Best Keto Jerky Sausage

Jerky 10 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Mission Meats Jalapeno Nitrate Healthy

Mission Meats Jalapeno Nitrate Healthy

The best free range Turkey was used. 100% non-GMO Citric Acid. The good stuff is in the Free Range Turkey Bars. The best spicy snacks are available. There are healthy snacks for adults. There are snacks that are healthy and delicious. These are must haves for a road trip. The supplement is perfect for people with diabetes. Their grass fed beef sticks are great. A high-quality snack is perfect for paleo and healthy snacking. It's great for lunch boxes. Everyone has turkey jerky stick options. A ground turkey, beef jerky, hot sausage, and hot links alternative. Turkey bars with Jalapenos are not included in the list of strategies or tranquilizers. A snack box, gift basket, snack packs, healthy snacks for kids, snack boxes for adults, office snacks, gift baskets for men or women and other food gifts are all great options. GLUTENFREE AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED BULK SNACKS! Turkey bars are antibiotic free and have no hormones. There are dairy free snacks. Each purchase you make supports amazing organizations. They support one cause at a time. There are meat snacks that give back. KETO FRIENDLY SNACKS. No sugar, you will love it! You will be able to order meat sticks. The beef jerky sticks will make you leave it.

Brand: Est. 2015 Mission Meats

👤I could eat these all day if it wasn't bad. I love them in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner. I don't eat them for all of the meals. If I can't resist, I usually have them at breakfast, but people put salsa and tabasco sauce on eqqs and sometimes as a snack later in the day.

👤The bars are small. I thought they were small, but they are filling. The bars have a spicy flavor, but what impressed me most was the customer service. I had an issue with my shipment and their customer service took care of it. That will keep me a loyal customer.

👤This isn't what I was expecting. The bars are moist, but the flavor is a little weird because it's not jerky. They're okay despite the fact that they're a little weird.

👤The taste and texture are not good. I was expecting more for the price. The quantity was generous.

👤Consistency and good flavor. It's really handy to carry in my pocket.

👤A lot of delicious flavor. I will definitely be ordering again. It's not too hot. It was delicious.

👤I was hoping for an ideal snack.

👤The flavor is worth the price.

2. Lorissas Kitchen Grass Beef Sticks

Lorissas Kitchen Grass Beef Sticks

Made with 100% grass-fed beef. These meat sticks are made from grass-fed beef that is free of hormones or antibiotics so you can feel good about giving them to your family. JALAPEO FLAVOR The beef sticks are seasoned with garlic, onion and red pepper and slow-smoked for just the right amount of heat the whole family will love. The Jalapeo Beef Sticks are individually wrapped and easy to throw in your backpack, purse, or lunch box so you will be ready to nourish and replenish during meal time, snack time or satisfying a craving time. GLUTEN-FREE SNACKS. These beef sticks are free of added nitrates and have no artificial flavours. They are made with high-quality ingredients. The premium beef stick is a good source of nutrition that will help you tackle the day. It is a snack that fits into your busy schedule and is packed with 6g ofProtein per serving.

Brand: Lorissa's Kitchen

👤I bought 2 boxes of this because of the good reviews, and I was able to get it on subscribe and save for less. These aren't bad, but they are too thick. I like grass-fed beef, but sometimes I end up spitting it out because it won't fully break down orDissolve, which is one of my issues with it. I tried the sticks from Mission Meats and Vermont Smoke & Cure. I didn't have a problem with the Mission Meats and Vermont sticks being too squishy. I enjoyed both brands more than the sticks. The sticks with the most fat in them are the ones with the most saturated fat. Mission Meats has 6 grams total fat, 2.5 grams saturated fat, while Vermont Smoke & Cure has 4.5 grams total fat, 2 grams saturated fat. The Vermont sticks had the best taste and texture, while Mission Meats was second. The sticks are similar in taste and texture to Mission Meats, but I would rank them dead last. I think the company is trying to make a good product, but I was not happy with it. I will purchase other brands once I finish what I have.

👤There are health risks. They load the celery grown for this use with nitrates. This is a dishonest practice that more people should be aware of, as it increases the risk of cancer for the consumer. Look up information of your own. Many organic brands lie to consumers. I think they want to suppress this information because they wouldn't let me ask them a question about it. It's not a good sign when they can't even address the issue. I would like to be able to keep ordering this. I need proof that what I learned about this issue is not true. Why was the question not allowed? Was it the manufacturer who deleted it?

👤I usually get Chomps, but I tried the cheaper jerky sticks. The first thing I noticed after biting into one was the taste. Jack Link's parent company makes Slim Jims, and I found out that the company that ownsLorissa's Kitchen is that company. I can't say how healthy these really are. If you're not a fan of the regular, greasy and sticky type of sticks, I would recommend looking for something else. I already paid for the pack, so I'll finish it. I'll probably go back to Chomps or Vermont Smoke and Cure after this.

👤They are very fresh and spicy, and taste like a raw pork summer sausage. For the past 3 years, I have been cycling in and out of Keto every 90 days. I have tried many different brands of beef sticks, I discovered these in March and have been hooked ever since. I recommend these to anyone who is still eating while not in ketosis. You will see what I mean if you give them a try.

👤I love them. The texture of the sticks is very satisfying, and they are more delicious than your average sticks. There are two problems with them. There are significant quality differences between different boxes. Sometimes the sticks are very moist, sometimes they have less water and sometimes they chew like a regular stick. Sometimes it's a little sweeter and sometimes it's a little saltier. I think they all taste good to me, I don't have a preference. Sometimes taste and texture inconsistencies bother me. 2. They are not cheap and I eat too much of them. I recommend it to people who want to have more control over their lives than I do.

3. Tillamook Country Original Friendly 2 2 Oz

Tillamook Country Original Friendly 2 2 Oz

The Zero Sugar Beef Jerky in the Original flavor has zero grams sugar, zero grams total carbs, and 14 grams ofProtein per serving. Their premium beef jerky is a perfect portable snack that has 14 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use only the best beef and seasonings fresh from the farm, smoking their jerky over real hardwood gives it an unparalleled taste, and they don't use any shortcuts, just fire and smoke and patience. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤After 66 years of waiting, finally one of them with no sugar added in blocking any beef, is available. It is insane. I stopped having to make my own jerky because of this. Oberto had none in the past but now. It was too salty. The stuff is perfect. If I want dessert, I buy it.

👤The beef jerky is exceptional. The price per ounce is not worth it. For 9 dollars, 2.2 ounces.

👤We really like this brand and type of jerky if it's fresh. The bags of the last two shipments were dry and flaky. They had a hole in the bags that let out freshness. Quality and availability have made us buy our bags in our local supermarket.

👤I don't care for this product at all. Will not purchase again. I thought I had ordered my usual brand and one of these to try. I only received two of them. Too spicy leaves a greasy taste in the mouth and feels dry when eating. I would love to hear other people's opinions. Thanks for swiftness! I hope you want honest reviews.

👤It doesn't taste like sugar. Yes! Good job, thank you.

👤I don't like sugar added to my beef jerky, and this brand does not have any, and it is the easiest to chew, and it has a nice peppery finish. Other brands seem to require sugar in order to impart any decent flavor and maintain a decent consistency, that is, easy to chew. I think the price is a good value. I will always buy Tillamook brand.

👤It was bland... Most of it was in tiny bits at the bottom. The original tasted like dry meat. It was very bland.

👤I felt this jerky had a bad taste. I've never said that about any jerky. It had a sour/spoiled undertone to it, which was hard to describe. It didn't taste right to me. Maybe it's just one of the spices, or maybe I got a bad batches even though it's about a year away.

4. WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Turkey Protein Resealable Package

Old Wisconsin turkey snack sticks are made from high quality turkey meat. Turkey sausage snack sticks are high in calories and low in fat. Turkey sticks are snack on-the-go. No bad things. The snack sticks are made in the USA. Turkey snack sticks are a great alternative to dried meat snacks.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤The beef sticks were partially turned white and black and were in the packaging. I was afraid to touch it. I only counted 10 sticks in the package, while the packages I purchased at a number of local grocery stores always contained 13 sticks. I felt cheated even more. Do not buy.

👤The bag is puffed up like a balloon, making me question if they are safe to eat. Have never been opened.

👤I usually buy a different brand of these in my local grocery store. I used social media to find something similar. I ordered one bag and thought they were good, so I bought three more. There were three bags, one with 12 sticks and two with 10 sticks. It's enough of a deficit in the bag that makes you wonder if someone has opened the bag and taken sticks out. I would recommend that you tell the package how many sticks you are getting. I may have gotten 10 sticks with my first order, but I was supposed to get 12. It's not consistent.

👤I ordered 3 packages. The packages arrived on Monday. I spit out the snack stick when I opened it. It tastes like dog food. I gave everyone in my family a snack stick to make sure they didn't like it. They all agree that it is bad. One package was thrown away. The other package has not been opened. I received my third package on Wednesday. I saw a change in the color. The 3rd package is fresh. I open it and let my son try it. It is good. I try it and it is good. The first two packages I received were rotten and shouldn't be fed to dogs. The picture was used to compare the good and bad ones. Notice the difference? I will leave a great review for my 3rd package.

👤I ordered 3 more because I loved the first bag so much. Some sticks were missing from one of the bags when it was opened. The other 2 bags were okay. I'm keeping them. The package was fresh and the snack was not too salty. This is a good candidate for low-fat snacking if you're on the diet.

👤You will either love or hate them. I really like them. Years ago, I found this product when I was trying to find snacky things. I like the Sticks. The flavor is best when it's cold. A great snack without calories. I will have two sticks with a stick of cheese. The package is for 6oz and not the 8oz you get in the grocery store. These are priced better than the store. I suffer from Migraines and do not find nitrates to affect me. I have purchased several times from Amazon and have never had a bad package, as other reviewers have mentioned. The package I received today expires in December 2020.

👤I used to buy these for my kids when they were younger. The quality has changed recently. Several other reviewers had a sealed bag that developed mold on the ends of the sticks. The meat sticks have become tougher and more dry, as if they have more meat. The bags that are purchased through Amazon have fewer than 12 sticks. I am sorry that I may have sent something gross to others.

5. Jack Links Sticks Sugar Ounce

Jack Links Sticks Sugar Ounce

Jack Link's beef sticks are made with 100% beef and no sugar, so they deliver 6g ofProtein to help you power through when you need it. Jack Link's Beef Sticks are a good source of calories and good for your body. They are an epic snack that you will crave. Jack Link's Zero Sugar Beef Sticks are seasoned with their signature blend of herbs and spices and slow cooked over hardwood smoke for that timeless flavor you love without any sugar. One-handed snacking is the way to go when you and your family are on the move. Jack Link's Beef Sticks are great for snacking. SELLING BEEF JERKY BRAND. Jack Link's has a tradition of hard work, fun and quality products that makes it a success. People Feed Their Wild Side with their snacks.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks were something I enjoyed a lot. Amazon canceled my subscription because the product was no longer available. Jack Links, Beef Sticks Variety Pack was an alternative product I was offered. The Pepperoni sticks are about the same price. The price is $16.00 I thought I would try them. The Teriyaki is terrible. It's like eating meat paste. I threw the rest away after tasting one. It made me sick. The Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks reappeared on Amazon at 3X the original price. What is the deal? I stopped my subscription. I was very disappointed in Jack Links and in Amazon.

👤These are not like regular Jack's sticks. I used to sub for my normal subscription, but now stuck with it, I can use it for dog treats. Also. I guess be careful what you buy from Amazon because they won't refunds. I don't want to waste half an hour of my life trying to get a refund, so I'm not going to contact them to complain. Walmart honored online food purchases, usually Amazon is great. SMH.

👤I like beef sticks. I've never tried one I didn't like, but these are not exageration. Is it nauseating? Theyp taste like an old piece of bologna dipped in wax paper. I don't know what these are about but I wouldn't recommend them. I don't understand, maybe it's the nitrates and msg that make other beef sticks taste so good. I caught my dog eating a cat turd once, but he turned his head away from these.

👤I didn't like these at all. I didn't like the flavor. I didn't like the texture. I like their regular beef jerky. I won't buy these beef sticks again.

👤I ordered a second box because they are so good. They are great for anyone since there is no sugar in them. One stick with 6 grams ofProtein is enough to keep me going between meals. They're good and don't last long in our house.

👤I didn't like the taste or texture. The jack link's sticks were not as dry or hard as these. I don't like the taste of teriyaki. It's off to me.

👤The shell is very hard. It's like trying to eat a pipe. Maybe not that bad, but really bad.

👤I ordered 2 for my husband for his lunches, and I believe he has already eaten a full case of them, so he approves and so does my daughters.

6. Tillamook Country Smoker Natural Fashioned

Tillamook Country Smoker Natural Fashioned

We start with 100 percent premium beef, season it with real pronounceable ingredients you could find in your pantry, and slow smoke it over real hardwood. Their premium beef jerky is a perfect portable snack that has 10 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use only the best beef and seasonings fresh from the farm, smoking their beef jerky over real hardwood gives it an unparalleled taste, and no shortcuts, just fire and smoke and patience. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I'm eating this right now. I might eat this whole bag in one sitting, and I'm upset at myself. I ate the whole bag and ordered another.

👤My dad used to make this kind of jerky when he would buy a side of beef and then hang his own slices on the clothesline. Nothing like the preprocessed crap you grab at the checkout. If Tillamook added a bit more Pepper, it would be better. I would be an alcoholic if they did that.

👤Good price, good quality, arrived fresh, the quality was fine. The taste was ok, but you cannot call it an Old Fashioned style. They don't understand the phrase. SUGARY. It was like Syrupy sweet. This is the most candy coated sweet I've had. I've tasted. There is a I wish I hadn't bought it, it's going to be hard to make it through it. It would be 3-4 stars if you were selling it. It is definitely sweet. Old fashioned jerky is salty and smoky. Not sweet at all. The brand needs to be reexamined. No one looking for Old Fashioned style jerky will disagree. No one.

👤Didn't open it, can't eat it.

👤When we were young, we would always have jerky in our house. There is nothing like modern day jerky. If people tried real jerky they would need to find a way to make it, or the fake products would have to go out of business. There is no sugar in dried preserved meat. I didn't pick up a piece of traditional jerky that was so hot that it burned your mouth.

👤I can open beer bottles with my teeth, but I can't chew through them. I bought two more bags after buying one a few months ago, and it was really good. They are so bad. I have had good and bad jerkies, but not this one, and it is one of my favorite snacks. They are ok, but for the slightly larger ones, there is a plastic feel thing running through the "beef", which kind of hold them together, and I chewed for a while and couldn't break them. I don't want to say that they were not real beef because I am not an expert. There is a They do not taste good. I ate a couple pieces from each bag after throwing them away. If you are buying these, good luck with your teeth and stomach.

👤After moving to Florida, we haven't been able to find a loaf of Tillamook cheese. We were happy to see the product on the market. We would have it in thinner slices. It was moist and tender.

👤I use jerky to get in some calories with less fat and calories than a meal. It's a fair tradeoff for Tillamook to have more carbs than other brands. I used to use Jack Link's and a few others, but they always tasted more tough and chewy, so having the good flavor plus not hurting my mouth to eat it makes this a definite favorite. I wish I could order in bulk packages.

7. Country Archer Original Grass Fed Certified

Country Archer Original Grass Fed Certified

100% grass-fed beef. There are 28 mini beef Jerky Sticks in each snack pack. 5g ofProtein, 50 calories, and 0g sugar per stick is high protEIN. As Judah gets, as JerKY gets. Real food with clean ingredients. There are real ingredients. No hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrates and no sulfates. Both Paleo and Keto are certified. The food for doers is made by doers. It's a great addition to your lifestyle. Fuel your adventure by camping, hiking, traveling, or just taking a snack break.

Brand: Country Archer

👤I bought two bags of minis. I've had them before and they were great. These are not good. The packaging is intact, but the sticks are not. There is a strong smell when opening the wrapper. The meat sticks are very dry and have a similar flavor to play-doh. The sticks should not go bad. It is possible that someone had these stored at high temperature for a few days or that they messed up production and sold them anyway. Will not buy these again.

👤The taste is better than any of the other brands I have tried. They are priced at a premium, availability is sparse with the exception of the mini sticks, and the mini sticks have been getting smaller recently.

👤These are amazing. The mini size is perfect for snacking on the go. I buy these for my family. I enjoy them as part of my low-fat diet. I can easily carry these in my purse. They are not greasy. As an alternative to a sandwich, my daughter packs two of these, nuts and dried fruit, crackers. A part of a lunch that does not require heating or cooling. These fit nicely in my husband's truck for long commute, carry on bag for flights, and perfect after work snack. I like that these are not full of sugar. I would love to try the other flavors.

👤They were amazing the last time I ordered them. When I found these, I was allergic to wheat and couldn't have any of the other wheat-derived ingredients. Yes, my gosh! Something to add to my snacks. I have very few. I ordered two packages and both had the same soft texture to them, which made them not like a stick at all. I didn't order another set because they weren't like the first one.

👤When I bought them at a bulk box store, I was hooked on them. The box store doesn't have them anymore. It's going! But when a picky teenager says "Oh my gosh, yes!" I'm going to get them.

👤I buy this item for my entire family. Zero sugar and no nitrates are what I like the most. This is a good dog treat. We all eat them. They have a kick to them. The price was more than Sams Club. I bought this place because they were out.

👤It's a nice little snack if you're watching your cholesterol and it's a reasonable price. I'm good until dinner because they are very satiating.

👤These are a good snack to tide you over for a bit while I drive. I don't want to stop at a restaurant for lunch because home food is more healthy. I will be able to get over on the drive back. In Los Angeles, any drive back is an hour or more from anywhere. I used to just drive when I was hungry, but now I keep them in my car because they don't have to be refrigerated, and I can get a little boost when I get home.

8. Jack Links Jerky Original Pounder

Jack Links Jerky Original Pounder

Jack Link's Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a must-have snack that has 10g ofProtein and 80 calories per serving. Jack Link's Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of 100% premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water and salt. Their beef jerky is fat free with no added hormones. Full on flames. Jack Link's beef jerky is slow cooked and hardwood smoked. Everyone calls their Original flavor delicious. How did ancient civilizations build pyramids or win sword battles? Jack Link's beef jerky can help you power through a late day at work, tackle your honey-do list or fuel a workout if it worked for them. The jumbo 1/2 pound sharing size bag is re-sealable so you can open it again and again. It's great for sharing with family and friends or for hiding in a secret spot.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤While this product has good flavor, my caution is for anyone to open the bag when it arrives, dump the contents on a plate, and look at the meat closely. I ordered a variety of this brand for my two sons. One bag was badly damaged. The bag had white mold on it. This may have been ok to wash off, and consume anyway, but it certainly wasn't very appealing. Amazon sent a replacement bag to make it right. I wanted to warn you that I could see you opening a bag and eating it without looking at it first.

👤It tasted bad. The bag was sealed and had an expired date. I'm not sure what went wrong.

👤I bought these for my boyfriend. He loves eating food. This is like a man getting a gift for a lady. It was a hit with my boyfriend and I feel like more ladies should give their guys some.

👤I bought for my husband's birthday. He opened the beef jerky on Thursday. After eating a few pieces, he noticed the mold on the meat in the bottom of the package and closed the bag. We have never had mold or problems with the beef jerky in the past. June 2021.

👤My son likes beef jerky. I buy this at Walmart a lot. I bought them because I found it for a better price here. I don't usually eat them. I tried one. It was soft and tender but too sweet for my liking. I asked my son to give me one line to describe the items I got from Amazon and he said "delicious". I recommend this seller for the price and quality.

👤The jerky was hard to chew, but I liked it. I'm glad I have most of my teeth to eat. I just bought a 1/2 pound bag of the same snack and it was soft to chew. The flavor was better than the product. I bought it at a local store for a dollar and a few cents more. I will spend the extra money on things.

👤I don't eat this myself. I give it to my stepson as a gift because he has eaten lots of it for the past 25 years. This is the one he always asks for, it is his favorite of the flavors and brands.

9. WISCONSIN Sticks Turkey Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Sticks Turkey Resealable Package

There is a package of turkey sausage snack sticks. Turkey sausage snack sticks are a paleo alternative to turkey jerky. Their sausage snacks are made with the most premium cuts of meat. Their turkey snack sticks have all of the great flavor and even more of a snack than their regular sticks, with less calories and less fat. These appetizing snack sticks are perfect for men, women, and kids on-the-go looking to give their taste buds a healthy treat - for maximum freshness, refrigerated after opening.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤I canceled my subscription today because the flavor and texture have gone downhill so badly. It's not good, but it's not bad, and the texture has become'mushy', like eating a cheap liverwurst. The dog is still fond of them. I have had a subscription for several years and quality control is becoming inconsistent. This is the third time in the last half year that I've gotten a bad package. Amazon replaced a moldy one without any questions asked. The most recent bad package arrived today, and one other delivery was marginal. Here is a comparison of how they should arrive. The package with fresh pink is normal. The package on the right is puffy because it has started gassing. There are no obvious signs of mold yet. If you only ordered a single package, you might not know that it was going bad.

👤I liked Old Wisconsin turkey products for a long time. I decided to research what OW's collagen is made of after seeing a lot of beef and pork sausage used by other brands. The turkey ingredients were posted by consumers and retailers. One Amazon reviewer mentioned recently that they had tried to find out on the internet what the collagen is made of, before calling Old Wisconsin and asking if it was made from beef. A nice lady answered the phone when I called. She apologized and said that the beef is in the collagen. I apologize. I asked if she could tell her supervisor that it's not ethical to hide the beef or pork in a turkey product. I pointed out that Jack Link's turkey sticks had the decency to list their collagen as "beef collagen". The nice lady cut me off and said "Thank you for calling Old Wisconsin", and hung up.

👤I bought the sticks in hopes that they would be good-tasting and help me on my diet. They taste terrible, but they are greasy as well. You will have to wipe your hands off with a napkin whenever you touch them because they leave your fingers oily. The ad doesn't tell you that there is a statement on the back of the nutrition label that says "After opening, use within 7 days." Unless you intend to eat almost 2 pounds of sausage sticks in 7 days, these sticks turn into disgusting white mold-covered disease rods. They all turn moldy very quickly, ruining whatever amount you have left. I think that they should make this known in the ad in a way that is more prominent than the sales claims they make. It is a very important fact that people should know who is going to buy and consume these sticks, so hiding this warning on the back is deceptive marketing.

👤The texture has taken a turn for the worse based on the last two packages I've received, but I have been a long time purchaser. The meat filling in the first package was mush, without the usual chewiness. Someone had set the grind too fine. I had a package from a bad batches replaced by Amazon, and some sticks were better, but too many still suffered from a very mushy consistency. I stopped my subscription because it was an unappetizing texture. I have never had a package that was spoiled or rancid.

10. Tillamook Original Friendly Smoked Sausages

Tillamook Original Friendly Smoked Sausages

The Zero Sugar Original Smoked Sausages are the perfect snack for an active lifestyle, with 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of total carbs, and 9 grams of protein per serving. Their premium meat sticks are a perfect portable snack that has 9 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use the best beef, pork, and seasonings fresh from the farm, and Smoking their meat sticks over real hardwood gives them an unparalleled taste. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤It's delicious and healthy. They go fast but are expensive. It's hard to portion these out on Zero Carb. These things are amazing and I am happy they exist. jerkies and smoked sausages are being made without sugar. Each bag has four calories. If you know anything about the diet, you will understand how to eat well. Portion control is almost non-existent with the way of eating. If you are hungry, a single bag can disappear. I bought four of them. After returning from work, I opened one to try them out. I still want more, even though the bag was empty. These are only for snackage. You have to have a full meal to stave off hunger. I will have to portion them off in the future. It is hard to stop in Ziplock bags. The lesson to be learned here is that these are expensive and should be saved for times when you need sustenance, but don't have a lot of food. Three thumbs up!

👤The flavor of these is great and they are a lot healthier than a lot of other pepperoni stick options. I have bought it from Amazon three times now and they are not as good as when I found them. They have a kind of powder on them that makes them feel dusty. The flavor is not new. Maybe they are old? The package that I received was 8 months from when it arrived. If you can find them locally, I will probably stop buying them from Amazon.

👤I was so excited to try this but I was disappointed. It tastes terrible. I threw it all in the trash when I couldn't finish the bite. Save money. Buy chomps brand and it's very good.

👤Check the dates. We went through one bag when I ordered it. My son opened a bag a couple of days ago and said they tasted weird. He looked at the bag. They expired in February. The bags we had the same dates. I should have demanded a refund after throwing them away. I will not be ordering through the mail again. I will be checking my dates at the grocery store.

👤This jerkey is great for an extra boost of calories and I'm on a highprotein diet to heal a wound. They taste great and are an easy snack.

👤I ate one and haven't touched since. Simply put...yuck.

👤I can't say how they tasted. I didn't get any of my grandsons to eat them all. I will order again.

👤Sausages are shown in the description and image of package. The beef jerky was delivered. Very disappointed.

11. Vermont Smoke Cure Jerky Sticks

Vermont Smoke Cure Jerky Sticks

A stick has 6g of protein, 90 calories, 1g of carbs, and a lot of salt. Real beef and pork are real flavors. Paleo-friendly, low calories, high fat meat snack. It's made in Vermont.

Brand: Vermont Smoke And Cure

👤We have ordered a few cases of the beef sticks, we love them. The taste and chew are good, but we have found some that have lost their vacuum seal and are turning green. It starts to add up after throwing a few away. I would give them a solid 5 but with having to throw a few a way due to bad packaging, I can't. They are really good. It's a good thing.

👤I have been buying these for a long time. The price goes up every time I go to replenish. It went up another $7 in a month. Unless you can find a butcher that makes them well, these are the best meat sticks you can get. I am going to have to order these way less and not make them something I always keep in stock because of the price. I have done that over the past few years. Some of the boxes have not been sealed completely and have spoiled. Quality control has gone down as well. I have never had an issue until the past couple of batches.

👤11/29/19 I contacted Vermont smoke and cure directly and they have been amazing to interact with, they were very responsive to my email, but still stinks that there were quality issues, but they made it right. We love these meat sticks and they get a 5 star in our books. We were excited to buy them in bulk from Amazon but were disappointed when we got the second shipment with short sticks. They have a sealed package. We had eaten a few out of the box, so just chalk it up to what happened. I opened a brand new box first and pulled out a sealed package. I counted the package but it was only 23 wrappers and one empty so instead of getting 24 we got 22 at about a dollar a piece that's annoying.

👤I need travel foods and work foods that won't affect my blood sugar, because I am resistant to Diabetes. I had to go to a high fat diet. I don't have a good one. Even the lightest flavor. I can't eat the item. I've been through a lot of meat sticks and jerkies, trying to find those with no added sugars, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup or other corn products. This is it. The curing process has less than 2% of sugar in it. The flavor is amazing. Vermont, please do not ever go out of business, I don't know what I'll do, thank you so much for making this product.

👤The original beef and pork is better. I didn't care for the other flavors. You should eat them soon. They don't stay forever. I tried some sticks that I had forgotten about. There is a I ordered some fresh. It's not really a word. They are amazing. The texture and level is just right. It was perfect flavor. It's addictive when fresh. Don't waste your money on other brands. Most of them were thrown away. It's inedible for a lot of reasons. Vermont has gotten it right.


What is the best product for keto jerky sausage?

Keto jerky sausage products from Est. 2015 Mission Meats. In this article about keto jerky sausage you can see why people choose the product. Lorissa's Kitchen and Tillamook Country Smoker are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto jerky sausage.

What are the best brands for keto jerky sausage?

Est. 2015 Mission Meats, Lorissa's Kitchen and Tillamook Country Smoker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto jerky sausage. Find the detail in this article. Old Wisconsin, Jack Link's and Tillamook Country Smoker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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