Best Keto Nut Granola 22 Oz

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1. Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

Highkey Low Carb Keto Cereal

0g net calories and sugar free cereals. HighKey is a delicious diet-friendly cereal made with no artificial ingredients and no added sugars. This breakfast classic is perfect for people who are on a diet and don't want to miss out on chocolate puffs. This is a great post workout meal with a lot of high-quality meat and veggies. This excellent source of food is good for your body. These crispies are great for on the go. This is a satisfying start to the day with less than 100 calories per serving. This healthy cereals may help you lose weight. It tastes great with almond milk, low fat milk, or as an individual. This powerful mix has all the familiar texture and taste of an original cereals breakfast. Good food from better ingredients is great for a variety of diet plans. Also known as- breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals, breakfast cereals,

Brand: Highkey

👤I was so excited to see that High Key has food. I ordered the cocoa flavor and waited for my delivery. My box was shipped in a soft Manila envelope. The box was smashed. I wondered if I accidentally ordered a mini brands version. The box is small. You only get 8 ounces, which is less than a box of cereals. I was assuming it would be a box of cereals for $12. I put the bowl of almond milk on top of it. I was surprised by the texture of the bite I took. It was not like cocoa krispies. It was dense and a bit hard to chew. The flavor and texture were good. It had a classic flavor. I love High Key and the cookies. This is a serious rip off. I would pay $7 tops for this box. My 2 stars are based on value.

👤The smallest box of cereals I have ever seen is this one. Small. If you want a smaller bowl or a single serving of cereals, you can get them in this box. A box for $12 is a little ridiculous. It was okay. It tasted like coffee grounds and almonds to me.

👤Appalled by the positive reviews of this cereals. I thought it would be good. It tastes like chemicals and I don't like chocolate at all. I don't know what's so natural about caramel color, I like caramel flavor, but I didn't realize it had a natural caramel color. Magic spoon is not as bad as cereals school, but it is pretty bad. This one is rather disgusting. The money went down the drain.

👤I was given a promotional discount by a third party in order to try this item. The risk associated with me trying this cereals was zero. The decision? It is good. You can really hope for a low-fat, low-cholesterol breakfast. It smells like Rice Krispie Treats when you open it. It tastes like a butter cookie to me. I found it interesting. It is on the sweeter side, but if you are using dairy alternatives you are likely using them as a substitute for sweets, so I wouldn't say that's an issue unless you're really sensitive to sweets. It doesn't change much in milk, and it retains the crunch you're looking for. Is it like a lot of these cereals? A small amount. It will stick to your teeth. It is expected that this is a result of being made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product made with a product Would I order it again? I don't know. I would like to try some of the other flavors. I hope High Key understands that it is too expensive for someone to experiment with a small box of cereals. A multipack discount would be nice. One serving is about $1.70 and the serving size is small. If you are expecting to get 7 or 8 full-sized bowls out of one of these boxes, you will be disappointed to learn that the 28g serving barely covers the bottom of a standard sized bowl. The cereals are good-tasting and sweet. I am not sure if the box size and serving size is worth the price of admission. I am glad I tried it, and if you are missing cereals, you may want to give it a try. I will stick with Magic Spoon for now.

2. SimplyFUEL KETO Granola Healthy Breakfast

SimplyFUEL KETO Granola Healthy Breakfast

Whole food is healthy. Their breakfast nut cereals have 1g NET CARBS. 6 grams of powerfulProtein is vegan and free ofgluten. This no bake breakfast and trail mix is a delicious power snack with only 1 gram of net carbs. At simplyFUEL, they want to fuel you with the best ingredients. Their recipes are perfect for a snack. Their breakfast mix is a no bake recipe. Made with certified organic peanut butter, coconut, and oil. Endless points of interest. It works perfectly as a low-fat snack, a no bake breakfast, a low-fat breakfast snack, a low-fat breakfast snack, a low-fat breakfast snack, a low-fat breakfast snack, a low-fat breakfast snack, a low-fat breakfast snack, a The world champion racquetball competition is happening. The founder and chief fueling officer is an accomplished sports dietitian. In her 10th season working as a sports nutrition consultant for the Kansas City Royals, Mitzi made her famous balls and the players loved them. The Royals won the World Series for the first time in 30 years. Coincidence? They don't think so.

Brand: Simplyfuel

👤We expected any food that caters to a popular eating style to be expensive, but these Keto granolas are really expensive. They try to counter the price by making the portion-size small, so you think you're getting more serving. There are more grams per package. If you want to eat a cup of cereals for breakfast, you should count on three or four in the package, because it's gone, empty. Half a cup, which is only a small amount? You're throwing away an empty bag after six serving of food. Point made, I hope. This product doesn't taste good. I'm comfortable with products that don't use high fat ingredients. I've used other brands of the same type of food. This one missed the mark. Consistency was fine, but I can't recommend the product highly for flavor. I think the flavor is bad because they tried to go too low in calories, and it was too lofty a goal. I believe that all of these Keto granolas are too expensive for health specialty products. The price on mainstream cereals is absurd, and they are simply mainstream products.

👤I was very impressed with this mix. It was a blend of nuts and seeds and had a nutty flavor. It was great to eat alone or top on my chia pudding. I've tried other Keto granolas and they were dry and lacked flavor. The ingredients list on this product is very clean. I have a sensitive stomach and it didn't bother me. I will be buying it again and it is now a regular in my diet.

👤This is great! I had it for breakfast the first day and the second day and also had it plain. The taste of salty and sweet is amazing. I had it for a snack. I love that it is low in calories and low in fat. Will definitely order more.

👤This is filling and delicious. I am a teacher. I don't have a lot of time to eat. I eat this when I need a snack. I keep it in my classroom. I have ordered it twice.

👤I am a huge fan of the simplyFUEL line and this is a great addition to the KETO crowd. A recipe created by an all-star celebrity who has worked with professional athletes can't be messed with. Excellent! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

👤I ordered this mix because I am a huge fan of the simplyFUEL balls. A great mix. We ate it alone and over yogurt. My daughter and her friends were home from college. I will be sending some back to her to keep in her dorm room. It was delicious. It's a great option for breakfast or snack for my family.

👤Perfect breakfast! It was a great start to the day. It works great for a keto breakfast, and my husband and I both love it. It tastes good and is low in calories. Will be buying again. Love all the FUEL products.

3. Natures Path Organic Premium Chocolate

Natures Path Organic Premium Chocolate

There are resealable Pouches of Love Crunch Organic Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter. You can make breakfast your go-to meal when you have Love Crunch Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Granola. This delicious granola has 13g of whole grains in each serving, so you can cure midday hunger pains. The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola is great for smoothie, ice cream, yogurt and acai bowls. Their premium granola is Non-GMO Project verified, Certified USDA Organic, and Kosher, and includes wholesome and 100% organic ingredients grown in harmony with nature. They will donate an equal amount to food banks in food or cash for every Love Crunch product purchased. They are sharing the love. There are peanuts in this information. Milk, tree nuts, wheat and soy are used in the production.

Brand: Love Crunch

👤I have been eating this for a long time. Never bought it from Amazon before. A box of six packages was purchased by me. They must have been sitting in a warm warehouse or truck because the chocolate was melted against the plastic packaging. I would have returned them but opened them to see if the problem was the same. I won't order from Amazon again.

👤This cereals is really good. It was almost scary. It tastes great at breakfast. I've eaten it a few times in the evening as a desert-type treat. It has real chocolate and peanut butter. This is not a fake flavor enhancer stuff. It's not too sickly. It's not for me, stuff that is too sweet.

👤For the past 15 years, I have tried every brand of granola. I tried to make my own from scratch a few times, but I stopped trying. A couple of weeks ago I was at my local Walmart and came across Love Crunch! The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, but after reading all the healthy ingredients and benefits, I realized it was not the first thing that caught my eye. I made a good decision and bought a bag. I couldn't wait to open it for the taste. I can only say that with one word. I looked up the product on Amazon to see if it was available with the subscription and save option, but sadly it wasn't an option, though the amount you pay for a six count on here is. If you are looking for a very healthy snack, l guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. It is very filling unlike other cereals. Keep up the great work! You have made a phenomenal product.

👤We love this food. I've been eating it since it was no longer sold at the store. The grocery store prices were terrible. I bought the case of 6 on a subscription service. I read the reviews. 1. I have never received a case of spoiled product 2. I've never had chocolate melt or delivered melted on warm days. 3. There is no difference between what I buy at the store and what I deliver. Since I need to purchase a bag to get us in the last couple of days before the subscription is delivered, I always buy the store and have it delivered to compare. No difference. 4. My bags have never been damaged. The best granola is available. It is a hit with the whole family because of the mix of yogurt and fruit. The only flavor we eat is dark chocolate.

👤The biggest issues I face when I go on a hunt for some oats are finding something that's made from wholesome ingredients and not packed with sugar. I was convinced that I should give it a try after reading some of the reviews. There are little clusters of dark chocolate and whole rolled oats in the granola. The sharpness of the dark chocolate balanced out the sweetness of it. It's my new favorite treat. I used it in my bowls this week and it was a hit. My product arrived perfectly fine and was sealed in its packaging ready for consumption, unlike some of the other reviews.

4. Wildway Certified Breakfast Artificial Sweetener

Wildway Certified Breakfast Artificial Sweetener

Grain is free. They don't have wheat, corn, or oats in their mix. A paleo-friendly alternative for those avoiding grains. For kids and adults, their granola is a great breakfast, snack or healthy meal. KETO FRIENDLY: A vegan breakfast made for busy lifestyles. There are no added oils, sweeteners, or extracts in this product. You can get a powerful energy boost from the dairy free, naturally sweet granola mix. Grain free fuel for all of life's wild adventures. Pick up a bag for your early morning run, hike, mountain bike ride, or camping trip. It is similar to mom's homemade banana nut bread with cinnamon and real vanilla bean flavors. A small biscuit made with organic fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. Life's wild adventures are what made this snack so delicious. It's good to have a snack to give you long lasting energy. A great snack and topping. Diet friendly vegan topping for smoothie bowls, yogurt, ice cream, or as the perfect on-the-go snack or alternative to trail mix. The trail mix is too sweet. Sprinkle away, the wild way.

Brand: Wildway

👤I like this product, but it plays with serving sizes to make the price seem better. There are 7 serving per package. 140 calories is the serving size. What? Do manufacturers have to decide what to serve? A healthy breakfast is 140 calories. You need to double or triple the serving size to get more heft. 2 is the amount of money you are paying for 7 meals. There were 3 meals. There is a big difference. Let's get realistic.

👤I have good and bad news. When I have the hangries, I want this to be a snack. It's not as bad as another reviewer said. That's the bad news. I discovered this morning that it's excellent for eating like a cereals, and I recommend So Delicious UnsweetenedVanilla Coconut Milk. I ate a 1/2 cup of Coconut Milk and a quarter cup of it. I felt guilty because I felt like I was getting a treat, but not so sweet that I felt guilty.

👤It is usually high in fat, sugar and calories, but it is a favorite of mine. 140 calories per serving with no grains or added sugar is what this is. I can't tell from the ingredients if they are Whole 30 compliant. The crunch with the nuts and seeds is still there despite the softer texture of the granola. They have to be kept cold. It is hidden on the package. I only saw it because I wanted to read the ingredients.

👤The ingredients list is clean. The "granola" is so much more than "granola", it's delicious! It's a good alternative to cereals. Where was this when I was a kid? I prefer it over cereals. It's not like traditional "granola", which I prefer. You get a bit of crunch from the nuts, but not as much as you would get from cereals. You don't break a tooth. This treat is ready to be eaten. No waiting. I missed the ease of pouring milk out of a container while on a paleo diet. No more! Even on a busy morning, I have an option that travels and meets all my standards. 3 3

👤I was missing my breakfast cereals so I bought the 3pack at Wildway. This is delicious. I opened the apple cinnamon bag thinking I would like it the least. I eat it every morning, sometimes just as it is, and other times with a different type of milk and it is delicious. I thought I'd miss the crunch of the food, but what this granola lacks in crunch, it makes up for in flavor. I can't wait to try the other two flavors.

👤When my boyfriend was diagnosed with diabetes, we started searching for low-fat and low-cholesterol foods. This is amazing. I wouldn't have thought that the food would taste so good without grain, but we can't go back to the traditional stuff. The combination of flavors and texture is very satisfying. The ingredients are fresh and each package tastes like it was made from a single piece. It's great as a morning breakfast with milk, and is an excellent mix-in with fruit and yogurt at lunchtime. Since it's the only thing we eat now, I was happy to see it in the more economical 6-pack.

5. Purely Elizabeth Granola Chocolate Original

Purely Elizabeth Granola Chocolate Original

1 Bag Chocolate Sea Salt Ancient Grain Granola is 8 ounces, 1 Bag Original is 12 ounces, and 1 Bag Grain-Free Almond Butter is 8 ounces. Enjoy healthy, guilt-free snacking as you sample their non-gmo granola. There is a sweet treat with coconut sugar. The Ancient Grain Granola is made with coconut sugar, which is low inglycemic and won't make you sluggish as the day goes on. When you eat well, you feel better. It is that simple. Purely Elizabeth makes delicious foods to help you thrive on your health journey. It was made with chia seeds. Pair with milk, sprinkle over a smoothie, top off your yogurt, or enjoy their ancient grain granola straight out of the bag.

Brand: Purely Elizabeth.

👤It can be hard to find good tasting snacks with no wheat. I had to hide it from my husband because he usually avoids anything that is labeled gluten-free. I can't decide on my favorite flavor of the three.

👤The three flavors are great. The chocolate sea salt is bitter on its own, but mixed with yogurt balances it out. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future.

👤It was time to branch out from their usual breakfast items. I liked all of them, especially the one in the same bowl. The chocolate had the right amount of salt and was not too sweet. Will purchase again!

👤I returned it because I didn't care for the taste. At the same time, it tastes sweet and bland. Would not recommend.

👤These were delicious! My boyfriend loved eating the chocolate one as a snack, it was so good. They were great additions to my yogurt in the morning.

👤I tried to eat it a few times. It tasted like it was old, not fresh, when I put it in my yogurt and oats.

👤Elizabeth is my favorite. When I became aware of the ingredients in packaged foods, I was drawn to them because they were clean and pure. It's a perfect balance of salty and sweet, with lots of big chunks and crunch, and they blew it out of the park with the flavors.

👤This is one of the only granolas that I feel comfortable eating regularly because it doesn't feel like a lot of sugar. It is sweetened with coconut sugar and has chia seeds in it, so it is a win for me.

6. Natures Path Organic Gluten Granola

Natures Path Organic Gluten Granola

Nature's Path OrganicGluten Free Honey Almond Granola is a resealable pouch. These large snack-sized clusters of oats, almonds, chia seeds, and honey are great for snacking. Try it with yogurt, oatmeal or even as a dessert topping. This delicious, whole grains, heart-healthy almonds and chia seeds are enriched withGluten free, making it a great source of nutrition. Their granola is Kosher, Non-GMO Project verified, and Certified USDA Organic. None of their products have artificial flavors, colors orPreservatives. You're choosing to nourish the environment and yourself by choosing organic. Nature's Path believes in high quality and sustainable practices. They are always organic.

Brand: Nature's Path

👤This is my new favorite snack. It is a grain free and low fat food. Big clusters make a great snack. My only complaint is that I am going too fast. It is very tasty. I couldn't find the grain free version in local stores. I was happy to find it on Amazon. There is a change to the edit. I noticed that the volume of the package doesn't match the nutrition label. It should be 3 1/2 cups of granola because the label says 7 cups. The package only contains 2 cups. The whole package contains more sugar and carbs than is listed, which is almost double of what is listed. This is very misleading.

👤America's biggest problem is sugar. That's why we're fat. I didn't know that this was so sweet, I bought it because it was organic and free of wheat. A serving? 150 calories is 1/3 of a cup. 6 grams of sugar per serving. I'm disgusted. It's loaded with brain-warping sugar and it tastes delicious. They have a picture of hands surrounding a large bowl of cereals in an advert. If you spread the cereals out on the bottom of the bowl with 1 cm of milk at the bottom, it will look like about 1.5 cups of cereals. This is how we get our money from companies, and why obese people are an epidemic. It makes me angry. You could have a candy bar for breakfast. Will read the labels carefully next time. No, scratch that. I would like to make my own breakfast. That seems to be the best option.

👤I agree with MyPrime that the nutrition label is wrong. The half cup is more than 30 grams. If the values are correct for 30 grams, each 1/2 cup has more calories stated. Even that inference is fuzzy. You get a total of 210 grams with seven serving times of 30 grams. The front of the package states that it has more than 100 grams. This product is not unique among other grainless products. The company is either careless or deceptive.

👤Even though it wasn't actually expiring for 8 months, it tasted very old. You can smell the old cereals when you eat them. Tasting fresh is far from what it sounds like. This brand contained very little dried berries, which is unlike the 'Q----- O---' brand that I love. I didn't see any berries after the first couple of bowls because it was so insufficient. I was left with a really bad tasting granola and no more berries. The other 'QO' brand had enough to last until the last bowl. Even though I ran low on amt of berries, the granola had berry flavors to it. The brand's granola is much harder to chew and lacks any flavors of berries. Not what I expected from this brand. I wish 'QO' had this flavor all year long since they use dehydrated berries.

👤I used to purchase the Summer Berries Granola weekly. It's usually delicious and a bit pricey. Several bags I bought about six months ago had an expired date. The bags were old. I waited a couple of months and ordered a few more bags, but every bag was not new. I contacted Nature's Path to alert them that the lot that was used to make the granola was likely used expired ingredients and the product was inedible. They asked for pictures of the bags with the batches number on them. It's disappointing that they don't seem to be addressing the problem by recalling the products, and they aren't making new batches, because it appears that the same ingredients were used in multiple products and the bags are still being sold. I haven't found an alternative to Nature's Path that is as good, but I won't be buying it again. I hope they address the issue soon.

7. Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

A delicious healthy breakfast with 2g net calories. It's easy to make a low-cholesterol snack with Almond milk or Heavy Cream, or a low-cholesterol food with Almond milk or Heavy Cream. You can enjoy as your favorite Keto food, snack, and dessert. They've been called out for items like pro Granola, low-fat and low-cholesterol snacks, and high-fat and low-cholesterol foods in groceries.

Brand: Low Karb

👤I've been on the diet for almost a year and have lost a lot of weight. I've missed cereals the most. I've tried other keto based cereals and they tasted like garbage. I can't tell you how much I've spent. I almost cried when I tasted this cinnamon pecan granola. I'm happy that I have found a treat for breakfast on the weekend besides eggs, meat, or almond flour. It was delicious, I tried it with almond milk. I'm going to try it next weekend. This stuff is amazing.

👤This stuff is good. A good mouth feel. Excellent taste and serving size. The cost is a lot out there. I can get a bag of Sola for less than half the price. Sorry guys. I love your product and don't begrudge you profit. I felt ripped off.

👤Aaaahmazing. When I ordered this, I didn't expect much. I have had bad luck ordering healthy food on Amazon. My socks were knocked off by this. It was good. The fruit and a little bit of stevia were added. I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. It could be a little more affordable. Companies are making a lot of money off of us because we will pay it. Was it worth the price? I will spend a lot for a treat here.

👤I was expecting a "cardboard" flavor of the food being only two calories. Very surprised. It's better than much "weightier" granola's. Excellent flavor and texture.

👤My heart is bursting with joy as I eat my first bowl of cereals, with almond breeze and no sugar. I can't believe how delicious it is. It's so nuts in every single spoon. Is that correct? I missed cereals since I started on the diet. I had no choice but to go to Helen's school. I refused to spend 50 dollars on cereals, so my sweetheart searched the internet for alternatives. I am so grateful! I would love to be an ambassador and refer my clients, but I have not found a way to contact the seller.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this product, but I'm glad I did. I like to add warm heavy whipping cream to this breakfast to make it more like oatmeal. The requirements for the "keto" eating plan that I've started include excellent flavor and aroma of the granola. It's difficult to find low-fat food. It's not a large bag, but if you stick to the serving size it will last long enough. This purchase turned out well and I will be looking at other products from this store.

👤This is the best of the low-carb, low-fat breakfast cereals that I've tried, even though I've gone off of the keto diet for health reasons. If you're on a diet, check the ingredients for cane sugar. It will help you get up in the morning.

👤This is my second bag of food. It's great on cottage cheese, and on everything you can think of. I bought this product for the first time because I was looking for a snack that didn't have a lot of calories. This is a great price but worth it.

8. NuTrailTM Birthday Granola Healthy Breakfast

NuTrailTM Birthday Granola Healthy Breakfast

The delicious healthy cayenne pepper to enjoy for breakfast is here. This low-fat, low-cholesterol food is free of sugar and has lots of healthy fats. Almond milk is an easy way to make a snack with low sugar yogurt. Almonds, Pecans, cocount chips, pepitas, and sunflower seeds are healthy nuts. Grain free, wheat free. You can enjoy your favorite Keto cereals, snacks, and desserts for a filling meal that will satisfy your cravings. They've been called out for things like pro Granola, low-fat and low-cholesterol snacks, and high-fat and low-cholesterol foods in groceries.

Brand: Nutrail

👤It is amazing. The bag was a little too big for me. The price is the same for double the amount, but they only carry the blueberry cinnamon flavor. Otherwise, it hits the sweet tooth spot.

👤I was skeptical about them being able to pull off the flavor. It is so good. I ordered one just so I could try it, but I love it so much I am ordering more. It's great taste and only 3G net carbs.

👤It's incredible. This is only 3 net calories. How? This is magic! I like to put it on top of the cheesecake. Buy this now. It is incredible.

👤The birthday cake flavor of Nu Trail is delicious. I realize I must eat smarter, so I've decided to eat less sugar and less calories. Nu Trail has all of the sugar that other brands have. I've tried a variety pack of Nu Trail oats and they are delicious. You can't go wrong!

👤I've tried many low-fat and low-cholesterol foods and this one is one of my favorites. It's not overly sweet or artificial tasting, it's more of a powdery texture with a few nuts. I like this by the handful or in Ratio brand yogurt.

👤I have tried other Nutrails and they are all great. I like it with coconut milk. The Birthday Cake is a little bit sweeter than the others I have tried. The price is a little higher for this flavor, but it is not as available as others. The shipping was on time. This item was very pleased with.

👤Birthday cake sounded a bit strange. I had to try it. You would think that I would order more before it catches on, but it's not as sweet as you think.

👤The taste is terrible. Not even close to a birthday cake. Save your money.

9. Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

Low Karb Granola Healthy Breakfast

A delicious healthy breakfast with 3g net calories. It's easy to make a low-cholesterol snack with Almond milk or Heavy Cream, or a low-cholesterol food with Almond milk or Heavy Cream. You can enjoy as your favorite Keto food, snack, and dessert. They've been called out for items like pro Granola, low-fat and low-cholesterol snacks, and high-fat and low-cholesterol foods in groceries.

Brand: Low Karb

👤The flavor of this product is amazing. It doesn't taste like low-fat. It tastes like a nutty cocoa krispies. If you eat too much of the third cup portion, it can cause a laxative effect. Its expensive. It is worth it in my opinion.

👤I bought this product because I wanted to eat it like a breakfast. I used it as a traditional granola topping on the Two Good brand yogurts. The method makes the product last longer since I only use 1 or 2 at a time. I was hesitant to buy this product because it contains pumpkin seeds which I am not a fan of, but I don't taste them at all. I have a backup after I bought this product. Don't stop making this!

👤This is a great breakfast. Good flavor and filling. Many products I have found are dry and have an after taste. This product does not work. I think it's a good idea.

👤This stuff is great. It fit the bill for me. It's difficult to find things that are sweet on a low-carb diet. It's like desert for breakfast when I add this to my yogurt. Is it worth the price? I think that is very subjective. To me, it is. I only eat it when I need something sweet and cruisy. I only eat half a serving at a time and it lasts me a while. It may be too expensive to sit down and eat handfuls at a time. I ran out of the serving size so I included a picture of the bag size. I already at most of the pecans since they seem to sit at the top of the mix.

👤This is very good. I have been on a diet for over a year and a half and this finally hits the craving. There was no impact on blood sugar or ketones. It was filling and satisfying. I will subscribe from now on. My kids love it. They want it in place of cereals.

👤I was hoping that they would work on the blend to make it more appetizing, since it was advertised as a cereals. It's just plain oats with some chocolate. Nothing special or grand. For those that are curious, there's no sugar to it. You can shave some dark chocolate at home. You'll get the same thing for half the price.

👤I don't have words for the food I had for breakfast. This stuff is amazing. Some of the other food I have purchased tastes weird. This is real and delicious and made me want to vomit. Thank you so much!

👤This is nice if you miss cereals. The price was not good. Maybe you will get 4 bowls. It is good.

10. Catalina Crunch Pouches Flavors Variety

Catalina Crunch Pouches Flavors Variety

Catalina Crunch has a new look. As they transition into their new packaging, it may be different. There are 6 single serve bags of Catalina Crunch. There is a flavor everyone will enjoy, so there is one bag each of Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, Chocolate Banana, Honey Graham, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Maple Waffle. KETO FRIENDLY: These delicious cereals are low in calories and high in nutrition making them a great breakfast or snack. Catalina Crunch cereals are vegan, grain free, and paleo friendly. They use the main sweetener, stevia, which makes them sugar free and free from artificial sweeteners. The plant base is plant. Their cereals are made with a blend of five plant-based fibers and a blend of five plant-based proteins to promote a healthy gut.

Brand: Catalina Crunch

👤These are not good. It's difficult to say anything good about this product. The texture is very hard. Leaving it in milk for an extended period of time doesn't do much to alleviate the texture or make it taste better. The flavors are bland and lifeless. What chunks? The overpowering taste of cereals. This is all natural, but it feels more processed and artificial than anything I've had before. They are similar to a biblical rainstorm of toads in that they are real. Some of the flavors are worse than others and some are just as bad. The only thing you'll be thankful for is that the serving size is small, so you won't have to eat a lot of it. This is terrible and you could be fooled into thinking it's worth trying, because of the aggressively positive slogans on the package. It is not. They are correct in saying that health food shouldn't taste like cardboard. It doesn't taste like cardboard, it tastes like a piece of wallboard. I'm going to suck some gasoline so that I can get a better taste in my mouth.

👤Ate one serving. The 30 minute ball was 192. With 5 grams of net carbs per serving, this should have had no effect on my body. Is anyone else having this experience?

👤It was really bad tasting. Don't waste your money.

👤There is a problem with imitating healthy stuff that tastes good. It's so strong that after the first few bites, you can't taste it.

👤There are six bags of the world's tiniest bags of cereals for $20 and two boxes of sandwich cookies. I was disappointed that the company automatically made the orders a subscription because they arrived way later than advertised. I was happy with the flavor and quality, but I was unhappy with the price ($ per cookie, $3 an ounce for sample packs) and the delay in shipping. They deleted my post. No phone, email, text or conversation. I need someone to create an equivalent product. I'll let these shysters go in a minute. They are squeezing every last dime they can out of us for cookies and cereals, because my Keto is Dr. ordered. A great business plan.

👤This is a good breakfast. People who are looking for big brand cereals are not interested in taste. The cereals are made with real ingredients and you will like them. It has no sugar or clear ingredients. It has a coco flavor. At the end, you will experience a bit of a aftertaste. It's good to say what it is. The price, serving size, and amount of cereals you get in the bag are the biggest issues with this. A budget of $10 and $13 on Amazon is required to buy this cereals again. I ate a 1/2 cup each time but it lasted only 5 bowls. The bag is only half full. If you can afford the lifestyle, it's good. I think it's worth $5 to buy it again.

👤The Fruity is only 8oz, not 9oz as the rest. I don't know. All flavors have the same texture. Not absorbent, but very crisp and not squishy. On average, it tastes meh. I think they went towards the scent side of things. In order of the worst to the best. The best was Honey Graham. It had more flavor than smell. If you like dark chocolate but don't want to pay for it, you can buy Mint Chocolate instead, it tastes and smells like dark chocolate, but you don't have to pay. Dark Chocolate was in the middle of cinnamon toast and maple waffle. Mint chocolate had no smell or taste. Next to last and the last is the fruity... It tasted like fruit but was not very enjoyable. I can't even think of a better way to describe it. I will only revisit the Honey Graham if it is less than $8.00 a pop. If the price is right, I will try their cookie line someday.

11. Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Coconut

Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Coconut

The crotch is a problem. The rich, sweet flavor of dates give their organic Coconut Cashew Granola just the right hint of sweetness without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Whole grain cereals made without synthetic pesticides. An organic snack is perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack or on top of ice cream. WholesOME is made with high quality ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Brand: Cascadian Farm

👤It's always so expensive to eat gnat. This is also, but not as much as others. It tastes really good and I tried it. I've stopped eating regular cereals. I like to pay more, get less, and eat healthier. If you have those goals as well, give up on Corn Chex and Cheerios and try something organic that is low in sugar and salt but big on taste. It's better to eat cereals with whole milk than it is to eat low-fat/fat-free. Your body needs complete milk. It's a good idea to eat a healthier cereals with less salt and milk to make it taste better.

👤A family favorite. This isn't heavy and doesn't feel like sugar shock. There's no sugar in it.

👤So delicious and no added sugar! I add some of my own flavor to the fresh fruit. The texture is not too hard. I love eating it with almond milk.

👤I mix in yogurt with no sugar. It goes a long way. It was worth the price. I mix in a little honey for my husband who is not as health conscious as me. Adding banana makes it sweeter. It was worth the price. A repeat buyer. It's hard to find in stores.

👤One of the cleverest food science R&D they have come up with is the use of date powder as a natural sweetener. The granola is not overly sweet like those with cane sugar. I always have to add my own. I will never run out of them if I have an extra or two in my cabinet.

👤I love this food. It's my favorite. The crunch of the cashews and the sweet taste of the coconut are what I like the most. It does not get soggy quickly. There is a Give it a try if you want a good breakfast. A person who rarely ate breakfast is suggesting this.

👤My husband needs to stop eating sugar. He likes this food. He eats it for breakfast and sometimes for a snack. I use it as a topping on yogurt.

👤I didn't detect any specific coconut or cashews flavors. There are bits and pieces added to the texture of the cereals.


What is the best product for keto nut granola 22 oz?

Keto nut granola 22 oz products from Highkey. In this article about keto nut granola 22 oz you can see why people choose the product. Simplyfuel and Love Crunch are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto nut granola 22 oz.

What are the best brands for keto nut granola 22 oz?

Highkey, Simplyfuel and Love Crunch are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto nut granola 22 oz. Find the detail in this article. Wildway, Purely Elizabeth. and Nature's Path are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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