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1. Duncan Hines Friendly Classic Yellow

Duncan Hines Friendly Classic Yellow

There is a box of Duncan Hines Keto Friendly Classic Yellow Cake Mix. Everyone can enjoy a yellow cake. This dessert has no sugar added, is free of all sugars, and has 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of sugar alcohol. It's perfect for those who are free of the allergy. Not a low calories food. Stock your pantry with this cake mix.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤I found a recipe for Captain Morgans Rum Cake. The Captain Morgans version is still available, but it is not the same as the Tortuga brand version. I tried to make a low-cholesterol version with Swerve brown sugar and this yellow cake mix. It all flowed well in the pan. It was ready to leave the pan after an hour. That was a disaster. The cake fell apart and stuck to the pan. Everything that I remembered about this particular rum cake was moist and delicious on the plate. I grabbed a glass of milk and a plate to put these delicious, broken chunks of rum soaked goodness in place. It was a great breakfast treat. I decided to make cupcake versions instead of the whole pan because I didn't think the whole pan would happen. While I was cleaning up and putting together another shopping list for my next rum cake creation, I started to feel a little upset. Like the ones where you have eaten something bad, but not very good. I am good with the ingredients that I used. Since the contraction was increasing in strength, I didn't have time to look through the trash to see if I put something in my body. I had a similar experience when I had my colonoscopy, where I was given a cocktail of chemicals that removed everything from my insides. It felt like it was almost life changing. I didn't trust a fart. Thankfully, I had no place to go that day, no plane rides, no long car trips, and no trip to the beach. I checked the components of my delicious rum cake when the magma stopped. Allulose was a sweetener in the yellow cake mix. This little gem has a double asterisk next to the name that takes you to the back of the box and states that sensitive individuals may experience a laxative effect. I would give this product less than 3 stars, but it was just so delicious. I can see you having fun with your friends who want to play a shit version of Russian Roulette to see how many of them are lucky sensitive types. If you have a day to kill, you should have plenty of toilet paper, a desire to eat, and a glass of milk.

👤This was the best cake I have had. I used coconut oil instead of butter. The product is great and I over paid for it.

👤I made this for my husband's birthday because he is on a low-fat diet. My expectations were not very high. The whole family was pleasantly surprised by how moist and delicious this cake was. It felt like shortcake. It was similar to strawberry shortcake but with a better consistency and not sponge-like. The coconut oil made it taste good. Will definitely buy again.

👤I added an extra egg and chocolate chips. We loved it!

👤The price at my store is $9 per box. I had to order a bunch when I saw these on Amazon. I bake my own goodies but this box mix is good in a pinch. I can't eat too much or I'll get gastrointestinal issues, but I have a mix on hand when I need it. I make my own chocolate cream cheese frosting for this case.

2. Keto Bread Zero Carb Mix

Keto Bread Zero Carb Mix

You can now enjoy 0g net carbss on your diet. Scotty. Zero every day. It's perfect for sharing with friends and family, even if they don't have a strict diet. It's a free ofgluten They made a completely nut free bread mix, and it was certified kosher and non-GMO. Scotty's keto bread has the same taste and smell as white bread, but without all the calories. The smell of baking bread is comforting. Easy to bake: Their recipe mix comes with easy instructions for baking a large loaf. You don't have to mix up the ingredients, just add olive oil and yeast, and then pop it in the oven for an hour and enjoy the fresh bread smell! There was no kneading, pulling, or guessing involved. When was the last time you had pizza that tasted good? This bread can be used for all your sandwiches or eaten alone with butter or honey. Why don't you stop at bread? You can use this mix to make a variety of baked goods, including dinner rolls and muffins.

Brand: Scotty's Everyday

👤I eat a mostly ketogenic diet because of my allergy toGluten free things. Even though bread is bad for me, I kept trying to eat it. This means I remember what bread tastes like. I have tried every kind of bread, crackers, mix, and mix that is out there, but most are downright disgusting, because I became too sick to tolerate any gluten. I don't know what supernatural forces created this bread, but I am here for it. This bread is very good and the closest thing to bread I have eaten in a long time. I'm not a review writer, but doing this felt like a moral imperative for all of the people who are not review writers. I ordered a second pack after I tasted it and saw that it rose. I'm buying stock in the company. There are a few thoughts and tips. The texture is a little squishy and reminiscent of a popover. 2. I grease the pan with butter. This won't look like traditional dough, it's more like batter bread. Grease the spatula when you transfer to the pan. If you read the review that said this raised blood sugar, you should check for yourself because the person added a bunch of things to it. 5. It's worth every penny to be able to eat bread and not feel like you're suffocating on sawdust. Enjoy!

👤This bread has been made several times. Decided to take a blood sugar test before I passed it on to my cousins. The pictures show my results after I ate the bread. It went from 86-87. No spike! There was hardly any change. I think anyone who claims it caused a spike is crazy. My wife was also tested with the same result. I'm happy sharing with everyone. Everyone deserves this bread. The bread mix does not have almond flour, so I was unsure about it. I have never seen a bread like this before. I thought it was worth a try because my kids didn't like any other bread I made for them. I like that this bread is very healthy for my family. My 5-year-old who is the pickiest eater in the house devoured the first slice of bread. He has been asking for it for a long time. I'm relieved to know that my family bread is good for my children. You don't get the feeling of being heavy when you eat this bread, it has a lot of fiber and nutrition in it. The texture is very similar to a regular white bread that I remember from my childhood. It is flexible and moist so that you can put anything on it. You can keep it on the counter or in the fridge. You wouldn't know the difference. We will be a customer for life after we purchase six bags. I'm looking forward to it being on subscribe and save so we can have it delivered.

👤I think I've found my favorite bread, thanks to Scotty's Everyday! Applause! I was a bit skeptical at first since the other brands I've tried have disappointed me with poor taste and texture. Not this one! It bakes, looks, and tastes like real bread. It's also free of gluten. I'm going to order more since it says you can use this mix to make pizza dough.

3. Simple Mills Almond Flour Artisan

Simple Mills Almond Flour Artisan

3 boxes of Simple Mills Almond Flour Artisan Bread mix is what you will receive. A bread mix is a must-have pantry staple for all of your baking needs. Take a look at the ingredients. Simple Mills has a list of delicious baking products. You can see their reviews on your phone, iPad, or laptop by scrolling down. Nothing artificial. It's a great snack for stocking up the pantry and it's also great for boosting productivity. Made with simple ingredients, they are CertifiedGluten free, Grain free, Corn free, Paleo Friendly, Plant based.

Brand: Simple Mills

👤I still love this mix. I make a loaf of bread from 2 boxes. I spread cream cheese on my eggs. It was delicious! Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. Finally! I like to eat my chicken salad and eggs with it. I need something to balance my meal out because I can't eat meat with only veggies. I love these! I split the dough in half and made biscuits and a loaf of flat bread, but I prefer the biscuit form. I will pay 6 bucks for 12 biscuits and a low-fat diet. 6 bucks is not bad for a muffin mix that I paid $13 for.

👤I use this to make a vegan cinnamon flat bread, where chia seed eggs are poured into a mixing bowl. Slowly add in flour, water, water I use an oil spray to grease my pan and then I separate the batter into 2 circles and spread it out thinly and evenly. They are thin enough to fill the pan. If it's too sticky to spread, wet your fingers. There is cinnamon powder on top of the batter. I prefer that they become completely brown because I am crazy about cinnamon. I sprinkle a packet of powder on each circle and then a dusting of sea salt over them. For 22 minutes, cook at 350'. You can make a garlic bread by using the same method, but instead of dusting cinnamon you can use garlic powder, more salt, and sesame seeds. It's ok by itself. I like this one dipped in hummus, with some leafy greens, like a garlic bread sandwich.

👤I tried making almond bread from scratch a few years ago and it was too dense to eat. This one is more like bread. This loaf was made in a bread maker which might not have been the best choice, although the recipe doesn't call for it, beating the egg whites stiff likely would get it even closer to a bread quality and that isn't something you can do in a bread machine. I think it would need to be more airy before I would use it for a bun. The taste is good, it is nutty. Pros: My fiancĂ© compared it to a cornbread. It is very easy to make 2. No grain make up 3 is healthy. Don't fall apart. It's too dense and needs air to be fluffed up. Some.

👤This is worse than the other one. My blood sugar went up a lot. They also have crackers and chocolate chip cookie packages. I love the muffins and the pizza, but I was surprised that some of their products contain tapioca.

👤This is the best Paleo bread I have ever eaten. The ingredients are healthy. This is baked in my Breville oven in a Pyrex loaf pan. The recipe calls for rotating the pan every 15 minutes to allow it to bake evenly, but since my oven runs hot, I reduce the temperature to 325 degrees for one hour. I put it in the oven by spraying the top with olive oil and sprinkling it with sea salt. The loaves come out of the oven. This product is very good.

4. Simple Mills Almond Flour Pizza

Simple Mills Almond Flour Pizza

3 boxes of Simple Mills cauliflower pizza dough mix is what you will receive. The pizza crust is powered by caflouruli. It's great for a fun dinner. Take a look at the ingredients. Simple Mills has a list of delicious baking products. You can see their reviews on your phone, iPad, or laptop by scrolling down. Nothing artificial. It's a great snack for stocking up the pantry and it's also great for boosting productivity. Made with simple ingredients, they are CertifiedGluten free, Grain free, Corn free, Paleo Friendly, Plant based.

Brand: Simple Mills

👤This dough is the perfect solution for me since I am a pizza fiend. My family is amused that I have given up food but then tried this dough. The taste is great. There is no difference between a regular pizza crust and a regular pizza. Highly recommended. I put one in a storage bag in the fridge.

👤I didn't like any of the products. Everything is like eating sand because they don't use ultra fine almond flour. Maybe it is their recipe that is lacking in ingredience to create a moist cake, cupcake or fluffy pancake. I mixed the chocolate mix the same way I did the last one and did a test bake, I wouldn't know I was eating chocolate if I blindfolded. The only thing I like is the almonds. I added espresso coffee to make it taste better and add some sugar chocolate chips. I had to add more almond flour because the coffee was a tad too much. The issue is the price, it isn't worth it. If I have to change the mix to make it taste better. Why am I paying a premium price? If you've already bought this and have the same issue, you can put the mix in a food processor and get it to the ultra fine stage. Add things that are moist like coffee, cream cheese, and zucchini's. Let the baking powder sit in the moist for a few minutes. Almond flour doesn't absorb like regular flour so add some nuts for extra healthy fat or use a healthy oil but not too much. Good luck! I tried a different brand from Swerve. It tastes better.

👤I know it's only a five star rating but I would give it a ten star if I could. Almond and Coconut flours are my friends because I cannot tolerate grains. This is the best pizza crust I have ever made, even though I use Almond flour. After trying the cake mix, I was hopeful to try this. It's definitely the thing to try if you're like me and you can't tolerate processed grains. I put sauce, daiya cheese and pepperoni on the first one. I made a fruit pie with it too. I'm looking forward to trying your other products as well.

👤The first couple of bites I was not sure if it was good. After I got used to the taste and texture, I decided it was so good that I would eat another quarter of the pizza. We're going to buy another box to make it a bit different for the next time. It was difficult to eat a pizza on a tray because it was so hard to pick up and eat it with a fork. It does not taste like a normal pizza. I only switched to Paleo a few months ago, but I'm tired of people saying "it takes just like the real thing!" How long has it been since you've had the real thing to think this tastes the same? It serves it's purpose and doesn't mean it's not delicious in it's own way. It's a good thing.

5. King Arthur Carb Conscious Keto Friendly Certified

King Arthur Carb Conscious Keto Friendly Certified

This 12 ounce pancake mix can make 20 pancakes or 20 waffles. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking. Their quick and simple mix makes it easy to keep your carbs low and your mornings delicious. These pancakes have 22 fewer net carbs than their pancake mix, along with 13g ofProtein and 7g of fiber.

Brand: King Arthur

👤I worked in the King Arthur warehouse for several weeks getting items ready to ship. The cooks in the test kitchen would leave us samples of what they were working on for feedback. This is not a conglomerate company, it is actually cooks and people. The product of King Arthur mixes is different than any other. If I need to bring a baked good to someone's house, I will use this mix. The pancake mix still rocks, even though there is less pressure, because it has full flavor, no weird chemical taste or smell, and is free of any leftover mess. The small package is a minus. I would keep their larger size in my pantry. The package will serve a family breakfast. I was not paid to write the review, and no one at King Arthur asked me to do it.

👤I took advantage of the offer. The bag was free after I submitted my rebate. I would have expected a bigger container for the price. It was easy to combine. The pancakes were tasteless. You will be disappointed if you think IHOP, Cracker Barrel or Waffle House are good. We had them another day so we could give them the benefit of the doubt. We were disappointed again. The boxed brands in the grocery store are better. I was asked to mention flavor, value for the money or easy of use. The bag of pancake mix was easy to use and it had only one thing going for it.

👤These are perfect on the cover. The ingredients are better. The calories are not as bad. It is better if you have a good diet with a good amount of carbs and protein. The packaging is nice. I got the first bag because of the great price offerings. I have tried to cook them 3 times and each time the smoke alarm went off. They did not cook in the middle and burned on the outside. I kept turning the heat down so I could cook them low. The same thing happened. I thought it was my fault, but after 3 tries, I realized it wasn't.

👤This pancake mix isn't great, but I usually love the quality of King Arthur flours. I followed the recipe, but it lacks the sweet taste of the recipe and comes out card-boardy. Adding sugar won't help the gummy texture. The Birchbenders pancake mix is free of wheat, dairy, and eggs. The King Arthur mixes are better.

👤I love my grandma's and mama's pancakes because I grew up in the deep south. The batter is a home hitter. If I close my eyes, I can see my grandma making breakfast for us and it tastes just as good as hercakes. Good stuff, just wish it was offered in a bigger size for a cheaper price. Thank you so much!

👤We fixed the mix because we heard it was light and fluffy and dense, so we thought we did something wrong. Following directions to a TEE was fixed at different temp. We'll stick to instant buttermilk ones from Wally World, they're not fluffy or light.

6. Lakanto Sugar Free Blueberry Gluten Free Monkfruit

Lakanto Sugar Free Blueberry Gluten Free Monkfruit

The muffin mix is ready to serve in less than 15 minutes and has a fresh berry flavor. It takes 12 muffins to make a hot bunch. It is a mix of almond flour, oat fiber, low glycemic Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, baking powder, sea salt, and other ingredients. If you're looking for a low-fat breakfast option, you can't go wrong with the Naturally Flavored Blueberry Muffin Mix. It's great for cakes, muffins, and more. Add a few fresh blueberries to their muffin mix and you'll get delicious muffins. A lot of fiber and a small amount of net carbs. The all natural mix of the muffin mix does not contain artificial ingredients and is approved by the parents. This snack is low in calories and high in fiber. You can fill your kitchen with the best vegetarian snacks. The modern day superfood is monk fruit, which has been used as medicine for centuries and is also known as Sugar Free Sweetness. This makes Lakanto's Muffin Mix the perfect snack. Monkfruit is 300X sweeter than sugar and tastes amazing without the negative effects of sugar. Their mission is to bring Chi to life by inspiring people to reach their highest potential in health and wellbeing by creating products that are innovative, delicious, natural, and healthy. Try some of their products.

Brand: Lakanto

👤I tried this product for the first time and it was very good. I melted the coconut oil and then added water and eggs. I added fresh fruit to the mix. The smell of the berry is strong. It was not too sweet or odd after taste. Will order again.

👤These are muffins that are low in fat so maybe slow down. These are awesome. They are moist and delicious. Unless you expect big muffins, they yield 12. These are not going to come out of the pan. Their products are better than High Key. If you are buying fun foods that are friendly to the Ketogenic diet, you will be paying a premium, so don't pretend to be surprised. Excellent product! When you eat low-fat, low-cholesterol foods, there is an expectation for them to be sweeter than they used to be. These types of foods will taste sweeter as time goes on if you stay true to your reduction of sugars. If you constantly cross over to sugar foods, you will always be disappointed because your body will expect that level of sweetness.

👤I didn't know the nutrition facts for the powder mix were only for it. I thought the muffin was 35 calories. Well... The oil and eggs will be added. It takes about 135 muffins to be prepared. 35 calories is not bad. It is $10 for a dozen, but doable. I found them to be bland and not sweet. The texture is spot on. It feels like a normal muffin. If you could add more erythritol, I would like it more.

👤I add some fruit to the muffin. You can use a muffin pan to spray coconut oil. You won't lose a lot of the delicious muffin on the paper muffin cups if you use this method. There are no bluebberies in there, even though they claim they are. You will need to add your own fruit. I love these so much and I know you will too. I recommend adding both fruit.

👤I did not add any fruit. I used a pan for 6 large muffins and 7 muffins out of the mix. I baked them about 15 minutes longer than the directions said to do. Their consistency is moist. The toothpick test is a good way to make sure the inner part of the muffins are done before you take them out. I bought them because they had no sugar, but they need 3 eggs and a 1/2 c. of oil to be seen as a treat. The consistency reminds me of Angel Food cake. The taste is not bad. They have angel food that tastes less sweet. I get the artificial sweetener taste. The aftertaste is not a big deal if you have a strong craving. I wouldn't buy these again because they were not good enough to finish. They are not good enough to justify the price.

👤9 small muffins were the only muffins that were expensive. I liked that it came out not very sweet. The High Key muffin has a strong sweet taste but it yielded more muffins and had more flavor than the other one.

7. Bobs Red Mill Homemade Wonderful

Bobs Red Mill Homemade Wonderful

GLUTEN FREEDOM. It is easy to bake delicious sandwich bread, dinner rolls or hamburger buns with their homemade bread mix. They built a separate facility and a test in their quality control laboratory to assure the integrity of their products. It's best to mix by hand for bread machines. One package yields a loaf of bread. It's great for food sensitivities. Bob's Red Mill is the idea that keeps their stone mills grinding to fill every bag with wholesome goodness.

Brand: Bob's Red Mill

👤The old and new mixes were both good, but the new one was a bit smaller. I wrote to Bob's Red mill about changes to the ingredients. Thank you for contacting Bob's Red Mill. I'm sorry for any issues that you have had with our recent changes, but thank you for your feedback. Many of our customers request that we reformulate some of our mixes. Many of our customers were sensitive to ingredients like bean flours, which caused us to receive many complaints. The new bread mix is formulated to be more consistent and lighter in texture and flavor than the previous one. If you use the old recipe, it will not work as well because it has new directions and additions. If you are using a bread machine, the directions will be as follows: Order to place ingredients for most bread machines. In the bottom of the baking pan, combine the liquids in ingredients. 2. Put the dry mix on top of the wet ingredients. The yeast packet should be placed on top of the dry ingredients. 4. The bread cycle can be used for a loaf of bread. The bread machine instructions were removed because we found that the instructions on the package were not consistent with the settings and speeds of the bread machines we sold. Again, I apologize for any interruption that this may have caused, but we appreciate your feedback, and we thank you for being a Bob's Red Mill customer. Bob's Red Mill Customer Service is located at 13521 SE Pheasant Ct.

👤My granddaughter has a disease. I think Bob's Red Mill is the best product on the market. I hope Bob's reading the instructions on the bag. It is not possible to cook this in 90 minutes. If you do this, you will get a large hockey puck. The ingredients are not listed correctly. Eggs, water, oil, and yeast are the liquids that go into bread. Bob's instructions say to combine all ingredients. This is difficult to mix by hand as the dough is heavy and sticky. I use a bread maker for the first 10 minutes. I let the dough rise for 60 minutes. I use a muffin tin that is well oiled to make the rolls. I bake at a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes. The rolls are delicious. My granddaughter and her father eat them. I found this mix. It would be cheaper to buy flour and make my own mix, but time is too precious to me. The outside of the roll is very soft. I also use 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites that are different from the directions.

👤I've tried many store bought breads that are either 1/2 loaves or taste like cardboard. I bought a bread machine and a box of this mix. I made 2 loaves. bread machine instructions are not included in the packaging. The 4 stars are the same as the 5. I followed the directions in the bread machine manual. I used the same amount of oil, water, and egg as the package called for, but I put it in my machine in the order my manual recommended. The yeast was added to the well by placing the liquid in it. I put the machine on a light loaf of bread and let it do its job. The bread is done and the house smells great. I chill it first in the fridge to get thinner slices. It includes a packet of yeast. It's much easier because of that. It's a great bread for sandwiches, toast and croutons. I prefer a bread that is not sweet like regular sandwich bread, but not a bread that is fluffy like bunny bread. It is a semi dense bread, you won't get super thin slices, it reminds me of a deli style fresh bread. My husband and kids love this bread. It makes a great sandwich with butter and jam or cream cheese. You can put it in the fridge or slice it and freeze it, but it lasts 5 days on the counter. I cut them into pieces that were 1/2 thick. It's easy to use and tastes better than store bought cardboard, it's a great mix, and fits our budget.

8. King Arthur Flour Verified Substitute

King Arthur Flour Verified Substitute

King Arthur Wheat Flour Blend is a good solution for low-carb baking. This flour is good for making wheat-based baked goods. This flour is great for baking bread and other baked goods. Their blend of whole wheat is nut-free and offers an alternative to common keto flours like almond or coconut. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤Love, love, love. I don't care if the police tell ypu that it's not keto because this has wheat. I eat low-fat as a way to manage my diabetes. The wheat flavor is good. I've made biscuits, pancakes, and the bread recipe on the bag, and all have turned out well. The yeasted dough doesn't rise as well as standard flour, but it might be my yeast. The baked goods are very good. I'm excited to try bagels.

👤I was hopeful that there would be an option for our household. This isn't it. The price should be put aside. Specialty products are going to cost more. A lot more. I tried a few of the standard recipes. The exchange is for regular all purpose flour. No knead sour dough bread was the first to be popular. I have made this for years and preferred King Arthur flour. I could tell the difference in the dough. It was more soft. It didn't rise as well. I baked it up a little differently. The bread is so popular because it doesn't have a nice hard crust. The crumb was different. None of the large holes I expected. It had a lot of small holes. There is a And. The taste? My wife spit it out after taking one bite. I tried a bit longer. Is it a good idea to toast with butte? Nope. The taste is unpleasant. Not sour dough sour. It was just bad. It was almost like it was rancid. We are good if you check the date of the product. Not expired. The rest of the loaf was thrown out. I tried some biscuits. The dough had a bolder texture. They baked a little faster than usual. There is a They tasted terrible. No amount of butter or jam could mask the taste. I will just write this off as another experiment. I give KA credit for trying. I am afraid that it is an A for effort but an F for execution.

👤I made my first pizza with this flour and it tasted weird. Since it claims to be a substitute for AP flour, I decided to use a similar recipe to what I normally do with AP flour, but season it to mask any funky taste people mentioned in other reviews, and cover the dough as close to the edge as possible. I use an olive oiled cast iron skillet and cook the stove top for 3 minutes to help get a head start. I use 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 cup instant yeast, 1/2 cup salt and 6 ounces of very warm water to make my pizza crust, which is super thin. The pizza is microwaved for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then put in a paper towel so it doesn't get soggy. I added garlic and seasoning to make it taste better. I added 1 pad of butter and a small amount of white vinegar to the hot water because KA mentioned a couple of additional ingredients. I let the dough sit for a couple of hours so it wouldn't bubble up like AP Flour. I rolled it out with a rolling pin which I don't normally do. I pushed it further out to the edge of my skillet as I was putting it on. I made my own sauce to make sure it was free of sugar. My preferred spices and organic tomato paste. I was impressed with this pizza. It was better than the cauliflower pizza that I had, the crust was good, the seasonings did a good job masking the odd flavor of the flour, and it was much better than other reviewers said. The pizza was better than most frozen pizzas I have had, but not as good as AP Flour.

9. TruEats Pancake Waffle Mix Sweetened

TruEats Pancake Waffle Mix Sweetened

Protein and Firth Richard. TruEats Pancake & Waffle Mix is made from carefully selected ingredients that are rich in both fiber and nutrition to provide energy that lasts all morning long. Low gout and gout-free: TruEats Pancake & Waffle Mix bakes up thick and fluffy, thanks to their all-natural sugar replacer and high quality flours. Nothing artistic. chickpeas, dals, buckwheat, and almonds are some of the high quality natural ingredients they choose. These ancient grains are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Life style friendly. It's perfect for vegan, dairy free, sugar free, and plant based diet. 16-20 pancakes are made per package.

Brand: Trueats

👤I cut the water in half and used an egg. I put in about 2t of baking powder. It's important that it's not thin and watery. You will have great pancakes that way. I use maple syrup. I have no complaints. It's a once in a while thing as the whole thing is very expensive.

👤It tastes good. I will buy it again.

👤These pancakes are great because I recently started eating sugar-free foods. It's easy to cook, moist and good tasting. My adult children liked them.

👤Better than the usual waffles. I would never know it's diet food. My toddlers loved them.

👤It is easy to make pancakes.

👤I like this product because it has food in my breakfast.

👤Our house has become commonplace because my wife has to avoid many allergens. We made pancakes from this. It was light and fluffy. The price is twice that of the others we buy. The Birch Benders brand has more fat, but it does not contain erythritol, so you have to pick your poison. Overall happy with this. Excellent quality. A mix of flours. If it were organic, it would be better. 5 stars. Hope this helps!

10. Beyond Equator Watermelon Single Allergy Friendly

Beyond Equator Watermelon Single Allergy Friendly

The cars are low and the protEIN is high. They use high grade watermelon seeds to make flour. It's much higher in the two main components of the body than traditional fours such as rice flour. Stop worrying about food allergies. The top 8 organic flours are free from peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish and sesame. Non-GMO Project verified, Certified Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Paleo Friendly cake flour are some of the clean ingredients. Increase your energy and strength. Their flour has 10 grams ofProtein, 16 Grams of Omega fatty acids, and only 2 net carbs. It's great for heart health, brain function, muscle building, and more. It takes 85% less water to make a bag of seeds flour than it does to make a bag of rice flour.

Brand: Beyond The Equator

👤Hize pankeke harina de arroz con aceite de coco,chia,leche,vainilla,carob,moky fruit,irishmoss,huevo clara,leche de almendra.

👤Don't bother with this flour because it won't taste good.

👤The product had a terrible flavor, almost as though it had gone bad.

👤Who thinks about this? I would never think of grinding watermelon seeds down to make flour, but someone has done that. It is fine, that is nice. It is denser than wheat flour, but I have not used wheat flour in years and I am used to the denser flours out there. This seems similar. If you're used to using flours without wheat, you'll like this product. I am used to that, because there is virtually no GF flour that will ever be as light and fluffy as wheat flour. I can tell you what the tastes are, but I can not tell you what the taste is. If you found my review helpful, click the button. Thanks! Enjoy your day!

👤I will call it a meal instead of a flour because it is a coarse flour. It reminds me of almond meal. A macro photo of some of the watermelon seed meal is shown. The flour is just the insides of the watermelon seeds, not the hard shells. I like to try new flours that are not made with wheat, so I do a lot of baking without it. If you are allergic to nuts and want to try a flourless nut torte recipe, this one is a good substitute for almond or other nut meal. It worked great in my usual bread recipe. I used it as part of the flour mix since I like my bread with some extra nutrition. I adapted the bread recipe from Allergy-Free Alaska to work with many different flours, including watermelon seed meal. Wait a few minutes for the yeast to be activated after you put into a stand mixer with dough hook. The key to this bread is the powdered psyllium husk, which is the key to the texture. It has a good bread dough texture when it is mix thoroughly. Then bake. If you don't have a solar cooker, you can bake the bread in a loaf pan, shape it on a baking sheet, or put it in a warm place. I baked a loaf of plain bread, one loaf of bread with salami rolled up in it, and a pizza after making a triple batches of bread dough. To make this recipe into pizza crust, use olive oil as the oil and press it into a pan. The rest of the way, let the crust rise, then add some topping and bake the rest of the way. Baking it prevents it from getting soggy. I will be using this flour in more recipes, maybe a flourless nut torte.

👤The flour is made from watermelon seed. I want to know who is eating the watermelons to get the seeds to make this flour. Where are the seeds coming from? I think I'm over thinking this. I was interested when I read that this 'flour' can replace any nut flour without conversions. I sometimes have aversions when I eat almonds. Almond flour has about 3 grams of carbs per 1/2 cup, which is the more carby end of the flour spectrum, and is what most of my baking recipes call for. This is more of a meal than a flour. I use almond flour that is finely ground. The texture of this watermelon 'flour' is very similar to almond meal. I would call it a watermelon meal. I made a small amount of the recipe, which consisted of 1/3 of the original recipe and 1/3 of the watermelon meal. It wasn't good. The muffins tasted bitter. They were dense. I had a hard time rating it lower because I know other people like it. It is expensive, but it may be a good solution for people who are allergic to nuts.

11. Keto Cupcake Cake Mix Serving

Keto Cupcake Cake Mix Serving

Scotty's Everyday low-cholesterol, low-fat cake mix has zero sugar, zero net carbs, and only 90 calories per serving, so you can stop counting and start enjoying your favorite desserts and sweets. Is it possible to bake cupcakes and cakes without the nut flour texture? Count them in! It's perfect for sharing at bake sales, school events, parties, weddings and more because it's free from all the harmful ingredients. There is a real cake taste and texture. Scotty's cupcakes taste the same as the classic vanilla cupcakes you love, but without all the sugar, carbs and gluten. Premium natural monk fruit extract is used in their recipe. Easy to bake: Their recipe mix comes with easy instructions for baking a dozen cupcakes or a single cake. Put all the ingredients in the oven for 20 or so minutes. Meet your new go-to dessert mix! This mix will be used as a base for all kinds of keto desserts. You can make a variety of baked goods, including low-fat versions of your favorite items.

Brand: Scotty's Everyday

👤I've tried some of the cake mixes. I was disappointed every time. The texture was very hard because they had lots of coconut or almond flour. Not this time! This mix is moist and light. There was no weird aftertaste either. My family thought it was good. It was very easy to make. The mix is powdery. The instructions say to mix it slowly, so be careful when you pour it into the bowl. I will be ordering more.

👤Not overly sweet, great texture, hits the right spot. The person who created the recipe for this mix can single handedly solve global warming or any other complex world issue. They created a cake mix that tastes like it was made from scratch, with no added sugars and even more delicious than a regular cake. I was still in ketosis. I scaled the recipe down to make 2 cupcakes. I haven't tried the bread mix yet, but it's amazing. We will be set if you make a brownie mix.

👤I tried the mix. It was okay. I'm experienced in cooking and baking with a variety of food sources. I don't like tapioca starch. Most of the time it will result in a recipe being dry or a gummy/gelatinous mouth feel if too much is used. This was true with this mix. You can get great results when you mix other flours. It spiked my blood sugar. Not sure why. This is resistant but not all of it is processed the same way. It's definitely not possible to have that being a diabetes. The other mixes the company provides are better than the muffin/cake mix.

👤I was not sure what to expect. They're good! I was surprised by how much they raised, these are moist, soft and fluffy. They have a subtle sweet tooth. I'll definitely be buying again, I hope they can come out with other flavors eventually. There is an update. The cake is completely dry overnight. I left some in a baggy on the counter and some in a baggy in the fridge. The next day was dry and flaky.

👤Wow! Being zero carb is amazing. I don't know how they figured it out. I love them. The texture is not bad. I have made other low-cholesterol cupcakes and cakes from scratch. Between the cake and frosting, you end up with 4 or more calories. The fact that these are not made of any kind of fuel shocks me. I am only having a small amount of food with my homemade frosting. These are some of the best I have seen.

👤These are delicious. They are very powdery and will take a long time to stir until all of the dry is gone. The batter is thick and smooth. Almond flour leaves most mixes with a sort of grainy texture, but Scotty's is everything as advertised. The final cupcake is soft and delicious. No weird after taste. I am a customer of Scotty's everyday.

👤I used this to make a nice 8 inch round cake. It's perfect for my low-fat diet because it doesn't spike my blood sugar. It doesn't change my blood sugar. I will use this to make more sweet desserts. Next time I will do a dessert with it, I think it will be cinnamon and sugar.


What is the best product for keto flour mix?

Keto flour mix products from Duncan Hines. In this article about keto flour mix you can see why people choose the product. Scotty's Everyday and Simple Mills are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto flour mix.

What are the best brands for keto flour mix?

Duncan Hines, Scotty's Everyday and Simple Mills are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto flour mix. Find the detail in this article. King Arthur, Lakanto and Bob's Red Mill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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