Best Keto Jerky Variety Pack

Jerky 5 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Curated Sampler Box Premium Low Carb Grass Fed

Curated Sampler Box Premium Low Carb Grass Fed

The Premium Keto sampler box has 13 different jerkies. The grass fed, sugar free, and utterly delicious keto jerky is what it is. The assortment includes free-range turkey, grass-fed beef, and antibiotic-free pork. This sugar free beef jerky sampler box is full of healthy fat and high quality meat, perfect for eating on the go. Each piece of packaging makes it easy to snack after a workout. The best natural jerkies are in this beef jerky snack box. It includes Tillamook smoked sausages and other items. The wide range of flavors and meats in the basket makes it a great gift. They pack every snack basket with care. The decorative grass in the box makes it a pleasure to unpack the treats. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied! This gift box is a special gift for someone. If you have any issues, just let them know. They will return your money without a hassle. You can choose 'This Is A Gift' or 'Ship In Amazon Packaging' at checkout.

Brand: Bunny · James ·

👤It is small and expensive and not great value. It tastes good. The box was crashed when it arrived live.

👤The quality is high. Some items tasted better than others. There is a great variety.

👤I was pleased with the box that I received. Each snack was wrapped individually. The package was neatly packaged by the seller. The quality of their products is very important to this company. I gave this to my step dad. He was happy with the gift. He liked the taste of the product. I would purchase this again for a snack that is convenient and healthy.

👤This was a Father's Day gift for my husband. He didn't know what to get for his new diet. We didn't put more holiday junk in this box because he loved it.

👤The introduction to all the meats is something I love. One of the packages was completely molded over when I opened it a week later. There were no openings for the package, which was very stinky. I would like to contact the seller directly or submit a return notice instead of writing this feedback. There are no options on the Amazon site.

👤A new stick was put over a product that was out of date. The package was leaking juice and the plastic was almost filled with air, that's not good, I would have eaten it. The rest of the basket was delicious. Great treats from Krto. I would buy again.

👤My husband liked the variety. He said that he could buy the items himself for less, but that he enjoyed the variety.

👤My husband was upset by the taste of Jerky.

2. Tillamook Country Smoker Original Friendly

Tillamook Country Smoker Original Friendly

The beef jerky has 0 grams sugar, 0 grams total carbs, and 14 grams ofProtein per serving. Their premium beef jerky has 14 grams ofProtein per serving, making it a perfect portable snack to keep you satisfied and healthy. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use only the best beef and seasonings fresh from the farm, smoking their beef jerky over real hardwood gives it an unparalleled taste, and no shortcuts, just fire and smoke and patience. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I don't know if I got a bad one, but almost every piece was partially inedible, and I had to spit it out. The manufacturer replied that the jerky doesn't have pepper. I ordered the Original because I don't like pepper. It tastes like a lot of pepper, even though it isn't listed as an ingredient. I liked the flavor and it seemed fresh, so I gave it 2 stars. I would never order again because of poor beef quality and too much pepper.

👤I don't understand why anyone adds sugar to beef jerky. This is very good. I've ordered other brands that were sugar free and they were cardboard. This was not hard to chew. I came here to order more and thought I would leave a review.

👤It is good. The right amount of salt and heat. Most of the pieces in some bags were cut against the grain and are very tender. Other bags are cut with the grain and are very hard to open. Inconsistent. I would like to see more places that make food that is not made with sugar. What makes people want to eat beef in sugar? If I had dessert. I would eat dessert.

👤The first few bags of this were great. I love the taste and the fact that there are no added sugars or unneeded calories. If you are trying to maintain your blood sugar levels, this is a great food. I ordered more bags of the product but found the new ones hard to chew and were too hard to swallow. I don't know how long they have been in the warehouse or if they are safe to eat, because there is no expiration date on the package. At this point, they are too much trouble. Since I don't know how old these are, I'm just going to buy the same product at a local store, where I know the shelves get changed frequently.

👤Why does it have sugar in it? This jerky tastes better than many common brands, but is healthier. Tilamook makes great products, but this zero sugar line is something else. I can't help but eat an entire package within a day or two, often eating one in place of a meal. The meat has a rich flavor and doesn't leave your mouth feeling weird. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend.

👤This is the best tasting beef jerky I've ever tasted. I ordered the big bag for a great price, and some sellers sell the smaller bag for the same or more money. There is no sugar. It's low in calories. I read that nitrates may cause cancer. I try to avoid them. It's a great snack for my low-cholesterol diet and I like to take it on hikes.

👤Everybody seems to love it, I have never had it before. I settled on this one after looking over all the offers. I got the one with no extra flavor, just kind of plain. I took one bite and it was amazing. It was very hot. I was not expecting that. I thought it would be like bacon. I didn't like giving it one star because I didn't like it, but others probably love it. If you like hot, spicy jerky, go for it. It was not my cup of tea and nobody in my family eats it. So out the cost.

3. Jack Links Variety Original Teriyaki

Jack Links Variety Original Teriyaki

Jack Link's Beef Sticks are a good source of calories and good for your body. They are an epic snack that you will crave. Jack Link's Beef sticks are seasoned with simple ingredients like water, salt and seasonings. Jack Link's Beef Sticks starts with a family recipe. It became an instant classic and is a favorite of generations of their family. These snack packs are ready when you need them and are perfect for lunchboxes, desk drawers, purses or bags. The perfect snack for game day. Their premium beef snacks are ready to please a crowd, so you can cheer on your favorite team.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks were something I enjoyed a lot. Amazon canceled my subscription because the product was no longer available. Jack Links, Beef Sticks Variety Pack was an alternative product I was offered. The Pepperoni sticks are about the same price. The price is $16.00 I thought I would try them. The Teriyaki is terrible. It's like eating meat paste. I threw the rest away after tasting one. It made me sick. The Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks reappeared on Amazon at 3X the original price. What is the deal? I stopped my subscription. I was very disappointed in Jack Links and in Amazon.

👤These are not like regular Jack's sticks. I used to sub for my normal subscription, but now stuck with it, I can use it for dog treats. Also. I guess be careful what you buy from Amazon because they won't refunds. I don't want to waste half an hour of my life trying to get a refund, so I'm not going to contact them to complain. Walmart honored online food purchases, usually Amazon is great. SMH.

👤I like beef sticks. I've never tried one I didn't like, but these are not exageration. Is it nauseating? Theyp taste like an old piece of bologna dipped in wax paper. I don't know what these are about but I wouldn't recommend them. I don't understand, maybe it's the nitrates and msg that make other beef sticks taste so good. I caught my dog eating a cat turd once, but he turned his head away from these.

👤I didn't like these at all. I didn't like the flavor. I didn't like the texture. I like their regular beef jerky. I won't buy these beef sticks again.

👤I ordered a second box because they are so good. They are great for anyone since there is no sugar in them. One stick with 6 grams ofProtein is enough to keep me going between meals. They're good and don't last long in our house.

👤I didn't like the taste or texture. The jack link's sticks were not as dry or hard as these. I don't like the taste of teriyaki. It's off to me.

👤The shell is very hard. It's like trying to eat a pipe. Maybe not that bad, but really bad.

👤I ordered 2 for my husband for his lunches, and I believe he has already eaten a full case of them, so he approves and so does my daughters.

4. Righteous Felon Beef Jerky Bundle

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky Bundle

There is a beef seasoning pack. Their beef jerky and meat sticks are assembled from this beef sampler. Low-cal snacks, gifts for men, holiday gifts or stocking stuffers are great. All-natural ingredients are used in the Righteous Felon keto beef jerky snack packs, unlike other high-protein snacks that are still full of questionable chemicals. There are no artificial flavors or colors in this. The innovative flavors of the meat sticks from Righteous Felon are sure to win you over. Made with care in small batches and mouth-watering seasoning to bring the best out of that familiarly American flavor of dried meat. The high protein healthy snacks are here. You don't need fancy snacks or trail mix to keep you going when you have old-fashioned American beef sticks to keep you going. There are snacks that are free of artificial flavors and chemicals. They use pasture-fed beef from the Roseda Black Angus Farm in Maryland and meat from an all-natural Iowa farm. The snack box is free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Brand: Righteous Felon

👤I read the reviews and thought I would try it. The taste of this jerky is similar to a shoe. This is by far the worst beef jerky. I've had it. I think they are using heat to hide how bad it is.

👤I wish I had thought about the flavors before buying. The flavors in one bag made me want to vomit. Throw the bag away. After 4 weeks of trying different bags, the smell made me sick to my stomach. I wish I didn't buy them because they were worth selling. Gave one bag as a gift and threw the other away. I can't tell you if it was a soft or a hard jerky. I couldn't get past the smell.

👤I don't know if the packages I got are just old but they are hard to chew and dry. Going to the garbage can.

👤The flavors are good. A 2 oz bag is silly unless it is for a child's lunch box.

👤I've recorded many times. My husband and cousin and friends love the stuff. Makes for great gifts.

👤Unless you love hot, I wouldn't buy this.

👤The package arrived on time and was a gift. The packaging is fun on the outside and I was told that it's pretty good on the inside. The flavors in the spicy 4 pack are unique.

👤Didn't know what to expect, but it was really good.

5. Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

Epic Snack Strips Venison Pepper

When you're on the go, you'll want a snack strip with 100% grass-fed venison and beef with 8 grams of protein per serving. As you're out running, grab a snack strip to keep you fueled. Venison and beef are only used for the Venison and Beef Strips. The healthy snack is certified Gluten-Free. Paleo friendly, Whole30 approved. There are 20 boxes of snack strips.

Brand: Epic Provisions

👤I ordered the bison and boar bars because I loved them and I was expecting the texture to be the only plus. I really like black pepper. I put a lot in my food. I like pepper. I was sweating through my hair because of the pepper in it. It is a very strong, very dark, very peppery flavor that left me very moist and very regretful. It suggests that there is more sea salt in the ingredients. I don't see how that could be the case. The salt is only used to body slam. Purchase at your own risk. We think it says the other meat is beef. It's probably Spice Weasel from Futurama. If you want to know what Spice Weasel would taste like, you should go for it. I'm not ordering them again. I can't rate the flavor lower than a four. I bought that flavor and they did it. It's a nightmare. There is something called too much pepper.

👤This was not appealing. I bought venison and wagyu beef. I ate one stick of venison because I was hungry and had nothing else with me. I threw the wagyu beef in the garbage because it had one smell. It had a greasy appearance. I had a soapy mess in my mouth after eating the venison. The taste of the meat wasn't good enough to deal with the fat left over. I just couldn't do the wagyu beef. I really wanted to keep it in my pantry, but I couldn't. After contacting the company, they are unable to give a refund. They offered a new one. Leave the meat on the hoof. I am not willing to let another animal die so I could be disappointed again. I will stick to Ostrim. Purchase snacks with care. Maybe it's my palate. I like the weird stuff.

👤One of them was not sealed and has a 2 month lifespan. The rest seem good after I threw the moldy one out. They won't last 2 months. I saved a bit of money buying in bulk because they are 1.99 at Whole Foods. I'm not sure if I'll buy again.

👤I had a gastric sleeve. These snacks help me meet my goals. I'm happy to find a natural snack that isn't full of artificial ingredients.

👤We decided to try the venison because we really liked the beef strips. These things are very expensive. Period. It's difficult to get past the price of the review. These things should come with a disclosure for people with dental issues. The flavor is not as strong as it could be. These are almost inedible because of the toughness. We should get a refund if we got a bad batches. They need to figure out how to fix the venison.

👤These were petrified shoe leather and I love venison. I couldn't cut them up and eat them. Dogs wouldn't touch them either. I used shop shears to cut them up and then used a food processor to crush them. Had to add them to anything after soaking it in liquid. It was an expensive mistake.

6. Baja Beef Jerky Nitrates Hormones

Baja Beef Jerky Nitrates Hormones

Crackin' Pepper: The best beef jerky is made with fresh ingredients and spices and is loaded with bold baja flavor. You'll send the other snacks packin' with zero sugar, low sodium, and bold flavor. KETO-FRIENDLY: Their snack is low in calories and high in nutrition and makes it a great snack to fuel you for any activity. The lowest level ofODIUM is low. Their low fat, healthy jerky is made from clean ingredients and has no added hormones, nitrites, nitrates, or preservatives. All beef is natural. Baja Jerky has all-natural, minimally processed beef. Their beef jerky is a great snack for on the go or camping. On every adventure, take in the scenery of Baja. The perfect snack to fuel your adventure. The bag is great for travel, kids snacks, hiking, commute, and snacking on the go.

Brand: Baja Beef

👤When leftovers start to go bad, they taste like dry, crumbly, and hard. Save your money and look elsewhere, I'm shocked by so many high reviews, especially after I gave them a second chance and ordered a second flavor to see if I just didn't like the "Street taco" flavor, but it was still awful. I don't like throwing out expensive snacks, but it was seriously inedible.

👤Excellent jerky! I tried a lot of different brands. This brand hits the flavors just right, texture just right, and if you buy 3/ 2.5oz packages it comes to about $2.40 an ounce, which is perfect for natural jerky. I like the lime and Serrano pepper the most. Two unique flavors are not overwhelming. This is an awesome product, thanks for making it!

👤My family loves this product, it's their go to whenever. I want to promote healthy eating. This jerky is amazing, it tastes great, there is no sugar, low sodium and it has a bold flavor. subscribe and save is how we buy multiple packs monthly. It's also easy to carry on the go. It's worth trying cracklin pepper, but you can also order a sampler pack. It was perfect! We are a large family and I wish they sold a larger pack.

👤The flavor is good. A little sweet, but also with a hint of heat. This is good for variety because it has more meat flavor than seasoning. I don't know when it became so small. I think of something you can chew on for a long time if you tear a strip off a piece. As you pick it up, it falls into little pieces. Good, if that's your preference. I'll try other flavors and see if I have the same issues.

👤I love this snack. They mean spicy when they say it. The orange is my favorite color.

👤The product was bland in flavor. I bought the original. Compared to other brands. It was a bit dry, but not unbearable. There are better choices.

👤Baja beef is tender and delicious. My nephew sent me a selection of different flavors of Baja jerky. The Lime and Serrano pepper was my favorite. It is so good that I had to buy more.

👤This is usually delicious. The packages I received were old and rancid.

7. Original Whole30 Approved Non GMO Protein

Original Whole30 Approved Non GMO Protein

The clean meat stick has 9g of protein, low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol, and only 90 calories. The diet was approved. Their sticks are Paleo, Whole30 approved, and CertifiedGluten Free. All natural, real ingredients are dairy free, soy free, nut free, and sugar free. Their beef is 100% Grass Fed, Finished, and Certified Humane. Prime Video Credit can be used for eligible purchases through 12/3/2021.

Brand: Chomps

👤I am a beef stick enthusiast. I've eaten every brand of food. I decided to change my life after discovering that my diet was not good. High Fructose Corn Syrup is killing you. I decided to start the Whole30 program because I needed a snack. I almost passed on the reviews I read. I'm happy I didn't pass. Many reviewers thought these were "Mushy". I don't agree. They're not as hard as Slim Jim, but they're not as soft. They're a little harder than a hot dog. I'm not turned off by the consistency, I wish they had that "SNAP" of Slim Jim. Some of the reviews said they were "Bland", which is bland with a slight pepper after taste. They would be bland if that pepper aftertaste wasn't there. The Vienna Sausages have a small hint of that flavor, but the pepper finish erases that quickly. The ones I've eaten seem fine and help give it a little more snap than it would have. It's hard to tell from the picture if the length is 8 or 8. I was expecting Slim Jim to be about 11's. I would rather eat a Slim Jim if it weren't for the fact that these are healthy snacks. These are not nasty or gross. I will probably order more when I run out of them. Quality is expensive, but junk is cheap.

👤I opened a chimp after a month of being sealed and it was full of mold. I looked before I put it in my mouth. The rest was thrown out. A loss of money. Very disappointed.

👤Trader Joe's sells CHOMPS for less money. I'm trying to avoid going to the store as I want to leave some for others during the scurvy period, but I feel guilty buying too many of these. When these arrived, I thought they looked a littlerinkly, but ate one anyway, I knew the flavor was off. I compared it to a bunch of chocolates I bought last week at Trader Joe's and the color was off on all of them. The one from TJ's had an expired date. August 2020 was the date when the ones I received from Amazon expired. They were technically not expired, but they have been sitting around for a while. Amazon was good about refunds. They will go into the trash even though they said I could keep them.

👤The taste of these is good because they are 100 calories. They don't have the same flavor as a slim jim because they don't have as much sugar and salt. The light flavor is perfect for a quick bite on the go and it's the only snack stick that doesn't upset the stomach because of the high fat content. I wish they were more affordable. The meat cost is higher. I don't care about the grass fed claims and would like a lower cost option but with the low calories and carbs profile, so maybe yall could make a snack stick with regular beef.

8. New Primal Classic Gluten Grass Fed

New Primal Classic Gluten Grass Fed

Each 1 Oz meat stick has 8g of protein, 0g of sugar, 90 calories, and is low fat and low cholesterol. The combination of healthy and convenient is here. Diet friendly. Their beef sticks are Paleo, Whole30 approved, and Certified Gluten-Free. With these ready-to- eat snacks, you can stay on track with your goals. The meat sticks are full of flavor and sugar-free. Their beef is grass-fed and never finished on grains. Grass-fed cows raised without antibiotics or hormones provide a high-quality taste. On-the-go has a delicious taste. The flavors of garlic, onion, ginger, and lemon peel are packed into a portable snack. You won't be short on snacks if you're in between meetings or in the line for the car. Sugar free snack attack! You can't pronounce the words on the meat sticks at the gas station. These portable snacks are made with bold blended flavors and are free of sugar. There is zero grams of sugar.

Brand: The New Primal

👤When I ordered a second box, it was completely different from the one I ordered. The first box was good, but the second was terrible. The outer layer was dry and paper-like while the inside was salty. Won't be guying these again.

👤I have been eating the Classic Beef Sticks and the Maple bacon Sticks for a year. I have recently received a number of products that were either overcooked and leathery or partially raw inside, with one of them having a pink center that was never present before. I am disappointed that I may have to find a new healthy meat snack as I cannot seem to depend on the quality of these snacks anymore.

👤I paid for 20 Cilantro Lime sticks and the box was not sealed, but the worker opened it and ate the rest of them, I'm just going. Next time you buy a hat, make sure you buy one with my Cilantro Lime sticks hats.

👤One of them wasn't sealed correctly and it was rather gross when I opened it. I have inspected the rest and they look good. It put a bad taste in my mouth. Being on the heathy side of snacking is pretty good.

👤The flavor is high in calories but low in fat. The texture of these is different every time I order them. I had bought them in many different varieties. Sometimes they are a little dry and tough to chew, other times they are fine. I will keep buying them. They are easy to have on hand.

👤I'm working on losing weight with Weight Watchers and the stick is only 1 point. I thought I'd give it a try. I want to leave my snacks at my desk outside of a cooler when I return to work on June 1 because I don't want to use any of the shared kitchen facilities. Reviewers were complaining that they needed to better understand what a meat stick is. 100% processed. Expect something more processed than a hot dog. It was a bit soft, which is fine with me, it makes me feel like I'm eating more and the meat stick lasts longer. The taste was good. I bought turkey pepperoni meat sticks from another company and they were funny and plastic. These are better. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to buy more. The price is correct.

👤The new stick seems to have a different recipe. It looks more processed. Does not match the previous orders we have ordered. The choices for great quality grass fed beef sticks are very limited.

👤The Peppered Turkey Sticks - Light Pepper Flavor was not as strong a taste. For my sensitive digestion. It was ordered as % off. If the price was right, I would order more often. I tried them again after putting them aside. I used to like the taste, but not my favorite. But okay. I can digest these with no problem, so I raised them from 2* to 4*. This type of food is my comfort food, however there are few I can eat due to being sensitive, so a big plus for this brand and for me certification of the quality. Will try a different flavor. The original review was about a great price break on Amazon for one of my favorite brands. The Cilantro Lime Turkey had good ingredients so I had to try it. After having difficulty finishing the 20 pack, will probably donate as no one wanted them. The texture is dry and not like any other stick I have tried. I tried to have a stick again, but I got nausea. I usually don't eat 1-2 sticks a day. My relatives don't like the flavor or the texture, not me or any of my friends. A sour flavor that doesn't blend well with turkey is hard to describe. The brand may be good again, but not the flavor.

9. Mission Meats Jalapeno Nitrate Healthy

Mission Meats Jalapeno Nitrate Healthy

The best free range Turkey was used. 100% non-GMO Citric Acid. The good stuff is in the Free Range Turkey Bars. The best spicy snacks are available. There are healthy snacks for adults. There are snacks that are healthy and delicious. These are must haves for a road trip. The supplement is perfect for people with diabetes. Their grass fed beef sticks are great. A high-quality snack is perfect for paleo and healthy snacking. It's great for lunch boxes. Everyone has turkey jerky stick options. A ground turkey, beef jerky, hot sausage, and hot links alternative. Turkey bars with Jalapenos are not included in the list of strategies or tranquilizers. A snack box, gift basket, snack packs, healthy snacks for kids, snack boxes for adults, office snacks, gift baskets for men or women and other food gifts are all great options. GLUTENFREE AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED BULK SNACKS! Turkey bars are antibiotic free and have no hormones. There are dairy free snacks. Each purchase you make supports amazing organizations. They support one cause at a time. There are meat snacks that give back. KETO FRIENDLY SNACKS. No sugar, you will love it! You will be able to order meat sticks. The beef jerky sticks will make you leave it.

Brand: Est. 2015 Mission Meats

👤I could eat these all day if it wasn't bad. I love them in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner. I don't eat them for all of the meals. If I can't resist, I usually have them at breakfast, but people put salsa and tabasco sauce on eqqs and sometimes as a snack later in the day.

👤The bars are small. I thought they were small, but they are filling. The bars have a spicy flavor, but what impressed me most was the customer service. I had an issue with my shipment and their customer service took care of it. That will keep me a loyal customer.

👤This isn't what I was expecting. The bars are moist, but the flavor is a little weird because it's not jerky. They're okay despite the fact that they're a little weird.

👤The taste and texture are not good. I was expecting more for the price. The quantity was generous.

👤Consistency and good flavor. It's really handy to carry in my pocket.

👤A lot of delicious flavor. I will definitely be ordering again. It's not too hot. It was delicious.

👤I was hoping for an ideal snack.

👤The flavor is worth the price.

10. Righteous Biltong Protein Hormone Artificial

Righteous Biltong Protein Hormone Artificial

KETO BILTONG BEEF JERKY. They created a biltong flavor that will keep you eating it until the bag is gone. A satisfying air dried meat snack with 16 grams of protein per serving and zero sugar. It's a sugar free snack that's perfect for people on a diet. It's great as a gift for men, birthday gifts, holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. All-natural ingredients are what makes Righteous Felon's keto jerky different from other high-protein snacks that are still full of questionable chemicals. There are no artificial flavors or colors in this recipe. The traditional South African jerky snack packs have been reinvented by Righteous Felon. Black garlic, cracked pepper, and spicy ancho peppers are some of the bold seasoning in their jerky variety pack. The dried meat was made with great care in small batches to bring out the American flavor. You don't need fancy snacks or trail mix to keep you going when you have old-fashioned American beef biltong jerky. There are snacks that are free of artificial flavors and chemicals. You can grab a bag on the go. They use pasture-fed beef from the American Black Angus farms in Maryland. The beef is antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Brand: Righteous Felon

👤I'm a big fan of their original R&D Biltong and was happy to see them expand their line. The flavors didn't jump out at me on paper. I was blown away when I got them. I recommend them for anyone who likes beef jerky, like myself. The original R&D was similar to the Darjeeling Garlic. Black garlic has a nice flavor. It has a nice flavor profile, but not too much that your taste buds are ruined by the garlic taste. My favorite of the group. I am not a big fan of dill, but this was exceptional. Good balance and a unique flavor from the dill make for a great punch to wake you up. It was like a high end steak. Ancho Villa: Ancho Pepper. My palate is not very strong when it comes to spices. I try to keep my boundaries. This was a pleasant surprise for me. I found it to have a good kick, but the heat only lasted for a short period of time. Let me know that it was there. Excellent flavors, quality meat, choice pieces. I tend to eat it quickly. Highly recommended.

👤I was intrigued by the flavors and gave this a try. I snacked my way through the three pack, which is why I'm back for more. I liked the snackable sizes. It's not like chewing leather, because it's really tender, and no need to break off a chunk to bite. I can get a great snack with no impact on my blood sugar because I am a type 1 diabetes. This is a life saver. I can't wait to try more of the flavors. Highly recommended, even for people who don't consider themselves lovers.

👤The product is different than regular jerky. I like that it is softer. It's not that good, in that it's more subtle and less salty than regular jerky. It's impossible to swallow, that's the biggest downside for me. It's hard to explain, but when you chew and chew it rolls into a ball in your mouth, which you can only swallow. It's like chewing a product until it tastes better and then holding it between your teeth until you're ready to spit it out. I wanted to like this product. It's a big no for me.

👤I was very excited to try it. It seemed ok. The issue was the meat itself. There was a bag of meat dust. There were no pieces. It's a shame.

👤I'm sure someone likes it. Then again. Some people eat pizza. To each of them. I got through a few bites of each bag and went back to Old Trapper. I don't know why it's a good thing that it is soft. I would just smoke a steak if I wanted soft beef. So... I gave it 4 stars because it was soft. It is soft. I took a star away for the silliness of having a rating that promotes that as a good thing because jerky isn't meant to be soft.

11. Grass Fed Non GMO Nitrate Nitrite Healthy

Grass Fed Non GMO Nitrate Nitrite Healthy

Only the best grass fed beef was used. 100% non-GMO Citric Acid. The good stuff is in these Beef Sticks. The best snack. There are healthy snacks for adults. A high protein snack is perfect for paleo and healthy snacks. It's great for lunch boxes. Everyone has beef jerky stick options. BEEF STICKS WITH NO ADDED NITRATES. A snack box, gift basket, snack packs, healthy snacks for kids, snack boxes for adults, office snacks, gift baskets for men or women and other food gifts are all great options. GLUTENFREE AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED BULK SNACKS! The beef sticks are antibiotic free. There are dairy free snacks. Each purchase you make supports amazing organizations. They support one cause at a time. There are meat snacks that give back. KETO FRIENDLY SNACKS. No sugar, you will love it! You will be able to order meat sticks. The beef jerky sticks will make you leave it. There is a variety pack of beef jerky snacks for adults. A low calories, low fat, sugar free food is perfect for snacking.

Brand: Est. 2015 Mission Meats

👤I hope the cows are happy because these are decent quality. The taste was ok. The high price was not something that was outstanding about these. I gave this product three stars. I requested the Ultimate Sampler Pack after receiving an email offering me another dozen to improve my experience. I found myself spitting out a mouthful of mold after I was a camper. I didn't look at the sticks or what I spat out but I still had the taste of mold in my mouth after rinsing out. The beef stick was Tasty Original. I am afraid to try the rest of the sticks. This seems to be an issue with this product. I was going to pack these to take, but I hope I don't get sick, about to travel overseas. The dogs got fed to the dumpster because the neighbors wouldn't let me give them to them.

👤I wasn't going to review this product, but since they seem to enjoy sending me requests for a review, here goes: These sticks are a rip-off and their customer service doesn't listen or read very well. Three of the twelve beef sticks I bought were rotten and one had a bad flavor that reminded me of spoiled meat. I told the company that I didn't want any more of their product, a refund or anything; I just wanted them to be aware of the issue. They said that they have a vacuum failure rate of.055% on their product and that they would send more sticks to me. I told them that I didn't want any more of their product because someone is going to get sick, and that more than 25% of my product was bad. If you want to throw money down the drain, get sick, or be bombarded with emails from this company, hit buy now and enjoy. Avoid at all costs if not.

👤I had a few and they were great. I tried, but it was better than others. The rancid smell hit me like a ton of bricks after I opened one. I think something went wrong with the packaging. I don't like beef jerky anymore. The smell kept me from biting into it. I'm sure this is a great company. I've never had something like this happen with beef jerky.

👤Product was damaged upon arrival.

👤I have purchased these before. This time I bought 3 packs worth $65. The meat is discolored in the pictures. I am very disappointed that this passed a quality check and was sent to me for my child to consume. It is clear that no one should be eating this. I will not purchase these again.

👤I pulled out one that looked bad and was enjoying these. It looked like a cooked deans sausage. The color of the others is completely different. It made me off the rest of the pack. No thanks. Unfortunate.

👤Slim Jims were gross when I was a kid. Slim Jims are still gross. Disgusting. These meat sticks have better texture, better flavor and no grease when you bite them. Is it fat? Yes. If the beef is grass-fed then it should not be fat. Is everything good for me and will it make me broke? There is a I used to cheat on my diet with pretzels. I need three of these on an 8-hour shift to keep going. There was nothing else except water. It is still expensive if I buy grass-fed beef online. I might start smoking my fish. The original flavor was spicy enough for me. The pepper versions would be too hot for me. I can't afford to eat this food everyday. I will buy it again.


What is the best product for keto jerky variety pack?

Keto jerky variety pack products from Bunny · James ·. In this article about keto jerky variety pack you can see why people choose the product. Tillamook Country Smoker and Jack Link's are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto jerky variety pack.

What are the best brands for keto jerky variety pack?

Bunny · James ·, Tillamook Country Smoker and Jack Link's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto jerky variety pack. Find the detail in this article. Righteous Felon, Epic Provisions and Baja Beef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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