Best Keto Jerky Sticks

Jerky 10 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Country Archer Original Grass Fed Certified

Country Archer Original Grass Fed Certified

100% grass-fed beef. There are 28 mini beef Jerky Sticks in each snack pack. 5g ofProtein, 50 calories, and 0g sugar per stick is high protEIN. As Judah gets, as JerKY gets. Real food with clean ingredients. There are real ingredients. No hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrates and no sulfates. Both Paleo and Keto are certified. The food for doers is made by doers. It's a great addition to your lifestyle. Fuel your adventure by camping, hiking, traveling, or just taking a snack break.

Brand: Country Archer

👤I bought two bags of minis. I've had them before and they were great. These are not good. The packaging is intact, but the sticks are not. There is a strong smell when opening the wrapper. The meat sticks are very dry and have a similar flavor to play-doh. The sticks should not go bad. It is possible that someone had these stored at high temperature for a few days or that they messed up production and sold them anyway. Will not buy these again.

👤The taste is better than any of the other brands I have tried. They are priced at a premium, availability is sparse with the exception of the mini sticks, and the mini sticks have been getting smaller recently.

👤These are amazing. The mini size is perfect for snacking on the go. I buy these for my family. I enjoy them as part of my low-fat diet. I can easily carry these in my purse. They are not greasy. As an alternative to a sandwich, my daughter packs two of these, nuts and dried fruit, crackers. A part of a lunch that does not require heating or cooling. These fit nicely in my husband's truck for long commute, carry on bag for flights, and perfect after work snack. I like that these are not full of sugar. I would love to try the other flavors.

👤They were amazing the last time I ordered them. When I found these, I was allergic to wheat and couldn't have any of the other wheat-derived ingredients. Yes, my gosh! Something to add to my snacks. I have very few. I ordered two packages and both had the same soft texture to them, which made them not like a stick at all. I didn't order another set because they weren't like the first one.

👤When I bought them at a bulk box store, I was hooked on them. The box store doesn't have them anymore. It's going! But when a picky teenager says "Oh my gosh, yes!" I'm going to get them.

👤I buy this item for my entire family. Zero sugar and no nitrates are what I like the most. This is a good dog treat. We all eat them. They have a kick to them. The price was more than Sams Club. I bought this place because they were out.

👤It's a nice little snack if you're watching your cholesterol and it's a reasonable price. I'm good until dinner because they are very satiating.

👤These are a good snack to tide you over for a bit while I drive. I don't want to stop at a restaurant for lunch because home food is more healthy. I will be able to get over on the drive back. In Los Angeles, any drive back is an hour or more from anywhere. I used to just drive when I was hungry, but now I keep them in my car because they don't have to be refrigerated, and I can get a little boost when I get home.

2. Stryve Beef Biltong Sticks Spicy

Stryve Beef Biltong Sticks Spicy

Stryve Biltong is beef that is done better with no sugar, nitrates, or preservatives. All natural. All delicious. There is more gusto. There is no Adderall. Whoa. Stryve Biltong is air dried to keep it fresh. It has up to 50% moreProtein than jerky sticks, because it has 14g ofProtein in each serving. You will never want to go back. There was zero sugar. All fun. A high quality steak is seasoned with one of their signature dry rubs. They dry it just long enough to make it tender and delicious. In every serving, you'll get 0g sugar and 0g carbs. GLUTEN-FREE. It's free of infidelity. SUGAR-FREE. There is an extra luscious full. It's made with a few simple ingredients and full of flavor that's high in nutrition, has zero sugar, and is made from nothing artificial. It's a diet that's super delicious and also super healthy. Training for a triathlon is easy and convenient. Commuting to work? Carpooling kids? Wherever you are, their packs are ready to rip. When it's convenient, hunger doesn't hit. Go! No cooking needed!

Brand: Stryve Protein Snacks

👤We liked the original flavor so much that we re- purchased it. We realized we had been gypped when we got our second box. We were willing to sacrifice for the sake of a healthier snack alternative, and the second box of peri sticks was unbelievably moist and delicious. The biltong beef sticks were dry, had a fat texture on the tongue, and were not very good. Stryve, you clearly have an amazing product. It's not fun playing roulette with my money to get the good stuff only a few times a year. Look into your quality control. We will probably make another purchase, but if we get the dry version again, we won't be coming back. If we can get through 3 rounds of biltong without having an issue with dry sticks, I'm willing to raise this review to 5 stars. If this review isn't updated by October 2021, we can assume that the quality is not worth a purchase.

👤It was literally! We have to keep them in the house. They are the perfect snack, low in calories, and a lot ofProtein. The cloves have a great flavor. It is so addicting. There are hard pieces in some of them that make me cringe when I eat them. They are the best.

👤You know the scene in the movie where the character of Kramer eats a hot dog at the movie theater and says "interesting texture"? The texture of these is similar to what I would imagine a hot dog to be. They're both dry and oily. It's like if you put some oil in a casing and crumbled up some jerky. They're tasty. You can taste clove and Coriander. If you don't like spicy food, you might want a different flavor. I would buy them again. I wanted to update my review after buying a variety pack. The texture isn't gross or anything, but the reference to the show was a little harsh. I think they make them by using crumbs from the regular biltong, then adding some oil, and putting it all in a pleasantly snappy case. I will buy them again in the future. The rating was raised from four to five stars.

👤I got this for my husband. He said the flavor is dry and sucks. He thinks it's like eating cardboard. I will not buy this product again.

👤The casing is a bit tough, but it's not too bad for a quick hit of food at work. They are not a traditional soft beef stick type of chew, they snap when you bite them, and you need a lot of pressure to chew them.

👤I think it's important to know that this product is not a soft/chewy ground meat. This is not a beef stick from Tillamook Country Smoker. These are a bit dry with a "snappy" shell. I would like it to be similar to taking a bunch of cured biltong and chopping it up into small pieces, rolling it in a shell and letting it cure completely. It's like a delicious biltong cigar. The container/ delivery system is what the case is for. The flavor is great, but I wouldn't call them hot-spicy.

3. Jack Links Original Steaks Ounce

Jack Links Original Steaks Ounce

The beef steak is made with lean cuts of 100% premium beef and isMarinated in their special blend of herbs and spices. They're a great snack to have on hand. There is a full of flames. Jack Link's Premium Cuts Beef Steak is based on his great-grandfathers old-world recipes. It's a premium slice of beef seasoned with that special blend of spices and slow smoked over hardwoods. It's an excellent source of protein. A delicious beef steak has 11 grams ofProtein per serving. Big packs are ready to eat. You should put a steak in your backpack, back pocket, and jacket pocket. You can grab it wherever you want. It's the perfect snack for work, home, the trails or the lake. The top selling beef brand. Jack Link's has a tradition of hard work, fun and quality products that makes it a success. People like to feed their wild side with their snacks.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤The product is so salty that it's almost inedible. I am aware of the fact that most other beef jerky and beef stick type products are quite salty, but this is far beyond the usual salt/sodium level of any such products I've tried. This isn't just a subjective taste perception on my part, but I will show you the facts, which should alarm any health conscious individual: an 1-oz serving of this product contains a whopping 27% of the daily value of sodium. The FDA recommends that an average adult consume the entire day's worth of salt, but this product contains 1/3 of that. The Original Beef Stick byLorissa's Kitchen has a similar size and contains the same amount of salt as the 1-oz serving. The Jack Link's product is salty on the higher end of the spectrum, and yet it has double the amount of sodium as theLorissa's Kitchen product. It was incredible and disappointing. I had high hopes for Jack Link's product, and this is unfortunate because I had a positive impression of him before trying it. I added it to my "Subscribe & Save" orders on Amazon. I canceled the subscription after I tasted it and found it to be dangerously salty. I've been working as a R&D Food Scientist for 20 years, and I know what I'm talking about when it comes to taste, flavor, health, and nutrition.

👤The product was moldy, but it had another 5 months to live.

👤I buy Jack Link's beef steaks at my corner store. I thought I'd try these out on Amazon and add them to my subscription and save. I will be canceling future orders for these reasons. 1. I can buy the 2oz beef steak, everywhere, for just over a dollar a piece. 2. The quality is not up to par. I can't buy what I want at my local stores because my beef steaks are not what I want. Buy at your own risk.

👤I contacted Jack Link's to get a replacement for 10/12 that was molded in the sealed package and they said they would send me 10 items that were moldy. I got a coupon for a discount on a single item and an envelope so small it wouldn't fit in a regular envelope. I will no longer buy Jack Link's products. Their customer service is a joke and they treat you like a criminal because they don't care about you at all.

👤It's difficult to find beef jerky that's free of the wheat allergy. I always have a bag of snacks in the truck with us when we travel. It's hard to roll through a fast food drive-thru when we're towing a RV. Fruit gets a little tired when it's hard to find healthy snacks. I was happy when I found these. I know that I can pack these without worrying about the taste or the fact that they are made with wheat, and I can just throw them in my backpack. Thanks for these! They're hard to find in the area.

4. Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

When you're on the go, you'll want a snack strip with 100% grass-fed venison and beef with 8 grams of protein per serving. As you're out running, grab a snack strip to keep you fueled. Venison and beef are only used for the Venison and Beef Strips. The healthy snack is certified Gluten-Free. Paleo friendly, Whole30 approved. There are 20 boxes of snack strips.

Brand: Epic Provisions

👤I ordered the bison and boar bars because I loved them and I was expecting the texture to be the only plus. I really like black pepper. I put a lot in my food. I like pepper. I was sweating through my hair because of the pepper in it. It is a very strong, very dark, very peppery flavor that left me very moist and very regretful. It suggests that there is more sea salt in the ingredients. I don't see how that could be the case. The salt is only used to body slam. Purchase at your own risk. We think it says the other meat is beef. It's probably Spice Weasel from Futurama. If you want to know what Spice Weasel would taste like, you should go for it. I'm not ordering them again. I can't rate the flavor lower than a four. I bought that flavor and they did it. It's a nightmare. There is something called too much pepper.

👤This was not appealing. I bought venison and wagyu beef. I ate one stick of venison because I was hungry and had nothing else with me. I threw the wagyu beef in the garbage because it had one smell. It had a greasy appearance. I had a soapy mess in my mouth after eating the venison. The taste of the meat wasn't good enough to deal with the fat left over. I just couldn't do the wagyu beef. I really wanted to keep it in my pantry, but I couldn't. After contacting the company, they are unable to give a refund. They offered a new one. Leave the meat on the hoof. I am not willing to let another animal die so I could be disappointed again. I will stick to Ostrim. Purchase snacks with care. Maybe it's my palate. I like the weird stuff.

👤One of them was not sealed and has a 2 month lifespan. The rest seem good after I threw the moldy one out. They won't last 2 months. I saved a bit of money buying in bulk because they are 1.99 at Whole Foods. I'm not sure if I'll buy again.

👤I had a gastric sleeve. These snacks help me meet my goals. I'm happy to find a natural snack that isn't full of artificial ingredients.

👤We decided to try the venison because we really liked the beef strips. These things are very expensive. Period. It's difficult to get past the price of the review. These things should come with a disclosure for people with dental issues. The flavor is not as strong as it could be. These are almost inedible because of the toughness. We should get a refund if we got a bad batches. They need to figure out how to fix the venison.

👤These were petrified shoe leather and I love venison. I couldn't cut them up and eat them. Dogs wouldn't touch them either. I used shop shears to cut them up and then used a food processor to crush them. Had to add them to anything after soaking it in liquid. It was an expensive mistake.

5. Tillamook Country Smoker Original Friendly

Tillamook Country Smoker Original Friendly

The beef jerky has 0 grams sugar, 0 grams total carbs, and 14 grams ofProtein per serving. Their premium beef jerky has 14 grams ofProtein per serving, making it a perfect portable snack to keep you satisfied and healthy. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use only the best beef and seasonings fresh from the farm, smoking their beef jerky over real hardwood gives it an unparalleled taste, and no shortcuts, just fire and smoke and patience. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I don't know if I got a bad one, but almost every piece was partially inedible, and I had to spit it out. The manufacturer replied that the jerky doesn't have pepper. I ordered the Original because I don't like pepper. It tastes like a lot of pepper, even though it isn't listed as an ingredient. I liked the flavor and it seemed fresh, so I gave it 2 stars. I would never order again because of poor beef quality and too much pepper.

👤I don't understand why anyone adds sugar to beef jerky. This is very good. I've ordered other brands that were sugar free and they were cardboard. This was not hard to chew. I came here to order more and thought I would leave a review.

👤It is good. The right amount of salt and heat. Most of the pieces in some bags were cut against the grain and are very tender. Other bags are cut with the grain and are very hard to open. Inconsistent. I would like to see more places that make food that is not made with sugar. What makes people want to eat beef in sugar? If I had dessert. I would eat dessert.

👤The first few bags of this were great. I love the taste and the fact that there are no added sugars or unneeded calories. If you are trying to maintain your blood sugar levels, this is a great food. I ordered more bags of the product but found the new ones hard to chew and were too hard to swallow. I don't know how long they have been in the warehouse or if they are safe to eat, because there is no expiration date on the package. At this point, they are too much trouble. Since I don't know how old these are, I'm just going to buy the same product at a local store, where I know the shelves get changed frequently.

👤Why does it have sugar in it? This jerky tastes better than many common brands, but is healthier. Tilamook makes great products, but this zero sugar line is something else. I can't help but eat an entire package within a day or two, often eating one in place of a meal. The meat has a rich flavor and doesn't leave your mouth feeling weird. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend.

👤This is the best tasting beef jerky I've ever tasted. I ordered the big bag for a great price, and some sellers sell the smaller bag for the same or more money. There is no sugar. It's low in calories. I read that nitrates may cause cancer. I try to avoid them. It's a great snack for my low-cholesterol diet and I like to take it on hikes.

👤Everybody seems to love it, I have never had it before. I settled on this one after looking over all the offers. I got the one with no extra flavor, just kind of plain. I took one bite and it was amazing. It was very hot. I was not expecting that. I thought it would be like bacon. I didn't like giving it one star because I didn't like it, but others probably love it. If you like hot, spicy jerky, go for it. It was not my cup of tea and nobody in my family eats it. So out the cost.

6. Mission Snacks Sticks Healthy Protein

Mission Snacks Sticks Healthy Protein

Only the best grass fed beef was used. 100% non-GMO Citric Acid. The good stuff is in these Beef Sticks. The best snack. There are healthy snacks for kids. Individual snacks are great with cheese sticks. A compliment to your pantry food. Keep these next to your bread, crackers, and pork rinds. There are snacks that are healthy and delicious. These are must haves for a road trip. The supplement is perfect for people with diabetes. BEEF STICKS WITH NO ADDED NITRATES. A snack box, gift basket, snack packs, healthy snacks for kids, snack boxes for adults, office snacks, gift baskets for men or women and other food gifts are all great options. A high-quality snack is perfect for paleo and healthy snacking. It's great for lunch boxes and nut free lunch snacks. Everyone has beef jerky stick options. There are two types of popcorn: GLUTEN free and MSG free. The beef sticks are antibiotic free. There are dairy free snacks. Each purchase you make supports amazing organizations. They support one cause at a time. There are meat snacks that give back.

Brand: Est. 2015 Mission Meats

👤I like these sticks for kids, but I am an old person. These snacks were my first order and they were delicious. I order them often. I tried the original for adults a few years ago. They were too spicy for me. I gave them a try because they were perfect for me and 1/2 the size and 1/2 the spice were the same as the original version. The level of spiciness is at the very top of my tolerance. I fly to see my mother frequently because she is 650 miles away. These snacks are great for plane trips. I also eat them at home. I eat 2 of these almost every day when I am at home because they taste so good and are convenient. My husband asked me to give him a pack to take to work. I have also given them as gifts.

👤The picture shows a lot of meat. When I got my bag, a sticker was placed over the information and I peeled it off. The sticks are half the size they should be. The kids beef sticks information is messed up. Fix it or get unhappy customers.

👤I wonder if children would like it, it's not the best I've had, but it's reasonably good. It's difficult to open individual packages. I don't think a child would be able to open it without using scissors. I need to use scissors. The plastic is too stiff to peel back. If they are going to make a product for children, they should make the packaging so that children can open it for themselves.

👤I rarely leave comments, but I felt compelled to do so because of my initial concerns and the outcome. I was worried about the posts about old sticks but thought I would give them a try. Glad I did. They were very delicious and didn't have any sign of decay. Kids ate them as snacks before I could have one. I was fortunate to get one. I ordered another round today because of our experience.

👤We've bought twice now. The meat sticks were very good. The meat sticks were dull brown. I'm not sure what happened, but we got different kinds in the wrong packaging or the batches were different, or maybe the brown ones were old. Not good either way. I don't think we'll be ordering again because the first ones were great.

👤The beef sticks are very tasty and all ages seem to like them, but the packages are hard to open if you have weak hands, which is a bother. I have to use scissors.

👤Slim Jim snack sticks are mild and I was looking for a more natural alternative. I absolutely love them and they are superior in every way. The bacon sticks are even better than the ones I bought. The snack sticks by Slim Jim are the same size as the 24 pack or kids size, and the 12 pack has larger, more standard portions. I wanted smaller snacks so I was happy.

7. WISCONSIN Sticks Turkey Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Sticks Turkey Resealable Package

There is a package of turkey sausage snack sticks. Turkey sausage snack sticks are a paleo alternative to turkey jerky. Their sausage snacks are made with the most premium cuts of meat. Their turkey snack sticks have all of the great flavor and even more of a snack than their regular sticks, with less calories and less fat. These appetizing snack sticks are perfect for men, women, and kids on-the-go looking to give their taste buds a healthy treat - for maximum freshness, refrigerated after opening.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤I canceled my subscription today because the flavor and texture have gone downhill so badly. It's not good, but it's not bad, and the texture has become'mushy', like eating a cheap liverwurst. The dog is still fond of them. I have had a subscription for several years and quality control is becoming inconsistent. This is the third time in the last half year that I've gotten a bad package. Amazon replaced a moldy one without any questions asked. The most recent bad package arrived today, and one other delivery was marginal. Here is a comparison of how they should arrive. The package with fresh pink is normal. The package on the right is puffy because it has started gassing. There are no obvious signs of mold yet. If you only ordered a single package, you might not know that it was going bad.

👤I liked Old Wisconsin turkey products for a long time. I decided to research what OW's collagen is made of after seeing a lot of beef and pork sausage used by other brands. The turkey ingredients were posted by consumers and retailers. One Amazon reviewer mentioned recently that they had tried to find out on the internet what the collagen is made of, before calling Old Wisconsin and asking if it was made from beef. A nice lady answered the phone when I called. She apologized and said that the beef is in the collagen. I apologize. I asked if she could tell her supervisor that it's not ethical to hide the beef or pork in a turkey product. I pointed out that Jack Link's turkey sticks had the decency to list their collagen as "beef collagen". The nice lady cut me off and said "Thank you for calling Old Wisconsin", and hung up.

👤I bought the sticks in hopes that they would be good-tasting and help me on my diet. They taste terrible, but they are greasy as well. You will have to wipe your hands off with a napkin whenever you touch them because they leave your fingers oily. The ad doesn't tell you that there is a statement on the back of the nutrition label that says "After opening, use within 7 days." Unless you intend to eat almost 2 pounds of sausage sticks in 7 days, these sticks turn into disgusting white mold-covered disease rods. They all turn moldy very quickly, ruining whatever amount you have left. I think that they should make this known in the ad in a way that is more prominent than the sales claims they make. It is a very important fact that people should know who is going to buy and consume these sticks, so hiding this warning on the back is deceptive marketing.

👤The texture has taken a turn for the worse based on the last two packages I've received, but I have been a long time purchaser. The meat filling in the first package was mush, without the usual chewiness. Someone had set the grind too fine. I had a package from a bad batches replaced by Amazon, and some sticks were better, but too many still suffered from a very mushy consistency. I stopped my subscription because it was an unappetizing texture. I have never had a package that was spoiled or rancid.

8. Paleovalley 100 Grass Sticks Count

Paleovalley 100 Grass Sticks Count

Paleovalley's 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the perfect paleo snack with 6g ofProtein per serving. Their beef sticks are made from pasture-raised cattle in the USA and never given antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Their beef sticks are shelf stable and naturally rich in probiotics because they use old world methods to ferment them. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Their beef sticks have more vitamins and Omega 3s than grain-fed beef, which helps fight inflammation. They don't want you to order anything that you aren't happy with. If you need it, they have a 60-day money-back policy.

Brand: Paleovalley

👤I'm always hesitant to try new things. For the last couple of years, I have been kayaking in the wilderness for two or three days, not just floating around at the local lake. I am trying out different snacks that I can grab and eat on the water or lunch. I have a box of snacks that I won't touch in the future and they are due to be thrown away. Will not be buying them again. I don't like beef sticks because they leave my mouth greasy. These are not greasy. I am on my second order. I like the way they are wrapped. Like the taste and texture of them.

👤It's what I absolutely love and I was Puzzled to read other comments about the texture of the beef sticks. I've never liked beef sticks before. Most are hard, waxy and rancid tasting snacks, even those other brands that also advertise being made of grass fed beef. I like how fresh and moist these are. I stopped ordering them during the summer because I live in a hot area. The only way to get them from Paleovalley was by US mail, which meant you never knew when you were going to get them, and they were crammed into my metal mailbox for several hours until I could retrieve them. I had to throw them out on a few occasions. I told the company and they offered to return my money, but I thought it was silly to mail spoiled food. I placed another order for them today after I found them again on Amazon. I'm very happy to see them sold here, now they arrive in a box via Uppings to my front door, away from the intense heat. Great! I'm not sure if these are as fresh as the sticks I received from the manufacturer. I think the transfer time from manufacturer to vendor might be compromising the freshness of these, the first batches I received from the vendor just didn't seem as moist, fresh or tender, notwithstanding the great taste. We will see what happens on the second shipment.

👤I follow a way of life that is low in fat and high in calories. I am concerned about the quality of the food I eat, the source of the food, and the balance of the food and ingredients. Every requirement I have is met by Paleovalley beef sticks. I like the flavor of summer sausage, but I haven't tried the new turkey bars, and they are all delicious. The texture is juicy. When I bite into it, the stick has a nice snap. It tastes fresh, is not greasy or oily, and has a wonderful flavor, all of which satisfy my need for healthy grass fed nutrition. If I have one for lunch, it is usually accompanied by a big salad. It is also great with a breakfast of raw vegetables, a hard boiled egg, and coffee with heavy cream. The portion size is perfect. I wouldn't be able to have a bigger meat stick. This is easy to chew, leaves no oil on my fingers, and has no sugar, nuts, or dried fruit added. My microbiome appreciates the added bonus of the probiotics. I have never had any issues with Paleovalley beef sticks. The garlic version of the summer sausage may be added to my order. I hope that Paleovalley's product will never be reformulated or discontinued.

9. Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

These meat sticks are the perfect snack for an active lifestyle, with zero grams of sugar, zero grams of total carbs, and 11 grams of protein per serving. Their premium meat sticks are a perfect portable snack that has 11 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use the best beef, pork, and seasonings fresh from the farm, and Smoking their meat sticks over real hardwood gives them an unparalleled taste. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I like this product a lot. They could be a bit cheaper per piece but it isn't really bad when you consider that no sugar beef sticks are a niche market. It's bad that companies sneak sugar into so many items where a no sugar version is a niche market. I wish they were a bit more spicy, but maybe they will be available soon on Amazon. I am very happy with the beef sticks and will probably buy them again when I run out.

👤This isn't my first Keto friendly product, but it is the most affordable and bland. It's salty and not in a good way. There is only one flavor. The texture seems fine, but the flavor distracts from a good assessment. It's my dog's new treat and it's great for him.

👤I tried it tonight. I liked the bite snap. The amount of fat/grease was not very high. The flavor was too heavy on the seeds. I like caraway seeds, but they had too much for me. I found the texture to be stringy. I love Tillamook's cheese and jerky, but these were not a 5 for me or my family.

👤If you enjoy products like this, and you must be careful with your sugar intake, then this is a good purchase. If you can have a small amount of sugar, then you should go with a brand that is more cost effective.

👤Love Tillamook! I was very disappointed to find mold on new packages. Only Tillamook. They are stored in a warehouse at high temperatures. Other stores have the same brand. Maybe because there is no Preservative. Which is great!

👤The meat sticks are not bad, but not great. I had hoped these meat sticks would be the same as the Tillamook products I have tried. That is not the case. I was looking for cheaper meat sticks. The Chomps brand are very good, but the Tillamook are greasy and lack a flavor. I won't buy again and won't recommend them.

👤I've purchased these many times and they have always been perfect. Until this time. These are either dried out or old. I already ate a few and thought maybe it was just 1 or 2 bad ones but it seems like the whole lot. Disappointing. Unless I get bad ones, I will keep ordering them. Kinda gross.

👤The taste is better than other sugar free meat sticks I tried, but not as greasy. It makes a good afternoon energy boost to help keep my diet on track.

10. Nicks Sticks Range Turkey Snack

Nicks Sticks Range Turkey Snack

Your on-the-go snack option has 12 - 1.7 ounces. There are packages of 2 sticks. The turkey is made in the USA. Turkey Sticks are made from the highest quality turkeys from their network of family farms. Nick's Sticks snack sticks start with 100% free-range turkey, then comes a dash of organic seasoned salt, blended into a proprietary recipe. The result... The snack sticks you can find are the cleanest and best-tasting you can find. Turkey sticks are made from beef. Nick's Sticks Original Turkey Snack Sticks are made for you. There is a pack of Protein with 75 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and zero grams of SUGAR. There are two packages.

Brand: Nick's Sticks By Wenzel's Farm

👤I've been a fan of Ostrim meat sticks for a long time, but I decided to try them after seeing an ad on Amazon. Wow. I'm happy that I did. There's more product in the package, 1.7oz as opposed to 1.5oz Ostrim. There are two sticks per package, but they are slightly smaller, so you have to finish one and then there's another one waiting for you. The taste is better from a purely subjective point of view. Less like meat and more like food. Nicks' use of free-range animals may be to blame for the better taste. There are no artificial colors, soy, msg, nitrates or nitrites. - Nick's Free Range Turkey are 75 calories and 0 carbs, which is great for my wife because it makes product packaging easier to open. I prefer to keep things fresh and to try new things, but I haven't found a 'flavor variety pack' yet. I don't think Ostrim sells a native variety pack; bulk buying and repackaging seems to be a function of third party resellers. Ostrim is the winner in the category of comparing turkey-based products. I like Ostrim's spicy meat sticks, but haven't tried Nick's spicy versions yet. I want to try the spicy version of the meat before I make a decision. The prices are almost the same on a per ounce basis. Ostrim is sold by companies who buy in bulk and repackage, whereas Nick's is sold by Wenzel's Farm.

👤I love turkey sticks. Free range, limited ingredients, sugar free, low calories, good nutrition, and totally delicious! What more do you want? I keep a few in my purse. It is a late night snack that I don't have to feel guilty about, and it is the perfect snack for any time of day. When I used to buy these in the store I would occasionally get some that were really squishy, but since I have been ordering through Amazon with subscribe and save I haven't gotten a single squishy one! They are pricey but I am willing to pay for the convenience and quality. If you subscribe to a clean keto lifestyle, I can definitely recommend these. This is one of the exceptions where I choose to get most of my food from plants. Love! I hope the review has helped. I pay full price for these. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤Meat sticks are expensive for convenience. The package is useless because of the way it is opened. Food scissors were not easy to clean. Maybe the plastic is tight to the sticks. The warehouse may be hot to keep food well. Any meat stick needs to come out of packaging that is easy to open. I wanted to try these. Have they been my go to for food? I have tried at least three times. Just won't open. Maybe the part should have been lower. The seller was asked to replace it if it was the issue. There was no response. If there is a whole production lot where the edge is not customer friendly, don't waste your money. The seller and manufacturer don't care enough to replace cheerfully. Tired of the problems with Amazon food.

11. WISCONSIN Sticks Protein Resealable Package

WISCONSIN Sticks Protein Resealable Package

There is a package of beef sausage snack sticks. The paleo alternative to beef jerky and other dried meat snacks is beef sausage snack sticks. Their sausage snacks are made with the most premium cuts of meat. Their beef snack sticks are smoked to enhance the natural flavor of their high-quality beef. These appetizing snack sticks are perfect for men, women, and kids on-the-go looking to give their taste buds a healthy treat.

Brand: Old Wisconsin

👤I loved these Beef sticks so much that I kept trying them. This purchase is terrible. When a purchase comes out (the bomb), it's nothing like past purchases. Product quality slowly deteriorated over time. You can see from the picture. The ends seem to be more than 1/2 fat. They feel soft and squishy to the touch and the same in your mouth. They used to have a great taste. They leave a bad taste in your mouth. This will be my last purchase. I used to like the pepperoni and turkey sticks, but I don't know about the current one.

👤I was excited to find these on Amazon for a good price, I love beef sticks and sausage in general. I started to see pictures of packages that were bad. Since my regular sausage was out of stock, I decided to try my luck. I waited to write the review until the entire package was gone to make sure they didn't go bad. I am happy to report that they stayed fresh for me after I ate the last package. I ate a midday snack of 30 sticks with the pack to help keep my blood sugar up. I put them in the fridge immediately after they arrived and then folded the plastic over to open them. I had them for 15 days and no problems. The beef sticks are not the turkey. I may have tried those first if the turkey hadn't been available when I placed my order. I'm very happy with this purchase. The sticks are mild and full of flavor. They have a nice snap to them, they didn't taste greasy or fat. These are a perfect midday snack because they have 5 grams ofProtein. I will order again. I'm not sure what the mold situation was for a few people. Maybe they were too hot during transit. I'm glad I took the chance and ordered and that my mine stayed fresh for two weeks.

👤Meat sticks have their own fans. Slim Jims are among the most disgusting meat sticks, but they are so delicious that we love them. There are a lot of one-star reviews of Slim Jims because of the grease/oils and sodium, so we have little doubt that there are many one-star reviews of Slim Jims. If a review praises or pans a meat stick, be careful. We like these beef sticks because of our caution. We compare the turkey sticks from Old Wisconsin to the beef sticks we have. The turkey sticks are less greasy and salty than the beef sticks. The turkey sticks may be better for you than the beef sticks. The taste of the beef sticks with their lovely saltiness and oil/grease taste is something we enjoy. The beef sticks are kept in a sealed bag to prolong their life. Otherwise, they mold quickly. We have been able to keep the beef sticks refrigerated for a while, but we have to watch the mold situation. Average is how we assess value. The beef sticks are more expensive per ounce than smaller packages in a physical store. It is possible that a comparable package of beef sticks in a physical store is cheaper than the price on Amazon. Our problem is finding a large package of beef sticks in a store. We've found places that carry turkey sticks, but no beef sticks. Our rating is four stars because we like the flavor and texture. The sticks are greasy. The sticks are salty. They are probably not very healthy. When it comes to meat sticks, personal preference will always win out over what any other review says.


What is the best product for keto jerky sticks?

Keto jerky sticks products from Country Archer. In this article about keto jerky sticks you can see why people choose the product. Stryve Protein Snacks and Jack Link's are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto jerky sticks.

What are the best brands for keto jerky sticks?

Country Archer, Stryve Protein Snacks and Jack Link's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto jerky sticks. Find the detail in this article. Epic Provisions, Tillamook Country Smoker and Est. 2015 Mission Meats are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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