Best Keto Gummies Bears

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1. Kiss My Keto Sweet Tropical

Kiss My Keto Sweet Tropical

Tropical Rings are low in sugar, calories, and fat and give you a taste of a vacation. The candy has 70 calories, 3g net-carbs and 1g sugar. Tropical Rings gummy candy is a plant-based vegan snack with an unbeatable'sticky' chew. 100% free of the drug. You can win your weight loss journey with a specialist keto diet candy. Each pack has added a fuel called MCT's. Naturally Flavored, Non-GMO, Soy, andGluten Free! Tropical Rings are a great snack for low-income people. Made with high-quality, clean ingredients. Each 50g bag is 1 serving, so no more calculating macros. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy candy. 70 calories, 3g net-carbs.

Brand: Kiss My Keto

👤I was excited to try these, but I thought it was a little high of a price for 6 bags, but if they settle my craving it's a win! I had to return the product because I didn't try it because I received only one bag for $22 which isn't right. I would like to have a better experience.

👤I only got one bag in the box that I ordered. It wasn't good value for my money. I purchased a box of 6 after double checking my order. The other bags were supposed to be in the box.

👤I don't understand why people hate these for their flavor. These are perfect for people with a sweet tooth because they are on a diet. The price is the only complaint I have. They're too expensive for the quantity you get and are only worth getting once in a while.

👤I love the kiss my gummy bears have. The gummy texture was a little softer than I would like, they're a more sour candy and not like sweet peach rings. The cost of all of the candy is not a big deal. I like the smaller bags for the bears, but this was more of them than I wanted for a single serving. If you like sour candy and have been missing it, they're more for you. I will probably not order them again.

👤The first bite was good. I was happy that I could have a treat. The taste was not good. I think they are not completely terrible and the taste would keep you from eating too many. I wouldn't buy them again. I would like to try something else from their line. If you don't have anything else, then give these a try, but only if you need a gummy fix.

👤I ordered another box after loving them so much. I was surprised at how many rings were in each bag. The texture is similar to Swedish fish. The coating wasn't too sweet and didn't taste like fake-sugar. I would love to take a picture of the quantity in each bag. I ate them all fast. It's funny. I have another box on the way.

👤The gummies are great. I had my husband try an orange flavor. He is very sensitive to artificial sweetener and loves all kinds of gummies. These have no taste after a while. I don't know if these are completely keto since they are one of the ingredients and I don't want to say they are or aren't. I just eat a few and it makes me happy. When I run out, I will get these again.

👤I thought I was buying a box of 6 but I got 1 packet. This is a bull. It's advertised for $22.14 and each package is 1.76oz, so it seems like you'll get 6 packages, but I got one package. It's not an item that is eligible for return.

2. Sweets Twists Licorice Plant Based Calorie

Sweets Twists Licorice Plant Based Calorie

TWIST ON THE CLASSIC. Red Twists are a different take on the classic candy. Kick Sugar is good for candy with SmartSweets. The whole bag has less sugar and calories than the other candy. It is sweetened with high-quality, natural sweeteners. Keep CANDY. It is a better choice to have a mouth watering gummy candy that is free from sugar alcohols, added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Every ingredient is made with real ingredients. There is a plant base. There is 12 grams of prebiotic fiber. They are certified Kosher +Gluten-Free and bursting with a natural berry punch. One bag is what it is. No need to guess or hold back! The whole bag is what the serving is.

Brand: Smartsweets

👤It tastes like death fumes. The founder is making a killing with propaganda and buzz of a luxury sugar replacement. It's not, it's also with the digestion system. I hope she is dead! I wanted my money back after I bought 12. If you have to keep it, place it in a refrigerator or a shelter.

👤I use this brand's products on my diet. This flavor still has low sugar content but it has more net carbs than I consume in one day. The gummi bears, sour kids, red fish and peach rings all have less then 10g net carbs which makes it easier to accommodate. No worries if you only care about sugar content.

👤The product was terrible compared to other products. I can't return the 12 pack box I ordered. A person was completely disappointed after trying one package. Choose to save your money or choose another item.

👤A huge fan of this brand. I don't like the taste of this candy. It is a disappointment. The peach rings are the best if you like this brand.

👤They have a berry flavor that is more similar to Twizzlers than Red Vines, but they still have a small amount of sugar. It was delicious!

👤These tasted great but will ruin your macros. I looked on the label after having 10 bags for a few weeks, but I felt a little off. I like to watch companies that market to people like me. I buy it with certain brands and this was one of them. Never again! I want the review to be based on flavor and not on my weaknesses. I might as well have a scoop of ice cream. I was angry when I saw the label. I made my daughter check it. She confirmed it. She hates red vines, but she thought they were gross. 3 days worth of food and drink were spent watching tv on the bed. Not a good look.

👤I am trying to watch my sugar intake. These smart sweets are very good. The pack has the same look and texture. The taste and chew are good. My new favorites are all smart sweets.

👤It has a strange flavor that is good but not great all at the same time. It is difficult to describe. Before buying a large pack of 12 bags, I suggest you try a bag.

3. SmartSweets Project Sugar Candy Variety

SmartSweets Project Sugar Candy Variety

The Mission Nutrition Box contains a variety of Smart Sweets, as well as fruit and gummy bears. There is a Golly Lolli's. It's a great way to sample all of the delicious SmartSweets and Project 7 flavors and make a great gift for someone on a low sugar diet. Smart Sweets kick Sugar Keep Candy. 3g of sugar is all that is needed for the entire bag. The calories per bag are 100 to 120. Low sugar and low fat. Every ingredient is made with real ingredients. Project 7 low sugar gummy bears. No guilt here! You can eat candy with 3g sugar per bag and no sugar alcohols. A snack that the whole family will enjoy. Project 7 gummy bear treats are a great high fiber option for those on low-carb, low-sugar or weight loss diet. Low Sugar Gourmet Lolo's: Each pop has 1 gram of sugar, and is vegan, non-GMO, and Kosher. Talk about sweet! The hard candy is a great snack for kids and adults on a low sugar diet. Throw them in your purse, backpack, or gym bag for a quick treat. A low car care package. It's a perfect gift box for anyone on a diet. Show someone you care with this premium gift box. It's great for birthdays, appreciations, co-workers, and date nights. This variety gift box is sure to impress anyone.

Brand: Mission Nutrition

👤The box is over priced and the candy is delicious. It costs about $4 per package of candy, which is small to normal size packages. I'm going to keep mine because it's good. I'm definitely not buying again.

👤I am addicted to gummy candy. I have to lose wait. I need to cut down on my sugar intake. I like that I can eat a bag of candy and not feel guilty. The amount of project 7 gummies is satisfying. I like being able to try different flavors of smart sweets and find my favorites. The lollipops are small so I wasn't a big fan of them. It's a little expensive but it's worth it because it curbs the craving without killing my wallet.

👤The snacks were delicious and had the right amount of sugar to satisfy my cravings. I wish they were cheaper.

👤These are good for emergency sweet attacks. It's too expensive to order on auto-ship or in bulk.

👤I didn't like the taste of the box and it was more expensive than getting it at the grocery store.

👤Great deal. They loved the items in their box. Would buy again.

👤Good variety! My kids liked the suckers.

4. SmartSweets Candy Sugar Calorie Plant Based

SmartSweets Candy Sugar Calorie Plant Based

Kick sugar with Smart Sweets. The bag contains just 3g of sugar and 100 calories, which is less than the other fish. Monk fruit and allulose are sweetened with high-quality, natural sweeteners. Keep CANDY. It is a better choice to have a mouth watering gummy candy that is free from sugar alcohols, added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Every ingredient is made with real ingredients. There is a plant base. 13 grams of prebiotic fiber is packed with this. Your favorite gummy fish is certified vegan. One bag is what it is. No need to guess or hold back! The whole bag is what the serving is. There is no comparison between lower sugar and higher sugar. SmartSweets Sweet Fish has the same delicious, juicy berry flavor as regular gummy candy, without all the sugar. Kick sugar and keep candy. There is anAllergen information: gelatin_free.

Brand: Smartsweets

👤I bought the big pack because I was excited about these. The taste is close to Swedish fish, and they looked like they fit in my macros. The kind of fiber used to give this candy a low net carbs is not the kind that makes a true net carbs. Net carbs work when fiber that is not digestible passes. The fiber in this candy is broken down into sugars in the end. This will spike your blood sugar and sabotage your careful eating with false promises. Avoid sugar if you want to. Will taste good going down. Wonder how many calories and sugars these are.

👤The product tries to convince you that it is better for you than sugar. This is not true. What good does it do to remove almost all sugar and replace it with something else that is better for you, but worse than regular sugar? In March of this year, there was a report by Thanh Vo, MSc, titled "Tapioca Fiber or Soluble Corn Fiber: Which one is worse than sugar?" in which Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber was identified as the culprit. Isomaltooligosaccharide is asaccharide. This compound is a saccharide and sugars. Do you not like the taste of the products? A SUGAR FIPBER is not a true fiber. It's listed as a sweetener. The Sugar-Sweetener-Guide has a list of the 'All Sweetener List'. According to an article by Thanh, in the fall of 2013, Quest Nutrition was sued for misrepresenting the amount of fiber in their bars. They decided to remove IMO from their products. Evaluating the labeling of other products shows that there is a link between the two. The first ingredient on the website of Primal Kitchen isomaltooligosaccharides, which is from Tapioca. "Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber" is listed on the package label. It is not listed as a sugar or a carbohydrate as it seems to fall through the cracks of current labeling requirements. They show another label where "Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber" is clearly identified as "IMO from Non GMO Tapioca starch" on the same label. According to the article, the current Final FDA Guidelines for Dietary Fiber do not include IMO. This would suggest that this is not a true fiber, and Tapioca Fiber is simply another name. While the FDA allows more submissions in the future, companies can still do what this company is doing. I want that to change. The evidence presented in the article shows that the difference between table sugar and tapioca fiber is worse. Recent studies show that the blood sugar levels are similar to those of sugar and dextrose. The glycemic index of these is 100. Table 1 shows the GI of sugars maltose, dextrose, rice syrup, sucrose, and Lactose. It is higher than regular table sugar. They ran two tests to see how a SmartSweet product affected blood sugar. They ate a package of bears. They drank sugar water with 28 grams of pure sugar, and compared the results on their blood sugar. The results were the same. Within an hour, both spiked blood sugar into the 160's, and took over two hours to return to normal. Imagine how this would affect a person with diabetes, and how this would affect a person on a diet that is low in fat. There is also Tapioca fiber listed as: Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber Soluble, Prebiotic Fiber from Tapioca, Non-GMO Tapioca Fiber, and Organic Tapioca Fiber. This product is not better than sugar. There are people showing how it affects their blood sugar levels on the internet. It is misleading to suggest that this product is better for you than sugar is. I feel like I have been deceived.

5. Project Sugar Gummy Bears Keto Friendly

Project Sugar Gummy Bears Keto Friendly

Low sugar and low cholesterol. Their gummy bears are almost sugar free with just 3g sugar and 60 calories per pack. They make it simple, whether you're 800-273-3217 Project 7 vegan gummy bears are low in calories and are guilt-free if you follow a low-sugar, low-fat diet. You can eat the whole bag. Project 7 is the lowest net candy on the market. Their healthy gummies candy are a low-fat snack that won't spike your blood sugar and will help you cut down on carbs. This is the first gummies that have tasted good. KETO FRIENDLY AND PLANT-BASED: Project 7 sour gummy candy are plant-based, vegan candy that is packed full of fiber to bring down the net carbs count. They have 6g net carbs per serving. There is no other brand of candy that is plant based or vegan. Other sugar free gummies bears and keto sweets are made with fake ingredients and have hidden chemicals. Not Project 7! All of their gummy snacks are free of erythritol, maltitol, and IMO, but are packed with natural plant fibers to keep you full and the count low. These sweet treats are great for a snack or replacement for sugar-filled movie theater candy. You can eat candy for seven days. A week. Low sugar snacks are bland. It doesn't have to taste like diet candy. Project 7 brings back the flavor of low calories snacks. They use real ingredients that taste good, and make you feel good, because they all want to eat candy every day of the week. There are hidden chemicals, gross sweeteners, and artificial taste in healthy snacks. It's time to eat candy again. An important note... Project 7 gummy rings, gummi bears, gummi worms, and other vegan gummies and sour gummies are specially formulated to be high in fiber. If you are not used to a high fiber diet, please limit your daily consumption to 1 bag.

Brand: Project 7

👤The texture and sour flavor of peach rings from another company is a bit lacking, and I like them, but they are not my cup of tea. These are so delicious. They have some chew to them. Go for it if you are on the fence. The original review was for the sour ones. The other ones are not as good as the sour. If you like sour, go for them.

👤I should have lit $23 on fire. I would have liked it more. These are horrible. My husband and I spit them out. People buy this.

👤I have been searching for gummies that are safe to eat since I went on a no/low sugar diet. There are a lot of brand name gummies that claim to be sugar-free, but a lot of them have maltitol, which can cause a lot of side effects. I found the best no sugar, no side effects product after hours of searching. They are the best on the market for the healthy and body-safe ingredients, even though they might not taste the same as normal sour gummies.

👤I used to buy Haribo gummi bears and then snack on them all day long. There are some of my favorites now that I'm using low sugar/no-sugar gummies. They are gummy and sour. The only thing I wish was different was the coating, it's a little grainy.

👤These are delicious. They don't make your stomach turn into a mess. I eat a package almost daily.

👤I've been on a low-carb diet for most of the last couple years, but I missed sour candy more than anything else. There was no alternative to Sour Patch Kids for me. I found these. They're a bit higher in calories than I'd like, but they're still delightful. Will be buying more.

👤These are the best. I prefer these over the 7 gummy bears. I don't have blood sugar spikes and don't have to go into ketosis.

👤A very tasty treat. I love them! My new favorite.

6. SmartSweets Calorie Plant Based Alcohols Buddies

SmartSweets Calorie Plant Based Alcohols Buddies

Kick Sugar is good for candy with SmartSweets. 3g of sugar and 100 calories for the whole bag is less than the other sours. Natural sweeteners include monk fruit, stevia and allulose. Keep CANDY. It is a better choice to have sour gummy candy that is free from sugar alcohols, added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Every ingredient is made with real ingredients. There is a plant base. 13 grams of prebiotic fiber is packed with this. A mix of 5 delicious flavors per bag: berry, blue raspberry, lime, lemon and orange are certified vegan. One bag is what it is. No need to guess or hold back! The whole bag is what the serving is. There is no comparison between lower sugar and higher sugar. SmartSweets Sour Blast Buddies are the same as other gummy candy, but without all the sugar. Kick sugar and keep candy.

Brand: Smartsweets

👤The nutrition label was meant to trick people into spending a lot of money on gummy candy. These gummies might not have sugar in them, but they might as well have. They are selling these as a healthy alternative to gummy candy. The nutrition label is misleading. Save your money!

👤I decided to check my blood sugar after eating these because of the reviews I read about similar products from this company. My blood sugar went up. I loved this product so much that I was sad. Its definitely not 3g of sugar, that's not very honest advertising.

👤Their labeling is too good to be true and relies on a mischaracterization of the main ingredient. Their main ingredient is not a diet fiber at all. The FDA requires that they no longer call it fiber on nutrition labels, and instead call it a carbohydrate. The company has revised their recipes to use mostly corn fiber, allulose, and isomalto-oligosaccharides, and one can see this updated labeling on their website. It turns out that each package was closer to 30 grams of net carbs because of their use of isomaltooligosaccharide as a primary ingredient.

👤After eating these, my blood sugar goes up. I don't think these have 3g net carbs. This food is not suitable for people with diabetes.

👤I always buy them from Whole Foods. I decided to buy them from here because I didn't want to drive to the store to buy them. The ones from the store are covered in sugar, but the ones from the store don't have sugar on them. They taste different and not in a good way. I ate two packages and threw the rest away. What a waste of money. The drive to Whole Foods will be made from now on.

👤The new recipe is not very good. The texture is sticky. The new allulose ruins the texture and flavor of these products, so I have been stalking GNCs for about 2 years. The company told me that I could get the old recipe through Amazon, but that the new ingredient wasn't approved in Canada, so I guess they've sold out. Help Tara! The peach rings were my favorite product. I didn't buy them. I bought them because there was no sugar, no sugar alcohols, and they were natural. I'm missing my friends in Texas.

👤These are a treat that satisfy my candy craving, but I don't consider myself strictly paleo, so I don't track. The texture on my teeth is sticky. It is less firm than the gummy bears. I wouldn't recommend this if you're following a strict Keto diet because it seems to spike people's sugars and knock them out of ketosis very easily. If you are starting out on a diet like the keto diet, you should stick to non-processed things so you don't have to worry about the sugar cravings. I don't test my blood ketones often, but my sugar was 97 after about 1-2 hours after eating a package, and my blood ketones were at a very low level. If you can pick up a bag at the store, I think they are worth a try. If you have a meter, you can try to test your sugar and/or ketones to see if they are problematic for you. If you really want to be in ketosis and are particular about your diet, this probably isn't the product for you, but if you need to satisfy a sweet tooth for candy but don't want to reach for the regular stuff, this might work for you. Make sure you drink plenty of water and limit yourself to one serving of this product because there is a lot of fiber in it. I had a bag for the first time and this product hasn't caused me much distress. I did not drink enough fluids that day. It isn't making me crave desserts and candy that would make me stop eating healthy. I would be careful not to overindulge because this is one of those things that caters to the low-cholesterol crowd.

7. Candy People Sugar Free Swedish Gummy

Candy People Sugar Free Swedish Gummy

Exotic Fruit is a gummy candy that is free of sugar, fat, and cholesterol. There is a gummy candy that is free of fat, cholesterol, and other harmful substances. Each bag is 4 ounces and 1 of each variety is included in the pack.

Brand: Candy People

👤Don't do it to yourself. The little gummies are creating gas and bloating. I spent the entire night paying for it after having less than a few. I'm sure my dog was offended, but thank God I live alone. The rest was thrown into the trash.

👤It tasted great! The packaging is cute. 5 hours on the toilet!

👤It's ridiculous. I only stayed to the serving advice but ended up having a horrible night because of it. You couldn't pay me enough money to eat this stuff. The whole experience was made worse by the sticky chewiness. I would give negative stars if I could. Couldn't return them, they were a total waste of money. They threw them in the trash.

👤There is a warning. These are gummy laxatives. The package says that consuming too many may cause a reaction. The bag has more than one thing you notice. The warning should be bigger and on the front. Don't make delicious candy that can give you the runs and advertise it as Tasty, chewy laxatives! I blame the seller for not warning us. The product was made by the manufacturer.

👤The flavors are delicious. Limit your intake or your insides will pay if you ignore the warning on the package.

👤This candy is free of sugar. I was very disappointed when they arrived. The globs were very entertaining. We decided to make a family fun covid activity called Lets Cut The Glob Into Bite Size Pieces because we were so desperate. We said no harm, we can just cut it up. We were rolling with laughter because even the strongest of us couldn't cut it. We succeeded. We were lucky to cut in hunks that could fit in your mouth, as the guidelines are out the window. We enjoy this candy product a lot. It's nice to have different flavors and textures. Sometimes you need a sweet treat.

👤It's really good for people who like gummy style candy but are watching their sugar intake. Over eating will cause tummy troubles, so be careful and eat the suggested quantity.

👤These are okay. I liked that it was made with a food. Malitol is the first ingredient. Pork is an ingredient that I am trying to avoid. Other companies use fruit pectin and agar-agar.

👤These are the best sugar free gummies I have ever had. They are no longer available, and it was difficult to get them from the source.

8. Black Forest Gummy Bears Candy

Black Forest Gummy Bears Candy

It's so good. You know them, love them, now get your hands on some Black Forest Gummy bears. Each gummy bear is made with real fruit juice, fat-free, andGluten-free, and it's as good as the last one. Black Forest Gourmet Bears. Black Forest gummy bears are for kids. Soft & gummy fruit candy is full of authentic juicy flavor and you will feel good about it. Treat yourself. Black Forest candy is a great snack to add flavor to your day. There are real fruit flavors. The difference is tasted. Their classic and organic snacks have real fruit juice, so each gummy bear, chew, or fruit snack is soft, squishy, and fruity. It's so Jubilee, ja. Black Forest gummies and fruit snacks are delicious. Whether you treat yourself or share with others, Black Forest candy will add a moment of fun to your day.

Brand: Black Forest

👤I decided to buy my wife 6 lbs of gummy bears in order to make her happy. She has a giant bag of goodness that I think has replaced me. She looks at the bears in a different way than I do. I understand that they are tasing, but how can I compare? If you want to make someone in your life happy or if you want to be lonely, these may be the answer. You have something to hold onto when you're crying. 6 lbs of gummy bears. I am here again. When you subscribe to get a bag of gummy bears, you will get this. My wife was more excited to see this than I was when I carried them in. I know that she loves me, but maybe not as much as these.

👤Well... These have not changed for the better. The bears have different shapes. They're cute. They changed the flavor a lot. They all taste the same, and after I choke down 3 of them, there is an awful taste in my mouth. They're hard to chew on. I'm very sad. Black Forest used to be the best.

👤Black Forest is the best name brand of gummy bears, according to a certified gummy bear coniseur. If you want to expand your taste buds and cost more, I would recommend Harbro or Albaniese Gummy Bears. If you want to refine your pallet, I suggest you try the Black Forest- Swirly, they are also known as the gummy bears that have paint brush on.

👤If you're like me, you had a sudden craving for gummy bears and now you're torn between the 5-pound bag of Haribo for $12 or the 6-pound bag of Black Forest for $10. I'm glad I did. The bears are juicier than the ones that are similar in taste. They are also less tough.

👤If you plan to freeze dry them, you want these ones. They make delicious snacks. Always a big hit. A picture of before and after freeze drying was included. They triple in size.

👤These gummy bears are inexpensive and the best thing I can say about them. The texture is more of a gel than a gummy and they aren't as fruity as other brands. They're made with fruit juice, but they remind me of fruit snacks. I don't think gummy bears are a good option for a healthy start. I have a long way to go with this bag, but they're not bad. Black Forest is a good choice, but for four dollars more and one pound less, I prefer Albanese. I have no connection to Albanese or any other company and these are bland compared to them. I've been eating a small handful a day and they're growing on me, but wow, what a big bag. The bag is large.

👤I make gummy bears with alcohol. Put a load of these in a bowl, pour sky vodka over them, and then seal the bowl and chill for a few weeks. After the vodka has been completely soaked up, serve at parties or take them to work.

9. Haribo Gummi Candy Goldbears Pound

Haribo Gummi Candy Goldbears Pound

The original gummi bear.

Brand: Haribo

👤These are very delicious. You get a lot for the money and it's all worth it. It's up to the individual that decides when enough is enough, and I'm not sure what my bowels shot out of me during my taste test, thanks Haribo.

👤It didn't work as expected. This review is serious. I had a surgery in the past year and have to use gummy vitamins. I had them in my medicine cabinet and two kids ate 400 of them in one sitting, I am not joking. I put these in my vitamins and no one would get sick. I left the bag out and they ate three pounds in one sitting. It was supposed to be a natural consequence, but it was a total waste of money, and I had to deal with it again.

👤Hello everyone! The original flavor of Haribo candy is what I know best. This is my fourth order of Haribo gummy bears. The Haribo gummy bears that I had in Germany were almost identical to the ones I had in Turkey. The gummy bears from my four orders were smaller than the original ones in Germany. This fourth order of Haribo gummy bears from Brazil is a different beast. The flavor of these Haribo gummy bears is completely different from the ones I've ordered before and the original Haribo gummy bears in Germany. Each Haribo gummy bear is supposed to have its own flavor. It's boring, and so un-original. I am very disappointed in Haribo. Next time, I will inquire the country of manufacture before ordering. There is a The Haribo gummy bears have a different color than the original ones. The original ones have a clear and darker color texture than the ones from Brazil. The Haribo gummy bears are different from the Original Haribo gummy bears. There is a distinct flavor of each color. There is a clear and darker color texture. Haribo gummy bears are larger in size. They taste the same. 2. It was cloudy and dull. 3. It is smaller in size. If you like the original Haribo gummy bears, you should stick with European-made Haribo gummy bears, and if you don't, you should avoid the ones made in Brazil. Sincerely, Marc.

👤This isn't a warning. This will cause your rectum to go into a mode of rapid rectum regeneration. You can try to limit your intake. You can wait days between eating them. It doesn't matter what you try. They are inevitable. You will be destroyed from the inside out. These are the best laxatives you can buy. The entire colon needs to be cleansed. Want to lose 5 lbs in 5 minutes? Wait for the results by eating a bunch of these.

👤I experienced a terrible loss recently. Eating can make you feel better after a sad event. I felt fine. Jeffrey's airport experience in 2013 was not the same as mine. It took me about 5 months to eat the bag, but I enjoyed it all by myself. If anyone's stomach and bowels would give way like the Hoover Dam did, it would be me because I have IBD. I did not experience any misfortune and am starting my second bag. I don't usually write reviews. I wanted to share my thoughts on Jeffrey's experience. He should become a writer if he's not a writer. I laughed so hard at his unfortunate turn of events with illness and missed flight that I never laughed so hard before. Jeffrey always has a stiff upper lip and butt.

10. Project Sugar Gummy Guppies Keto Friendly

Project Sugar Gummy Guppies Keto Friendly

This candy is going to make a lot of noise. Guppies! The classic red candy fish is sure to have you swimming back for more. Project 7 is a low-fat snack that can help you cut down on calories or keep you in ketosis. This is the first gummies that have tasted good. Project 7 gummies are plant-based vegan candy that are packed full of fiber to bring down the net carbs count. There is no other healthy candy brand that has low sugar candy or low cholesterol candy. 2g sugar 9g net carbs, and 60 calories per pack are what low sugar and low cayenne candy has to offer. Project 7 gummies can help you satisfy your sweet tooth and still stay on track if you follow a low-sugar, low-fat diet. You can eat the whole bag. Other sugar free gummies and keto sweets are made with fake ingredients and have hidden chemicals. Not Project 7! All of their gummy snacks are free of erythritol, maltitol, and IMO, but are packed with natural plant fibers to keep you full and the count low. You can eat healthy candy for 7 days. Project 7 vegan gummies were created to bring flavor back to the world of low calories snacks. They use real ingredients that taste good, and make you feel good, because they all want to eat candy every day of the week. Project 7 is the name of the group that supports 7 non-profits.

Brand: Project 7

👤The original smart sweets were the best, but the reformulation was too gummy. 100 cals a bag. These are amazing! These are the same conisitancy as original SS and taste great, so not sure what the other guy was saying. They stick the smallest bit to my teeth in a gentle way. These are great for my diet and only 60 cals a bag. Don't hesitate. Incredible.

👤Not strong at all. I got stuck in my teeth. Couldn't finish it. Please try again with the recipe.

👤Highly recommended for those looking for a healthier alternative to candy. I don't feel bad about snacking on these because they are the perfect compromise for someone who is a big fan of gummies and trying to minimize their intake. I would keep these at room temperature because they can get hard, but other than that, they are juicy and just the right amount of sweet.

👤I was a little worried I wouldn't like them, but they're so good. They're better than the other famous fish.

👤Even for someone who loves sweet stuff, these are really good. Half of the people at the party were having diabetes. Everyone loved them and the diabetics were very appreciative that I had thought of them.

👤I used to eat the low sugar gummy candies from a competitor and thought they were good, but I just tried these! I stumbled upon these and thought it would be worth a try. It was more than that. I will never go back to the other brand. I have to hide them from myself. I would like to remember where I hid them.

👤Not like Swedish fish. If you can't have sugar, it's good.

👤The taste of these are great, but another brand didn't like it.

11. Sour Gummies Vegan Candy Calorie

Sour Gummies Vegan Candy Calorie

Soft Chey Sourdoughs: Their gummies are really good. You'll think to yourself, "how is this possible?" Each gummy has a mouth watering bite of sweet and sour that explodes with flavour on your taste buds. Their mission is to make it possible for you to live in a world where you don't feel guilty. Each bag has 90 calories, 2g of sugar and 0g of guilt. One bag is what it is. One service: The whole bag is what the serving is. Each pack comes with 6 individual bags. There are 24 gummies inside each bag. What's in their pets? Real ingredients, like natural flavours and colors, and the right amount of fiber, are what make Allulose so good. They are free of pesticides and plant bases. These are better for you gummies that are too good to be true. They might be the future of candy if Gummies taste good without all the bad stuff. It's an adult version of what you love as a kid without all the guilt.

Brand: Pink Panda

👤These are amazing. I have been eating with the aid of the food group for five years and have tried almost every sugar free candy on the market. I can't explain how good these are. The texture is perfect, but I feel the leading competitor products are too sticky and get stuck in my teeth. They are very similar to sour patch kids. I love the sour coating on them. When I eat too many, there is no bad sweetener that will cause my stomach to swell. I will buy many more of these because they are a great treat. I have tried a few products from Pink Panda and I will be sure to try more.

👤I bought these and realized they have Sucralose in them. It's a bit of false advertising to say that you have wholesome ingredients.

👤I bought a bag of these and I am so sorry I did, but I would get a refund if I could. They all taste the same and bitter. Don't waste your money, they are awful and overpriced. Trust me, you'll be disappointed if you purchase them.

👤The Astro blasters candy tasted good and the texture was similar to regular candy. Two stars off for the marketing and the actual ingredients. My mistake was not reading the ingredients and trusting the package that said 2g of Sugar. I am on a diet and will be buying these for Halloween but don't be fooled by the postcard that says it's okay to eat the whole bag. The whole bag has 16g of net carbs. The cocktail of alternative sweetener, corn syrup and sucralose makes it taste good. The kitchen sink was thrown into the sweet part of the recipe. I don't like the idea of adding corn syrup to the mix and advertising it as a healthier alternative. It is a healthier alternative to regular candy but I don't think they go far enough to kick bad ingredients.

👤These gummies were disgusting and I usually don't talk about snacks. I am not a picky eater so this was a shock to me. 1. They tasted like they had been in the house for a long time. 2. They were hard to chew. I had a film on my teeth. They tasted weird even though there wasn't any flavor. I hope the people reading this don't, because I will not be repurchasing these again.

👤I like the low sugar candy because it helps me reduce my sugar content. When I ordered it, I didn't notice that it contained Sucralose. I don't want to consume artificial sweeteners because they are bad for your health.

👤I decided to try the three types to see if I like this brand. I thought the sour ones were ok, but after I finished the bag, I saw CORN SYRUP in the list of ingredients. What!? It was defeats to purpose for me. I had a bad night of sleep last night. I turned and tossed. I couldn't figure out why my stomach was uncomfortable. I had a huge salad for dinner, nothing that would bother me. Then a few hours before bed, I ate these. I searched for complaints about stomach issues in reviews of this product. It was clear to me when I looked up Sulacrose that it was the culprit behind my pain. Sulacrose affects your stomach's ability to digest food by taking good gutbacteria and replacing them with bad. It also creates gas. I'm not out of the woods yet. My stomach hurts over 12 hours later. Artificial sweeteners can cause a lot of issues down the road because of the bad gutbacteria that replaces the good.


What is the best product for keto gummies bears?

Keto gummies bears products from Kiss My Keto. In this article about keto gummies bears you can see why people choose the product. Smartsweets and Mission Nutrition are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto gummies bears.

What are the best brands for keto gummies bears?

Kiss My Keto, Smartsweets and Mission Nutrition are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto gummies bears. Find the detail in this article. Smartsweets, Project 7 and Smartsweets are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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