Best Keto Hot Chocolate Packets

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1. NOMU Drinking Chocolate Servings Powder

NOMU Drinking Chocolate Servings Powder

Drink hot or cold with milk. Almond, skimmed, full cream, soy or water. It's easy to make a delicious gourmet hot drinking chocolate. Add marshmallows or whipped cream to sweetened tea to make it even more decadent. It has no corn syrup and is made from 20% cocoa. You can make other drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, and chococino.

Brand: Nomu

👤This is the best! Stop looking. Take it with you wherever you go. I do INRDeals The pretty little packets of chocolate can be used to make a luscious chocolate drink, hot or cold. Add water, coffee, whiskey, or something else and it will be dissolved instantly. I keep a packet with me at work, even if I don't get to drink it, because I feel better knowing it's there. It helps keep me sane. Now is the time to buy this.

👤This has been a very good product so far. We've tried it as hot chocolate and chocolate milk. Both have been great. I am happy that we have found a product that doesn't put unnecessary ingredients. We are trying to eat clean, but we will not give up hot chocolate with my children. There is no information on the packaging. You have to use scissors to open each package. If you're planning on taking this product on the go that would not work, please work on this for future packaging.

👤It's better with fresh cream, but backpacking with it is not easy. Afrikaner Drinking Chocolate does not contain food analogues like diglycerides, so it's best to mix it with trashy American hot cocos. NOMU is one of the few acceptable brands available on Amazon, since it abandoned its loyal consumers with an ingredients switch to trash components. Milk chocolate chips can be melted in a bowl heated by steam until they melt, then mixed with heavy cream. If you want a more stiff version, use semisweet chips or 60% cacao chips. These guidelines- compliant instructions can be appreciated by the Amazon Community Management Team. There are people who claim to allow reviews that are less than 6 words and include title text that we all see and dislike. Quality reviews because? The photo uploading for reviews has been disabled. Their reply to disabled image uploading was obstreperous.

👤I wanted to make hot chocolate at work without having to store milk. I wanted one that didn't have artificial sweeteners. This one is perfect for both requirements. I tried a number of different options that met both requirements and I chose the one that I liked the most.

👤There are packets for a larger cup of hot chocolate. They were purchased for a church event. The whole supply was split into two and then put into two different pots of hot water that could make 50 cups of hot beverages. The coco was not very sweet. It was made with water and not milk, but it was still sweet and creamy. I would recommend it.

👤I bought this product for the wife and kids in bulk size knowing it would last through the cold months, but not pleased with it, as it is very weak flavoring, unless 2 or 3 packs are used for 1 serving, will not purchase this item again.

2. Swiss Miss Reduced Calorie Capsules

Swiss Miss Reduced Calorie Capsules

Hot Cocoa: Swiss Miss Milk Hot Cocoa is made with premium imported cocoa and dried milk, supporting 80 local dairy farms that supply farm-fresh. If you want to create a new family tradition, wrap your hands around a mug of Swiss Miss Milk Hot Cocoa.

Brand: Swiss Miss

👤I received a reduced calories after asking for sugar free. Is this the same? Is Swiss Miss still making sugar free?

👤I was surprised by the number of reviewers who said it was watery and not as good as they thought. Sometimes I add water and microwave it. I love that the cocoa mix is eliminated by the K-cup. I would pay a bit more to get rid of artificial sweeteners because they cause dementia. I limit myself to one a day.

👤The regular Swiss Miss has more calories than these. They taste terrible, but they compare well to other brands for taste and calories. The 12 pack should have been just a test.

👤The envelopes are always clumpy. These are awesome because they were made in the Keurig. The flavor and texture was great for 40 calories. Five stars!

👤I've been trying to find a low calories version of hot chocolate for years. Have always been a fan of the miss sugar free. It's difficult to stir and clumps up a lot. This is more than the packets, but worth it for office use. It's a popular option to buy a box for the office. Not having to stir it up was nice. If you use the Keurig after some of the chocolate will get left behind, make sure to run a cup of just hot water after marking this because it's a complaint.

👤I couldn't find low calories hot chocolate. The k cups mix smoothly and are less bumpy than packets. Like them a lot.

👤I didn't like the flavor of the chocolate because it wasn't as sweet as I wanted it to be. I added extra chocolate to give it more flavor. I will. ORDER MORE, but won't go for the reduced prices again.

👤My daughter likes chocolate milk. She doesn't like it hot, so I pour it over ice. I am saving calories by using these as opposed to the regular ones and she still approves. If you are an adult with a refined taste for hot chocolate, you should steer clear of this one. You will be disappointed.

3. Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate 10oz

Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate 10oz

Their delicious hot cocoa is sweetened with their all-natural blend of organic Stevia and chicory root. Their delicious hot cocoa is sweetened with their all-natural blend of organic Stevia and chicory root. Naturally low carb is just 1g net carbs per serving and zero sugar, vegan, wheat grain and dairy free. sip with your favorite dessert, cake, cookie, ice cream, muffin, yogurt, fruit bowl, snacking dipping mixing was never sweeter. It's quick and easy to make, just add hot water, milk or milk alternative, and they prefer almond milk. The treat is made in the USA.

Brand: Sweet Luv

👤I add these chips to my Professor Nutz each night for a snack and I am very happy I found this product.

👤I like to snack on hot chocolate at night. I finished my first bag in less than an hour. It is rich and a treat, but only has one net carb per cup. It's a perfect dessert to finish the night off. I prepare it using whatever alternative milk I have on hand and a splash of heavy cream and then I mix it with my little hand frother/whisk.

👤It's good to eat out of the package. Smaller chips are perfect for snacking or melting. They have a very slight texture out of the bag. I melted it in the microwave. The chocolate was smooth and creamy when I re-hardened it in the freezer, it was the smoothest chocolate I had ever had. These will be perfect for baking.

👤They taste great in a cooky or out of the bag. If you want to use these to replace the standard chocolate chips in your cookies, I would suggest doubling the amount of chips required. The ratio of cookie dough to chocolate chip is perfect, even though the chips are smaller. I found that these chocolate chips did not raise my blood sugar. I was eating them out of the bag because I thought they tasted great. I'm not a great baker, I don't like baking, and that might still be overstating my baking abilities. When I get a craving for chocolate, I usually eat these chocolate chips out of the bag. The chips are not to blame for my lack of baking skills. I'm new to baking and have a lot to learn. It's not easy.

👤I made some bark candy using chopped nuts, but it was bitter, so I added a few packets of stevia and a little salt and the bark came out very nicely and just sweet enough to eat. I put a bag of chips in a bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds. At power 8. Take the bowl out, stir and redo a few times, and then add the nuts and spread on the baking sheet. Put it in the refrigerator. Don't overcook them because they melt very quickly. Will buy it again when the weather is cooler.

👤This product was rather disappointing. I was looking for a low or sugar free hot chocolate, but this doesn't taste like hot chocolate to me. The powder sticks to everything, so be careful when opening the package. My image of hot chocolate is light brown because it came out very dark. The taste is not light chocolate sweet, but dark chocolate bitter. There is no picture on the package. I made it with almond milk because it improved the look and taste. Next time, I'll try something else.

👤This is not good. Disgusting. I've never tried chocolate like that. It doesn't taste like chocolate. It tastes like a vegetable. I don't want you to! I cringe when I remember the taste. I can't comprehend how anyone could eat this and rave about it. It's really sad... How can you ruin a chocolate? I have a 3 pack. It was a better deal than a single pack. Awesome. Never again! I would rather not eat chocolate. Yuck!

4. LAIRD SUPERFOOD Chocoalte Functional Mushrooms

LAIRD SUPERFOOD Chocoalte Functional Mushrooms

Performance Mushroom Hot Chocolate is vegan, soy, and non-GMO. The rich and smooth flavors of coconut milk with a touch of cinnamon are what datememe PROFILE is. Don't worry, you won't like mushrooms. Artificial ingredients, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or chemicals are not included. Aquamin and a blend of Reishi, Chaga and Maitake mushrooms support a healthy mind and body. Add 3 1/2 ounces of hot water to 8 ounces of hot water and froth it in your mug.

Brand: Laird Superfood

👤The taste is terrible. There is nothing creamy or delightful about this drink.

👤The quality of the ingredients, the packaging, and the feel of the cocoa powder are all important factors to consider when making this hot chocolate. It is top notch. Coconut is the most popular flavor, followed by coconut sugar and chocolate. The coconut milk powder drink has a taste of chocolate and a sprinkle of mushrooms, it's exactly like it is. The word coconut should be on the label. I wouldn't have bought it. The coconut flavor comes from the main ingredient which is coconut milk powder, followed by organic coconut sugar, and finally extra vigin coconut oil. The 3rd position of the ingredients is occupied by organic cacao powder. The mushroom extracts are in the top five. The last cinnamon is organic. This is not a low sugar drink. The second main ingredient is coconut sugar. 10 grams of sugar is added to each serving. This drink is not healthful and you are not nurturing good health with it. You are giving yourself a dessert. A chocolate treat with a small amount of mushrooms. I wonder how many people would drink a coconut milk powder drink. Leave hot chocolate alone. A cup of hot chocolate is comforting and provides a feeling of being in a safe harbor for "me time." The product can't deliver either satisfaction or comfort. The amount of mushrooms will not provide any health benefit.

👤Better ingredients than the typical Swiss Miss hot chocolate. It has a strong coconut flavor, so do not buy it if you want to have a chocolate taste.

👤The mushroom has a subtle flavor. It does not taste like mushrooms or chocolate. It tastes like hot chocolate. The use of coconut is subtle, but I like the flavor. I mix the cocoa powder with oat milk to make it less rich. I like that this cocoa is not too sweet. The chocolate tastes like cocoa. This is a great product and will be one of my go to beverages.

👤This is not the best hot chocolate I have ever had. I knew that this was made from different ingredients than the traditional hot chocolate I've grown up with. I was looking for a substitute for my hot chocolate cravings. This definitely worked for me. I think it's down to your expectations and the reason you switched.

👤I love this stuff! A little pricey. It is a very healthy alternative to the high sugar and junk filled ones on the market. This has a chocolate/ coconut flavor that I absolutely love. It has a lot of different types of mushrooms that have health benefits. I like to have a sweet tooth.

👤The product isn't the worst I've had from them, but it doesn't taste like hot chocolate. It was better after adding some nestle cocoa. It was delicious when added to a smoothie.

👤The hot chocolate from Swiss Miss is more sweet than this one. You know you are getting something from the mushrooms. It is a great way to get a treat on a warm day. Will buy again.

5. Land Lakes Classics Chocolate 1 25 Ounce

Land Lakes Classics Chocolate 1 25 Ounce

There is a value pack of 3. There are 36 individual 1.25 ounce packets. ChocoLATE SUPREME: Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics Supreme Hot Cocoa Mix is the ultimate hot cocoa, richer in chocolate flavor than a regular chocolate hot cocoa, it's time to elevate your cocoa experience. It is possible to make a rich, creamy cocoa using hot water and nonfat dry milk. Hot Cocoa: Place a cup of cocoa mix in it. Add some hot water and stir. ICED COCOA. Add hot water and stir. Put over 34 cup of ice. There is no need for additional milk because their cocoa mix contains nonfat dry milk. Kosher dairy andGluten free dairy.

Brand: Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics

👤The best hot chocolate ever is this one. If you add marshmallows it's even better. I used to be able to buy these in food lion. I had to order them because I tracked them down online. This will be great! I drink it in the summer but not in the fall and winter.

👤Land of Lakes cocoa is very good. I love the fruit. It is my favorite drink when I need a drink on a cold night. I go to that. I drink the other and my drink lasts longer. This last order of cocoa chocolate was sent to me. Instead of 36? They refunded the money, it must have been a new person working. I found a pack in an envelope at my door. After I received my order, I looked around for the box outside, then opened the envelope and found a package of cocoa.

👤This is one of the best instant hot chocolates I have had. Add hot water. It's great for travel because single-serve packaging makes it easier to carry and it prevents products from going bad when it's warm. It is expensive wherever you buy it. I think it works out as there is no waste.

👤One month after I subscribed, Amazon was out of it. I had to find an alternative. I am going to switch to Ghirardelli Premium Hot Chocolate because they shouldn't have allowed me to look around. If you are a true chocoholic like me, I wrote a review of that one. It might be too intense for some people, but I enjoyed it.

👤The winter here in Afghanistan has been cold and snowy, which is unusual for this time of year. My bones are kept warm by this fine quality hot chocolate. I took a free sample from a care package at the Red Cross and became a fan of this brand. I was hooked from the first cup. This is the best tasting instant hot cocoa I have ever had. I can't go back to the less expensive products after this. The warm fuzzy sensation that comes from drinking this cocoa is similar to being on top of mount Everest with the cold brisk wind flowing through your hair but at the same time a warm fuzzy sensation is circulating throughout your body keeping you warm from the hard mountain top conditions. Yes! It's good! Try it for yourself.

👤I like Land O Lakes chocolate. It's the perfect hot cocoa for me. It is nearly impossible to find nowadays. Amazon is one of the only places that sells it, and it's often for crazy high prices. I hope that will change soon. I want to get more.

👤The only option was to get Artic White. Wanted chocolate supreme, not a refund.

👤Land O Lakes Hot Cocoa mixes are not my favorite. The texture after mixing was not as good as their other flavors. It didn't have the same chocolate flavor. It tasted like watered down cocoa with a hint of coffee. The other Land O Lakes flavors are so good that I don't recommend this particular one.

6. Natural Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

Natural Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

The Variety Pack is made with quality and natural ingredients. It is possible to satisfy the deepest desire of any chocolate lover with a rich, decadent Cocoa taste. All of the ingredients are safe to use. Allergy Friendly is manufactured in a nut-free facility, which complies with the highest food safety standards. The complete mix includes 14 ounces of water and 2 tins of double Dutch and classic caramel.

Brand: Castle Kitchen

👤I ordered this for my birthday. The company doesn't accept returns after one of the canisters broke open. If you buy this product, you may be spending over $12 for one canister and throwing the other one in the garbage, since it smells good but is easy to smell. I will never buy from this company again. I would rather give it to a company that takes pride in their work and accepts responsibility for things that go wrong.

👤I bought this to have some hot chocolate on cold days when I was a kid. The hot chocolate tastes terrible. It has a chemical taste in the back of your mouth and throat that lasts about 30 minutes after drinking it. It's easy to make hot chocolate from scratch. Use a plant-based milk. I like hot cocoa and ice cream from Ripple. It's equally good to make your own homemade milk. For vegan, you can heat 4 cups of any plant-based milk you want. Don't bring the water to a boil, just hear it stirring, until the water starts to evaporate. A cup of sugar, a cup of cocoa powder, a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a pinch of salt are included. If they carry vegan chocolate chips, you can search for them on Amazon. If everything is combined well, remove the heat and add in about 2 grams of vanilla extract, which will make it even better. Enjoy with your family and friends. If you want extra thick and creamy hot chocolate, use 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

👤The bottom of the can was broken in. That was a waste of money because it is not eligible for return.

👤My husband and I have been vegan for many years, but we have never found a hot chocolate mix that we liked. This mix tastes like hot chocolate and is very easy to make. The caramel flavor mix is the best, but the double chocolate and mint flavors are also very good. We will recommend these to others as long as they are available.

👤I have a family with dairy sensitivities and I'm looking for an alternative hot cocoa mix. We have been avoiding the old favorites and choosing coffee first. During the holidays, hot cocoa seems more festive, and maybe more kid friendly. I don't know who tells their kids to come in from playing in the snow to a cup of coffee. This was a failure for us. I think this was too salty, I get that things will taste different. My guess is that this is because of the Carmel flavor. The drink was smooth. We decided to heat up some almond milk to make a more creamy hot cocoa. I was surprised when I had a similar reaction to dairy. Although the package says dairy free, it is written in small print below the contents label that it is processed in a factory that processes milk products. This is not a good option for people who are sensitive to dairy or allergic to it. Had I known, I could have saved a small fortune. I am giving this product 2 stars because it is not dairy free for people with dairy allergies. I could have learned to like salty cocoa. It was not meant to be, and this product dislikes me more than I do.

7. Caffe DVita Sugar Cocoa Ounce

Caffe DVita Sugar Cocoa Ounce

Hot Cocoa with sugar. Can add to your coffee. No Cholesterol, Low Fat, No Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fat, and noGluten Free.

Brand: Caffe D'vita

👤I used almond milk to make it creamy. It is good for hot chocolate. I will purchase this product again.

👤I wanted sugar free cocoa and sorted by review to find something better than Swiss Miss, this came up first. I thought it was a sure thing because of the overwhelming positive reviews and the fact that only the price complaints were allowed. It has no chocolate taste. I made it with milk and twice as much cocoa mix as I was told, and it still tasted like milk from the bottom of your bowl, even though some reviewers said it was a bit watery. I'm really sad. I paid a high price for 2 cans because I will never use them.

👤It is not enough according to the title. I tried adding more but it didn't help. Creamer is the first ingredient listed and it really shows in the flavor. I will try to add some powdered chocolate to it to see if I can save the rest of it.

👤Does great with hot beverages, but not well with cold beverages. It turns my coffee into a delicious drink.

👤This is very good. Love the flavor and no sugar.

👤Couldn't drink it. It tasted terrible. I was disappointed.

👤Adding 1T to 7oz of hot water is what the directions say to do. The water was a thin blend of chocolate colored water. Increasing the amount of cocoa mix did not make it better.

👤I gave it a try because it was cheap. It was a disappointment. It didn't seem like hot chocolate at all. It was a hard pass.

8. WonderSlim High Protein Chocolate Marshmallows

WonderSlim High Protein Chocolate Marshmallows

Hot chocolate W/. Marshalls: It's easy to get a great tasting sweet flavor in a smooth mix. One cup of hot cocoa will satisfy a sweet craving and curb any hunger cravings. WonderSlimRaspberry Hot Chocolate Mix are ready to mix and are perfect for sharing at any time of the day. With WondersLIM, you can create an individual diet regime with their delicious range of drinks, shakes, breakfasts, entree, supplements, soups and more. Made In America is a trusted brand.

Brand: Wonderslim

👤I always have hot chocolate as my first meal of the day, even though the company is out of hot chocolate until the first of the year. This is a great replacement. It has a good flavor and texture if you mix it with a frother. I am very pleased with this gem. It has more than I would want, but it has more than I need. I usually add more water than the recommended 6 ounces.

👤The flavor is great. 3 of the 7 packs have the same quality flavor. I got mixed results on dissolving the powder when I prepared all 3 the same way. It was like any instant coffee. One had a few small clumps. One was not clumpy. I tried everything, adding more boiling water and even microwaving it. The consistency was similar to the beads you find in bubble tea. I feel like I have had mixed results, but I would buy this again because of the nutrition and the flavor. The price is close to $2 a packet. I would like to see Wonderslim make larger, "economy priced" variety packages and/or to add some sort of buying discount that can be mixed and matched between all Wonderslim products.

👤This is my third order for products from this company. I have never had an unforgettable experience. It's everything I want and more and I love the taste. I'm happy to find a product that's good for you and tastes good. I placed a previous order for the same item. I'm happy to know that I found a product that works and tastes good. The company that makes this brand is Kums to the company.

👤I ordered these hoping I would like them as much as other reviewers did. No clumps when stirred with hot water. It has a very sweet taste and leaves an after taste as if you drank crystal light. I didn't like the taste of cappuccino at all. I was keeping in mind that this is a diet version, and I was drinking it. I didn't like the way it tasted. I will be looking at a different brand to see if it is any better.

👤I like the products from Wonderslim. I went to a diet clinic a long time ago. Lind wasn't sure if I could use another company's name. Anyway... I lost a lot of weight and enjoyed the shakes and drinks. I was researching something. Wonderslim thought he would try it and it was very good. I will be an ongoing customer. I would like to try it. People have different tastes. Don't think you will be unhappy with the product.

👤This drink is low in calories. The taste is similar to cappuccino. It gets creamy and white at the top if you mix the powder well. It takes a bit to do that. I prefer these for their quick calories and high quality of nutrition. I ordered in other flavors as well. I hope I like them as well.

9. Ghirardelli Chocolate Beverage 50 Ounce Canister

Ghirardelli Chocolate Beverage 50 Ounce Canister

Ghirardelli is the premium baking brand because they use their expertise in chocolate to create high quality products that have luxuriously deep flavor and smooth texture. You can make impressive deserts with Ghirardelli. A pack of 50 ounce canister.

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤When I first bought this, the labels were different and the ingredients were different. The gold writing on the canister was amazing. The canister with the dark brown writing that reads Sweet Ground Powder tastes like sugar and a fake coffee creamer. The taste was different. The first time I saw the "Sweet Ground Powder" on Amazon, it was the correct one, it was wonderful. The different one was replaced with the same thing twice. I would like to know if it is counterfeit or if Ghirardelli has changed how they make it. I've attached some pictures. The label is 5 stars but the powder is only one. Does anyone know what the answer is? If you ever happen to read this, and it isn't counterfeit, please change back to the old recipe. I will not buy it again until I see the canister.

👤Absolutely disgusting. The other reviews should have been listened to. I thought I could recreate the white hot chocolate drink from a few years ago. It must be good. The other reviews said it tasted artificial and chemical. It's disgusting. I tried to use it in different ways, but it's the same. It leaves a bad taste. This was a waste of money. The can was still sealed so I didn't complain, even though it was very damaged with the plastic rubber lid off.

👤This is so disgusting that I will say that. It has a subtle taste of white chocolate and is so coarse that it resembles a sugar cane. This is a highway robbery for the amount of money. Please don't spend your money on something that will only cost you a small amount, and just give it a try.

👤I regret buying the Hot White Chocolate. It tastes like fake plastic artificial sugar, and the worst part is that it doesn't taste like white chocolate at all. I wish I had bought the regular one. I have tried many times to buy white chocolate chips. You have been warned! It tastes like Mcdonalds white hot chocolate only it is not watery.

👤Not the real thing. The white chocolate "flavor" powder I received tasted like straight chemicals, and you can see the original thing on the left.

👤I thought this brand would be good and worth a try, but I was wrong, I read the other reviews and thought it would be good. Not rich and creamy, but sweet. I've only made the hot white chocolate and it says to add the bean to it. I don't have any. I don't know if adding a bean would make it better. The price is good for the amount you get, but I would rather buy the land and not have to pay as much. Won't be buying again.

👤Absolutely no flavor. It says to add 3 tbsp of hot white chocolate with milk. I almost threw up after doing that. I had to add real white chocolate to taste how it is supposed to be. The second ingredient is creamer. I think this would be fine for people who want to use it as such but not for people who don't drink coffee.

10. Swiss Miss Cocoa Sensible Sweets

Swiss Miss Cocoa Sensible Sweets

There are twelve packs of Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets. There was no sugar added hot cocoa mix. Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets. 70 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and 2 grams ofProtein are in the No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix. Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets. No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix is a beverage that kids and mothers love. Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix is a delightful treat that kids will ask for again and again. Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets are a great snack for kids. There was no sugar added hot cocoa mix.

Brand: Swiss Miss

👤I ordered it twice. The first one I received was very good. The second one I received was not good. The taste is not very good. It is odd after taste. I didn't get the same product the second time. Attach the picture to the cans and notice the highlighted parts. I received the first one and the second one. The difference is due to the facts in highlighted parts. The first product picture in the listing shows the can no. 2. The second product picture says "Made With Real Cocoa". I think the listing is not accurate. If the product is the one in my no. 2, I will not buy it. The first can I received was only half full. The second one I received was more than that. Again, another mistake. I don't know which is the advertised amount. The fact that the second one was considerably more is not an excuse or a reason for the bad taste.

👤The product Swiss Miss does not taste like chocolate, it has a salty taste, and it takes twice as much to do the same thing as the original formula had done for over a decade in my experience. I wonder why they changed the formula in the first place, is it a shortage of chocolate bean? If you love chocolate, but you don't use it in milk baking or coffee, it's not the product for you.

👤I agree with another reviewer. Swiss Miss was a good hot chocolate because of the slightly nuanced adult flavor of cocoa with a less sweet taste. I don't need to go out of my way to find Swiss Miss. It's too bad. I'm experimenting with mixing Swiss Miss with an unbleached cocoa to make it taste better. I have a lot of canisters. I am done buying this product.

👤A new recipe on can says "Sensible Sweets". It tastes like cheap quick. It is too sweet now. It tastes like pure sugar with no cocoa flavor. The barcode is the same as the old one.

👤I didn't read anything into the new look of the label, but I guess it's a new and improved flavor. I think there is a noticeable reduction in quality. It's safe to assume that this flavor change was tested and received a majority thumbs up, so you won't be disappointed, but I was. Not waste, want not. Only 50-something left to go. If you love Swiss Miss so much that you want to buy a tub like this one, I would recommend looking for the old label and stocking up on it.

👤"Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Sensible Sweets, No Sugar Added, 13.8 Oz." I ordered QTY 2 of this item. I should have had 24 canisters in my order. Only 12 came as my order. The first picture says "6 count" in the upper right corner. I paid over $6 for each can. It was total rip off.

👤There are too many FDA GRAS ingredients. Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Nonfat Milk, Less Than 2% Of: Salt, Dipotassium Phosphate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Natural Flavor are generally regarded as safe. A product like this would have included "sodium caseinate" to give it a creamy mouth feel. This is not in the version of Swiss Miss that I'm surprised by. Milk with some salt can be found in nonfat milk. The texture experience is influenced by the Dipotassium Phosphate. The manufacturer mix ratio is 1/2 cup powder to 1 cup water.

11. Nestle Hot Chocolate Cocoa Packets

Nestle Hot Chocolate Cocoa Packets

A rich and decadent cup of dark chocolate cocoa mix is created by Nestlé Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Flavor. The cocoa is made with real cocoa beans. The counter is clean and organized because of a box of cocoa. Part of the Cocoa Plan to promote better farming. Adding hot water or milk will make a richer cocoa of up to 8 ounces. There is noCaffeine-free. Kosher dairy. shelf life is 18 months. Hot cocoa packets are perfect for offices, cafeterias, restaurants and more.

Brand: Nestle Hot Cocoa

👤The hot cocoa mix is great. I would have bought them again, but they were too expensive. Swiss Miss brand 50 packets per box at Sam's Club is half the price and makes a larger mug. 1.3 ounces packets. $5.86 per box. The packets are 0.71 ounces. The price is $9.64 per box 6 to case. If it was competitive pricing, it would have been 5 stars.

👤I was looking for someone to replace the Swiss Miss. Dark chocolate cocoa is my favorite. I bought it because of price and quantity, but now I notice that it has vegetable oil. I don't want this in my food. I had to add cocoa powder to the Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa brand since the flavor wasn't strong enough to match what I had.

👤I couldn't resist this sale. We'll use hot chocolate mix in ten years. If you have lots of kids at home or some good friends to share with, you should take advantage of the savings. Before you make a decision, consider the money saved in relation to the space lost to cocoa storage.

👤The price of a box of cocoa has doubled since covid19. Buying it in bulk helps. I like this stuff. It is important to not have a mug of hot water. Two packs is enough for a mug. If you have a sore throat, you can add two shakes of Tabasco sauce. No kidding.

👤It's a company called Nestle. It's good. Even with 4 of us drinking hot chocolate, this size box of them lasts for some time.

👤They are great, but look at the amount before ordering. I was not looking for a life time supply.

👤I wanted a dark chocolate flavor. The brand does not taste like dark chocolate.

👤I bought this for myself. The dark chocolate has a great taste.


What is the best product for keto hot chocolate packets?

Keto hot chocolate packets products from Nomu. In this article about keto hot chocolate packets you can see why people choose the product. Swiss Miss and Sweet Luv are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto hot chocolate packets.

What are the best brands for keto hot chocolate packets?

Nomu, Swiss Miss and Sweet Luv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto hot chocolate packets. Find the detail in this article. Laird Superfood, Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics and Castle Kitchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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