Best Keto Granola Bars Variety

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1. Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Granola Friendly

Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Granola Friendly

A box of chocolate chip bars. There is a chocolate covered granola covered with chocolate chips. It's friendly! When used with the ketogenic programs. 7 grams of fiber and 17 grams of high quality protein are included. 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of net carbs per serving. It's perfect for a low-carb lifestyle.

Brand: Atkins

👤One of the flavors tasted really stout. Even though they were not yet expired, the others tasted old. I ordered them in a warm climate.

👤These are amazing! I'm not a fan of the artificial sugar and power taste of a lot of low-fat products and this is not one of them. It tastes like a bar with a lot of filling. You should order more immediately.

👤It's great when you're in a hurry. It's best to grab at least two. Good taste.

👤Atkin Bars were in several boxes at work. The bars were left out in the heat and melted a bit. They are less than average on the 2nd bar, so they would have to be at least a 4 star review.

👤The package should not have been sold. Not worth the hassle of coming back.

👤This bar is good. I would buy again.

👤It is not a good value compared to others.

👤The last time I bought them, they tasted better than the last time I bought them. Maybe the issue was a quality control issue. They were notappetizing either way.

👤I have used these before and they were very tasty. I used them as a snack.

👤One of my favorite bars. The bars are large and the taste is lovely. Not hard.

2. Munk Pack Granola Almond Butter

Munk Pack Granola Almond Butter

Great taste, low sugar, low bacon. Take your nutrition goals on the go. It has never tasted better to eat well. Their bars are full of creamy almond butter and cocoa chips, and contain only 1g of sugar and 2g of net carbs. There are free bars. Their bars have a mix of nuts and seeds that are low in calories and good for a healthy lifestyle. The low gross margin index. Their snacks only contain 1g of sugar. The effects of blood sugar andinsulin levels are minimal with their bars. Low glycemic foods can help with weight control, lowering the risk of chronic diseases and reducing inflammation. The real ingredients are soft and chewy to satisfy any craving. Their bars are non-GMO and contain no sugar alcohols, no added sugar, no soy, and no artificial flavors. It comes in a 12 pack. Your new go to for on the go snacks are no sugar, no fat, no cholesterol, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero fat, zero fat, zero fat, zero fat, zero fat,

Brand: Munk Pack

👤It is hard to find items that don't taste funny on a low-fat diet. These bars are delicious. I think they are worth it for an on the go snack, but I wish they came in bigger boxes.

👤I need affordable foods that cost less than double at the grocery store.

👤It was delicious, but overpriced. This is a robbery.

👤Say four packs in the picture. The description says 12 packs. How many? There are four.

👤The texture felt like bird seeds to me. Bars are small and expensive.

3. Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter Granola

Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter Granola

The product is quite good in terms of quality. It is reasonably priced.

Brand: Quaker

👤These are the most delicious bars. It curbs chocolate cravings when I eat two days a week. I have to have them in stock. I don't give them to the kids because they're so good.

👤The product is delicious. The picture shows a box with 20 bars, but Amazon sells boxes with 14 bars. SMH!

👤I like these bars. The 4 stars instead of the 5 is due to the fact that they give me a little bit of indigestion, but the peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite. These are just like the bars of the same name. If you're looking for a lot more sweet than the regular bars, then you'll love these Quaker Chewy Dipps bars. They may be a bit healthier than eating a candy bar. The chocolate coating is very smooth and the taste is great. The extra peanut butter is delicious. I paid a S&S discount of $2.79 for these bars. It looks like the regular price is $3.49 which is still a good deal for 14 bars.

👤While shopping on Amazon, I came across a product calledQuaker dipps chocolate covered granola bars, peanut butter, 14 bars, which is a good tasting breakfast and snack bar that is also healthy, for a bargain price. I was pleased with the quick delivery service, but I was surprised at how delicious the chocolate covered bars tasted. I have tried other breakfast and snack bars that were not as good as this one. The price for 14 bars is still worth it. If you're looking for a snack bar that's good for breakfast or snacking, you may want to check out the 14 bars of the chocolate covered Granola bars. The rating was 5 stars. Joseph J. Truncale is the author of martial art and warrior haiku.

👤I won't mind if it does. When I'm hungry and don't want to stop for a meal, one of these, stashed in my handbag, gives me energy, and tastes great, and I drink a mug of tea or coffee. They're an economical, individually wrapped snack that keeps very well on a shelf, and it's peanut butter, chocolate, and oats.

👤They are very good. I couldn't stop eating them. I felt like it was a candy bar.

👤I had never tried this kind of bar before. I was excited to try something different because they don't carry them in my local stores. I feel in love with the kids. We love these and recommend them to everyone. It's a great snack when you're on the go or just don't have much time to eat. We are going to buy more today. Thank you to the people who sold it.

👤The only issue I had with this was that chocolate melted during delivery. I live in Miami. What should I expect? It really means that you can't eat them right away. I would put them away to enjoy the next day. The chocolate will resolidify. They're great. They taste the same as you would expect. It's cheaper to buy in the store than it is to have these delivered. I don't buy these often because I know I'll eat them all quickly. It's definitely worth it if you're getting these for kids. You can get them at a discount. Unless you like messy hands, don't serve them after you get them.

4. Perfect Keto Gluten Free Cravings Chocolate

Perfect Keto Gluten Free Cravings Chocolate

Halt hunger. Nola Bars are ready for when you wake up or when you're ready to eat. It is possible to quickly curb cravings without compromising ketosis with the use of meaningful nutrition, natural energy, and sweet delicious flavors. The Perfect Keto Breakfast: Rise and shine in a snap with everything you need to start your morning, such as good fats, fiber, and a good source of energy such as MCTs, 6g of fiber, and 12g of good fats. Jumpstart Without The Junk: Refuel with snack bars made with only the most wholesome ingredients like almonds, peanuts, organic coconut, and sea salt without artificial colors, flavors, or sugar. Nola energy bars are the only "granola" breakfast bars to include the MTCs found in coconuts, and they are fine-tuned to satisfy hunger, support healthy ketosis, and clear brain fog from your committed keto diet. The perfect weight loss journey and lasting lifestyle is within reach with the right diet and lifestyle. It's easy to tailor your ultimate ketosis experience with Perfect Keto's selection of snacks and supplements.

Brand: Perfect Keto

👤I wanted to try these out as a snack. The coconut flavor is a bit heavy. I won't be buying them again. A third of a day's worth of saturated fat is in a single bar. There is not much meat, which I need. If you want to keep them in the refrigerator, you should do so because they are completely unsuitable for home use. The designers used cheap chocolate chips in the bar instead of high grade dark chocolate. The melt point appears to be below room temperature. These things try to melt when they're out of the fridge. You'll lose a lot of the chocolate on the wrapper and anything it touches because it's on the outside. The Dark Chocolate KIND bar is crunchier, less messy, and has 40% less saturated fat than the other bars I have tried. At least you can get the wrapper off of that one.

👤I'm not a big fan of peanut butter, but these had a nice mild flavor. A little nutty with a touch of sweet and salty. The texture is soft but not sticky. I don't need to clean up after I break off pieces with my fingers. Macros were what I was looking for. I don't follow a strict diet, but I do go very low-carb and cluster those around training. I'm not vegan, but I try to get more plant-based nutrition, like fish, eggs, and yogurt. It would definitely be a good idea for anyone looking for a very unfussy on-the-go option.

👤I've been on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for about 6 months for medical reasons and some of my favorite keto YouTubers highly recommend this company. I left a very honest review on another Perfect Keto product that I didn't like very much. These bars are pretty good. The taste is very peanuty. I liked the texture of these. The fats can get weird and separate at room temperature, so keep these in the fridge. The company reminds you to do it on the box, which is very helpful. If you enjoy peanut butter, these bars are worth a try. My only complaint is that this was not a satisfying snack for me. I have had to be very careful about having snacks throughout the day because I am not on a diet. I had to add something to the bar to meet my needs but it was enjoyable and tasty. I initially reviewed the peanut butter variety. I am going to review the Coconut Chocolate Chip variety. I received a complimentary box of the Coconut Chocolate Chip from Perfect Keto after I had a less than enjoyable experience with another product. A small business that cares about their customers is awesome. The Coconut Chocolate Chip variety is amazing. The Peanut Butter variety is similar to a candy bar, while the Coconut Chocolate Chip are similar to a bar. It was delicious! The ingredient profile is really good. You're getting some seriously good-for-you stuff if you put a bunch of chemicals in your body to mimic a "normal"/non-keto snack. I will order from this company often and support their small business at the same time.

5. Ratio Friendly Almond Crunchy Gluten

Ratio Friendly Almond Crunchy Gluten

There are sledgehammer bars. A delicious combination of almonds and pumpkin seeds is satisfyingly filling and thoughtful. KETO PROTEIN SNACKS. Each bar has 12g ofProtein, 220 calories, 2g of net carbs, 17g total fat and 1g of sugar. There are healthy on-the-go snacks. It's a great option for a low net carbs breakfast or a perfect option for a lifestyle goal perfect on the go. The options are limited. Try yogurt in a variety of delicious flavors.

Brand: :ratio

👤I was hesitant about purchasing, but I am glad I did. There is nothing but nutty and awesome. When I see the word "Keto" in the title of a product, I am always skeptical. These are not just another bar with a lot of calories, but they are also low in calories and have good fats. I used to eat a bar that was mostly rolled oats, but I don't eat it in your vehicle or tent. There is no chocolate, so nothing to melt. You can take these on the trail, your bike, or camping. Good Keto products are a little pricey. You can save about $5 per box if you subscribe.

👤It was delicious! These are very satisfying. The lemon taste is not overpowering. It is just right. I agree that they are a bit crumbly, so maybe not a bar you would eat in the car or where you would be concerned about crumbs. I think I could understand why someone wouldn't like this bar if they hadn't been on a low-fat diet. It's not very sweet. It's perfect for my husband and I. A+.

👤Ratio has finally given us yogurt and granola bars that we can have on a low-fat diet. These are delicious. I was very happy to find these here and at a great price, because I have a hard time finding them in stores. I was paying fourteen dollars for a box of 4 at our local supermarket because they are the only ones that carry them for 100 miles or so. Yes, they are hard, but not super sweet. Why? It isn't loaded with sugar and syrups, so they shove it into the regular ones. These are loaded with nuts that are actually healthy. If you're in full keto mode, you know that once your body has gone through the process of ridding itself of sugar, your tastebuds don't like the taste of most products on the shelves today. The bars have been done right by Ratio. It tastes great, and there is just enough sweet to make it feel like a treat. I like it because I expect a bunch of nuts to be. That is just me. These go great with any of the yogurts. I take one of these and a Ratio yogurt to work with me a lot for lunch, and it leaves me feeling full without making me want to take a nap. A total of 4g net carbs, 32g fat, 27g protein and 410 calories are included. You can not beat that. So. Yes. I think they are great. I am impressed with the size of these bars. There is another win for these guys because they are bigger than the Nature Valley bar. These are a staple in my house.

👤I like the texture very much. A large chunk of seeds gets stuck in your teeth. The lemon flavor is decent, but the aftertaste is disgusting and I am not sensitive to it. The box is large and they don't sell a combo sampler, so you have to try before you commit. I know why. The whole box was not worth 220 calories per bar.

6. Munk Pack Keto Bars Granola

Munk Pack Keto Bars Granola

The new Teo snack box is your go to for on the go snacks. The Mission Nutrition Keto Box has low-sugar, low-cholesterol and plant-based bars. This box is a great way to sample the delicious varieties of Munk Pack. This box includes: Almond Butter Chip Granola Bars, Coconut Chip Granola Bars, Blueberry Almond Granola Bars, Peanut Butter Granola Bars, Maple Pecan Granola Bars, Sea Salt Dark Choc Nut & Seed Bars, and Macadamia White Choc Nut & Seed Bars. The coconut almond dark chocolate and caramel sea salt nut and seed bars are delicious. Sweet snacks and treats are what they all crave. You can still enjoy a tasty snack if you are on a low-fat diet. You will always have healthy options in your house with all of their boxes. There is a clean ingredient. Enjoy the soft texture to satisfy any craving. The bars are non-GMO and contain no sugar alcohols, no added sugar, no soy or flavors. The KETO low carb care package is available. The gift box is perfect for anyone on a diet. Show someone you care with this snack box. It is great for birthdays, appreciations, co-workers, and date nights. This variety gift box is sure to impress anyone.

Brand: Mission Nutrition

👤These are an excellent substitute for the other main stream bars. It is nice to know that I can have a treat that is healthy for my diet, and that the ones that start with K and end with D are delicious. I was so pleased that I found these to be a mistake. Accidents are the best thing.

👤These are my go to bars. I love that they are very healthy and have no sugar. Almond butter chocolate chip and coconut chocolate chip are my favorites. The variety pack is a great way to test out all the flavors. These bars are very good.

👤The bars were fresh and soft. If you want a mixture of while nut bars and soft chew bars, this is a great flavor.

👤I have only found these bars individually. The multi-pack has a lot of different flavors.

👤I love the taste of the snack.

👤Best tasting bars that are low in calories. You think you're eating a snack.

👤This pack is wonderful. The flavors are delicious and distinct. It's a great way to snack between meals. It's always refreshing when a snack product is good for you. Thank you for making this option healthy, I will buy again and again.

7. Quest Nutrition Cookies Protein Friendly

Quest Nutrition Cookies Protein Friendly

You should get a sweet treat. The cookies and cream bar is similar to a childhood cookie. Only their version has 21g ofProtein, 4g net carbs and 1g of sugar. The UNWRAP complete prophecy. The bars are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids. The 15g of fiber in the Quest Cookies & Cream Protein Bar will give your body a more complete macro profile. Sweet without added sugar. Enjoy the taste of Cookies & Cream without the worry of added sugars. The cookies and cream bar has no added sugars. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the sugar, the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar is a good choice.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I don't like seeing all of the negative things about these bars. I think they are great. I have never seen a mold or other foreign object in my bars and they are always the perfect texture. These are the best bars when you want a sweet treat but don't want to eat a lot of calories. The crunch of the cookies inside makes them seem like a forbidden treat when on a diet. If you've seen the negative reviews, I highly recommend you try these. The apple pie and oatmeal chocolate chip bars are awesome. I hope my review helped you. If you did, please approve. Thank you!

👤I get through two boxes a month with these bars. They are one of the best on the market. I opened a box and found my bar with mold on it, not impressed. Will not purchase through Amazon.

👤Okay. I am confused. I was blown away by how good the bar was when I first tasted it. I bought a whole box online. When it arrived, I noticed it tasted different, and I thought it was just me forgetting how good it tasted. I realized there were clear differences when I looked closer. There is an obvious difference in size and colour. The taste is plastic. It is almost impossible to chew them. The store bought one that tasted like birthday cake, and I compared it to a soft one. The one that the Amazon bought was gross. What is going on here? Quality control is important!

👤They are the best. Some of the best tasting bars out there are low in sugar and high in nutrition. Birthday cake and cookies and cream are the best delicacies. Supreme 4) peanut butter Do not buy: 1) the Blueberry Muffin waffles. Apple Pie 3) There is a strawberry cheesecake pro tip. If you have time, warm them up in the microwave. Depending on the microwave, it could be as little as 5.

👤Listen to the other reviewers. The formula has poor quality that causes a lot of problems. I have purchased bars from other vendors than Amazon, and I have experienced issues with the mold, as well. I found a piece of metal in the bar. They accused me of putting metal in the bar, but blamed their vendors, and then dismissed it as an issue. Many products have been changed to be labeled with the combined facility/ equipment label if you are free of the allergy. I wonder how long it will take them to have it. This is a big issue if you're sensitive like I am. I used to use several quest products daily, but now they are out of my world. It is a real safety issue with that many issues.

👤Why would they do that? I have been ordering bars from Quest for years and I loved the chocolate peanut butter flavor. The combination of taste and nutrition was the best I could find. The bars are close to inedible, despite the fact that the nutrition might be there. The bars taste like straight chemicals after the recipe change. They leave me queasy and, more than once, had me on the couch wondering if I'd be able to get them back up. I don't know what they did with the new bars, but they don't look right, feel right, taste right, or sit right with me. I don't like the thought of downing another one. I would return a box or two a week. I can't eat them. I threw out what was left in my cabinet and canceled my subscription. They really messed this one up when they made this change. Thanks for breaking what didn't need fixing.

8. Protein Chocolate Variety Friendly Alcohols

Protein Chocolate Variety Friendly Alcohols

IQBAR low-carb bars are made using simple ingredients and have 6 amazing brain vitamins. The snack bars are designed to keep you awake. Their bars have 12g plant-based protein, 1g sugar, and 3g net carbs. The vegan bars are packed with healthy fats and vitamins. Their low calories bars are diet friendly. IQBAR snacks are high in fiber and vegan. Their snack bars are made with clean-label ingredients that are packed with compounds for both your brain and body. Their bars are developed with every diet restriction in mind. IQBAR clean vegan snack bars are packed with 6 brain- boosting vitamins and minerals. They use a science-backed formula to make nutrition bars that are healthy and tasty. IQBAR snack bars are convenient meal replacement bars you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. In the middle of a busy day at work, or while running, enjoy their low sugar bars. Their bars are perfect for any time of the day. Their treats come with only 3g of net carbs in every serving, which is more than you can eat in a day. Each bar is packed with a lot of calories, with a total of 180 calories.

Brand: Iqbar

👤I have nothing to say about these bars. Not for my mom and sister. Some of you do and I am happy for you. They weren't made for my tastes. I received a package in the mail after leaving the first review. There were two over filled boxes with a handwritten note from the founder. The note said they were sorry for not liking the first box. They said they had made improvements. They said they would be happy to give me my money back. My mother and sister tried them again to see if they made any difference. The first box tasted like the bars had been dipped in chemicals. We couldn't finish the bar. The new bars have no taste at all. The bars have all tasted great. I don't like leaving bad reviews but I have to read them to know if I want to buy something. This is the time when a company reaches out. Customer service is A+.

👤I liked these bars at first. They taste great. I realized that the sugar alcohol from the erythritol made me so bloated and gassy that I was a trainwreck of misery for several hours. I don't understand why anyone would use that fake sugar. Just use a smaller amount of sugar. The bar doesn't have to be sweet. A bit of honey is all you need. Please never use sugar alcohols in your products.

👤Will sent me a new and improved product. I would like to change my review to 100% satisfied with the product and customer service. I am dissatisfied with the product. The product was not made right. The consistency seems to be under cooked and the taste is fake. I don't know what to think about the whole thing.

👤These things are amazing. This popped up when I was looking for a snack that was low in calories. It's all good, but if you're on the keto diet, you'll be happy with these. Your total net carbs are 10 if you have 19g and 9g of fiber. They are very filling and can be used to replace a meal.

👤I want to like them. I saw them on tv and ordered them from Amazon. I just got the chocolate lovers variety pack and it smelled bad when I opened it. I had one bar that made me sick. I didn't like peanut butter and chip at all. It tasted bitter. I would have simply given the company feedback, but there was no link in my orders to do that. What is wrong with these bars? Has anyone had this experience with them? It's a lot of money to pay for something I won't eat and won't give away. It was very disappointing.

👤The favor is filling. The bar is not a candy bar. I felt like they were in the wrapper when I bought them last time. I removed my scale. The chocolate bar said 45g, and my scale said 53g. The scale said 34g, so 25% of the peanut butter was missing. I feel like I got 20% less than I paid for, because the scale said 36g.

9. Protein Sampler Friendly Gluten Alcohols

Protein Sampler Friendly Gluten Alcohols

IQBAR low-carb bars are made using simple ingredients and have 6 amazing brain vitamins. The snack bars are designed to keep you awake. Their bars have 12g plant-based protein, 1-2g sugar, and only 3g net carbs. The vegan bars are packed with healthy fats and vitamins. Their low calories bars are diet friendly. IQBAR snacks are high in fiber and vegan. Their snack bars are made with clean-label ingredients that are packed with compounds for both your brain and body. Their bars are developed with every diet restriction in mind. IQBAR clean vegan snack bars are packed with 6 brain- boosting vitamins and minerals. They use a science-backed formula to make nutrition bars that are healthy and tasty. IQBAR snack bars are convenient meal replacement bars you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. In the middle of a busy day at work, or while running, enjoy their low sugar bars. Their bars are perfect for any time of the day. Their treats come with only 3g of net carbs in every serving, which is more than you can eat in a day. Each bar has 10-13g of total carbs, 7-10g of fiber, 12-15g of fats and 180 calories.

Brand: Iqbar

👤I've ranked the samples on their taste. 1st: Chocolate Salt has a very brownie-like taste. I want more. 2nd: It tastes like banana nut bread to me, and I love it. 3rd: It reminds me of oatmeal. I love drinking matcha and this tastes like it with a little cream and sweetness. 5th: If you only want an almond bar, this is a good one. 6th: I like lemons, but this tastes like lime. It's almost like a 7th. I like the peanut flavor at first, but then I get a fake banana taste.

👤My review was two stars. It's one now. I was impressed by the fact that they paid me back after I posted a two-star review. You're not satisfied? Here's a chance to get a refund. Without me asking. I saw the email. They sent a plaintive request to improve the review because they are a small company. I was asked if I would be willing to do that. It's not like that kind of request, which sometimes arrives with a product--usually like please contact us directly rather than writing a crappy review, to make me never order from a company again, never trust the reviews, and never improve my impression of the company. The review has been lowered from two to one. I'm pretty sure the updated ones are a result of requests like that. I think it's shady. The product was less favorable than before. I will never buy anything from this un-trustworthy company again and I'd rather keep mincemeat as my emergency hiking food. Don't believe the positive reviews. I've tried two so far, the ones I thought had the most promise. After one bite, I threw both away. I suppose for the sake of science, I'll bite the others. They are not frozen. They don't taste bad. Would they make a good replacement for emergency food? I believe they would be able to provide energy from food that is small and tastes good. Would I eat one again to get a snack? No. I wouldn't. They are not good for you, but there are plenty of good-for-oneself/keto foods that are pleasurable. This isn't that.

👤I bought the sampler to try all the flavors. I was curious to know how good they were. The bars are a good snack size. The only bar I've tried that doesn't have that "aftertaste" or "duringtaste" is the one they have. The flavors of the sea salt tasted similar to their respective flavors. It's a bar that's like a fig newton. The most impressive thing was how full I felt, and no sugar jitters at all. I'm a meal skipper so that was a big surprise. I'm not sure if I'm smarter than before, but I will be buying more once I find my favorite flavor.

👤So far, I have only had half of the bars, so I will update as I finish. Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad. They will do it. I was hoping for an amazing flavor, but they are not, and I am not someone who compares them to twinkies. Natural ingredients are what I like. The texture is ok. It comes down to knowing what I am putting in my body. What is that? It's just ok, I suppose, but could use a little more sweet or a little more salt to bring out the sweet that is there. Or any of the flavors. I believe someone compared them to Larabars in a review. The bars are sweetened with dates, but that's not a problem. They are sweeter and have more flavor. Maybe we are asking too much. Is that a word? I'm glad I'm trying them, but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy a whole box of one flavor.

10. KIND Chocolate Gluten Sugar 1 4oz

KIND Chocolate Gluten Sugar 1 4oz

There are 12 - 1.4oz bars. Almonds are the #1 ingredient in dense bars. Almonds, dark chocolate and sea salt combine for delicious nutrition bars. These nut bars can be taken anywhere. Each snack bar has a good source of fiber and is low in fat.

Brand: Kind

👤I broke my tooth in the Kind Bar. A full dental crown can cost over $2,000. I contacted the people at Kind. They laughed off my complaint. The products that should not have waste nut shells in the final product were not offered because of the POOR service.

👤It's no wonder that it's hard as a rock. The bars I ordered were shipped with an expired date. Unless you want the Jawbreaker version of Kind bars, pass on these.

👤I have gotten at least 6 boxes. I agree with some of the other users that they are hard to use. The first couple boxes were good. I will give another box of hard bars for free. They were kept in a warm climate for too long.

👤I ordered the KIND Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, which were 1.4 Ounce Bars. The taste of salt is so bad it should have been named a bar. Salt should be mentioned first in large fonts in the name of these bars. I did not expect a SALT bar. I don't know if I got a good or bad batches. The amount of SALT in the bars is not intentional. I don't like giving low ratings on any product unless there is a good reason, but this item is so far off normal, I have to rate it as low.

👤I eat one a day. An excellent source of energy with less sugar than most bars in the market. There is a A recent concern has appeared with the new scientific evidence showing a strong correlation between the use of TREHALOSA and the emergence of a strain of C. difficile that is resistant to antibiotics. It would be appropriate for the manufacturer to make a statement about the presence of this sugar in these bars.

👤I have tried a lot of snack bars, but I don't like them. They are either sweet or weird. I've tried a lot of KIND bars, but I didn't like them. I received a sample of the KIND bars and have gone through 4 boxes. There are four boxes. The flavor is great, the ingredients are clean, and it doesn't upset my GI tract, so it really curbs my hunger for several hours. Fantastic product.

👤If you want to watch your sugar intake with an all natural product, you should check this out. I don't believe in sugar substitute bars, but this one is. The 1 bar has 15g of healthy fats, 6g of protein, and 16g of carbs, with 7g of fiber and only 5g of sugar. The amount of sodium is 125. If you have nut allergies, read no further. This bar has a low glycemic index and is delicious. It has no sugar alcohols, and is free ofgluten. This is a treat for someone who has managed his A1C from 9.8 to 6.0 with diet alone and only modest exercise, and it's amazing the taste. If you are managing your sugar, don't do more than one a day. I mostly do dark chocolate and found two on Amazon that were highly rated and low sugar...that is my staple for dessert.

11. KIND Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter

KIND Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter

There is a box of peanut butter bars. The #1 ingredient in the bars is heart healthy peanuts. The bars are 25% bigger than the original ones. Kosher snacks are a good snack for on-the-go snacking. The KIND Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars are a good source of nutrition, are low in fat, and have a low glycemic index.

Brand: Kind

👤I couldn't wait to go to one of these bars after coming home from work. I searched frantically for my beloved KIND bar after opening my drawer. My family devoured all the remnants of my 12 bar order after the search was over. These bars are a big hit in my home. I've never tried a peanut bar that had a more natural peanut flavor. The larger amount of calories is due to them being a tad bigger than normal bars. They are a great snack to just throw in my bag. These bars are perfect for people who like peanuts, salt and convenience. You will not regret it.

👤I signed up for a subscription and they were less than a bar. As of this post, they're over $2 each. I was shocked to learn I was paying so much. If you're willing to pay, you can get better bars. These bars are more like snack bars than actual bars of 20g+. You can pay attn to your subscription. Don't get apathetic like I did. We should be warned if there is a price hike. We agree to pay a certain price for our subscription.

👤Pick me up after swimming or after a slump. The bar has 250 calories and 12 grams of fat. The Kind bar seems more satisfying than most stores carry. I am allergic to soy and can't eat many of their products. The Kind bars have soy in them, but it doesn't make me hungry. It seems to work with me and I have lost 39#'s in the last 18 months.

👤The number of bars in this product is not correct. Amazon provided a replacement, but only had 20 bars instead of 30.

👤These are the best bars I've tasted. They have a great taste without the weird taste that most bars have. The bar tastes good and the calories are high, but not all of the nuts come from it. They have a coating on the bottom and a coating on the top. I will be getting them often if they make itSubscribe and Save. You should try them. If you don't want peanut butter, they have different flavors.

👤I like the taste of the KindProtein Bars, Double Dark Chocolate Nut,Gluten Free Bar and the fact that it has 12 grams ofProtein. It is a plus that it is free of wheat. I try to keep sugar and soy out of my diet, but this bar has both, so it's hard to do. This delicious ready to transport and eat treat will not be an exception.

👤I started buying Kind brand when I stopped eating wheat. These bars were delicious. I like them. I always have several with me. If I have low sugar, I eat one of these after Tabilizing. There are a few pluses. The low glycemic index is a sustainable initiative. Did I say it was delicious? Some milk powder is not vegan. I said it was delicious. Oh, that's right. Yes. I did.


What is the best product for keto granola bars variety?

Keto granola bars variety products from Atkins. In this article about keto granola bars variety you can see why people choose the product. Munk Pack and Quaker are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto granola bars variety.

What are the best brands for keto granola bars variety?

Atkins, Munk Pack and Quaker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto granola bars variety. Find the detail in this article. Perfect Keto, :ratio and Mission Nutrition are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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