Best Keto Jerky Zero Sugar

Jerky 10 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Jack Links Jerky Original Pounder

Jack Links Jerky Original Pounder

Jack Link's Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a must-have snack that has 10g ofProtein and 80 calories per serving. Jack Link's Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of 100% premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water and salt. Their beef jerky is fat free with no added hormones. Full on flames. Jack Link's beef jerky is slow cooked and hardwood smoked. Everyone calls their Original flavor delicious. How did ancient civilizations build pyramids or win sword battles? Jack Link's beef jerky can help you power through a late day at work, tackle your honey-do list or fuel a workout if it worked for them. The jumbo 1/2 pound sharing size bag is re-sealable so you can open it again and again. It's great for sharing with family and friends or for hiding in a secret spot.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤While this product has good flavor, my caution is for anyone to open the bag when it arrives, dump the contents on a plate, and look at the meat closely. I ordered a variety of this brand for my two sons. One bag was badly damaged. The bag had white mold on it. This may have been ok to wash off, and consume anyway, but it certainly wasn't very appealing. Amazon sent a replacement bag to make it right. I wanted to warn you that I could see you opening a bag and eating it without looking at it first.

👤It tasted bad. The bag was sealed and had an expired date. I'm not sure what went wrong.

👤I bought these for my boyfriend. He loves eating food. This is like a man getting a gift for a lady. It was a hit with my boyfriend and I feel like more ladies should give their guys some.

👤I bought for my husband's birthday. He opened the beef jerky on Thursday. After eating a few pieces, he noticed the mold on the meat in the bottom of the package and closed the bag. We have never had mold or problems with the beef jerky in the past. June 2021.

👤My son likes beef jerky. I buy this at Walmart a lot. I bought them because I found it for a better price here. I don't usually eat them. I tried one. It was soft and tender but too sweet for my liking. I asked my son to give me one line to describe the items I got from Amazon and he said "delicious". I recommend this seller for the price and quality.

👤The jerky was hard to chew, but I liked it. I'm glad I have most of my teeth to eat. I just bought a 1/2 pound bag of the same snack and it was soft to chew. The flavor was better than the product. I bought it at a local store for a dollar and a few cents more. I will spend the extra money on things.

👤I don't eat this myself. I give it to my stepson as a gift because he has eaten lots of it for the past 25 years. This is the one he always asks for, it is his favorite of the flavors and brands.

2. Lorissas Kitchen Grass Beef Sticks

Lorissas Kitchen Grass Beef Sticks

Made with 100% grass-fed beef. These meat sticks are made from grass-fed beef that is free of hormones or antibiotics so you can feel good about giving them to your family. JALAPEO FLAVOR The beef sticks are seasoned with garlic, onion and red pepper and slow-smoked for just the right amount of heat the whole family will love. The Jalapeo Beef Sticks are individually wrapped and easy to throw in your backpack, purse, or lunch box so you will be ready to nourish and replenish during meal time, snack time or satisfying a craving time. GLUTEN-FREE SNACKS. These beef sticks are free of added nitrates and have no artificial flavours. They are made with high-quality ingredients. The premium beef stick is a good source of nutrition that will help you tackle the day. It is a snack that fits into your busy schedule and is packed with 6g ofProtein per serving.

Brand: Lorissa's Kitchen

👤I bought 2 boxes of this because of the good reviews, and I was able to get it on subscribe and save for less. These aren't bad, but they are too thick. I like grass-fed beef, but sometimes I end up spitting it out because it won't fully break down orDissolve, which is one of my issues with it. I tried the sticks from Mission Meats and Vermont Smoke & Cure. I didn't have a problem with the Mission Meats and Vermont sticks being too squishy. I enjoyed both brands more than the sticks. The sticks with the most fat in them are the ones with the most saturated fat. Mission Meats has 6 grams total fat, 2.5 grams saturated fat, while Vermont Smoke & Cure has 4.5 grams total fat, 2 grams saturated fat. The Vermont sticks had the best taste and texture, while Mission Meats was second. The sticks are similar in taste and texture to Mission Meats, but I would rank them dead last. I think the company is trying to make a good product, but I was not happy with it. I will purchase other brands once I finish what I have.

👤There are health risks. They load the celery grown for this use with nitrates. This is a dishonest practice that more people should be aware of, as it increases the risk of cancer for the consumer. Look up information of your own. Many organic brands lie to consumers. I think they want to suppress this information because they wouldn't let me ask them a question about it. It's not a good sign when they can't even address the issue. I would like to be able to keep ordering this. I need proof that what I learned about this issue is not true. Why was the question not allowed? Was it the manufacturer who deleted it?

👤I usually get Chomps, but I tried the cheaper jerky sticks. The first thing I noticed after biting into one was the taste. Jack Link's parent company makes Slim Jims, and I found out that the company that ownsLorissa's Kitchen is that company. I can't say how healthy these really are. If you're not a fan of the regular, greasy and sticky type of sticks, I would recommend looking for something else. I already paid for the pack, so I'll finish it. I'll probably go back to Chomps or Vermont Smoke and Cure after this.

👤They are very fresh and spicy, and taste like a raw pork summer sausage. For the past 3 years, I have been cycling in and out of Keto every 90 days. I have tried many different brands of beef sticks, I discovered these in March and have been hooked ever since. I recommend these to anyone who is still eating while not in ketosis. You will see what I mean if you give them a try.

👤I love them. The texture of the sticks is very satisfying, and they are more delicious than your average sticks. There are two problems with them. There are significant quality differences between different boxes. Sometimes the sticks are very moist, sometimes they have less water and sometimes they chew like a regular stick. Sometimes it's a little sweeter and sometimes it's a little saltier. I think they all taste good to me, I don't have a preference. Sometimes taste and texture inconsistencies bother me. 2. They are not cheap and I eat too much of them. I recommend it to people who want to have more control over their lives than I do.

3. Paleovalley 100 Grass Sticks Count

Paleovalley 100 Grass Sticks Count

Paleovalley's 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the perfect paleo snack with 6g ofProtein per serving. Their beef sticks are made from pasture-raised cattle in the USA and never given antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Their beef sticks are shelf stable and naturally rich in probiotics because they use old world methods to ferment them. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Their beef sticks have more vitamins and Omega 3s than grain-fed beef, which helps fight inflammation. They don't want you to order anything that you aren't happy with. If you need it, they have a 60-day money-back policy.

Brand: Paleovalley

👤I'm always hesitant to try new things. For the last couple of years, I have been kayaking in the wilderness for two or three days, not just floating around at the local lake. I am trying out different snacks that I can grab and eat on the water or lunch. I have a box of snacks that I won't touch in the future and they are due to be thrown away. Will not be buying them again. I don't like beef sticks because they leave my mouth greasy. These are not greasy. I am on my second order. I like the way they are wrapped. Like the taste and texture of them.

👤It's what I absolutely love and I was Puzzled to read other comments about the texture of the beef sticks. I've never liked beef sticks before. Most are hard, waxy and rancid tasting snacks, even those other brands that also advertise being made of grass fed beef. I like how fresh and moist these are. I stopped ordering them during the summer because I live in a hot area. The only way to get them from Paleovalley was by US mail, which meant you never knew when you were going to get them, and they were crammed into my metal mailbox for several hours until I could retrieve them. I had to throw them out on a few occasions. I told the company and they offered to return my money, but I thought it was silly to mail spoiled food. I placed another order for them today after I found them again on Amazon. I'm very happy to see them sold here, now they arrive in a box via Uppings to my front door, away from the intense heat. Great! I'm not sure if these are as fresh as the sticks I received from the manufacturer. I think the transfer time from manufacturer to vendor might be compromising the freshness of these, the first batches I received from the vendor just didn't seem as moist, fresh or tender, notwithstanding the great taste. We will see what happens on the second shipment.

👤I follow a way of life that is low in fat and high in calories. I am concerned about the quality of the food I eat, the source of the food, and the balance of the food and ingredients. Every requirement I have is met by Paleovalley beef sticks. I like the flavor of summer sausage, but I haven't tried the new turkey bars, and they are all delicious. The texture is juicy. When I bite into it, the stick has a nice snap. It tastes fresh, is not greasy or oily, and has a wonderful flavor, all of which satisfy my need for healthy grass fed nutrition. If I have one for lunch, it is usually accompanied by a big salad. It is also great with a breakfast of raw vegetables, a hard boiled egg, and coffee with heavy cream. The portion size is perfect. I wouldn't be able to have a bigger meat stick. This is easy to chew, leaves no oil on my fingers, and has no sugar, nuts, or dried fruit added. My microbiome appreciates the added bonus of the probiotics. I have never had any issues with Paleovalley beef sticks. The garlic version of the summer sausage may be added to my order. I hope that Paleovalley's product will never be reformulated or discontinued.

4. Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

These meat sticks are the perfect snack for an active lifestyle, with zero grams of sugar, zero grams of total carbs, and 11 grams of protein per serving. Their premium meat sticks are a perfect portable snack that has 11 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use the best beef, pork, and seasonings fresh from the farm, and Smoking their meat sticks over real hardwood gives them an unparalleled taste. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤I like this product a lot. They could be a bit cheaper per piece but it isn't really bad when you consider that no sugar beef sticks are a niche market. It's bad that companies sneak sugar into so many items where a no sugar version is a niche market. I wish they were a bit more spicy, but maybe they will be available soon on Amazon. I am very happy with the beef sticks and will probably buy them again when I run out.

👤This isn't my first Keto friendly product, but it is the most affordable and bland. It's salty and not in a good way. There is only one flavor. The texture seems fine, but the flavor distracts from a good assessment. It's my dog's new treat and it's great for him.

👤I tried it tonight. I liked the bite snap. The amount of fat/grease was not very high. The flavor was too heavy on the seeds. I like caraway seeds, but they had too much for me. I found the texture to be stringy. I love Tillamook's cheese and jerky, but these were not a 5 for me or my family.

👤If you enjoy products like this, and you must be careful with your sugar intake, then this is a good purchase. If you can have a small amount of sugar, then you should go with a brand that is more cost effective.

👤Love Tillamook! I was very disappointed to find mold on new packages. Only Tillamook. They are stored in a warehouse at high temperatures. Other stores have the same brand. Maybe because there is no Preservative. Which is great!

👤The meat sticks are not bad, but not great. I had hoped these meat sticks would be the same as the Tillamook products I have tried. That is not the case. I was looking for cheaper meat sticks. The Chomps brand are very good, but the Tillamook are greasy and lack a flavor. I won't buy again and won't recommend them.

👤I've purchased these many times and they have always been perfect. Until this time. These are either dried out or old. I already ate a few and thought maybe it was just 1 or 2 bad ones but it seems like the whole lot. Disappointing. Unless I get bad ones, I will keep ordering them. Kinda gross.

👤The taste is better than other sugar free meat sticks I tried, but not as greasy. It makes a good afternoon energy boost to help keep my diet on track.

5. Turkey Nitrate Nitrite Healthy Natural

Turkey Nitrate Nitrite Healthy Natural

The best free range Turkey was used. 100% non-GMO Citric Acid. These Free Range Turkey Sticks have good stuff in them. The best snack. There are healthy snacks for adults who want to lose weight. There are snacks that are healthy and delicious. These are must haves for a road trip. The supplement is perfect for people with diabetes. Their grass fed beef sticks are great. A high-quality snack is perfect for paleo and healthy snacking. It's great for lunch boxes. Everyone has turkey jerky stick options. There is a ground turkey and beef jerky alternative. Turkey has no added strategies or tranquilizers. A snack box, gift basket, snack packs, healthy snacks for kids, snack boxes for adults, office snacks, gift baskets for men or women and other food gifts are all great options. GLUTENFREE AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED BULK SNACKS! The turkey sticks are antibiotic free. There are dairy free snacks. Each purchase you make supports amazing organizations. They support one cause at a time. There are meat snacks that give back. KETO FRIENDLY SNACKS. No sugar, you will love it! You will be able to order meat sticks. The beef jerky sticks will make you leave it.

Brand: Est. 2015 Mission Meats

👤Each stick that has been spoiled was dinged with a star. I don't know but it seems that these guys have a packaging issue. I don't think I can pull one out of the bag and it would be safe to eat. Sometimes their packing doesn't seal properly. These are good for a jerky stick and it is a shame. They taste good. I like to buy food that is safe to eat.

👤They would rate these stars if the manufacturing process was good. We've eaten the original in both beef and turkey. Both have a good flavor. One of the batches we received had the casing loose. Those were thrown out. The other 3rd was funky, but the other 2nd seemed normal. I want to keep these around the house for healthy snacks, but not at the risk of someone getting food poisoning. Fix your quality control! You have a great product.

👤These have a great taste, but they are hard to chew on compared to other brands I've purchased on Amazon. They are very hard. I will not buy these again. My new review. This company is great. They read my previous review and insisted on making things right. I never asked for my money back. They immediately sent me a new shipment after writing to me. My husband and I just tasted the items and they are delicious, soft and delicious. The other shipment is similar. These are the best. I will definitely be purchasing again from this company. You will love them! Thank you, Mission Meats!

👤The company sells great beef sticks. I thought they would be just a snack. I ordered a lot of them but they had a bad taste in their mouths. We wasted 6 of them because of the flavor. I asked my travel partner to give me feedback if it was just me, so I could see if it was me. I tried to remove the casing to see if it was the culprit. I'm out $64 because there is no way to return them. I would suggest sticking to the beef.

👤They get moldy really quick, and they are mushy, as others have said.

👤I've been on a Keto diet for a few weeks and was looking for something portable to keep at my desk. I was a little worried about the "moldy" comments. The jalapeno flavor is delicious. They are a good size and are easy to chew on. I will definitely be ordering again.

👤I love the Jalapeo turkey sticks. My package was fresh and delicious. They have a fresh taste and don't have the greasiness of some beef sticks. They are the snack of choice for grownups and kids. Fun fact... these are comparable to a shake with calories.

👤I like these and want to order again, but I also noticed the mixed reviews when ordering again. My class was amazing. I will probably order again, but I don't want a moldy one. I liked the taste of the batches I ordered. The brand I ordered from tasted bad. If I order these again, I hope it will be as good as my first order.

6. Country Archer Jerky Mustard Barbecue

Country Archer Jerky Mustard Barbecue

High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats are not allowed in any food. No bleached or bromated flour. No synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

Brand: Country Archer

👤The taste and texture were not what I was expecting. Someone else may like it. It was not suited to my taste.

👤It has a nice mustard flavor. There are very thin strips of jerky. The.

👤It's a little dry and has a little bit of a bite to it. There's a stronger BBQ mustard flavor.

👤Don't share. It's too good to be shared.

👤Yuck. Don't like the flavor.

7. Baja Beef Jerky Nitrates Hormones

Baja Beef Jerky Nitrates Hormones

Crackin' Pepper: The best beef jerky is made with fresh ingredients and spices and is loaded with bold baja flavor. You'll send the other snacks packin' with zero sugar, low sodium, and bold flavor. KETO-FRIENDLY: Their snack is low in calories and high in nutrition and makes it a great snack to fuel you for any activity. The lowest level ofODIUM is low. Their low fat, healthy jerky is made from clean ingredients and has no added hormones, nitrites, nitrates, or preservatives. All beef is natural. Baja Jerky has all-natural, minimally processed beef. Their beef jerky is a great snack for on the go or camping. On every adventure, take in the scenery of Baja. The perfect snack to fuel your adventure. The bag is great for travel, kids snacks, hiking, commute, and snacking on the go.

Brand: Baja Beef

👤When leftovers start to go bad, they taste like dry, crumbly, and hard. Save your money and look elsewhere, I'm shocked by so many high reviews, especially after I gave them a second chance and ordered a second flavor to see if I just didn't like the "Street taco" flavor, but it was still awful. I don't like throwing out expensive snacks, but it was seriously inedible.

👤Excellent jerky! I tried a lot of different brands. This brand hits the flavors just right, texture just right, and if you buy 3/ 2.5oz packages it comes to about $2.40 an ounce, which is perfect for natural jerky. I like the lime and Serrano pepper the most. Two unique flavors are not overwhelming. This is an awesome product, thanks for making it!

👤My family loves this product, it's their go to whenever. I want to promote healthy eating. This jerky is amazing, it tastes great, there is no sugar, low sodium and it has a bold flavor. subscribe and save is how we buy multiple packs monthly. It's also easy to carry on the go. It's worth trying cracklin pepper, but you can also order a sampler pack. It was perfect! We are a large family and I wish they sold a larger pack.

👤The flavor is good. A little sweet, but also with a hint of heat. This is good for variety because it has more meat flavor than seasoning. I don't know when it became so small. I think of something you can chew on for a long time if you tear a strip off a piece. As you pick it up, it falls into little pieces. Good, if that's your preference. I'll try other flavors and see if I have the same issues.

👤I love this snack. They mean spicy when they say it. The orange is my favorite color.

👤The product was bland in flavor. I bought the original. Compared to other brands. It was a bit dry, but not unbearable. There are better choices.

👤Baja beef is tender and delicious. My nephew sent me a selection of different flavors of Baja jerky. The Lime and Serrano pepper was my favorite. It is so good that I had to buy more.

👤This is usually delicious. The packages I received were old and rancid.

8. Ayoba Yo Biltong Certified Whole30 Friendly

Ayoba Yo Biltong Certified Whole30 Friendly

A new approach to JerKY! Unlike beef jerkey that is cooked at a low temperature and loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, their biltong is hand dried for fourteen days and is easy to chew. More gusto! If you're looking for a natural alternative to muscle fuel, there is no better one than their biltong. The drying process leads to more meat snacks. SUGAR is free! You can make it part of a healthy diet because it is sugar free. This means there is no sugar rush or mood swings. KETO & PALEO! These Beef Snacks are perfect for the Whole 30 Diet and are free of nitrates and artificial ingredients. They are good for you as well. There is a natural beef flavor. The flavor of other meat snacks is not as good as barbecue, teriyaki, or soy sauce. Their biltong allows you to enjoy your favorite cut of steak 24/7.

Brand: Ayoba

👤This is wonderful. It's amazing, so much better than anything else. I will never buy anything else from anyone else. The meat is very tender and can be made into a stick. I've tried every type of jerky I could find. I was ready to give up on jerky even though it could provide a great hit ofProtein on the go. The best ingredients are used by Ayoba-Yo. They don't have to cover them up with a lot of salt. The other guys products are loaded with salt, full of gristle, and sub-standard meats, even though they say they're natural. It makes a great tasting meal and you feel good after you eat it. I don't usually leave reviews. I want to support this product because I want to see it for a long time. Those of us trying to stay healthy care about what they're doing. Buy their products to keep them. I will do my part.

👤I bought thisjerky because it promised a unique experience. It is a high quality snack that is easy to chew and tender, so you can't really describe it as jerky. The flavor has a smooth heat that builds up in your mouth. The more you chew it, the hotter it gets. It's not a hot heat but a warm background that builds up on your skin. This is a great snack that is Paleo and Ketogenic friendly and has a lot of variety from the usual fare. It is grass fed beef and it contains a beneficial substance called CLA. This was a high quality experience.

👤If you want to divide your taste for beef jerky for yourself, you need to know that my taste for it may not be the same as yours. I really disliked this product. I found it had an odd sour taste. I think it was not very bad. I am not sure if this is beef. I will not be buying this again because of this and the outrageously high price.

👤I expected more for the price. If they vacuum sealed the packaging, it could be cut in half, because most of the packaging is spent on making it appear more than it really is. The window at the bottom is where all the meat is. The beef is paper thin and very tender, it really melts in your mouth. There is a It's not spicy if you consider black pepper spicy, it's not even spicy if you consider habanero or ghost pepper spicy. I might need to stuff the whole 2oz in one go to get the "spicy", but that's a lot of money. It checks all the boxes for "good stuff", but it doesn't check for nitrates or msg.

👤The company's products are made from grass-fed beef. I looked at the ingredient list and saw it was very small. I realized that I wouldn't go back after comparing Atoba-yo beef to beef jerky. I don't understand why anyone would want to buy beef jerky when biltong is the most tender and healthy beef snack I've ever eaten. It's too good to pass up. It was a perfect snack on the diet. Is the package large? The bags of jerky you buy at the gas station are larger. Is it expensive? It was compared to gas stations and big-box stores. It's an average price point for the bag. This is the best choice if you want healthy jerky with minimal ingredients. Is this a good idea? Absolutely!

9. Healthy Keto Preservative Nitrate Natural

Healthy Keto Preservative Nitrate Natural

3 simple ingredients - beef, water, and seasonings. 100% USA beef is all natural. Small batches of 100% USA beef are handcrafted in the USA. It's ideal for low-carb lifestyles.

Brand: Keto Carne

👤I've been a huge fan of this product for a long time. The quality has become non-existent over the past year. Each packet of beef jerky is usually shipped with aMoisture packet to help maintain freshness. Over the past 6 months, I have observed that the uniformity has been inconsistent in that one package of jerky may have two or even three packets while two or three other packages will have zero. There is no quality control for the shipping practice. A few moments ago in a poorly lit area, I opened a new package of Carne Beef Jerky, and as I reached the 3 piece, I noticed an odd color which I thought was just excess fat. I flashed some light on the oddly covered piece I was about to eat and found it was not fat but rather MOLD... The guys were good a year ago but have gone off the rails. If you decide to purchase this product, be aware that you are at risk for food poisoning and other related issues. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone else until they fix their production situation.

👤Finally! Someone knows that you don't have to use sugar to make beef jerky taste good. This is the taste of jerky. My only suggestion is to put it in a bag with a zip lock. I will eat the whole bag as soon as I open it, it's not a problem for me. It's a shame that the major beef jerky manufacturers feel that they have to put sugar in everything. Thank you for proving that it's not necessary.

👤We love it! I'm from South Africa and we do our own kind of jerky called biltong, it's a perfect middle ground between biltong and jerky. It still tastes like meat despite being free of sugar. I've tried a lot of beef jerky products that don't taste like meat and are hard to chew. We use roasted Coriander on biltong, it's a road-trip lifesaver. I think it could be good.

👤I've ordered a lot of bags of this. It's like playing a lottery as to whether you get a bag that's good or a bag that's bad. The bags have some fat in them. They have thicker cuts of meat that keep their shape. The bad bags are not good. I want to throw it away because it's dried out and brittle.

👤This proves my point that sugar does not belong in our food. After reading every label on every bag of jerky, I went to Amazon and found out that they have upwards of 9 grams of sugar. This is great. The heat is very strong. There was no sugar. It is just as tender as all of the other things. I think I'm chewing on a piece of pot roast. If I could only get it at the local stores. Excellent!

👤This is the first time I've ever written a review after receiving a product. I wanted to share this stuff. Most store brands of jerky have added a substance called CARBS. I don't see why my wife and I should have to eat a lot of calories in order to have a good snack. Found this on Amazon and ordered it. This afternoon, I arrived. I opened this after dinner because I needed a little more. The flavor is great. The texture is perfect but it falls apart in your mouth, like a good roast beef. Really, really good. I'm a fan. Will be ordering more in the other flavors.

10. Made True Beef Sliced Bites

Made True Beef Sliced Bites

The Graham to Slash Everywhere is a serving of 16g of protein, 90 calories, 0g of Trans fat, and 0g of sugar. The True Beef slices of biltong is a clean-life friendly snack that is up to 30% moreProtein per ounce than other leading jerky strips. 100% natural! Their healthy meat snacks start out in biltong slab form and are then cut into tender slices of heaven. All of their snack packs are made in the USA and packed in a USDA-inspected facility. They know where their prime beef comes from, so they know what goes into each bag to make it taste better. It is easy to make by true. The easiest snack is around that. Work hard, play hard, snack hard. Be brave, be better, be true.

Brand: True Jerky

👤I paid for five of the four varieties that arrived today, so I think it's fair to dock them points. The original flavor pack was not sent to me. I'm willing to pay a premium for a quality product, but I expect to get what I paid for. I received four flavors but even though they were tasty, they were a bit expensive compared to other options.

👤I got these for my husband, they are really good flavors and tender pieces.

👤Oberto sells their products in the local grocery stores so it's easier to get.

👤My son has to watch his sugars. beef jerky is a staple for him. This one was very low in calories. We will order again.

👤Too Americanised doesn't taste like South African biltong.

👤The smell of this jerky is so good that it makes you want to vomit. It's not overly spicy. It tastes like a gourmet pizza but isn't seasoned with Italian or pizza-themed spices. It's just so good and has that msg quality that has you coming back for more and more without the negative aspects of added msg. It's not too sweet or spicy. There is a The pieces are small. There are a lot of things. It's more like a handful rather than individual strips that you could consume while driving. There is a The texture is soft and squishy. It has a nice amount of fat for the flavor. I love salt and don't try to avoid it. This jerky has a lot of parts that you can't chew through completely. You end up with a lot of gum in your mouth after you've eaten all the digestible parts. They threw in a lot of things that make it less enjoyable to eat.

11. Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

Tillamook Country Original Friendly Sausages

These meat sticks are the perfect snack for an active lifestyle, with zero grams of sugar, zero grams of total carbs, and 9 grams of protein per serving. Their premium meat sticks are a perfect portable snack that has 9 grams ofProtein per serving. They make a wide variety of meat sticks, including teriyaki, Pepperoni, Sweet and Spicy, and more. They use the best beef, pork, and seasonings fresh from the farm, and Smoking their meat sticks over real hardwood gives them an unparalleled taste. They have been making mouth watering smokehouse snacks for over 4 decades, the kind you can only get when you mix hard work, simple ingredients and real hardwood smoke.

Brand: Tillamook Country Smoker

👤The best before date was April 13th 2021. There was a white coating on the outside. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was rotten. See the picture. There is mold on them. I hope I did not get botulism.

👤I was excited to get the sausages, but then I bit into one. The taste is similar to tallow candles. No taste, no sugar, and no spices in the bag. I remembered that I left the bag where the dog could get the sticks. I was surprised that no one had tried to catch them. Our dog will eat used Kleenex.

👤I had to warn everyone about this product because I don't like to write reviews. I received this product in March of 2021. I put them on top of my fridge after trying one. I grabbed one as I was talking to my son and almost put it in my mouth. I was so angry. It says the best by date is February 2nd. I am so grossed out by the fact that it was so bad. It was stored correctly as well. This is not okay.

👤The product does not contain sugar or other ingredients. The count is zero. There are no nitrates or nitrites that can cause cancer. It is a great snack for people with type 2 diabetes who are controlling their numbers with exercise and diet. I recommend this product for people trying to control their intake of sugars. It tastes great to me and is not overly salted. This product is not cheap and I gave it four stars. The market for this type of treat is owned by the Tillamook Country Smoker. I think they can charge what they want. I am swallowing the price and the product at the same time. I will keep this treat on hand if it is offered by the Tillamook Country Smoker. Other treats like this from other manufacturers are usually salted to death and still contain some form of sugar. The other manufacturers produce a product that is not close to taste.

👤I don't know if I got a bad bag of these, or if they were stored in the Amazon warehouse next to a bunch of soap and absorbed the scent, because these tasted like soap. I really wanted to like them, but they're just plain gross and have been feeding them to my uncle's dogs as treats.

👤I received these from Amazon. I love Tillamook cheese. I was expecting a great beef stick product. I got a whoosh when I opened the packaging, it reminded me of Aqua Net hair spray from the 1960's. It was very pronounced. I am disappointed that Amazon did not return my money. It's hard to find a beef stick without all the sugar. I don't think cows use hair spray, so I don't know why this would happen. Maybe one of the workers was working the line that day.

👤I have been a fan of beef jerky for a long time. I thought I would try them out. Is sugar free better for you? They are better for me because I won't eat them. It is possible that it is just my taste preference, but these reviews were very off putting to me. They were very oily and each stick had a film on it. The texture was very soft. I would have eaten them if it weren't for the soft and oily issues. Not a fan, wont order again. I give the Tillamook Hot & Spicy Silver Dollar jerky a big thumbs up.


What is the best product for keto jerky zero sugar?

Keto jerky zero sugar products from Jack Link's. In this article about keto jerky zero sugar you can see why people choose the product. Lorissa's Kitchen and Paleovalley are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto jerky zero sugar.

What are the best brands for keto jerky zero sugar?

Jack Link's, Lorissa's Kitchen and Paleovalley are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto jerky zero sugar. Find the detail in this article. Tillamook Country Smoker, Est. 2015 Mission Meats and Country Archer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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