambled eggs. They are overpriced. Don't waste your money.

👤These taste amazing and are a great chip substitute, but not only are they expensive, the bottom 1/3rd of the bag is always broken. I've bought multiple packs over the course of a few months. What does that mean? It's odd that these are only sold in bulk quantities. Why don't you sell regular sized bags? If you fix the broken chip issues, you would probably fix the great product as well.

👤I have a laundry list of food sensitivities. I was happy to discover that I loved the chips. Customer service is great if you have a question.

4. BRAMI Vegetarian Mediterranean Non Perishable Shelf Stable

BRAMI Vegetarian Mediterranean Non Perishable Shelf Stable

Their lupini bean hummus is made with extra virgin olive oil and no artificial ingredients. In the Mediterranean, lima beans have been used as an aperitif for millenia. Don't hassle with the grocery store. Their lupini bean hummus is delivered right to your door. You can keep it in your pantry or take it with you. After opening, just chill. 50 calories per serving with 0g sugar, 0g net carbs and 0g SUGAR is 50% less than regular chickpea hummus. Their lupini bean hummus won't affect your diet or make you feel sluggish. It's perfect for all diet types. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, BRAMI Lupini Bean Hummus is also perfect for their vegan, vegetarian, paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, type1, dairy-free, and soy-free friends. It'sTILE: Their lupini bean hummus is great for dipping veggies and crackers, as a pasta sauce, as a salad dressing, and so much more! There are so many opportunities!

Brand: Brami

👤You read that right. Everything they do is amazing. I thought the regular lupini beans were amazing. They had to make lupini hummus. The soft and mild taste of Lupini Hummus is so different from the pickled version that it will shock you. I already set to make this a regular purchase and I can't even eat that much hummus, so I was surprised when Brami flavoured it with witchcraft and tears of my enemies. Their lupini hummus is even better if you add it to stew, chilis, whatever, to make it even better. It's mild and delightful, perfect to create your own flavours. Garlic & Rosemary: FRESH garlic taste without the burn that raw garlic can give. I swear the Gods will bless this company because they bring health, joy, and happiness to so many lives with what they have created. For the love of all that is holy, please fix the shield on the little stick soldier, it is Greek, scutum and Roman, and you can get away with it. I know it is a small thing, but I am so excited that a stick figure with a lightning bolt decorated scutum is on a product talking about Roman soldiers.

👤I don't write reviews on Amazon but I always take customer reviews into account when I purchase a product. I am going to review BRAMI's Lupini Bean Hummus. There is a bit of background. I am allergic to sesame seeds and am not a fan of hummus. sesame oil and tahini are included. What a sad day! I've been trying to find a hummus that doesn't include tahini. I have found one product, which is made by a company called Majestic. It is very hard to find even local stores online. BRAMI's Lupini Bean Hummus is a product of Italy and was found in a recent search for "no tahini hummus". I did a bit of research and found out about the beans. They are similar to fava beans in size and shape, but more similar to soy beans in taste and texture. They are almost void of any of the two main sugars. They are high in vitamins and minerals and high in calories. They have the full range of essential amino acids. They offer a lot of vitamins and fiber. If not prepared properly, lima beans can be very bitter and toxic. They can be quite good after a long time in the water. That is the case with BRAMI hummus. BRAMI hummus is very good. It has a different flavor than traditional hummus. There are many flavors. The original flavor is less spicy than some of the others and it is quite tasty. It is a good thing that BRAMI hummus is Non-GMO verified, but it is not USDA organic, which is a shame. The triangle on the bottom of the container does not have a number. I contacted BRAMI and was told the containers and lids are made of plastic that is free of the harmful chemical brami. You will get a real treat. It will be hard to not eat an entire container.

5. Mr Tortilla Tortillas Kosher Multigrain

Mr Tortilla Tortillas Kosher Multigrain

The tissues are healthy now. Their tortillas are low in calories and fat. They're cholesterol-free too. Their shells are great for making delicious keto taco, tostadas, and more. Each of their taco tortillas can hold a fully loaded taco with only one tortilla. The tortillas bake and fry well for a satisfying crunch. They don't skimp on flavor when it comes to their product. Their wraps are made with the best and freshest ingredients to ensure excellent taste. You can keep up with your diet this holiday season with only 1 net carbs per taco. Mr Tortilla Street taco tortillas are cholesterol-free and low in calories. You can make a lot of delicious and healthy food with their shells. They are confident in the quality of their tortillas. If the product you receive doesn't meet your expectations, contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Mr. Tortilla

👤I loved the street taco that Mr. Tortilla's tortillas were the same size as. The wholesomeness of their taste and texture perfectly matches the flavors of most anything we could put inside. This is an evolutionary product. They need to be offered in burrito-sizing as well. 96 of the tortillas are at a low price and are an elite value. Was this used? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤People are clearly told that the taco shell is street size. The real taco shell is 4 inches in diameter. Same as this product! The bad reviews for size should be ignored. It is a treat for people on the diet.

👤These are not friendly to the Ketogenic diet and will affect your blood sugar levels.

👤These tortillas are very strong. They are perfect when you want chips and guacamole. I cook them up myself with a little seasoning. My diet and cravings are gone.

👤I'm sold on these. They are small. They are perfect for portion control. I think they taste like a regular tortilla shell. I put a cheese stick and a pepperoni in one for a picture. Will be ordering more.

👤The tortillas are small so you can buy 5 of them at any grocery store that is 4 times bigger.

👤There are 15 acres of land. They are the smallest things I have ever seen.

👤Good tortilla. Is the same price for shipping if it's not free? The tortilla is good, but lies are not.

👤These were expensive and a total scam. I don't know what to do with them because they are so small, they are only about 3 inches across. Saving your money is what a rip off.

👤I was worried that they were too good to be true. I'm glad I tried them. These are the perfect little rap if you are trying to do low-carb, or just low- calories. The tortilla is small. It feels like I am eating more than I am because I can have two or three of them with a meal. This makes me feel satisfied. Even with the taco filling in my video, they hold up well. I would normally dip tortilla chips in a taco beef dip. I decided to make low-cholesterol tortillas with it. The wraps are great for a breakfast burrito with eggs, or a taco, or even an enchilada, and they complement it nicely. 5 stars for sure.

👤They taste like tortillas. I was hesitant to buy it. They are definitely worth it at 1g net carb. They are small. I was happy with my purchase. If you are not sensitive to wheat, this is highly recommended.

👤I was surprised by how small they are. You could use them for mini pizza crusts. I bought them to make some food for my birthday. I wanted to see how they held together. They were great! I miss a sandwich a lot. I make breakfast sandwiches with some and put a few in muffin cups and toast them to see how they work for mini taco bowls and things like that. They are a time saver because of the value. It's a good value. Use your imagination, they offer some variety.

6. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

There are 24 1 ounce bags shipped in Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. The whole family will love snacking on their delicious Garden Veggie Chips. The leading potato chip has 30% more fat. No artificial flavors or trans fats. It is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Brand: Sensible Portions

👤These are a good snack for people trying to control their weight or have diabetes. They taste great, are not crushed up in the package, and have worked wonders for me in my travels. They don't do a number on my blood sugar readings.

👤The chips were fresh and crisp, but a little close to being expired. Enough time to kill it before the exp date. My toddler gets excited when he gets to eat this flavor of chips. It is made from different vegetables not just potato.

👤My daughters and I enjoy eating these chips. They have a nice flavor and the portion size is right. If you want to use them to scoop up a dip, they are thick enough to do it. They have a great crispness when they bite into it.

👤The straws are too salty. My husband and I don't want to eat them. A bad choice for a snack.

👤I like this product because I don't feel guilty eating something that tastes like a chip but has veggies in it. The others I've gotten seem to be a bit more salty. The packaging this time was aweful. Two of the bags burst open as my box was crushed in. This had never happened before. I don't like the fact that it came in the back of someone's car and not in a truck. Hope this is a one time deal.

👤We order these often and know the price is a bit high but we enjoy the convenience and quality. The bags were not sealed and the case was filled with chips. The sealed bags of the treat contained hard chips that destroyed the enjoyment of the treat. I'm not sure how to contact anyone, but I'd like to know why.

👤The product was delicious. My family loves them. When I take a bag of chips to the cottage, any that aren't eaten on the first serving seem to end up being old by the next day, so I like the individual bags. I am constantly trying to keep up with demand since everyone grabs them.

👤I was happy to see these for sale. The chips are hard to find as most places only have straws. The chips are better. Having portioned out already is great. Each pack has a large amount.

7. Protein Gluten Snacks Keto Friendly Vinegar

Protein Gluten Snacks Keto Friendly Vinegar

1.31 ounces. It's easy to store, on-the-go, and macro-controlled diet packages. It's ideal for high performance athletes, active lifestyle, exercise enthusiasts, and dieters. Adults and kids will love the crunch and taste. It's very satisfying to have a snack that is crisp and delicious to satisfy your cravings. Excellent flavor and texture. The finish is clean and delicious. It's just like regular potato chips. Food is high performance and functioning. High Protein (14g), low carb (3-4g net carbs), and high in fibber (4g-5g) are some of the things. SUGAR is free and GLUTEN is free. 120 calories per package. 100% Made in the USA. Try their other products.

Brand: Wholesome Provisions

👤Thank you, Amazon. These were crushed when they arrived. I like my chips powdered.

👤I don't like to rate it so low because they taste great. I would love to have them on my snack list, but they were crushed up. Not one chip was intact. There were 2 small bags of chips in a plastic bag. I don't want to pay for smashed chips so I'm hesitant of ordering more.

👤I am addicted to food. Potato chips that are salty and bright are my favorite. I tried another brand. It didn't taste good because it was higher in calories. This one tastes great. It's filling. When I eat a packet of these, I feel like I'm getting more nutrition. They are addictive but you aren't as hungry. I like them so much that I keep ordering them, even if I can't eat anything else but a bag of them. I have a syndrome. When I eat something high in carbs and don't balance it out with a lot of fat, I get the swings ofDiabetes. My cupboard is full of them now that I get them promptly. They are not normal.

👤I didn't like the first chip I tried. I don't know if it was the taste or the texture, but I didn't think I would like these. By the end of the first bag, I was in love. I ended up eating too much on the first night. The net carbs in these are low enough that I'll have these when I'm craving chips. I've been looking for salt and vinegar chips.

👤I was excited to try these out. I wanted to see how the macros held up as a chip after seeing how well it fit any diet. In a way? They tasted good. I got 7 packs of each flavor and am happy with them. Both flavors stood out, and I didn't catch any aftertaste or mouthfeel. They are light and airy, but sturdy enough for a dip, and are very similar to a potato chip. I don't know what else I can say other than it's just like a potato chip but way healthier. If you are not strict, this would allow you to cheat without a lot of a hit.

👤These chips are great. I bought chips from their competitor and they were pretty good. The competitor didn't offer salt and vinegar, but I love it. These things are an ultimate cheat because of their lack of calories. They actually contain a decent amount of fibre. I don't feel like I need to pig out because they're satisfying. It is mind blowing how they got them to like these. The price is competitive with other supplements but I hope enough people will buy them so the price can go down to compete with the price of chips. I might try to buy them wholesale. They are that good.

👤I opened the pack and was worried that they might be smashed. They weren't! They are really good, but I wasn't sure about the flavor. There is a little hint of something. I've been looking for a chip that I could eat with salsa and not have a lot of calories. These are perfect! They are thick enough to hold the salsa. They have a nice texture and mild flavor that makes the salsa stand out. They take the place of tortilla chips nicely. I will be buying them a lot.

8. Variety Five Quevos Classic Flavors

Variety Five Quevos Classic Flavors

The first egg white chips were called quoivos. They decided to use egg whites to make a snack that was healthy and satisfying, because they knew potatoes and tortillas weren't good for snacking. Quality ingredients include egg whites, prebiotic fiber, and chia seeds. KETO, LOW CARB, and DIABETIC FRIENDLY. The 4 net carbs per serving of the Quevos Keto flavors make them ideal for the lifestyle of the Keto diet. Their chips are perfect for low-fat diet and for people with diabetes. 8 grams per bag is a good source of high protein and high fat. 4 grams of fiber is a good source of fiber, which is what Quevos provides. A mixed pack. The pack contains 3 bags of their best selling Sour Cream & Onion flavor.

Brand: Quevos

👤I don't understand how they can't be rated 5 stars. I was prepared for a chip that was close enough to a regular chip that it would be worth the sacrifice of some calories. I bit into my first chip. I was completely shocked. It's even crispier than most chips. It was full of flavor. It's so delicious. I was going to eat the rest of the bag. It's much healthier than regular chips, no grains, save a few calories, and get some quality nutrition. I am sold. I adopted these as my go to chip after abandoning the quest chips. Negative reviews about empty bags are completely unfair. The bag is empty. You still have five bags of chips.

👤Wow! I like to snack with a chip. I am focused on eating healthy, so I usually have to settle for something that isn't good for me. I've been looking for a snack that tastes great, keeps me full and has that crunch that healthy snacks never reach. That snack is quetvos. The salt and pepper is my favorite. I need to try the regular flavors. Highly recommend!

👤These are good, but there isn't much there, you're paying a lot for each bag, and then what is the point of a bag of air! These are too expensive to re-order.

👤I wouldn't buy them again. I am one of those people who would rather not eat anything than eat a poor imitation. Many people like these. I thought they were okay, the texture is fine, the taste is okay, but they are tiny. I would rather have chips than a bag. The picture on Amazon shows only 8 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar. The pack that I received has 17 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar per bag, so it is not Keto.

👤A funny joke about a bag that is just more waste for the planet. We should not do finished product empty bags if we are abandoning plastic straws. Just a thought.

👤Ok. I don't write reviews because it's a waste of time. I am sure that bots will write a good review for each one that a person writes a negative review for. I had to tell you that these were gross. I bought these snacks to curb my love for junk food between meals. I was once paid to eat a piece of carboard. I enjoyed that more than these. I told my friend that the cheddar tasted like an old lady's boutique with lots of perfume and old plastic. They had a bitter after taste that I could not get rid of for a long time. I had to eat a taco to get rid of it. Oh my gosh! See? The purpose of trying to eat healthier was defeated by these. Do not spend your money on these. They taste terrible.

👤I love these! The flavor is great. I've tried other chips that are similar to puffs and taste better than a chip. These are not like that. They taste like bbq or sea salt, whichever flavor you choose. They're a bit expensive, but they're friendly with the Ketogenic diet. I expect the price. Overall, love them! I recommend it! If you can't always cook a meal, you can portion the bag into half a bag a day to lower the calories more. You won't regret it if you get them.

9. Snacks Variety Pack Adults Assortment

Snacks Variety Pack Adults Assortment

The snack bag variety pack is an economical way to buy healthy snacks. This purchase gives you 34 packs of treats. You can stock up on pantry, bag, or office desk items. There is a collection of Popchips, Rice Crisps, Veggie Straws, and Skinny Pop. The package includes all of your favorites, from buffalo to cheddar, sweet to salty, and everything in between. It includes brands such as Pop Chips and Skinny Pop. The variety packs make on-the-go snacking easy. Grab one in the car, at work, packed for lunch or at home. There are great or trips, parties, school, holidays and care packages. Each package has 34 bags of your favorite snack bags. It's perfect for kids and adults.

Brand: Blunon

👤Everything was thrown in the box that was delivered. There is no air in the individual packages. I opened one and it was broken. Some of the bags look okay. I am not going to sample them to see if they are fresh. There are more damaged packages. They have a no return policy, so I need to return them. I'm really disappointed. There is a great variety of items if the product had been fresh. If you can't eat them, it's not good.

👤Most had a few chips in the bag.

👤The packaging is horrible. The taste is horrible. Some bags were crushed and some items were not fresh. The bags popped open. Not a smart purchase for me.

👤I liked the variety that was offered with this box, and the price point was good, I was looking for a mix of semi-healthy snacks for lunches. Most of the bags had lost their air or they had just sat in a warehouse too long, so the pita chips were not fresh. It was like eating a piece of cardboard when I tried the rice cakes. Maybe next time, we will try something different.

👤My favorite snack is the healthy assortment. Everything is delicious and perfectly portioned for those of us watching calories.

👤I've purchased this variety pack twice. I like the variety, the amount of things you get, and the ease of snacking. It's a good idea to have a cupboard or counter basket to grab when you have a sweet or salty craving. I don't have kids, but I think it would be nice to have everyone in the family to pack lunches or eat after school.

👤My kids are away at college and they traveled to one state to celebrate their birthdays together. I sent this as a surprise for sleep over snacks and the variety satisfied even my vegan and my gourmet and reminded them I was thinking of them too. A gift that is fun to give.

👤I would not have made this purchase if I had read the reviews before I bought it. I received a great variety, all bags have the correct amount of chips, and the bags are inflated to keep the chips from breaking. We've eaten at least 10 of them and so far everything is fresh and chips are not broken. Will purchase again.

10. Utz Pork Rinds Original Flavor

Utz Pork Rinds Original Flavor

Light and airy. Utz Pork Rinds are the perfect replacement for potato chips. These delicious pork rinds are packed with nutrition and are sprinkled with just the right amount of salt for a snack you can enjoy anywhere. The original chicharrones are the perfect snack food for those on a low-carb diet. There are 8g ofProtein per serving. Pork rinds can be used in many different ways, like as a no-carb breadcrumb substitute. Use them in your favorite recipes. Curl up on your couch and enjoy a bowl of pork rinds instead of popcorn, chips or crackers. They can be used with dips, salads, and more. Utz pork rinds are shipped directly from the manufacturer, so they arrive at your doorstep fresh, and the container keeps them fresh longer. Utz has been making and selling quality snacks in the world's snack capital of the world since 1921. They provide snacks that are crunchier, lighter, fresher and simply better.

Brand: Utz

👤These were so awful. The containers were too small. I think one or both had some leak, because they wouldn't stay full. These were wonderful, in all seriousness. They were a great purchase, the flavor was perfect, and the crunch factor was a 10. I am not ashamed to say that I killed both containers quickly and I am not sorry about that at all. I hope the containers don't have holes next time I purchase these fried pig parts.

👤Good value. The taste is average. Look for a review that has pig hair on it. See the pictures. Kinda gross.

👤For some reason, I had the thought that these were smallish tubs, maybe around 7 or 8 inches tall, 6 or so inches wide. Yeah. Not. A newborn could take a bath in these. I had to give away one of them. I wouldn't be able to eat that many pork rinds before they rotted. One complaint: the tub did not have a seal. I ate from it and took a chance. Quality control should wear glasses or wake up.

👤I found the pork rinds to be very well-done on my diet. I am sorry to give it only 4 stars, but it is an exceptional product. I learned recently that AGEs contributed to the aging of skins and looks. The by-product of oil cooking was called AGEs. The port rinds are very hot.

👤They arrived on time and were sealed around the lid. I carry them to work so my co-workers can have a treat because I was worried about the exp date, but they said it tasted great and they agreed it tasted like regular. We are having a party at work so I have ordered another set, hopefully the date will change as will the batches #. I will put pictures of the date next to my paper towels to help with size. 4 stars because of date. I ordered the second set and the date was moved up a month so they would last a lot longer than expected. I bought a barrel of pretzels in a jug at one of the club stores and was worried about the expiration dates, but it worked out fine. When I'm at a big box store, they will calculate how many bags it will take to make 18 ounces, and price it to check its value of the dollar. We read these reviews because we believe it or not, so give it a try.

👤I can buy these pork rinds in a large container. Pork rinds are a favorite snack for my family. I can make a substitute for bread crumbs in my recipes by grinding them in my food processor and making crumbs. The taste and texture of the meat make it taste good.

👤Pork rinds are not something many people can stand. I get blank looks when I try and describe what I love about Utz brand. Some of the pieces are very hard, but some are very soft, but some of the fat still attached makes them melt in your mouth. I want some variation, so I wish these came in BBQ flavor. I have my favorite pork rinds on auto- delivery. Give them a try! You will be hooked just like I am.

11. Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Sugar reduction just got that much. SWEETER- Pyure Organic's newest spread has Cocoa. Less than the market leading brand. It is sweetened with organic erythritol. The sweet tooth was approved. Spread on your breakfast waffles, fruit, pretzels, add to brownie mixes, lattes, ice cream, or better yet, spoon straight into your mouth! A smooth, rich, chocolatey and creamy taste is enhanced with coconut oil and cocoa butter. The net carBS are low. It's perfect for sugar sensitive lifestyles. The highest quality ingredients. All ingredients are certified organic.

Brand: Pyure

👤This is good and satisfying to have in the cupboard for an occasional treat. The texture is very loose and perfect for dipping and drizzeling. I bought 3 different types of sugar free hazelnut products to test, and this one was the only one that was LC friendly and affordable. I have been on a diet for over a year and my tastes have changed. This info might make a difference for people just starting out, as they haven't completely stopped eating sugar, and some sugar free product reviews are negative. This product won't help you lose weight. It is a compromise to help stay on track, and should only be used in emergencies or when needed.

👤One of my all-time favorite snacks was the spread on pretzel thins, but I was fat, pre-diabetic, and very bad for you. 140 pounds were lighter three years later. I stumbled upon this. I was expecting it to be thinner than Nutella and to have a little bit of a fake-sugar taste to it, so I was somewhat disappointed. Not so! When I eat a small amount of it by myself and don't bother with the aftertaste, it's a pretty good one. It tastes amazing and is not made with inflammatory oils. It's definitely thinner, but that doesn't bother me. My second jar needs to be ordered now. It's a good thing.

👤I love the product. I wanted to spread the consistency on toast, dip strawberries and put in smoothie for a sweet taste. They don't use Palm Oil and all of their ingredients are organic. I have tried maple syrup alternative, honey alternative and liquid sweetener for coffee and was impressed with all of them. This will be a regular dessert in my home. Must try!

👤This is as close to a sugar free alternative as you can get. I put mine in the fridge and it firmed up beautifully, even though it was a lot less runnier than Nutella. Definitely recommend.

👤The jar size is smaller than the jar I usually buy, that's something to know about this product. This is noticeably smaller than the large jars I get. I should have looked closer at the volume. It's pretty good, a very low sugar, palm oil free version of Nutella. I give it about 4 stars on merit alone. The consistency is runnier than the chocolate and it makes it harder to work with. I put it on a banana. If I were to compare the taste, I would say it's half as good. I think my expectations for this product were realistic, so I give it four stars. I paid 3 times more for a smaller jar than I would have paid for the normal jar of Nutella, but I'm willing to pay more for a healthier version of a treat I only eat from time to time. If you're only interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then you might skip it, but if you're really interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then I think it's worth trying.


What is the best product for keto chips zero carb?

Keto chips zero carb products from Popcorners. In this article about keto chips zero carb you can see why people choose the product. Genius Gourmet and Quevos are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto chips zero carb.

What are the best brands for keto chips zero carb?

Popcorners, Genius Gourmet and Quevos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto chips zero carb. Find the detail in this article. Brami, Mr. Tortilla and Sensible Portions are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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