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1. Kashi Breakfast Non GMO Project Verified

Kashi Breakfast Non GMO Project Verified

The clusters are bursting with peanut butter. It's a good source of calories and a good snack. An excellent source of fiber, with 9g total fat per serving. The carbon emissions from the cooking and baking of their foods are measured annually by Kashi and offset through programs that prevent or remove greenhouse gases from the air. There is a box of Kashi GO. The peanut butter crunch cereals are great for freshness and taste.

Brand: Kashi

👤I think the recipe has changed recently because it tastes better with 10 Grams of Sugar per serving, and we've been finding large clusters between the size of a golf ball and a ping pong ball. Rocks are impossible to chew, but they do break when smashed with a hammer. Can Cane Sugar, Peanuts and Molasses be that strong? Apparently, it can! The taste is very similar to peanut butter. The word "CEREAL" is hard to find on the box as it is only found once in small lettering. You can crack a tooth if you try to break large clusters. It's not like "Creamy Peanut Butter". It has 10 Grams of SUGAR and 10 Grams ofProtein. Do not use this with KASHI's products.

👤The biggest complaint about this cereals is the fact that it has 10g of sugar in it. I'm not sure if those people know how much that is. A serving of broccoli has 4g of sugar. A big apple has a lot of sugar. This is the best tasting cereals I've had in a long time. You're not going to find a better tasting cereals with less sugar.

👤We weren't expecting a non-gmo product to list SOY FLAKES as the first ingredient, not to mention a dangerous estrogen disrupter. I am sad that Kashi tried to pawn this off. I think lying is fine now. From now on, we will be keeping a close eye on this brand and maybe not buying it in the future. My message is to stop peeing on customer's legs and tell them it's raining. It's terrible for their health. Be well.

👤I like kashi cereals. There are good healthy ingredients and great flavors. I don't think I'll get this one again. The sugar content is too high for my liking. It has a good amount of calories, which is something I look for in my cereals. I love that it is vegan. This is a nice snack to have on hand since we recently switched to a mostly vegan diet. The flavor is very peanutbuttery and it stays that way even when I add almond milk. If they replaced the sugar with a monk fruit or a stevia product, I would love it more. Overall, it's ok, but not for me. Next time, I'll try something different.

👤There is a great peanut butter taste. It has a similar taste to crumbled peanut butter cookies. SMELLS are like old-fashioned peanut butter. I started eating it because I was low in potassium and it was a delicious way to add more. It's better than a lot of cold cereals. I don't have anything other than oatmeal. These cereals taste like a treat and they are like a treat. Filled and sieved. Before eating a bowl of this, I take two bicylenes. It's hard if you let it soak in. It doesn't go wet.

👤It was delicious. I don't get GI distress like other Kashi cereals. The first box only lasted a day.

👤I like this type of food. It's good as a snack in the afternoons or as breakfast. The peanut butter taste in the cereals is good. There are clumps of material. It's very sweet, so it could be a concern for some on a diet. I only eat one small bowl a day. I think it is a good deal, but I wish the box was bigger. I have been satisfied with this cereals and will most likely purchase it again.

2. Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

0g net calories and sugar free cereals. HighKey is a delicious diet-friendly cereal made with no artificial ingredients and no added sugars. This breakfast classic is perfect for people who are on a diet and don't want to miss out on chocolate puffs. This is a great post workout meal with a lot of high-quality meat and veggies. This excellent source of food is good for your body. These crispies are great for on the go. This is a satisfying start to the day with less than 100 calories per serving. This healthy cereals may help you lose weight. It tastes great with almond milk, low fat milk, or as an individual. This powerful mix has all the familiar texture and taste of an original cereals breakfast. Good food from better ingredients is great for a variety of diet plans. Also known as- breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals,

Brand: Highkey

👤I was so excited to see that High Key has food. I ordered the cocoa flavor and waited for my delivery. My box was shipped in a soft Manila envelope. The box was smashed. I wondered if I accidentally ordered a mini brands version. The box is small. You only get 8 ounces, which is less than a box of cereals. I was assuming it would be a box of cereals for $12. I put the bowl of almond milk on top of it. I was surprised by the texture of the bite I took. It was not like cocoa krispies. It was dense and a bit hard to chew. The flavor and texture were good. It had a classic flavor. I love High Key and the cookies. This is a serious rip off. I would pay $7 tops for this box. My 2 stars are based on value.

👤The smallest box of cereals I have ever seen is this one. Small. If you want a smaller bowl or a single serving of cereals, you can get them in this box. A box for $12 is a little ridiculous. It was okay. It tasted like coffee grounds and almonds to me.

👤Appalled by the positive reviews of this cereals. I thought it would be good. It tastes like chemicals and I don't like chocolate at all. I don't know what's so natural about caramel color, I like caramel flavor, but I didn't realize it had a natural caramel color. Magic spoon is not as bad as cereals school, but it is pretty bad. This one is rather disgusting. The money went down the drain.

👤I was given a promotional discount by a third party in order to try this item. The risk associated with me trying this cereals was zero. The decision? It is good. You can really hope for a low-fat, low-cholesterol breakfast. It smells like Rice Krispie Treats when you open it. It tastes like a butter cookie to me. I found it interesting. It is on the sweeter side, but if you are using dairy alternatives you are likely using them as a substitute for sweets, so I wouldn't say that's an issue unless you're really sensitive to sweets. It doesn't change much in milk, and it retains the crunch you're looking for. Is it like a lot of these cereals? A small amount. It will stick to your teeth. It is expected that this is a result of being made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product Would I order it again? I don't know. I would like to try some of the other flavors. I hope High Key understands that it is too expensive for someone to experiment with a small box of cereals. A multipack discount would be nice. One serving is about $1.70 and the serving size is small. If you are expecting to get 7 or 8 full-sized bowls out of one of these boxes, you will be disappointed to learn that the 28g serving barely covers the bottom of a standard sized bowl. The cereals are good-tasting and sweet. I am not sure if the box size and serving size is worth the price of admission. I am glad I tried it, and if you are missing cereals, you may want to give it a try. I will stick with Magic Spoon for now.

3. Wildway Grain Free Cereal Variety Pack

Wildway Grain Free Cereal Variety Pack

Grain free in their fruit and nut mix. A paleo-friendly alternative for those avoiding grains. It's a great vegan breakfast, snack, or healthy meal for kids and adults. There is a delicious variety of flavors. It is made with 100% real ingredients. Grain free fuel for all of life's adventures. Pick up a single serve packet for your early mornings, hiking, mountain bike ride, or camping trip. There are walnuts, cashews, coconut flour, dried dates, and real vanilla bean. 7g plant based protein and 9g fiber per serving is high cholesterol fuel. It's a great alternative to oatmeal. Fuel up before and after a workout. VEGAN & PALEO: Satisfying and delicious blend of nut and seed instant cereals is perfect for busy mornings. It's compatible with many diet regimes: paleo friendly, keto friendly, vegan, dairy free, and so on. It is good-to-go if you mix it in hot water. You can take your breakfast with you. It's like a hot drink. Enjoy their delicious grain free hot cereals, top with fresh fruit, maple syrup, nut butter, mix in plant based milk, or use the plant based milk option.

Brand: Wildway

👤It can be difficult to find convenient packaged foods for camping/living on the go if you abstain from ingredients such as grains and sugars. This hot cereals is an exception to the rule. Many reviewers complained about the blandness of these cereals. The "flavors" all amount to the same bland mix. The blandness is part of what makes this product great. That happens when you make a cereals with no flavors or sweeteners. We can add our own according to our own restrictions. While I am at home, I like to mix in a little cinnamon and a little Agave with some applesauce. If you prefer not to modify it, you will be happy. Sometimes I eat it plain because I am in a hurry. I need food. I don't mind eating bland food if it makes me feel good. These little packets pack a punch. The job is done for me with a total of 245 calories, 7 g protein, 19 g fat, and 15 g of carbs. You can mix with water. Cold is fine, but hot is better. This is not the cereals for people who don't have a lot of restrictions on their diet. This is not the food for you if you want to stay on your diet. If you are committed to your diet and need a fast breakfast to keep you nourished on those days that you can't or don't feel like cooking, look no further. This is the food for you.

👤We've been paleo for four or five years now, and we're happy about it. We have a lot of benefits, from weight loss to blood sugar numbers in range. Being grain-free doesn't bother us in terms of food choices. Almond flour and coconut flour are pantry ingredients, not substitutes, and there are a lot of good paleo cookbooks these days. We eat well. Some food experiences are hard to resolve. Sometimes you need an instant lunch, and there aren't a lot of frozen meals to throw into the microwave. One of the unscratched itches is a hot breakfast. Some of the recipes in the paleo cookbooks are pretty good, but they require a lot of time and attention. Not early Tuesday, when I have a teleconference. We were very happy to find the Wildway hot cereals at Whole Foods. It's similar to the "instant hot oatmeal" breakfasts of old, it's boiled a cup of hot water, stir, and eat. It doesn't taste like a cardboard box, like some old-style health food instant meals. The warm food on a chilly day is what the Wildway cereals are good for. It doesn't need a thing, so I could add cream, fruit, or other additions to the cereals. It tastes good on its own. The packages are portable. A week in a hotel room was enough for my husband to throw a box of four packets into his luggage. Ta da! That's what I wanted. I bet that's what you're hoping for.

👤This "cereal" is great for a paleo diet or a ketogenic diet. It has a lot of fat, fibre, andProtein for what it is. The ingredients are clean and healthful. I wasn't jazzed about it being bland. All the flavors are bland. This was better because of a bit of salt, butter, and stevia. Maybe it's better to be able to add rather than not. It's easy to make with boiled water, and one could use almond milk or something to add some flair to it. I like to have some powdered apocalypse food around. I like the texture. I'm pretty sure it's not for everyone. It's not like grain cereals. I expected that. Being better off with a grain-free diet is a nice alternative when I don't want to work hard to make a meal or am not hungry. I could imagine making it a workout meal by adding some powder to it. I'm going to subscribe to this one. I might as well keep it stocked because my husband and mom liked it. It's a great value for what it is, the ingredients, and the ease of use. It's fun to have a bit of variety and not have to make everything from scratch when you're on a diet like mine.

4. Cereal Snacks Protein Healthy Breakfast

Cereal Snacks Protein Healthy Breakfast

The world's best cereals are Snack House Keto. The crunch and Fruit Rubbles flavor are out of this world. The car is low and friendly. The world's healthiest cereals have as little as 2 grams of carbs per serving. Their puffs are almost entirely Protein and make them the perfect snack for the Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet, and Mediterranean Diet. Office Snacks is the Perfect All-Day Snack Food. Everything in between after school snacks. Snack House Keto is a family owned and USA made cereals that is perfect for adults and kids.

Brand: Snack House

👤I was very impressed with this product. The flavor is similar to a fryuit pebbles flavor, but it's cleaner and has more calories in it than other surgery snacks and cereals. I've tried it as a dessert and it was very good. I used it as my breakfast and it was very good. Babies don't get soggy. I put it to the test with my almond milk and it still kept the crunch. A good snack, treat, breakfast is what I'm looking for. This is it.

👤Oh my, it says 7 serving, but you should not eat it in one sitting. It tastes similar to the cereals but has less sugar. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that the cereals can't be left in the sun for a long time, it gets sticky and messy, once it gets cool. It is good enough to eat alone or with your milk of choice. I'll get one for myself and the other for others.

👤Snack House is definitely invested in their customers and makes sure they are 100% satisfied. I look forward to giving more of their products a try in the future because that means a lot to customers like myself.

👤This is really good. My 15 year old who is picky loved it. It has a great crunch and stays in milk. One serving only has 3 grams of sugar, which is great. I think it's a great idea.

👤The taste is great. It feels like I'm cheating on my diet. You can eat it as a snack, but I preferred to eat it with almond milk. The texture is not as creamy as milk, but I liked it. I had 1/3 cup with 1/2 cup of milk. It's light but filling. Between breakfast and lunch, I didn't find myself hungry.

👤I got my food quickly. When I got fruity pebbles, I loved them. They help with my sweet tooth. They are low in calories and high in calories with a serving size. I can eat them without guilt. They are not fake sugar sweet, which is a turn off to me. They have the right amount of sweet to satisfy you.

👤They taste like cereals. There is no weird aftertaste. If you measure them out and don't pour them in a bowl for cereals, I would eat the whole bag as one bowl of cereals. You can leave a chocolate sweet snack after you have measured it, if you want to.

👤The first time I tasted these, I thought they tasted like fruity pebbles, but the more I tried them, the better they tasted, as they don't taste as fake as real fruity people, but still have that flavor without being over powered. They tasted great and could be enjoyed without the added sugar.

5. Wildway Grain Free Granola Certified Gluten Free

Wildway Grain Free Granola Certified Gluten Free

Grain is free. They don't have wheat, corn, or oats in their mix. A paleo-friendly alternative for those avoiding grains. For kids and adults, their granola is a great breakfast, snack or healthy meal. KETO FRIENDLY: A vegan breakfast made for busy lifestyles. There are no added oils, sweeteners, or extracts in this product. You can get a powerful energy boost from the dairy free, naturally sweet granola mix. Grain free fuel for all of life's wild adventures. Pick up a bag for your early morning run, hike, mountain bike ride, or camping trip. It is similar to mom's homemade banana nut bread with cinnamon and real vanilla bean flavors. A small biscuit made with organic fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. Life's wild adventures are what made this snack so delicious. It's good to have a snack to give you long lasting energy. A great snack and topping. Diet friendly vegan topping for smoothie bowls, yogurt, ice cream, or as the perfect on-the-go snack or alternative to trail mix. The trail mix is too sweet. Sprinkle away, the wild way.

Brand: Wildway

👤I like the flavor and ingredients more than other grain-free options. A little goes a long way. Adding chia seeds to the mix gives it a little more filling power. You just make it last a little longer for me. Most grain free options rely on coconut to be the main ingredient. The other flavors don't have a lot of coconut flavor, but I like that this has a coconut option.

👤The taste is amazing, but I didn't know the main portion was Dates, and the bag is amazing, but I really didn't expect it. I bought it because I was hoping for the imitation of Vans Banana Granola, but it was canceled because I didn't see the dates.

👤I only review products I like or dislike. The product is under the love category. This is a win, considering the quality of ingredients and delicious flavor. I used to buy the cheapest food I could find. I was eating garbage. Going into my 40s. I want to know what I am eating and I want to eat the best I can. I put this on a nice bowl of smoothie and it tasted great. It would be great on hot cereals or cold cereals. Get something quality if you pay the extra buck.

👤Really good. I don't like coconut in most of the granolas. This has everything I like. I would order it again.

👤I add about a quarter cup of this awesome grain free granola to my yogurt as a work snack and change it up with different flavors. The banana nut, the cashews coconut and the espresso bean were all great. It's a perfect combo of healthy and delicious.

👤This is a great product. I like the taste of the food, but I thought it tasted amazing. My kids were the real test. They are not big fans of nuts. They devoured the fresh fruit and the large splash of cream that I threw in. I want to try the other flavors.

👤I placed an order on Amazon for a few bags after trying the product on a plane. I highly recommend buying a bag or two of it because it is delicious and healthy.

👤I feel the same with this one, the other one has coconut in the date. Too much seeds are hard. I don't think it's soft-baked, I prefer some oats or something. It said there were bananas in this one. You can't taste anything because you couldn't see any.

6. Keto Bstro Grain Free Alternative Cinnamon

Keto Bstro Grain Free Alternative Cinnamon

KETO FRIENDLY It's perfect for people on special diet plans like low-carb, or just looking to eat healthier. TheCinnamon Pecan flavor of the Keto B'stro Instant Hot Cereal has 1 net carbs per serving. Almond has 2 net carbs. Net carbs is the total amount of calories minus allulose. No Sugar ALCOHOL. Your gut should be free of pain. The hot cereals are made with zero sugar alcohols and sweetened with allulose and monk fruit. GLUTENFREE, GRAINFREE A mix of nuts and seeds like coconut, pecans, almonds, flax, chia, and sunflower seeds. They have created a healthy alternative to oatmeal that is delicious and retains the taste and texture you love. It's instant hot cayenne. The stay fresh pouch makes it possible for Keto B'stro to go anywhere. Their two delicious flavors made with natural ingredients will help you start the day with energy and will keep you full and satisfied from cravings. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason, just send it back and they'll give you a refund. Some items on Amazon can't be returned. If that's the case, please contact them and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Keto B'stro

👤I like to eat food that is healthy and less fat, but this is not good for me. I tried to add fruit to try to save it. I tried to return this out of pure anger, but it is not eligible for return. I don't think it's a good idea. The Highkey brand of hot cereals is good, but they have discontinued most of the flavors, but I will take whatever they have left over.

👤I was looking for an alternative to oatmeal because I was trying to eat fewer grains andcarbs. The consistency is ok and the flavor is good. It's more like a cream of wheat or something similar. I usually portion my oatmeal at one cup. I like the one with over 200 calories. I didn't read the package carefully. One serving has 180 calories. It isn't filling enough. I have to have something to eat. I could double the serving, but it's not cheap. I'm not sure if I'll buy again.

👤I've been craving oatmeal for a long time. I'm very happy to have found this food. The oatmeal texture is the same as real oatmeal. It tastes great and I like it. I will definitely make this part of my morning routine when I try all the flavors. It's easy to prepare, just add water, microwave for a minute, and you're good to go! This oatmeal is very good.

👤It was easy to make and nothing special. I'm not a fan of the underlying flavor but it's very slight. Maybe that's what others think of the flavor. It's like a drug of choice. I added some of my own. The portion is very small. I appreciate having some easy foods when I don't feel like cooking, and this fits the bill. I don't know if I'll order it again. I will finish this bag.

👤I will add this cereal to my tool box. I like to eat after dinner with blue berries since they have chocolate. Even though the product is not sweet, I still enjoy it. It's good in my smoothies to fortify them.

👤Don't waste your money on a scam that will make you money off people. The portion is 1/3 of a cup, which is roughly 4 ounces of oatmeal. The taste is basically what you would expect a bunch of minuscule ground-up nuts with some coconut flakes soaked in hot water to taste like, I was looking forward to an oatmeal replacement on this diet but it is just gross and I would imagine getting the density and semblance of anything remotely like that

👤I've tried many different alternative foods to reduce carbs in about a dozen years, and have never felt compelled to write a review. This has moved me like nothing else, but some things I liked and some things I didn't. I've tried and enjoyed Sensato High Fiber Hot Cereal to get an idea of my expectations. I was hoping this would be the same. I found the mixture unattractive prior to heating it. If you mixed equal parts water and dirt from a garden, it would look like this. The consistency of the hot cereals I have experience with has tended to change after sitting for a while, adding substance and sometimes showing volume, as water is absorbed by parts of the solid. The consistency after sitting for a few minutes was close to what it was first mixed to. I decided to move on because I thought that might be a result of this being grain-free. When I took it out of the microwave to stir, I found a faint odor that was unpleasant. It was unlike anything I've smelled before, so I have a hard time describing it, but it was an unpleasant near-chemical odor with an undertone of something being bitter and heated or slightly burnt. I was hoping it would be overtaken by the flavor. When I went to taste it, the objectionable note became overwhelming and I only tasted it. I threw the package in the trash after spitting it out. I have never tried anything like that.

7. Magic Spoon Cereal Variety 8 Pack

Magic Spoon Cereal Variety 8 Pack

Meet Magic Spear. Magic spoon looks and tastes like your favorite cereals, with no junk. There are 8x 1oz cups in the Variety pack. Magic spoon has 11g of high-protein per serving, making it perfect for a filling breakfast, afternoon snack, or post-workout meal. The low carb and Koke-friendly is a good thing. It is perfect for anyone on the keto diet or living a low-cholesterol lifestyle. All of their ingredients are non-GMO. There is no artificial ingredients, or anything that is wheat, grains, soy, sugar alcohols, or anything else. Forbes called Magic Spoon the future of cereals and TIME Magazine named it one of the top 100 inventions of 2019. CNN, Fast Company, Business Insider, and more are also featured on the TODAY Show.

Brand: Magic Spoon

👤A sugar free cereals that doesn't taste like a box! It's very expensive at over $3 per cup/serving, but that's on par with the corporations who milk obese people trying to eat healthier with less sugars. Most wonder why Americans are so overweight because they eat healthy for the upper middle class and not for the poor.

👤My husband and I were shocked at the taste of the breakfast cereals we used to eat. The healthy ingredients contain the magic. It's expensive but really worth it, we started with the 8 pack bowls to taste the four different flavors and then purchased the boxes of each one that came in the 8 pack that included fruity, frosted, cocoa and peanut butter. You won't be disappointed.

👤If you are like me and have stopped eating sugars and carbs, what are the two things you missed? You have it... sugar and calories. When I was given the chance to try Magic spoon cereals, I jumped at it. I decided to try the Fruity cereals first. The first thing I noticed when I poured my bowl was how similar it was to the food I used to eat. It was delicious and sweet. I can't wait to try the other flavors.

👤The clear winners are peanut butter and frosted. The flavor of fruity isn't quite right. The chocolate is okay. It's not my favorite. This is better than the Wonderworks brand. It tastes good and is not like a mouthful of baking soda. I'll probably order the full size boxes now that I've tried them. If the Wonderworks brand scared you, you should give it a try. It's much better. The small portion size is my only complaint.

👤I tried this pack for free thanks to Magic Spoon and Stack Influence. I've heard about Magic Spoon from some people. I've been wanting to try it, but I'm more of a casual cereal eater, so it's not something that was high on my wish list to try. The portions are large. I like that these cereals don't have a lot of sugar or carbs. The price per cup is a good value, but I think it could be better. My favorite flavor is the one called Fruity and Cocoa. The peanut butter ones are my least favorite. Cocoa is the best cereals my husband likes. If you're a person who enjoys eating cereals but would prefer a healthier option, I would recommend Magic spoon. If you're not a big chocolate/sweets person, these could be a nice treat option.

👤I bought a variety pack for my family to try. The taste of sugar stays in your mouth. My children hated it. I can have a small amount. But not much. It's not worth the money.

👤The Magic Spoon cereals are so good that I tried them this week. These aren't bad for you because they taste like all of the junk cereals on the market. Grain free, sugar free, and low in calories! I got a pack with 4 different types of chocolate, peanut butter, fruity and frosted. We all tried them and they were delicious. They don't have all of the added sugar and junk in them. They come in a container so you can take them on the go. This is one to add to your list because they are expensive.

8. Mindless Alternative Sweetened Strawberries Blueberries

Mindless Alternative Sweetened Strawberries Blueberries

Maple brown sugar, strawberries, and cream, and Blueberries and Cream, are spicy. There is a rich, sweet maple syrup on hot cereals. It's a thick and creamy hot cereal made with strawberries and a warm bean that is sure to keep you satisfied and fueled through the long Monday mornings. A bowl of creamy goodness was created with fresh, sweet blueberries and warm vanilla bean. Mindless Hot Cereals are great tasting, and they are also great for you. Don't eat the processed grains, sugars, or carbs! Plants are packaged in a plant base and pesticide pack. All of their muffins are completely vegan. They're a great source of calories, providing a snack with 11-13 grams. It's quick and easy. You rush to get ready for the day can make mornings stressful. Breakfast shouldn't be a problem. Mindless hot cereals are easy to use. Just put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Think-less. Mind-less. The health benefits of halo healthy boundaries. Mindless Foods is a natural foods brand that you can trust. Their products are not made with added sugar, plant power, or carb care, and are shown at the top of the package. You can learn more about the store.

Brand: Halohealthytribes

9. Livlo Keto Nut Granola Cereal

Livlo Keto Nut Granola Cereal

Low-fat and friendly. It shouldn't be hard to follow a low-fat diet. This low-carb nut granola is a great treat to satisfy your snack cravings. No wheat. There was no grains. There is no guilt. You can eat this snack with just 1g Net Carbs and no Sugar Added. You are actually feeding your body with premium nuts, seeds, and spices, even if you don't eat any more food. Why you will love it. They don't skimp. This is not a typical oats and sugar granola. The real ingredients in their Keto Granola are almonds, pecans, seeds, and coconut chips. Livlo, how do you? The possibilities are endless, from a healthy breakfast to satisfying a late night crave. By the handful, with almond milk, heavy cream, or yogurt, sprinkled on salad or your favorite dessert, or added to a go-to recipe. Get creative! They want to hear what you come up with. Their promise. The quality and tastiness of Livlo products are behind them. If you don't like the product for any reason, contact them and they'll make it right.

Brand: Livlo

👤I have this with some water and cream. It's amazing! I've tried many recipes that are similar to the keto diet. This is the first recipe I've found that is better than non-keto cereals. Most of the time, the sugar in the recipes gives me a headaches and has a strange taste. This does not have that. I had to check the label again to make sure there was no hidden sugar. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

👤I am not on any kind of diet. I like eating healthier food options. I went on a limb to try this and it has become my favorite. It tastes like a cinnamon muffin or coffee cake. You can read about the health benefits in the other reviews, but I'm here to tell you how good it tastes.

👤I dare you to get from the mailbox to the house without opening this amazing Granolo. I've never tried anything like this before, and I've ordered many. The taste of this tastes 10 times better than the taste of High Key Keto hot cereal or the taste of Jillians Bakery granola. When you try this coconutty goodness, your tastebuds will sing hallelujah. I ordered more bags for my family after I tried it. They will be hooked as well. Thanks for making a delicious product. Please make a bigger bag of it.

👤A clean granola that tastes great! I destroyed the entire bag in a week. It's similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch but with clean ingredients you can feel good about eating. It was good. Adding this to my waffles in the AM or baking it into zucchini bread was my favorite. That is very good. The next bag will arrive.

👤It's a good snack. I only eat a small amount at a time. I put that in a small container and add a dash of cold water to make it creamy. I don't like the price. I'd rather eat half a bag at a time, but when I need something sweet and cereals-like, this is the perfect snack. I'll probably get at least 10 serving out of the bag, so it's not too bad. I'll buy it again.

👤I've been on the diet for almost 3 years. I found out that Oika's Triple Zero yogurt has about 5 calories per serving, based on my blood sugar. The search for a great "granola" began once I found this. I also bought another brand. Don't bother with anyone else, take my word for it. This is excellent. You don't miss the oats at all. I just ordered my second bag. It is a perfect breakfast with Oika's Triple Zero with 1/3 cup on top and it is more than enough because it is so filling. I snack on it at night.

👤I use it on top of Greek yogurt. I've been using the same product from Low Karb for a while and decided to try it. Compared to Low Karb, this is less obvious, sweetner and is a good thing. It doesn't get soggy with the similar stuff from Low Karb and it is more crisp with the toasting coconut. Is that soggy in Greek yogurt? Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I have to save it for later. Struggle, right? I will try more flavors from Granolo. I did try their chocolate cinnamon, but I didn't like it very much. I am more sensitive to the sweet than the product, so this isn't a knock against it. If you're missing junk food like Cocoa Puffs, you'd probably like it. I like this cinnamon almond pecan. I wish there was more in the bag for the money but it seems to go farther than Low Karb even though both are the same weight.

10. Blueberry Phenomenal Foods Co Unsweetened

Blueberry Phenomenal Foods Co Unsweetened

Phenomenal Foods creamy kety hot cereals are a delicious vegan breakfast option and the perfect alternative to traditional grain-based breakfast foods. Each serving contains just 1 net carbs, 6 net grams of protein, and 4 net grams of fiber. The perfect start to the day! Their creamy ket hot cereals are all natural and have no artificial flavors. Enjoy the simple taste of real food, minimally processed, with no added sugar, andflavor your bowl as you please! Just add hot water and mix. Grain free and rain free! Enjoy the simplicity of hot cereals the way you remember them, with the comfort of knowing you care for your gut. Their products are manufactured in a facility that processes other products that contain wheat. Cook to your liking with plant-based or traditional milk. It can be cooked in the microwave. A little butter, a dash of vanilla, and your favorite sugar-free sweetener are all you need to make a delicious vegan breakfast that will stay with you all morning long. It is delicious! They didn't try to improve on mother nature's creation. The health-conscious consumer will love their delicious hot cereals. It can be difficult to find quality, natural food options that fit into your lifestyle. How do they know? They have been there. They created a breakfast option that is low in calories, low in fat, and safe for people with diabetes. Try all of their creamy kety hot cereals - they come in three flavors. The original was cinnamon bun and a fruit.

Brand: Phenomenal Foods Co

👤I will be the first to tell you that I almost threw it away. I used 1/3 c. mix and 1/3 c. Unsw. It was like wallpaper paste. I jazzed it up a bit. About a tenth of a second was added. There is a small amount of heavy whipping cream. Mixed it up. Oh my gosh... What a huge difference. Excellent! We have to be a little more creative with the foods we buy. I have to thank my mom for raising me up on Mix and Eat Cream of Wheat because it was almost exactly what I was eating. Some may not be able to get past the texture, but it hit the spot for me. Please keep making this stuff. You should add more flavors like BANANA, STRAWBERRY, and PEACHES. It was delicious!

👤This way surpasses my expectations. I have had the plain and the cinnamon bun. The cereals are so delicious. I had a bowl for lunch today and it was so good that I missed something like this in the mornings. The amount you get is the only complaint I have. I don't want to run out of it, it's a small bag with 10 serving. Clean ingredients. You will be happy with this.

👤I haven't been able to have real hot cereals because of my allergies. This was the best hot cereals I have found. I wish it came in a bigger bag. Will buy again.

👤This was a great addition to my smoothie. It made my on the go smoothie that I use as a meal replacement even better. This should be added to any meal conscious regimen.

👤This is filling and I love it for breakfast.

👤The worst food I have ever eaten. I will eat almost anything. Terrible.

11. Instant Cereal Certified Gluten Unsweetened

Instant Cereal Certified Gluten Unsweetened

It is made with a dedicated grain free and gluten free material. 2 net carbs per serving. It's a great alternative to Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. The ingredients include Coconut, Almond, Pecan, Chia Seed, Organic Flaxseed, Konjac root, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Brand: Pure Traditions

👤I was looking for a substitute for oatmeal. I stumbled upon this. Considering the portion size and the fact that I won't eat it often, you get a good amount of oatmeal. The price of oats is more expensive than regular oats, but that is a given, considering this involves a lot more ingredients and procedures than plain old oats. The consistency is very similar to oatmeal. I thought it was going to be a little bit more coarse. It has a bite and won't make you feel like you're eating baby food. I will not be reordering despite the positives. The cinnamon is too strong for me. The cinnamon is overwhelming because I have good taste buds. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who is sensitive to cinnamon or has good taste. It is a great oatmeal alternative for people with concerns about their diet.

👤I am "paleo-ish". I wanted something to eat for breakfast. I ordered it. Breakfast was different forever. The product was in excellent condition when it arrived. It's very easy to make, with 1/3 cup of cereals and 1/2 cup of hot water. The flavor of the cereals is nutty and has a cinnamon and coconut smell. You can mix it with anything, such as a piece of an apple and a piece of Nutzo. The filling of the cereals leaves you satisfied. There is no bloat from this cereals, as with a grain based cereals that is the typical issue. I am very happy with my purchase. I can't wait for breakfast.

👤I thought I had wasted my money when I got this, but I learned not to be picky. This stuff is really good and the first taste was really good. I ordered more bowls after I had only had 2. The portion is small but worth it. Small portions are better for me. I have spent a lot more for bad stuff. I don't eat it in the morning. The price is worth it for me.

👤I am not a fan of the "Cream of Wheat" type of hot cereals, but I was looking for a healthier alternative. This was a great option. I've seen a lot of reviews that say they used 1/3 cup. If you use the serving recommendation on the bag, it will be more filling. 1/3 C would not fill a bird, even though 1/2 C is still quite small. As always... Do more or less to fit your lifestyle. I'm happy I tried it out.

👤I miss hot cereals during the cool weather, even though I've been Paleo for two years. I tried many concoctions but found none that were satisfactory. The hot cereals have a nice flavor. Consistency is similar to Cream of Wheat. I used a little water and a lot of water. coconut milk with cereals. I had to cook to my liking in the microwave. It's Paleo, it tastes good, and it fills my need for comfort food. I'll buy it again and look for more products from this company. My non-Paleo husband said it was not bad. It was high praise.


What is the best product for keto hot cereal high key?

Keto hot cereal high key products from Kashi. In this article about keto hot cereal high key you can see why people choose the product. Highkey and Wildway are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto hot cereal high key.

What are the best brands for keto hot cereal high key?

Kashi, Highkey and Wildway are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto hot cereal high key. Find the detail in this article. Snack House, Keto B'stro and Magic Spoon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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