Best Keto Krisp Bars Variety Pack

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1. Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Almond Caramel

Atkins Protein Rich Chocolate Almond Caramel

A late 18th century poet named Almond Carmel MEAL BAR. The rich and crisp meal replacement bar will make you happy. There is a pack of 5 bars. Stay on track. Stay true to your goals with their meal bars. This bar has 3 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per serving, so it's a great way to support your goals. When used with the ketogenic programs. You can steal on-the-go. You can eat a meal bar that fits into your busy schedule. This meal replacement bar has 15 grams ofProtein and 10 grams ofFiber per serving, which will keep you satisfied throughout the day. All the taste. No judge. Your favorite flavors are not sacrificed to give your body the nutrition it needs. The meal bar has real almond butter and a caramel chocolate flavor, and it's free of guilt. Quality ingredients. These bars are made with quality ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors.

Brand: Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

👤I like the idea of fighting the hunger and keeping off the weight by drinking Thiese.

👤I like the taste of alcohol sugars and the fact that they are linked to problems in the metabolism. The taste is very sweet. Won't happen again.

👤On a diet. The health coach was approved.

👤The flavor of the meal bar is my favorite. They make a snack. High in fiber but low in carbs. It's hard to find all of this in a bar that doesn't have wheat in it.

👤The bars are full of junk. It was advertised as Keto but not. The package says only 3 carbs per bar. Do not order these if you are following Keto.

👤These are great on the go because I am on a low-fat diet. They taste great, can satisfy a craving, and are filling. They are the perfect blend of both. These bars are not free of wheat.

👤I don't know what the deal is but I have ordered this before and it has a white coating on a corner and is like a gummy bear.

👤If you're expecting to get a bunch of almonds, you'll have to hold your breath because I saw half of an almond in one of the bars. It tastes like chocolate chip bars but with less chocolate. The Carmel is still good, but the chocolate one is better, I can't even taste it. The cashews bar was delicious.

👤Bars are good to eat, but they have a genetically modified ingredient.

2. Atlas Bar Protein Ultimate Variety

Atlas Bar Protein Ultimate Variety

The Atlas Bar Ultimate Variety Pack includes decadent flavors such as Chocolate Cacao, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip,Vanilla Almond Chai, Almond Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter &Raspberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip. KETO snack, breakfast, pre or post workout, has zero added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and 3-4 grams of net carbs. Better for you and the planet comes from grass-fed, NZMP certified, pasture-raised cows, high in vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3s. Premium, whole food nutrition, no cutting corners with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Modern scientific studies support the mind and body benefits of ashwagandha.

Brand: Atlas Protein Bar

👤I was disappointed with the bars I tried, they said "grass-fed" on the box. I assumed that it was made out of grass-fed beef, but when I looked at the ingredients, I found that it was made from milk and not grass-fed beef. I don't think it's right that people are told that it's grass-fed but they have to put their glasses on to find out that it's not grass-fed. The bar tastes good if you don't care about the source of your food.

👤The reason these tastes good without suger is because they use Non-GMO Tapioca Fiber. Non-GMO Tapioca Fiber is mostly manufactured in China and should be avoided. If you don't believe me, do some research.

👤If I'm traveling orhiking, I eat a few days a week with a few bars of a high-energy snack. I've made it through half of the bars. I like the ingredients, but not the taste. The bars are very hard and sticky, and they smell like cinnamon and artificial vanilla. They're too sweet for me. I don't want to pay $36 to find out if chocolate is better. Pottentia bars are easily better as far as taste and texture go. I wanted to try something new, but I don't think I'll be buying Atlas bars again. I didn't make it home for dinner so I ate two Atlas bars. When I ate two bars in a day, my stomach was not angry. That's a win. They'd send you complimentary samples of our other flavors. I sent them an email and they offered $10 off, saying no complimentary samples. I'm fine paying to try another bar or two, but not $25 for another dozen bars that I may not like, since 1/3 of them aren't for me.

👤Oh my gosh! It's good. I've tried a lot of the natural/paleo-friendly bars on Amazon. Most were terrible, a few were not so bad. This is the first flavor I have ever had. The Atlas chocolate is okay, but this almond is really good. If you're tired of eating stuff that tastes like dirty hippie, give these a try. I'm curious why they call it "Vanilla Almond" when it would be better to call it "Vanilla Cinnamon".

👤I've been watching the Winter Olympics and these bars are good for nutrition and taste. I down them either a breakfast on the run, a pre-or-post workout, or dessert while watching tv. Over the past few years, I've looked at the nutrition labels on 50 energy bars and they give you everything you want, except for a few extra calories. I feel like they hit the right balance between erythritol and stevia, and they are still filling. One of these bars will keep you company for a while. They are good but don't feel like a candy bar. Atlas bars would be like Generation 3.0 of my PowerBars. Atlas Bars are 4K TVs, and PowerBars are color tube TVs. If you like the Cacao flavor, it's just as good. I'm addicted. Oh well.

3. LUNA BAR Gluten Variety Flavors

LUNA BAR Gluten Variety Flavors

There is more of the stuff you want. The stuff you don't have is what this is. There are no artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup. The quality of the ingredients. Soy provides essential amino acids. A blend of sugars and oats have a low-glycemic index. There are delicious flatbreads and muffin. There are a variety of craveable flavors in LUNA Bars. CONVENIENCE: snack bars are great for energy whenever and wherever you need it.

Brand: Clif Bar

👤I am writing a follow up review after I opened a bar that was so bad I threw it out. I checked another that was expired and out of date. Totally disappointed. Some of the bars in the box expired. Buying them in the grocery store again!

👤The arrival date is February, 2021. The bar's wrappers looked like they had been handled many times before they were put together. The bars were smaller than the Lemon Luna Bars that I have previously purchased, but they didn't seem like the original box. The bars were packaged so they would be sold together. My sister ate a bar that was completely disagreeing with her. The rest will be thrown away. I can't go and get them back. The bars were very disappointing. The box said Luna. Nothing else. Did they come from Amazon or a third party?

👤The ChocoLATE PEPPERMINT REVIEW is a review. It is AWFUL! I should have bought a single bar of each of them to make sure I liked them. I am a big fan of chocolate andpeppermint. The first clue was that it doesn't look appealing. I was not able to get two bites down.

👤The sample pack of Luna Bars was very exciting to try. The bar we opened was completely melted and gross. None were salvaged. They all became trash. If you want to try something like this, but not at a bar, then you should order online. Very disappointed with Amazon.

👤I'm on a diet that requires me to eat 2 healthy snacks a day and I prefer to use a bar that is a good source of healthy fat. A lot of them are not the best. The one that I like the most is the blueberry lemon one.

👤I like the flavors. The lemon berry. I'm obsessed. It's easy to carry and there's variety. I get sick of buying things in bulk but these are pretty good. The lemon has a good flavor. The one with peppermint is very festive and delicious. It's a good idea to snack.

👤My pregnant wife wanted a healthy snack to eat and we bought these bars. It is great to have variety packs because we both like the bars. It would be nicer if they cost less but they are very happy with the variety of bars in each box and will likely buy again.

👤It tastes great. The pack variety was purchased and you can enjoy all the flavors. It's great for on the go convenience. Will purchase more. I lost a lot of weight because of a gluten-free intolerance and these have been a great way to add calories and fuel my workouts while I adjust to my new diet.

4. Protein Sampler Friendly Gluten Alcohols

Protein Sampler Friendly Gluten Alcohols

IQBAR low-carb bars are made using simple ingredients and have 6 amazing brain vitamins. The snack bars are designed to keep you awake. Their bars have 12g plant-based protein, 1-2g sugar, and only 3g net carbs. The vegan bars are packed with healthy fats and vitamins. Their low calories bars are diet friendly. IQBAR snacks are high in fiber and vegan. Their snack bars are made with clean-label ingredients that are packed with compounds for both your brain and body. Their bars are developed with every diet restriction in mind. IQBAR clean vegan snack bars are packed with 6 brain- boosting vitamins and minerals. They use a science-backed formula to make nutrition bars that are healthy and tasty. IQBAR snack bars are convenient meal replacement bars you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. In the middle of a busy day at work, or while running, enjoy their low sugar bars. Their bars are perfect for any time of the day. Their treats come with only 3g of net carbs in every serving, which is more than you can eat in a day. Each bar has 10-13g of total carbs, 7-10g of fiber, 12-15g of fats and 180 calories.

Brand: Iqbar

👤I've ranked the samples on their taste. 1st: Chocolate Salt has a very brownie-like taste. I want more. 2nd: It tastes like banana nut bread to me, and I love it. 3rd: It reminds me of oatmeal. I love drinking matcha and this tastes like it with a little cream and sweetness. 5th: If you only want an almond bar, this is a good one. 6th: I like lemons, but this tastes like lime. It's almost like a 7th. I like the peanut flavor at first, but then I get a fake banana taste.

👤My review was two stars. It's one now. I was impressed by the fact that they paid me back after I posted a two-star review. You're not satisfied? Here's a chance to get a refund. Without me asking. I saw the email. They sent a plaintive request to improve the review because they are a small company. I was asked if I would be willing to do that. It's not like that kind of request, which sometimes arrives with a product--usually like please contact us directly rather than writing a crappy review, to make me never order from a company again, never trust the reviews, and never improve my impression of the company. The review has been lowered from two to one. I'm pretty sure the updated ones are a result of requests like that. I think it's shady. The product was less favorable than before. I will never buy anything from this un-trustworthy company again and I'd rather keep mincemeat as my emergency hiking food. Don't believe the positive reviews. I've tried two so far, the ones I thought had the most promise. After one bite, I threw both away. I suppose for the sake of science, I'll bite the others. They are not frozen. They don't taste bad. Would they make a good replacement for emergency food? I believe they would be able to provide energy from food that is small and tastes good. Would I eat one again to get a snack? No. I wouldn't. They are not good for you, but there are plenty of good-for-oneself/keto foods that are pleasurable. This isn't that.

👤I bought the sampler to try all the flavors. I was curious to know how good they were. The bars are a good snack size. The only bar I've tried that doesn't have that "aftertaste" or "duringtaste" is the one they have. The flavors of the sea salt tasted similar to their respective flavors. It's a bar that's like a fig newton. The most impressive thing was how full I felt, and no sugar jitters at all. I'm a meal skipper so that was a big surprise. I'm not sure if I'm smarter than before, but I will be buying more once I find my favorite flavor.

👤So far, I have only had half of the bars, so I will update as I finish. Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad. They will do it. I was hoping for an amazing flavor, but they are not, and I am not someone who compares them to twinkies. Natural ingredients are what I like. The texture is ok. It comes down to knowing what I am putting in my body. What is that? It's just ok, I suppose, but could use a little more sweet or a little more salt to bring out the sweet that is there. Or any of the flavors. I believe someone compared them to Larabars in a review. The bars are sweetened with dates, but that's not a problem. They are sweeter and have more flavor. Maybe we are asking too much. Is that a word? I'm glad I'm trying them, but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy a whole box of one flavor.

5. RXBAR Protein Favorite Variety Pack

RXBAR Protein Favorite Variety Pack

It's a high-quality snack that's high in calories. It is the perfect time for a snack. They suggest trying this Real food bar for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack before or after a workout. Save the snack bar for later. There is a paleo snack that is guilt free. Check Whole 30. There is guilt and a free diet. The perfect bar for a healthy lifestyle is Rxbars. There is a nut butter option for the diet. On-the-go snacks and fuel are great for the office, on-the-go snacks or just a wholesome treat. You can get the energy you need by grabbing a bar for a snack. They made the bar that raised the bar, the bar that made the bars. Simple real food ingredients, no added sugar, and no B.S. The variety pack has 2 Chocolate Sea Salt, 2 Blueberry, 2 coconut Chocolate, 2 banana chocolate, 2 chocolate walnuts, and 2 ChocolateRaspberry.

Brand: Rxbar

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying, and many of the flavors I disliked turned out to be my favorite. The flavors they liked the most were the ones I disliked the least. You have to try them for yourself. The texture of these dates is odd, but I love that they take a while to eat. You can't scarf it down. There is a There is a word about sugar. There is a lot of sugar in one bar. But. But! Sugar from natural sources like dates and dark chocolate doesn't affect you the same as refined sugar that's in soda and candy. The dates are low. Sometimes sugar from natural sources like dates doesn't give you a hunger spike, but gram for gram sugar is sugar. My tummy is happy and satisfied. Hope this helps.

👤If there is an issue, contact the company directly. They responded the next day after I email them. They apologized and sent me some bars that I had been missing. The classic and new variety packs were given to me as compensation. Overwhelmed with gratitude for a company that listens to their customers and takes care of them. There is a warning. The flavors shown may not be what you get. The description and picture show that the two Berrys are part of the assortment. They lie. If that was the case, I would have given 5 stars. The boxes were intact, the product is great, and the price is great. I would have just purchased them individually if I had known about the flavors. This is a great deal if you don't know what flavors you're getting.

👤I love these! You can taste all of the ingredients on the cover, which are not typical of your typical granola bars. Some people don't like these because of the texture or taste. I don't buy these bars because they taste great. I have 12 grams of sugar and fiber that keep me full. The bars are filling up. It is hard to control the portion if I take dates, nuts and similar snacks with me.

👤I read the reviews and thought I would try them. I don't know who these people are working for but they are gross. I tried each bar after getting the variety pack. The texture is disgusting. What should chocolate taste like? The worst part is that they are not available again. I would make sure you are careful when buying these. If you are willing to waste money, then try them. I would look for something else if not.

👤It's okay. They're all sticky and stick to your teeth when you bite into them. I suppose I shouldn't have expected more since it's ground up dried fruit. This is a good snack, but not worth the calories and sugar. The packaging is sleek, and it is a good source of nutrition. I like the variety pack.

👤I would be happy if I got what I ordered. I had my Mint, Coffee, and Apple Cinnamon flavors replaced with Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry, and Peanut Butter, with the Mint and Coffee flavors being the two I wanted to try the most. Let the customer know if you don't have all your product in stock. They're good. I liked the Soylent Food Bars and have been looking for another healthy option, and these seemed to be the most natural option. I paid $30 but I'm not sure if I would pay more for only 12 bars. I expect a bit more for this price, even if it's slightly more expensive than other bars to make, and there may be a pebble or two per order.

6. CRAVEBOX Variety Valentines Chocolate Arrangement

CRAVEBOX Variety Valentines Chocolate Arrangement

Quality sausages: A mix of delicious, salty, and healthy snacks is included in this 45 count care package. The best brands of chips, cookies, bars, popcorn, crackers. It's the best variety on Amazon because it includes all of your favorite snacks and goodies. It's the ultimate, classic, best, biggest, value, fun pack of snacks. It's a good deal for a large. Wholesale amount of snacks and treats. The dimensions are 12.2in x 10.5in x 3in. There is gift wrapping and message available. 1 zee's was included. Grahams, 1 Chex Mix, 1 famous Amos Cookies, 1 Cheez-its, 1 PB Crackers, 1 Pringles, 1 Mini Cookies, 1 PurePop, 1 ZeeZee's Bar, 5 Fun Dip, 3 Chewy, 3 Quaker Goldfish, Kirkland. St Patrick's Day is in 2022. Happy Saint Patty's Day! This is a perfect gift for an Irish holiday. St Patrick's Day is a good day to give a gift. A gift for a boy or girl. Kids or adults can get a St Patricks Day gift. This is the perfect gift for men and women. A gift for family on St. Ptty's Day. Every day, from holidays to meetings to lunches to outings, from birthdays to hospitals, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from celebrations to vacations, from Every person is a family, a military soldier, a student, a girlfriend, a mother, a father, a boss, a baby, a toddler, a young child, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a pregnant woman, a father, a mother, a father's boss, a

Brand: Cravebox

👤This is a total waste of money and a disappointment. I will never buy this again. A 2 piece candy is counted towards this. I didn't think this would be so boring with so many 5-star reviews. How can this be considered legal distribution? Not labeled for individual sale is what it states on one of the items. It's like going to Target, buying candy in bulk and breaking up the bags for a lot more money. Who knows how old this food is because there aren't any expiration dates on most of these items. One item that we did find expired in 2 days. Never again. A waste of money.

👤The gift was fresh and nice, but the seller was not helpful with a simple task. I have no problem buying from anyone else that agrees with my direction. The seller acted like I was wrong for asking to leave out the receipt. I overpaid for my mother's gift. Even though she saw the cost, she loved it.

👤There are a variety of snack-sized products in the CraveBox. Cheez-Its, Laffy Taffy, and many other items are included. The picture I took shows what is on the top layer, not everything in the box. It has some you may not have heard of. There is something for everyone to enjoy. I'm not sure if there is an option to personalize the box. I bought this for my boyfriend because I thought it would help him save money on snacks at work, which can add up quickly. After almost a month, he still has a few more snacks to eat. I bought another CraveBox for a family member because he liked it so much.

👤My Kiddie said this was the best thing. The kids went nuts for it. I sent the best gift box. It is a must buy for those who are not close enough to visit. Send them a care package.

👤My nephew is a freshman in college. As he arrived in a new place, he thought he might like to receive a gift. He loved it. He said it was filled with all the things he liked. When placing the order, I was worried that the picture would reflect what was in the box. My nephew sent me a picture of what he received and it was the same as the one I received. Thank you for helping me surprise him. I will order this again.

👤This was a lot of fun. A great gift. My husband liked all of the snacks and candy. It's easy to share many kinds of items. Everything was received in perfect shape. It was fun to see everything at once.

👤The recipient was very happy to receive it. It's a great gift for a student.

👤These boxes are packed with everything kids love, and the parents love them, so it's an excellent surprise gift. It was great again, I highly recommend it.

👤I paid upwards of $80 for this trinket little box. Don't waste your money.

7. KIND Spices Variety Gluten Ounce

KIND Spices Variety Gluten Ounce

There is an information about the allergens. There are 12 - 1.4oz bars. Bars with nuts are the top ingredient. The snack variety pack has Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt flavors. These snacks are kosher and can be taken anywhere. The ideal snack has 5 grams of sugar and 5 to 6 grams ofProtein per bar.

Brand: Kind

👤I've bought Kind's "Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt" bars multiple times and figured I'd give the others flavors a try. The "Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt" was just as good as the dark chocolate one, it has that delicious maple syrup taste. The "Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan" flavor had too much cinnamon flavor that made it worse than the chocolate and pecan taste. The cinnamon pecan flavor is one that I wouldn't eat. I hope the review helps.

👤I have purchased these in stores and they were the same as I received. The variety box had 3 of my favorites in it, and the price was better than I have found elsewhere. I will keep them in my locker at work so I don't waste money on vending machines. They are lower in sugar than a lot of similar products. I am satisfied if I am paying less than $2 a bar for these. I was worried about the freshness of the order since they were delivered on a hot day, but they were fine. Will re-order in the future.

👤These are very large and crush my appetite. I wake up and can scarf one of these before I head out for my run. These bars are low in calories but they work for meal replacement. I lose weight by eating one for breakfast and lunch. These taste great and keep me full. Finally!

👤I can't find a Kind Bars that is more than 20 minutes away from me. All of the flavors are wonderful and you can order them here. If you are watching your A1C levels, or if you are resistant to the effects of Diabetes, you will find many are low glycemic, which means they digest in your body so that your blood sugar levels do not go up. I can have one for lunch, that's all I need. I love them!

👤They like hard, dry, and tough. I thought they were just fruit and nuts but they are also chocolate which is not good for travel as pieces fall and make a mess. I got subscribe and save a month ago, but it's not clear how inconvenient that is to use. I don't think I will finish them and won't use them on the road trip. They are not returnable so I waste my money. No thanks.

👤I kept a package of Kind bars in the bin next to my nursing chair so I could get a snack when I was away. I send these with my husband in the morning for a breakfast option as he doesn't like big breakfast items. They are easy to throw in your purse, lunch box, or vehicle. The chocolate will melt if you keep it at high temperatures. I put them in the freezer and then took them out to eat.

👤I buy these for people who need to watch what they eat. These are her favorite of all the things I buy her. The subscribe and save price is less than my grocery price, so that's a plus, but like all subscribe and save you have to be careful with the prices, they can go up in a blink of an eye. If you want a bar that tastes good, I would recommend getting these.

8. Love Good Fats Snacks Gluten

Love Good Fats Snacks Gluten

Each variety pack contains 3 peanut butter chocolatey bars, 3 coconut chocolate chip bars, 3 mint chocolate chip bars, and 3 cookie dough bars. Their melt in your mouth mint chocolate chip truffle-like bars are so delicious, you'll want to eat them all! These snacks are high in fat, low in sugar, and low in calories. The fat is back. Sugar is gone. It's easy to snack on ketosis made easy! These bars have 13g of good fats, 2g of sugar and 5g of net carbs. Stay in ketosis and enjoy a tasty treat. There are no artificial flavours, Preservatives, or Sugar Alcohols in the clean and natural ingredients. Many Love Good Fats fans prefer the bars cold.

Brand: Love Good Fats

👤I got these from Thomas delauer. I've been on a diet. For the past 2 years, I have lost 100 lbs and have been looking for new foods to eat that will help me continue it. Yes, that is correct. Its expensive. I think it costs 3 dollars a bar. It came out to about 7 dollars. It makes me feel full with a better product. I like it a lot. It's not meant to be eaten as a meal, but as a supplement to a natural diet. I'll keep buying. You want to drink from the first bite.

👤Only three of the twelve bars advertised as free ofgluten are, in fact, free of the disease. It is very painful for a person with a disease like celiac. Will not buy again and will not recommend it.

👤They have a lot of sugar. I can not eat them.

👤I like these. People who like quest bars might be the ones who write the reviews that say these don't have flavor. I think quest bars are gross. These fat bars have the right amount of sugar. I love the texture as well.

👤These are terrible. It's like putting dirt in your mouth. Very small.

👤I ordered the variety pack which has 4 different flavors; rich chocolatey almond, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolatey, and coconut chocolate chip. My box contained 6 almonds and 0 coconut. The reason to buy a variety pack is to be able to taste test each of the flavors so you can decide which one you want to buy more of. This was impossible due to an oversight on the part of the company. I would have overlooked this mistake and given a better score if it had been your everyday run of the mill processed food bar. The bars cost $36 for 12 and $3 for those keeping track. I can't give more than 2 stars. Each of the flavors had their own qualities. As far as mint goes, it was pretty standard, and they were average. 2. The peanut butter was very dry. If you plan to eat them, you need a large bottle of water with you. 3. The texture of the almond was light and fluffy, but it was better than peanut butter. The almond was the best of the bunch, which is not to say that I'm happy I got 6 of them; I really wanted to try the coconut. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. I wanted to like them, but the lack of variety, the cost, and the lack of peanut butter made them not worth it.

👤When I saw this deal, I thought it would be a good way to stock up on a snack bar that is low in calories. It took me a while to figure out why they didn't taste as good as the ones I got from Whole Foods. Even with the same product and flavor, these ones taste worse and make me sick. I believe that the bars I got from Whole Foods were not kept cool during shipping, based on my own experience. The bars do not need to be kept cool, but they do not do well if they are not. I like this brand of bars, but the one sent to me tasted bad. I like the ones from Whole Foods if I leave them in the sun for a little while to get warm. I won't try these bars online unless I know the packaging is going to keep them cool so I don't have to worry about the product in transit.

9. Ratio Friendly Almond Crunchy Gluten

Ratio Friendly Almond Crunchy Gluten

There are sledgehammer bars. A delicious combination of almonds and pumpkin seeds is satisfyingly filling and thoughtful. KETO PROTEIN SNACKS. Each bar has 12g ofProtein, 220 calories, 2g of net carbs, 17g total fat and 1g of sugar. There are healthy on-the-go snacks. It's a great option for a low net carbs breakfast or a perfect option for a lifestyle goal perfect on the go. The options are limited. Try yogurt in a variety of delicious flavors.

Brand: :ratio

👤I was hesitant about purchasing, but I am glad I did. There is nothing but nutty and awesome. When I see the word "Keto" in the title of a product, I am always skeptical. These are not just another bar with a lot of calories, but they are also low in calories and have good fats. I used to eat a bar that was mostly rolled oats, but I don't eat it in your vehicle or tent. There is no chocolate, so nothing to melt. You can take these on the trail, your bike, or camping. Good Keto products are a little pricey. You can save about $5 per box if you subscribe.

👤It was delicious! These are very satisfying. The lemon taste is not overpowering. It is just right. I agree that they are a bit crumbly, so maybe not a bar you would eat in the car or where you would be concerned about crumbs. I think I could understand why someone wouldn't like this bar if they hadn't been on a low-fat diet. It's not very sweet. It's perfect for my husband and I. A+.

👤Ratio has finally given us yogurt and granola bars that we can have on a low-fat diet. These are delicious. I was very happy to find these here and at a great price, because I have a hard time finding them in stores. I was paying fourteen dollars for a box of 4 at our local supermarket because they are the only ones that carry them for 100 miles or so. Yes, they are hard, but not super sweet. Why? It isn't loaded with sugar and syrups, so they shove it into the regular ones. These are loaded with nuts that are actually healthy. If you're in full keto mode, you know that once your body has gone through the process of ridding itself of sugar, your tastebuds don't like the taste of most products on the shelves today. The bars have been done right by Ratio. It tastes great, and there is just enough sweet to make it feel like a treat. I like it because I expect a bunch of nuts to be. That is just me. These go great with any of the yogurts. I take one of these and a Ratio yogurt to work with me a lot for lunch, and it leaves me feeling full without making me want to take a nap. A total of 4g net carbs, 32g fat, 27g protein and 410 calories are included. You can not beat that. So. Yes. I think they are great. I am impressed with the size of these bars. There is another win for these guys because they are bigger than the Nature Valley bar. These are a staple in my house.

👤I like the texture very much. A large chunk of seeds gets stuck in your teeth. The lemon flavor is decent, but the aftertaste is disgusting and I am not sensitive to it. The box is large and they don't sell a combo sampler, so you have to try before you commit. I know why. The whole box was not worth 220 calories per bar.

10. Protein Banana Friendly Gluten Alcohols

Protein Banana Friendly Gluten Alcohols

IQBAR low-carb bars are made using simple ingredients and have 6 amazing brain vitamins. The snack bars are designed to keep you awake. Their bars have 12g plant-based protein, 2g sugar, 8g fiber, and 3g net carbs. The vegan bars are packed with healthy fats and vitamins. Their low calories bars are diet friendly. IQBAR snacks are high in fiber and vegan. Their snack bars are made with clean-label ingredients that are packed with compounds for both your brain and body. Their bars are developed with every diet restriction in mind. IQBAR clean vegan snack bars are packed with 6 brain- boosting vitamins and minerals. They use a science-backed formula to make nutrition bars that are healthy and tasty. IQBAR snack bars are convenient meal replacement bars you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. In the middle of a busy day at work, or while running, enjoy their low sugar bars. Their bars are perfect for any time of the day. Their treats come with only 3g of net carbs in every serving, which is more than you can eat in a day. Each bar has 11g of total carbs, 8g of fiber, 14g of fats and 180 calories.

Brand: Iqbar

👤I decided to give these a try because I was bored with the assortment of vegan bars I was eating. These bars are the worst tasting bars I have ever tried, after being a vegan for nearly 7 years and trying a lot of different brands. There is no sugar in the bar, which makes it very bland and chalky, as Banana is listed as one of the ingredients. You can't taste the banana. The all-natural ingredients are advertised as such, but there is a terrible chemical aftertaste too. It tasted like moist banana bread to me. It does not. Writing a review about these makes me sick. You can try the bars and they contain more calories. These are not good.

👤These bars were so bad, I have never bought anything like them before. The taste is terrible and like eating chalk. When I came home from work, I saw an open IQ bar with a bite taken, and my wife didn't know how I felt. I asked her why it wasn't eaten and she said that it was terrible. It is not just me. They were so bad. I looked at the expired date to see if they were still valid. Bars are what we eat all the time. Kind bars, etc. Yours are the worst we have ever tasted. There is a You can't get a refund or something like that.

👤I've seen many different brands of bars. The banana nut was my first order. It's the best bar I've tried. It is similar to banana bread. It's not as bad as the back taste you get. The Macros are good, but can't seem to find the Choline in the ingredient list, but it does state it's in the bar as it does polyphenols. I will order the chocolate and lemon fruit, but I think it will be hard to throw the banana nut.

👤The bars were made worse by the new recipe. I have been buying IQ Bars for the last two years, but will no longer be doing so. The bars are almost as hard to chew as a Quest bar because of the less flavor in the new recipe. They need to change back to the old recipe.

👤I wish they were cheaper. These are really good, despite the price. I saw that some of the reviews were bad. I ate the one that I checked to make sure it didn't have any. Hopefully the rest don't have mold. The bar has an after taste, but I don't mind. They aren't the best thing I've ever tasted. I don't think I've ever had a bar that was better than this one, but it is a good one. They are a good snack. I don't think they can be used as a meal replacement. I would need more. I don't eat a lot. I don't think that will fill me up. They are good to meet your goal. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤I am back on the diet after having a baby. I went to the grocery store and bought every low-fat bar I could find. The IQ chocolate sea salt flavor was good. The IQ bars are the best. The banana and blueberry IQ flavors are very good. The texture is soft. Their taste is not like a lot of bars. There was no stomach upset from the clean ingredients. They are also filling. My new bar is called goto.

11. Nature Valley Chocolate Caramel Protein

Nature Valley Chocolate Caramel Protein

The Nature Valley Granola bars are made with whole grain oats, salted caramel, and dark chocolate. There are real ingredients. Whole grain oats have no artificial flavors, colors, or corn syrup. Protein is an excellent source of energy boosting and health enhancing ingredients. Perfectly portable: Easy, wholesome bites for breakfast, snack time or an on-the-go treat. 21.3 ounces, 15 ct.

Brand: Nature Valley

👤These bars are good for low-carbing and have good staying power because of the high amount ofProtein, but they aren't low-carb enough. They are very similar to a rice krispie treat. The combo pack has three flavors that I like. The almonds in the Almond flavor tasted rancid in a pack I received that was still 3 months out from the date of my last purchase. Almonds are very sensitive to temperature and can be spoiled quickly. They should shorten the best buy dates on the package to make sure there is fresh product. The peanut butter dark chocolate and salted caramel peanut flavors did not have this problem. The price of a box of 15 is $7 compared to over $2 per bar in the other categories.

👤These bars have good nutrition. I normally eat them at the time of day when I need the most boost in my body. I have a major problem with them, which will probably cause me not to buy them again. I could float a hot air balloon after eating one every now and then, but I don't know which of the ingredients causes it. I will have to look for an alternative snack when I order.

👤I've tried a lot of different bars at different price points, but these are the best budget bars I've found so far. They taste like a bar of oats, but you can't really taste the extra calories in other bars. They do contain a fair amount of sugar and are not organic, like other, higher end and higher priced bars, but given that these are about 55 cents each, compared to around $1.50 for the higher quality bars, that seems reasonable. The bars container cleaner ingredients are more expensive than the cost. If you have a specific need for organic products or very low sugar items, the higher cost bars might be worth it. If you're looking for a good tasting, reasonably healthy bar at a low price, these should fit the bill. They're not a meal replacement bar, but they're filling enough as a snack.

👤I need moreProtein for healing, and these are a great way to get it. What's not to love? I would rather eat these than a candy bar. The price is the best I have seen. By dollars.

👤These have been sitting around for a while. The taste was not good. These don't taste the same as the ones I bought at the store. I won't be buying them again.

👤I have been buying these bars for several months because they are similar to Zone bars in terms of nutrition. The bars taste better and are more affordable. They reduce my hunger for a few hours.

👤I buy these because I have a low appetite and I'm pre-diabetic. I need less calories and less carbs. These are great, and all 3 flavors are quite good, and even after eating a few boxes of them, I still enjoy eating them.

👤These taste like a mix of fruit and nut bars. I like them, but you should take that how you like. My biggest fear was that they would work as a laxative. I would leave the house if I were you, but my body has been able to tolerate the high fiber. For a quick breakfast with a bar with a lot of calories, it is an excellent value and will hold me down til lunch.


What is the best product for keto krisp bars variety pack?

Keto krisp bars variety pack products from Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.. In this article about keto krisp bars variety pack you can see why people choose the product. Atlas Protein Bar and Clif Bar are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto krisp bars variety pack.

What are the best brands for keto krisp bars variety pack?

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., Atlas Protein Bar and Clif Bar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto krisp bars variety pack. Find the detail in this article. Iqbar, Rxbar and Cravebox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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