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1. DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

A doctor created a patented formula for DripDrop ORS to deliver fast dehydration relief. It also contains vitamins and minerals for immunity boosting. An ORS is a way to treat the signs of dehydration. It is 99% less expensive than an IV, and it provides faster dehydration relief than sports and pediatric drinks. 3X THE ELECTROLYTES and 12 THE SUGAR OF SPORTS DRINKS are formulated to address the signs of dehydration relief fast without the sugar and stickiness of traditional sports drinks. The body has a sodium-glucose co-transport system. Stay hydrated and recover faster from dehydration with the formula meticulously crafted for fast absorption. Dehydration can be caused by alcohol consumption, workout, travel, heat exhaustion, and feeling under the weather. The 8 flavors of DripDrop ORS taste great and offer dehydration relief fast.

Brand: Dripdrop

👤This product was very disappointing. I drank it within 30 minutes after I got them. There is an allergy to this product. So... I am allergic to sucralose, so I read the package and found it. I combed the product description page again and again, but there was no mention of sucralose as an ingredient. I wouldn't have bought this product if it had been listed. I need a good electrolyte replacement for my diabetes, but this one is not good. Why are they not willing to list all the ingredients? Could it be that they know? Do you not want to purchase their product if you know that sucralose is toxic?

👤I was hoping that this would be an alternative to drinking water. It is difficult to keep hydrated while working in an operating room. After a few days of use, my blood pressure rocketed. After my system was flushed and I stopped using this product, the high blood pressure stopped. I am very disappointed that I can't use this. Sharing to help others be cautious. The product is well packaged and affordable, and the flavors are subtle and make drinking water more enjoyable. I am sad I can't continue with it.

👤Have you ever taken adderall and not needed a prescription? Have you ever done a rail of booger sugar in your twenties? If you drink a packet or two of this and you get the same result, I can paint and clean my house in an hour. If you don't, now is the time to experience this type of energy. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤These work well. I was told to use pedialyte. These were found instead. A liquid bottle is where pedalyte comes from. I don't like the taste. I have kept them in my house ever since. The year off was the same as chemo. If you have the flu, hiking in the hot weather is a great option. When my daughter was in college, she said they were wonderful for a bad night's sleep. 2 packs in 16 ounces of water is what I use most. If you have a throbbing head from dehydration, these can help. The World Health Organization created this product. I am not sure if that is still true.

👤The packets mix well in a bottle of water, making it easy to rehydrate quickly. It does not contain caffine and tastes great when cold, so you can sip it throughout the day. Lemon is my favorite flavor, but the watermelon and berry are equally good. I drink 1-2 drinks a day along with unflavored water to keep hydrated while I run 4-5 times a week and strength training on my no running days. I prefer the small 8oznpackets of Liquid IV and the ability toHydrate quickly to the point that I've purchased both of them. I gave a few packets to my coworkers who don't workout but don't drink enough water or feel fatigued by lunch time, and they have purchased some, and they are believers. Don't waste your time by searching, just add it to your monthly shipment. You will not be sorry.

2. Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Calorie

Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Calorie

Blue Diamond oven roasted dark chocolate snack almonds have 100 calories per pack. It's great for your next party because it's covered with real cocoa power. Tasty and high in fiber. This snack is perfect for travel, as it is in single serving packs. Free of cholesterol and trans fat and an excellent source of vitamins E and C.

Brand: Blue Diamond Almonds

👤I used to eat these almonds everyday, until I found a worm in one. I will no longer be buying products from Blue Diamond.

👤The chocolate almond flavor is reviewed. I was buying chocolate covered almonds. I thought I would try them out. These are the best! It is not as sweet as the ones that have a coating of chocolate candy over them, but that is a good thing. There is a dusting of cocoa powder on them. Adding a bunch of sugar alcohol was not something I was willing to do when trying to lose weight. I define getting healthy as having a plant in it. The dark Cocoa is baked into almonds and has a nice chocolate flavor. You don't feel like eating candy, but it seems like a healthy snack with a touch of sweetness. The portion in each small packet is perfect for snacking.

👤It's cheaper to buy a big bag. If I stopped, I could eat an entire bag in a day. Finding healthy snacks in reasonable portions is important as I try to lose weight. This is a great solution. Who knew that a single 13 almonds is 100 calories? It's a great snack that I can have once or twice a day without feeling guilty.

👤I think of myself as a good mom. Raising my kids to make healthy food choices is part of that title. I like to give my kids a variety of options in the cupboard, but also only buy snacks that have some type of nutrition value. Twinkies aren't in this house. No sir. I buy this brand of almonds all the time. We usually have these in the kitchen. They're a quick and easy way to satisfy our hunger. Dropping a few into my purse or in my kids backpacks is convenient for me. There are 32 packets of nuts in each box. Each package has about 625 ounces. That's about half full. See my pictures. That's the right amount for a snack. These are good for you. Each package has 4 grams of meat. It's only 100 calories in the entire pack, that makes it an excellent choice for anyone trying to maintain their weight or even lose some. I hope this review has helped you.

👤It was almost too good. I can't just eat one package. I thought a package of just 100 calories would be enough for a dieter, but it's like potato chips, you can't just eat one. At least I can't. You have iron discipline, so indulge. I have learned my lesson.

👤I eat almonds every day in Thailand. I buy the same brand there. Almonds are an extremely healthy food that I like to eat. They are rich in vitamins and have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They can help stop the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Discipline is the major issue with them. They are high in calories and can be hard to resist as a snack food. This idea is cool. It's not possible to determine how many calories were just eaten by having them packaged this way.

3. Orgain Organic Nutrition Vanilla Packaging

Orgain Organic Nutrition Vanilla Packaging

Same great product, new look and label. The orgain organic nutrition sweet vanilla bean all-in-1 shakes are ready to drink. 16 grams of organic protein from organic grass fed milk and organic whey concentrate, 2 grams of diet fiber, 20 vitamins and minerals, 10 fruits and vegetables, and 250 calories per serving. No antibiotics, hormones, or artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives are included in the USDA organic, vegetarian, kosher, non GMO, soy free, carrageenan free, and no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. Non-Caffeinated. Good source of vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, and copper. It's ideal for men and women. These are a great supplement to your diet and nutrition needs, perfect for busy lifestyles, meal replacement, a quick breakfast or snack, on the go meals, and pre or post workouts. This product is Grass-fed and vegan plant based.

Brand: Orgain

👤I lost interest in food after the dual cancer diagnosis. They tried everything. To get me to eat, as I needed the strength to endure breast cancer treatments. Food made me sick. Drugs like appetite-inducing drugs, anti-nausea drugs, and even doctor-recommended THC didn't work. I'm already a picky eater so it doesn't help. The cancer center and my husband were worried about me. I was not interested in Orgain at first, because I had never heard of it. I had already spent a lot of money trying out other shakes, and not one of them was nausea-free. It was discouraging. I'm glad I gave Orgain a try. I can say that it's saving my life. It is the only thing I can stomach. I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't make you feel heavy or full, but you're satisfied. It's delicious. It's become my daily routine over the last 9 months. I'm hooked. I would just wither away, if the doctors weren't so relieved. Speaking of vitamins! I was attracted to Orgain because of the flavor, but when I learned about its high nutrition and clean ingredients, I wanted it even more. When you get a cancer diagnosis, you become very paranoid. It was that way for me. I get a whole carton of Orgain from Amazon. Yes. That's how much I depend on it. I use it as a substitute for milk in my coffee and make smoothie with it. There are two types of fruit: blueberries and raspberries. I'm finally eating, thanks to Orgain. My doctors thank you too.

👤I'm over weight. I wanted to replace a few meals a day. I have tried other meal replacements that were not organic. I like to eat and it has been hard. I don't like getting chocolate because we want real chocolate flavor. I like coffee because I am not big on vanilla. I finally found something I enjoy after trying coffee and bingo. I have to write a review. Adding coffee to it black can make it iced. I feel like I'm ordering coffee. This is good because I am picky. It is sweet. I mix mine with coffee. If you win, you will get full and more energy from the coffee.

👤There is a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy called Metabolic Myopathy. I would spend 3-4 hours every day in the afternoon unconscious due to lack of energy. I tried this as a meal replacement for lunch and it was amazing. I can wake up in the middle of the day. I can't tell you what that has done for me. I don't know why it works. My guess is that my body has a hard time absorbing vitamins and minerals. One drink a day keeps me awake. I've been trying everything I could find for over a year and to find something that works without side effects is amazing. I'm a customer for life. The picture is of me in a wheelchair walking with my husband. I would have slept through it.

4. Jack Links Original Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Links Original Protein 5 0 625oz

Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. There are 5 count multipacks. The pack has 5 ounces. You always have a meat snack on hand. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their Original Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Full on flames. They created the flavor that made it on the map. Their Original Beef Jerky is slow cooked over hardwood smoke and has a mild smoky taste that kids love. LUNCHBOX READY : Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch to eat. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤I saved for August and all of the jerky was molded, except for 4 packages. I ordered 10. My replacement has been fine so far. I have purchased this item before and was not expecting mold.

👤The whole box is not worth a dollar. Like getting 5 packets of crumbs. I would really like to get my money back. Such a waste.

👤The garbage is being insulted. The sweepings that fall off the conveyor belt are not suitable for the larger bags of jerky.

👤I've been a fan of beef jerky since I was a kid. The packages are very small. You get a few. I can't emphasize enough how small these are, I don't know why I expected more of them. The amount is fair, but a little more would have been nicer. The jerky is great. The beef is a bit moist and squishy, but it's not shoe leather. It was nice to have a quality brand of jerky in my backpack on busy days, because I've had similar brands in small packets and they were often hard and dry. I've added a couple of images to show you how small they are. One is in my hand and the other is an Amazon gift card that is the same size as a credit card.

👤2 stars for the taste and texture. The package had a 3 stars for the small amount. I usually look at reviews before ordering but need to fill a small Gap for same day shipping so I threw this in. I didn't get my items the same day and they were gone in a day. It's great for a quick shot of something.

👤A waste of money. There are 5 bags of.63ounce. The price of Amazon prime jerky is double what I would pay at the store. Movie theaters charge more for persuading stores.

👤My kids can take individual packs of Jerky to school. Don't like the size of the cuts. The portion is small but the small cuts of meat are disappointing. It doesn't have the same texture. It feels like picking up the crumbs from a bag of potato chips. I would buy again for convenience. I like giving a snack that is good for you versus a snack that is garbage. My kids prefer when I portion out bags of regular jerky into sandwich bags during Sunday's meal prep for the week.

👤I buy them for others because I don't eat them myself. The portions are small but the taste is great. These go pretty quickly because they can eat the whole box. The price is not bad since they cost the same at Walmart as an individual bag. You might get more in one of these bags than in the other, but the weight of the bags in the box is more. These aren't just crumbs. If you buy a bigger bag, they don't have a long shelf life.

5. Al Dente Carba Nada Fettuccine 10 Ounce

Al Dente Carba Nada Fettuccine 10 Ounce

There are six 10-ounce bags. The roasted-garlic egg fettuccine has 18 net grams of carbs per serving. Whole eggs are made of semolina flour, defatted soy flour, wheat gluten, and cornstarch. Cooks in 3 minutes. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Al Dente

👤Not low-carb at all! 20 grams per.

👤I was overjoyed to find these, I gave up pasta as a low-carber. I tested a number of noodles in one week. I liked the other noodles but each had a different taste. These? They taste like pasta. Even if I cook them for longer than the suggested time, I love that they're slightly soft. I've made many recipes with them. They're not what you'd eat if you were eating very low-fat, but they're a great treat for moderate-fat days. Several of my friends have tried twosleevers after I posted a recipe on my website, and the reviews have been very positive. I posted it below with information on nutrition. It takes 15 minutes to cook a bowl of low carb PASTA with seasonings, veggies and cheese, and 35 minutes to cook a bowl of low carb CHEESE PREP. 4 hot italian sausage links, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 cups portabella mushrooms, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red tomato, and 1 small bunch basil are included in this recipe. 2 serving of carba-nada egg fettucini and 4 serving of parmesan cheese are required. Once it starts to cook, add chopped onion and garlic and let the two cook together for a few minutes. Add in mushrooms and bell pepper and cook. Put a lid on it and let it all cook. In the meantime, cook your pasta in the pot. I cooked mine for 7 minutes. Put equal portions of topping on each of the four bowls and serve them hot. There is information about the nucleus. The serving size is 1 calories and has 4 fat and 20 fiber.

👤This pasta is delicious. It's low in calories and only 3 SmartPoints for 1 1/2 cups for those of you doing WeightWatchers. The taste is similar to regular pasta. We love it. This is the only pasta they make. I would like to see pasta shells or spaghetti. I'm trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and pasta is a great addition to that.

👤I have ordered them before. We liked the first six but the recent order is rancid. Everyone knows what it is. These have it. I am very disappointed. The packages are rancid. I am very disappointed. If I give them another chance, I will get a rancid refund. It's not insignificant to throw away almost $25 of money.

👤I have pasta in my life again. I've been low-cholesterol for a while and mostly fine except for missing my pasta. I like pasta the most. I don't think about chocolate, but I do. They offer one bag for $7 or 6 bags for $24. What to do. I ordered the 6-pack because of the pricing and hoped I would love them. I do! You will! I looked up the scuplture resistant cornstarch and found it to be helpful. This tasted good, no weird "diety" taste at all. Don't overcook these, they are serious, so pay attention. I tasted for 3 minutes and ended up consuming about 4 and a half. They were a bit soft but once I added the sauce you could not tell they were special. Go for it!

6. NUTRITION Essential Electrolytes Sparkling Hydration

NUTRITION Essential Electrolytes Sparkling Hydration

Natural sources of Caffeine to support energy and focus. 5g of essential amino acids. It is necessary to support performance, endurance and active living. 5 calories per serving of zero sugar. There are 10 refreshing flavors: Watermelon, Grape, Cherry, Mango Pineapple Limeade, Peach Bellini, Mix Berry Sangria, and Green Apple!

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤There is a warning. I originally purchased this product from Optimum Nutrition and wanted to see if I could find it on Amazon. I did it at a better price. I ordered the same product and flavor. The product inside the canister was definitely not the same as the one I received. I did not feel an energy boost like I did with the product purchased directly from ON. The picture is below. The left and right glasses are from ON and AMAZON. I ordered Watermelon for both because it wasn't the same product.

👤Product was opened, and it was not a factory seal. The product was opened along with the powder on the outside of the container, which may have been fraudulent. Very disappointed and will be back soon.

👤I enjoy ON Amino Energy. I originally purchased this product from Costco and liked it for the pre-workout, but I have an issue with the Amazon bought product. I decided to purchase from Amazon. It should have been the same. The batches were different in a bad way. Even though the seal was still on, the lid was halfway open. I noticed that I didn't get as much energy as before. There was an energy crash afterwords. After about a month, I used half of the container. The differece I bought was amazing. No crash, great energy. Quality on this product from Amazon is not good.

👤I am very disappointed. I knew something was off when I opened it, I had ordered this exact flavor before and loved it, I was so excited to get it in today. I mixed it with water and thought it would be the same flavor I like, but it was not. It has a bitter taste and no real flavor. I shook it up because I thought the product settled. I got excited again and thought it would be awesome, but then I took a big drink and almost vomited. I have no idea what happened to this product, but I will never buy from here again.

👤I use this product all the time. I sometimes buy it from GNC. A bottle of watermelon was delivered to me. The product was not the same. The smell, taste, and consistancy were all wrong. It smelled like baking powder. It didn't have a fruity smell. The taste was not good. I only took a small sip but it didn't taste the same. I had never had a fake product before. I'm going to return it immediately.

👤I liked this product when I first saw it. It gives you energy and tastes good. I will return my last order and stop using it after I learned it has artificial sugar in it. I did some research on what could be causing my stomach to break out and I started having a sensitive stomach. I drank 1 to 2 a day. Artificial sugar is worse than regular sugar. Many problems are caused by it. Anything with artificial sugar should be avoided. I would buy it if it was made with cane sugar.

7. Crumbs Protein Healthy Crushed Friendly

Crumbs Protein Healthy Crushed Friendly

Their Pork Panko is the perfect addition to any low-cholesterol kitchen because it is made with crushed pork rinds. You can dress salads, bread chicken, and continue to cook without compromising your health with healthy pasta. Pork Panko is Paleo friendly and can be enjoyed while still maintaining a 30/30 lifestyle. It's great for salads, cooking, casseroles and anything in between. Maintaining a health conscious lifestyle requires getting some extra meat in your diet.

Brand: The Naked Market

👤OK. I tried my pork Panko tonight and it was amazing. I had to crush it up a bit more. When you open the package, the pieces are small. The ones at the top are a little larger than the ones at the bottom. I added a couple dashes of garlic salt and 2 cups of cheese. I dipped my butterflied shrimp in melted butter and then cooked it in panko for 2 minutes. It was amazing. I was afraid that the pork rind would make the shrimp taste different. It made an excellent snack.

👤The bag of bread crumbs was 14oz. Pork rinds are something I have had before. I was intrigued when I saw the bread crumbs had 0 carbs and 15 grams of protein, but they also had 180 calories, 0 sugars and 14 grams of fat. I knew I had to try them. I was blown away by the fact that they are perfect for topping a salad or breading meats. I had to try them. I opened the bag and tasted it. It was delicious! I can't wait to try them on a salad instead of croutons, but I have to decide if I should just eat them as a snack or try them on something. You can either enjoy them with some veggies in my airfryer or not.

👤I like to use pork rinds as breading for fried chicken on a low-cholesterol diet. I used to crush cheap pork rinds in a plastic bag before I tried this product. When I open the bag, Pork Panko doesn't smell like death. The unpleasant pork rinds smell is what they are, but it isn't as offensive as a bag of snacking pork rinds. I can't use a rolling pin at home because it's too hard, but these have been crushed so well that I can use them for breading. I would continue to use them.

👤I usually crush my own pork rinds but was given the chance to try these out. They are so convenient. The texture of them is great. It is hard to make your own crumbs. They taste good. I have used them for breading. They crisp up nicely when they are fried. You get a bit in the bag. It is a new favorite.

👤There are gods. This is what it is. I opened the bag and ate this by the handful. I could replace popcorn with this. I decided to try a quick recipe since these are pork-a-lockouts. Some shredded cheese is optional. It was cooked in a pan after being tossed in a bowl with sole seasoning. You have a sandwich in 5 minutes. I highly recommend this pork product if you prefer flavor.

👤This product is great. Not like another brand. It was great for coating meat.

👤I buy this product to try something new. My husband loved it. I will use this a lot.

8. SlimFast Snacks Chocolate Caramel Clusters

SlimFast Snacks Chocolate Caramel Clusters

There is a snack that is diet friendly. SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snack Clusters are great for a snack. Each snack cluster is packed with 6g of fat to keep you full for hours with layers of golden caramel flavor and pops of peanuts covered in a creamy chocolate coating to satisfy your sugar cravings. KETO & LOW CARB. Their snack clusters are made without the sugars and calories found in regular sweets making them a great snack for people on a low-fat diet. GLUTEN is free. Their snacks are made with coconut oil and are free of wheat and sugar. Their Fat Bombs are free from artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, so they are equally delicious in taste. SlimFast understands that snacking while on a diet can be hard. Their Fat Bombs are perfect for snacking on the go. Pack their Fat Bombs with you so that you always have a quick, healthy treat that will keep you full and help you stay on track wherever you go. Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Slimfast

👤I am angry with this product. The front of the box says "coconut mct oil", which leads you to believe it's 100% coconut oil. It is made with a blend of coconut and palm oils. I am anti-palm oils due to the clear cutting of forests to grow the palm trees and the false "sustainably produced" sources. Slim Fast needs to correct the false print with the coconut and palm oil blend. They are likely to not sell as much. I won't buy these again.

👤This is a fat bomb. I was surprised to find it at Walmart for $10 for a box.

👤Those who gave five stars are not the only ones. If you are trying to find a way to make a cup like the one I use, keep looking. These are not good. The "peanut butter" to "chocolate" ratio is way off, the texture is dry and oily at the same time, and the taste is not even good. It's a good thing. I knew I was taking a chance on these, but I need to remind myself to order something other than this product to keep my sweet tooth at bay.

👤I was knocked out of ketosis by these. The first time I took a test strip, I had negative readings because I ate two. My nose was bleeding and it tasted like expired ressess. If you're trying to stay in ketosis, eat reqular reesees.

👤If you love lemon and are tired of all of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors, then you will love these. I am sure you know how much the public loves your lemon fat bombs. They are the only product you did not use. I have a suggestion. Key lime pie and orange creamsicle fat bomb can be made using the same formula. I think they will be a big hit. We can see how many people like this idea if we mark my comment as helpful. We fans know that these are sold out at a lot of major retailers.

👤I was knocked about of ketosis by these. They aren't "keto approved". Save your money and progress.

👤Oh. My. Gosh. These are amazing. The flavor is excellent if you expect them to taste like Reese's. I was worried because a lot of the snacks in the program have an odd, slightly horrible, artificial aftertaste. No need to be worried. I only gave it a 4-star because of the price. It is incredibly expensive for something that could easily disappear from my shelf in a weekend. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. They are not easily absorbed by the body so you subtract them from the total number of calories. 2g Erythritol is equal to 1g net carbs. If you eat them all in one sitting, you won't feel guilty.

👤I bought this because I thought it wouldn't spike my blood sugar. I will never buy it again big, it was the wroth thing. No.

👤I didn't pay attention to the prices. I bought a box in the US for $9.99 and thought it was a bigger box because of the price.

9. Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Berry Superfoods All-In-One Super Nutrition Powder is included. Each scoop of Orgain's original organic super sprout contains 50 superfoods. 6 grams of organic fiber is high in anti-oxidants. There are no added sugar or artificial ingredients in USDA organic, vegan, and non dairy products. Enhancing your diet with supplements will help support your gut health. This powder has many different types of vitamins and minerals in it. It's ideal for men, women, and kids. This is a great addition to your meal replacement shakes or pre and post workout drinks if you are a busy professional, mom, dad, athlete or student. You can mix it into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie recipe. It's great for overnight oats.

Brand: Orgain

👤My husband wanted to get a very expensive version of this for our daughter who has special needs. With seven kids, I can't spend more than $50 on this type of thing. I did my research and found this. We love the brand and want to try it. It is amazing! My daughter lost her hair due to her meds, but since starting this, she has no more hair loss! She had very dry skin. I halved the scoop and added it to 4oz of water and 4oz of her Bolthouse multi vitamins juice because it doesn't give a dose for kids. I started to take it as well. My skin was dry. My lack of energy... You guessed it was gone! I love it. This product will continue to be used.

👤I only took the powder for a couple of days so my review is based on ingredients and taste. I bought the book on Amazon. The author states that there are 60 different strains of the disease. I was inspired to follow his protocol because I could identify with his descriptions. Twenty different fruits and vegetables are recommended to assist the body in moving the virus out of the system. There are 11 of them in this powder. None of the other powders had as many as this mix. If I thought I could eat all of them, I would be crazy. I eat a lot of them, but I have to think about which ones I still need to eat in order to get all of the items on the list. Orgain Organic Superfoods is all-in-one super nutrition. It's like Apple Jacks cereals. I was taken back to my childhood when I opened the can to get a sample of the powder. You never forget some things. I like one of my favorite breakfast cereals. There is a I used almond milk and a banana in my shake. It tasted pretty good after being mixed in the blender. I wanted to try this with almond milk because it wasn't as thick as my other vegetables. I was happy with it. There is a Put it in a bottle with 8 ounces of water and shake it. It tasted good. I like it better with water than I do with milk. There is a The last time I mixed it up, I put the scoop in a glass and poured the water over it, then mixed it with a spoon. It didn't mix up as well. It tastes pretty good despite being a little clumpy and requiring more vigorous stirring. There is room for improvement and I say it's pretty good. I am sure that there is a can of Stevia. The ingredient list is called "Natural flavor". When it hits my mouth, I know about it. I don't like it. I have never been a fan of the product because it is not pleasant and it is just a little sweet. It is a false sweet to me. I will take raw, cane sugar or honey on any day of the week. I like this drink. I get all of the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy greens and grains. I can drink it on the go, drink it for a snack and fill in the gaps in my diet. If it supports me in clearing out any pathogens and detoxing the body without having to create a new diet, then it is a winner for me.

10. MET Rx Colossal Protein Replacement Chocolate

MET Rx Colossal Protein Replacement Chocolate

You will receive a package of 12 MET-Rx Big 100 bars and eight Super Cookie crunch bars. The chocolate chip cookie dough bars are 3.52 ounces. The high-protEIN bars of MET-Rx are great for the kind of energy your body demands. You can build energy for your next workout with MET-Rx bars. There are a variety of flavors and formulas. A great tasting way to fuel up before, during and after a workout, or pop one in your bag for a delicious, high-protein meal replacement bar. The Met-RX prepares athletes for the Olympics. MET-Rx makes a variety of products to enhance your performance, workout, muscle building, and post-exercise recovery. The MET-Rx Big 100 Protein Bars feature their exclusive METAMYOSYN blend, which combines fast and slow absorbing protein sources to help you reach new levels of performance.

Brand: Met-rx

👤The worst bar I have ever had. It is so sweet and tasteless. People consume food made in a chemistry laboratory. It has a lot of chemicals that are hard to pronounce. I assumed that a banana or an apple is much cheaper and healthier than junk food and will never have a bite of it. We have to pay to be poisoned. I was looking forward to it, but I am very disappointed.

👤It is one large box with 3 individual boxes inside. There are 2 boxes of Super Cookie Crunch and 1 box of CChip Cookie Dough. The cookie dough box was not full. It had been previously opened and closed with loops under the lid and only 3 cookie bars in it.

👤This isn't a "protein supplement", it's a straight up meal replacement. This isn't a high-fiber snack bar, it's 410 calories and 40 grams ofCarbohydrates. The taste of the Super Cookie Crunch is amazing. The Cookie Dough is not good enough to warrant a return visit. I love the Cookie Crunch, but maybe a little too much.

👤I'm not sure why people are making a big deal about these being huge. Most meal-replacement type bars are just as good. I'm really happy with the flavors, and they have a very small bar. They're not like chewing on rubber. I will order more after I try them.

👤I used to get these, but can't anymore. The taste is good. The problem is that it's thick, so it's not a good substitute for cinder blocks in the cold. I'm just kidding. I have hurt my jaw on these things. I did an experiment. I weigh 185. I stood on one of the bars. All of my weight is on the bar. I tried jumping up and down on it. It did not change at all. It's like a piece of wood. To eat it, you need to open it wide, and either break your jaw trying to bite a piece off, or attempt to break a piece off by bending it. It's not worth it. The cookie dough bars are amazing. The bars are easy to eat and taste great. You get more bricks in the packaging that Amazon sells.

👤I'm not very focused on fitness right now, so I'm more interested in finding filling bars that I enjoy eating. I was recently diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and I'm still adjusting to my medication that suppresses my appetite in the mornings. I've been relying on these bars as a quick and delicious solution to get the vitamins and minerals I need. I like the Peanut Butter Cup, Super Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Chocolate Crunch, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The cereals are pretty sweet. The Churro was good, but not my favorite. I would like to try more of the flavors.

👤The Cookie Dough flavor is popular with my husband and son. They are a great snack for my son. My son keeps one in his bookbag in case he misses breakfast or has to eat a late dinner. My husband keeps a few in my workbag because he travels. The taste is good and the energy level is good. We are very happy with this product and we have it in our pantry.

11. Flat Tummy Shake Protein Shakes

Flat Tummy Shake Protein Shakes

The Flat Tummy Meal Replacement shakes help keep you feeling full and fit as they move pounds and curb appetite cravings. Don't sacrifice taste for health. This delicious vegan shake is made with no added dairy and contains 120 calories and 1g of sugar per serving. Energy and metabolism are related. This unique blend of 22 vitamins and minerals, as well as 50 fruits and veggies helps you convert your body's fuel-burning sugars into energy. The Flat Tummy Shake program will help you achieve the health and body you desire by helping to move stubborn lbs from the waistline, while providing you with clean nutrition. By women, for women. Flat Tummy is all about helping women look and feel like the best versions of themselves with products like this Meal Replacement Shake and so much more.

Brand: Flat Tummy Tea

👤The tub was half empty. It makes no sense. My friend ordered a replacement and hers arrived full. The second tub only lasted 18 days and only had breakfast and lunch. They need to put more in the jug because the amount in the smaller tub is too small.

👤I normally don't write reviews but I feel like it's worth it. This is my second week doing the shakes and tea and it does what it says. I need a new wardrobe when I tell you I am swimming, but I don't see much on the scale. The product is helping me. I had headaches for the first two days but I think it was because my body was adjusting to the new diet. I hope that my review will help other people and that this product will help you as well.

👤I like this. This is a meal replacement for breakfast. I have been using for a month. I have lost 12 pounds. You can purchase with EBT benefits.

👤My girlfriend gained more than 10 pounds because of this shakes. She gained weight after we followed the instructions. Stay away from it!

👤I have developed an allergic reaction to this product and will be asking for reimbursement. I have not lost any weight since I started using this product two weeks ago, and I have had an itch all over my body. I need to see a doctor because I can't stop scratching. I will send the product that I left. I am very disappointed.

👤I'm excited to use the product but I'm missing two. I feel a little ripped off. If I pay for 20 punches, I should get 20. Not 18. I wouldn't recommend at this point.

👤Shake it is a pack of 20. Flat Tummy Tea has baby meal replacements. okay The price is much higher than what I usually pay for a powder. You get a box of 20 pre-measured pouches that you can mix with water or milk to make a smoothie. The pouch has 130 calories and 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 They are vegan and have plant-based nutrition. There are 16 regular pouches and 4 Extra Kick Mondays. The extra kick pouches have more B vitamins added which give them extra energy. The smell of the flavor is wonderful. It has an odd aftertaste, but it doesn't taste as good. I didn't dislike it. It provided me with more energy than I usually get from my powder drinks. The manufacturer recommends that you replace two meals a day with this powder for weight loss. The box has two weeks worth of product. That's almost $200/month at the current price. I drink a lot of shakes and can easily use them as meal replacements, take a vitamins on Mondays and spend a lot of money. The price point is too high for me, even though the pre-measured package is convenient.


What is the best product for keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible?

Keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible products from Dripdrop. In this article about keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible you can see why people choose the product. Blue Diamond Almonds and Orgain are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible.

What are the best brands for keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible?

Dripdrop, Blue Diamond Almonds and Orgain are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto foods for weight loss ebt eligible. Find the detail in this article. Jack Link's, Al Dente and Optimum Nutrition are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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