Best Keto Nuts and Chocolate

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1. Chocolate Lilys Sweetened Keto Friendly Gluten Free

Chocolate Lilys Sweetened Keto Friendly Gluten Free

Premium dark chocolate covered almonds are low in calories. It is a zero calories botanical sweetener. It is derived from a plant. The extract used in the chocolate is called a stevia extract. The use of Stevia gives the chocolates a richness and less sugar than typical chocolates. Use of Fair Trade, Non-GMO ingredients. 5 net calories per serving

Brand: Lily's

👤I am pretty sure I can read. This is advertised as a pack. The bag of chocolate covered almonds would cost fifteen dollars. I want my two bags. Disgusted consumer.

👤I am very unhappy. I received one package of almonds, but I was told that I should expect a 3 pack. 10 reviews of Dark Chocolate Style Covered Almonds by Lilly's Sweets, they had a 3.4 out of 5 stars.

👤Really delicious! When it was advertised as a three pack, I only got a single pack. When I ordered it, the price doubled and I was refunded my original payment. $9 for three was a great deal, but $9 for one was not. These are so delicious.

👤A snack that is relatively healthy. The only complaint is that it's a bit expensive.

👤3 packs are false advertising.

👤People who like to limit their consumption of sugar, as well as people with pre-diabetes, can benefit from a treat like Lilly's chocolate. It's good and it hits the spot. I get through urges to cheat.

👤3 packs is my understanding. There is a false advertisement.

👤This is the second product that I have tried. I have the same reaction as to the dark chocolate bar. They are not very good. There is a faint chocolate taste at the end. It was not unpleasant but faint. When I eat dark chocolate, I expect it to have an intense chocolate flavor. Again, it's disappointing. People's Keto Dark Chocolate Chips have an intense dark chocolate flavor and are sweetened with Stevia. Lilly's chocolates are not something I will try again.

2. Atkins Snack Caramel Chocolate Count

Atkins Snack Caramel Chocolate Count

A box of snack bars. A decadent peanut-nougat center covered with a thick layer of caramel, all dipped in a rich chocolaty coating. There are 7 grams of fiber and 7 grams ofProtein in a bar. 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of net carbs per serving. It is friendly to the ketosis. When used with the ketogenic programs. It's perfect for a low-carb lifestyle.

Brand: Atkins

👤I wish I'd seen it before I bought it. The glycemic index of maltitol is close to table sugar at 60. If eaten alone, it will rise in blood sugar. The weight loss is slow.

👤Never again! The maltitol in this product is very cheap. I ate two pieces of the candy bar and felt sick. I spent half the night throwing up because of the nausea and gas that the maltitol gave me. The candy bar made my throat and tongue numb. If you are doing low-cholesterol or high-fat diet, avoid Atkins because they use maltitol to save costs, which is a lot riskier for your body. I expect better ingredients from this box of candy.

👤These things are great. They taste like a snickers bar. They have 7 grams and 3 net carbs. They have 2 grams of sugar. They have all the fiber. I eat one of these after dinner almost every night. They taste like a regular candy bar to me. They contain peanuts and other food items. If you're sensitive to allergens, you'll have to pass these on. If you eat too much of them, you'll upset your stomach. My boxes were left for at least 6 months. They are a little more expensive online. It helps if you catch a coupon. Great macros, ok ingredients, but great taste... They may be worth it.

👤I was amazed at how good these were. It was great! There are some important things to know if you are going for sugar free. "Tols" are classified as sugar alcohols. Your body does not digest them. The good news is that they don't spike blood sugar. The good news is that it can cause really stinky farts and/or diarrhea. I don't get it right on the first try. It doesn't mean that you should gorge yourself on something if it's sugar free. It's a treat. It should be treated that way. That applies to all these "tols" - Sorbitol, Mannitol, Xylitol, and Maltitol. Erythritol is the only exception to the unpleasant butt issues that I've found so far in the "tols" and luckily it is becoming more common in products. It looks like sugar, so you can buy it by the bag. Some grocery stores carry it as well. There are some brands on the market that include it. If you are trying to be healthy, read the labels. Look up the ingredients you don't know about. If you're just trying to gain weight by eating snack food and not eating healthy foods, you're not doing yourself any favors. There are some books on witchcraft online. Maybe give it a try? I wish you good luck. If you want to be an informed consumer, copy and paste any of these into your search engine. A sugar alcohol. Why do people write bad reviews when they don't read the description? I'm unhappy with my life and I'm complaining online. It's unattractive to whine. Cheers to your health and happiness! I wish you all the best.

3. Munk Pack Chocolate Pumpkin Cinnamon

Munk Pack Chocolate Pumpkin Cinnamon

Great taste, low sugar, low bacon. A healthy twist on treats. You can stay fueled all day thanks to less than 1g sugar, 3g net carbs and 150 calories. Your favorite snack is always a snack. Their delicious bars make it easy to meet your macros on the go, so you can keep on track. The low gross margin index. The bars have minimal effects on blood sugar and levels of hormones. Their bars are quick and convenient. They do not contain sugar alcohols, added sugar, soy, or artificial flavors. Your new go to for on the go snacks are the following: keto food, keto snack pack, keto bars, best keto snacks, low-fat snack bars, and zero-fat snack bars.

Brand: Munk Pack

👤I had to leave a review after eating this bar. It has a good amount of sea salt and dark chocolate. So crazy!

4. FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butter Packets

FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butter Packets

High quality bombs. It is what they do best. One of the best high-fat snacks is nut butters. They make them using a process that makes a creamy base texture with a few small nut chunks. The ultimate nut butter experience is provided by this unique texture. Natural energy. The high-quality fat profile and pleasant taste of macadamia nuts make them a popular nut. It is the highest density energy source of its kind and is superior to most of the energy shots and bars out there. On-the-go snacking. Their nut butter packets are portable and ideal for hiking the Grand Canyon, a mid-day meal replacement, or a snack on-the-go. Knead the packet to mix it up, tear off the top, and enjoy the smooth, creamy, and tasty power of fat-based energy wherever you are. Paleo and Keto lovers will love these fat bombs, which are made from all-natural blends of Almonds, Dark Chocolate, and a touch of sea salt crystals. You can enjoy these fat bombs anywhere you want, whether you are a packet squeezer or a bottom-up pouch roller. They recommend that you drop FBOMBS with friends while at work, the gym, on a road trip, or out on a trail.

Brand: Fbomb

👤The company made changes to the product and now it has four net carbs. I ordered a box full of it only to find that it's now four times as many as the previous version. Why would you do this when people are on the diet? I'm pretty annoyed that I can't return this expensive box of carbs, even though it's not returnable.

👤It tastes great. I keep them in my purse. Good fat for hunger. I have tested my blood sugar after eating and it does not raise it.

👤I can't believe you added almonds to this butter and it has 4 net carbs. The other one should not be discontinued. I will not be buying these with that many calories.

👤These are great to meet my goals and don't have any crazy ingredients. I love them.

👤This is a great snack for people on the diet. It's a little pricey. It's very healthy.

👤I've used this product for a couple of years now and love having it at home to make brownies and cookies, as well as on the go to add to other recipes.

👤Awesome flavor! It's perfect for on the go.

5. Eliots Adult Nut Butters Espresso

Eliots Adult Nut Butters Espresso

High quality, minimal ingredients. There are peanuts that are non-GMO. There are no artificial ingredients, colorings orPreservatives. 100% vegan. There was a lot of production. There was no added oils or stabilizers.

Brand: Eliot's Adult Nut Butters

👤We threw the peanut butter away the day after we tried it. This was recalled because it was causing listeria. I know why we got sick. There was no contact from the company. I would not recommend this brand to anyone.

👤It tastes like peanut butter with a hit of heat at the end. Nothing would make me think of Thai flavors. Think of the smallest jar of peanut butter on your grocery shelf. It's complete waste of money. Save yourself time and money by getting some fish sauce, peanut butter, and Sriracha. This product made me angry. I stirred it first.

👤The peanut butter is so good that it makes my mouth water. I love peanut butter but can't enjoy it as often as I would like because of my diet. I bought this jar to have as an occasional snack. I'm a sucker for anything coffee-flavored. I've tried espresso nib and honey chipotle, but haven't opened them yet. They say you can do fancy things with this, like cooking and using it for sauce. The carrot and apple dip was heavenly and I stuck with it. The peanut butter is smooth, the peanut chunks are smooth and the espresso bean chips are smooth. They are all in perfect harmony. This is beautiful. I don't care that it's a jar.

👤I have no idea what "sheerness" means. I gave it a "eh, whatever" factor because it wasn't really helpful for me out here. The nut flavor is stronger in this than in regular nutella, and the cocoa flavor is stronger as well. This is robust and engaging, but lacks the dessert-y richness of the traditional nutella, so I'd consider it an upgrade only in context and depending on what you want to use it for. The jar was not completely full for a heftier price. It was the same bait and switch feeling you get from a bag of chips. I would switch to regular nutella over this product if I could, but the un-full-ness just made the experience less enjoyable. I understand paying more for a higher quality product, but could the jar be empty? If it's worth the money for the customer, then this is up to them. It took the wind out of my sails because the product stood on its own, and maybe the disappointment wouldn't hit so hard, but for me.

👤This is very spicy and delicious. The consistency is perfect for bread. The oil is perfectly distributed, not sitting on top, despite the label saying it will need stirring. The hydrogenated oils used in peanut butters are not good for the human heart. I like the fact that the pieces are smaller in Skippy or Jif. I think I have found peanut butter. I added two more to the pot of pumpkin soup. This made it very hot and added a lot of taste.

👤This is the strangest jar of peanut butter I have ever eaten. It's like trying to eat sandpaper. It's almost as thin as water. I missed it. I thought it was the top of the jar. I'm so sorry I bought it. The peanut butter was extremely thin throughout the jar, and the advertisement that is written doesn't make sense. You will be throwing away your money.

6. Nuts More Almond Butter Chocolate

Nuts More Almond Butter Chocolate

Their dark chocolate almond butter spread is made with natural cocoa and has no added sugars. It was delicious! It has 12 grams ofProtein per serving and is 98% Lactose-free. You will want to eat it off the spoon. A delicious guilt-free treat, spread it on fruit, add to a smoothie, add to a breakfast oatmeal, bake a cookie, or make an energy bar. Be imaginative! Say hello to a delicious way to eat healthy. Tell your sweet tooth that it's payback time with a snack, health supplement, dessert or meal replacement. It is good for you to have great taste. Whole food nutrition uses only high-quality isolate whey from happy cows to double the amount of almond butter in its product. They banned all binders and boosted the vitamins. You deserve more. They put the fun back into healthy eating. You can look forward to living a balanced healthy lifestyle. More calories. There are more flavors. More delicious. What more do you want?

Brand: Nuts 'n More

👤I think this product should get a proper review since there seems to be a lot of misinformation about it. This is marketed as a fortified almond butter and it does a good job. A product called nuts 'n MORE for containing things other than almonds is just dishonest. You would think that the people who would buy these products have a good habit of looking at the ingredient list. Almond butter is packed with a lot of nutrition. Each serving has an absurd amount of Omega 3s coming in at 3.9 grams, which is clearly labeled on the packaging. Salmon is usually measured in milligrams. A best case scenario for salmon is 1.5 grams per serving. This also contains your 6's and 9's. The price is a valid criticism. I want you to consider the ingredients that are put into this product since it isn't just grinding up almonds and putting it into a jar. If you want a high quality salad dressing, go with a canola oil base instead of a lower quality soybean oil. It also contains some food. This should be considered a premium almond butter and the price reflects that. Yes, the milk product. It makes sense in this application if you choose to use a different type of isolate. The most researched and well known form of isolate is swerving and is a pretty safe choice for a product like this. People know what it is and the benefits of it. Other factors to consider include taste and consistency, which may have favored whey. Consistency is not very good. This product has a very rough texture and is probably a result of the whey protein. If you're making sandwiches or adding it plain to other food, be careful. It doesn't bother me when I eat it plain, which is rarely, and is completely unnoticeable when mixed in a smoothie or the like, which is what I use this product for. "Xylitol" is a crazy ingredient. This is not an artificial sweetener and can be made from many different plants. It would have been cheaper to use an artificial sweetener here. There are problems with Xylitol. If you eat too much, you may feel sick because it is a very mild laxative. I only eat a maximum of one or two serving a day and have no issues with it. Xylitol can be deadly to dogs, so it can be a complete deal breaker for some. It's not clear how much of this product is toxic since it doesn't say how much Xylitol is in each serving. I'd really like to see them switch to a zero calories alcohol of erythritol, which has no problems, considering the two things. Better yet, make a cheaper version that doesn't have any sweetener at all.

👤I ordered more because it grew on me. I still like other flavors. I enjoy having a variety. The product is okay. It tastes like cinnamon almonds with random raisins. I like cinnamon and almonds. This is alright for me. There are other flavors by this brand that I like a little more, like the one with peanut butter, though it isn't an almond spread. I think so. I don't know if I would ever order this again.

7. Funtasty Chocolate Covered Almonds Friendly

Funtasty Chocolate Covered Almonds Friendly

The dark chocolate covered almonds are rich in calories and are good for you. KETO-FRIENDLY: Their Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are low in calories, high in fiber and low in sugar and are great for staying on track and achieving your daily goals. It's a smart snack for everyone. This treat is made with roasted almonds dipped in smooth dark chocolate and it has all the taste you want. There is a balance of smart snacking and delicious treats. Trans fat and gluten are not included. All products sold by Funtasty are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. If you are not happy with their product, they will give you a full refund. There is a 1 pound bag of sugar free dark chocolate covered almonds. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Funtasty

👤When the bag arrived, they were already melting and I didn't expect it to be so small.

👤These are not compatible with the Ketogenic diet. They are sweetened with sucralose, which is not a Keto friendly sweetener. Sugar free but not high blood pressure.

👤I was expecting better. The cashews are good quality. The shiny brown coating on them is not chocolate. You can mix some nuts with your own chocolate.

👤These were great. They tasted great and were large in size, but I wish the cost was lower. The package was packed in ice so they wouldn't melt. I will buy these again.

👤It seemed to have been packed with ice. It arrived in a heat wave. So sad. I put it inside the fridge. I couldn't bite into it when I broke it. I don't want my teeth to break.

👤What a pleasure! The coated almonds had a perfect chocolate flavor. I feel like I am cheating when I don't eat these because they are so good.

👤Too much salt. Be careful that you don't eat too much and end up running to the toilet with loose bowels. But friendly with the Ketogenic diet.

👤The bag had melted, but it was packed well.

8. Keto Chocolate Bombs Natures Intent

Keto Chocolate Bombs Natures Intent

Need a treat without guilt? Their chocolates are very good. Their combination of dark chocolate, seeds, and nuts is sure to satisfy chocolate lovers cravings. Did they mention that it is sugar-free? They wanted to create a chocolate product that tasted great. These seed and nut bombs are perfect for both a low- and high-fat diet. 0g of sugar means you get a healthy chocolate treat. It's suitable for people on sugar-free diet. They make it their top priority to source sustainable dark chocolate and the highest quality ingredients while keeping great taste. Premium dark chocolate is used in the making of the Keto Bomb. What started? Nature's Intent provides artisan food products that are created by people who believe great food should be part of every day. They love making functional foods with premium ingredients. They go to the source, build strong relationships with their farmers, and make sure their ingredients are traced back to their roots. It is what makes them different.

Brand: Nature's Intent

👤The chocolate flavor is rich but not bitter. Replacing sugar with a different type of sweetener has no effects on the gut. I have to be careful, but this gave me no problems. There is a lot of seeds and nuts on top. A real treat. I bought mine from the store at a good price. It tasted fresh and rich. The price on Amazon was too high, and the product was shipped already bland. It was either old or in bad shape before it was shipped. I suggest you buy it fresh wherever you can find it.

👤When Bombs were no longer available at Costco, we bought a few bags through Amazon and gave them away as Christmas treats to the family with diabetes. We both agree that the chocolate pieces are smaller, thinner and have more nuts and salt than the others we enjoyed. The taste is not as thick and chocolatey as the others. We will not purchase again for this reason.

👤I bought these at the store. Carrie used to own them from Costco. They are a great chocolate snack. They are similar to chocolate bark candy. These are for people who are cutting sugar from their diet.

👤I love the other Natures Intent products so I bought these originally. They have mangos, strawberries, and figs that are covered in dark chocolate. The bombs did not fail. They're the perfect size for a treat or something to hold you over. The package shows the coconut is through and through and the nuts are on top. I prefer chocolate because they aren't super sweet. I recommend giving these a try.

👤I started buying these at Costo and they are my favorite treat. The price at Amazon is too high. The bag I got was not as fresh as the ones I've gotten at the store.

👤These dark chocolate bombs are great for guilt-free snacking. The dark chocolate and roasted nuts make for a great combination of sweet and salty. We love nature's intent foods, and we will add these to our rotation of snacks. You will not regret it if you give these a try.

👤I love Natures Intent Dark Chocolate Bombs. There is no guilt because they are so delicious. One serving is more satisfying than the other. I am still willing to buy this chocolate treat multiple times because it is such a delicious dark chocolate treat that is perfectly portioned.

👤The taste was not for me. I didn't like it. It was still a no after tasting it again. It's too bitter and weird. I was trying to think of ways to use it. I need to make a mug cake with some other ingredients and sweetner. I like other keto chocolate and even one that I love, so why would I settle for weird?

9. Nutpods Classic Chocolate Unsweetened Dairy Free

Nutpods Classic Chocolate Unsweetened Dairy Free

The smooth, rich flavor of chocolate in your coffee is creamy and delicious. Zero Sugar - nutpods is a rich, smooth coffee creamer made from almonds and coconuts with only 10 calories and zero grams of sugar per serving. Whole 30 & Keto nutpods are perfect for those who follow Whole 30, WW, paleo, plant-based, vegetarian, and/or diabetic diet. The nutpods Classic Chocolate coffee creamer is free of sugars and has a subtle flavor that allows your coffee to shine through. Long Shelf Life is a package of shelf-stable containers that are perfect for storing in the pantry until opened.

Brand: Nutpods

👤I decided to try the chocolate version after reading the reviews. I won't be ordering it again because the chocolate doesn't have much depth of flavor. I'll stick with my original selection of FrenchVanilla. Over the past few days, I've doubled or tripled the amount of coffee I drink. I can now taste the chocolate flavor and like it better. The overall taste of chocolate is still subtle, but definitely recognizable. The product's star rating was upgraded to a 4. The FrenchVanilla is my favorite nutpods creamer.

👤It's great that Nutpods came out with a chocolate flavor for those of us who are eagerly waiting for chocolate orange and chocolate mint, flavors which are only available in winter. I like chocolate almost as much as plain chocolate. Say 80%. The orange and chocolate mint flavors are outstanding, not due to the plain chocolate. I still give it 5 stars.

👤I've had nutpods for a while now. I bought a pack. I'm on my second one already. It has a mild taste of chocolate. I only gave it 4 stars because I like it sweeter. This is perfect for me since I have gone on a diet. I have come to a great consistency and flavor from Coffeemate, and this is as close as I have come to it. Keep up the good work! It is an excellent product and it is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it.

👤The French Vanilla Nut Pod is better for frothing up than this one, so it's 4 stars instead of 5. The taste is still very delicious. I add some French Vanilla Nut Pod to the Classic chocolate to make it frothy and fun. The taste is light and delicious. It's a great flavor and good for a diet with no carbs per serving. Would definitely recommend. I have tried many other almond, coconut, and cashews creamers, but none come close to Nut Pods. I wasted my money trying other people when Nut Pods are so good. The other creamers went down the drain.

👤I don't know what I was expecting, but I got what I got. This was terrible, I am not a fan of healthier creamers such as almond and coconut. I was able to taste the chocolate, but it wasn't good. It is bitter and chalk-like. It is not creamy. I noticed that it seemed to "curle" when I added it to my coffee, which is odd since it isn't dairy. I don't think it would be so bad if I doubled that to 8 ounces. I might as well drink regular creamer at that point. This is not a good use of money.

👤It has no flavor. It takes a lot of things to get a sense of "cream". I've had a week of terrible sucks. I think the "gum" ingredients are something my system can't handle, but I'm not sure if it came from this product. Had it been sent back to Amazon, I would have thrown it out. It was poured down the sink, which left large white clumps of something that hot water couldn't break down. I had to remove toothpicks from the drain. I can't imagine that it's good for you. I'm back to a small amount of coffee.

10. RXBAR Whole Protein Chocolate Ounce

RXBAR Whole Protein Chocolate Ounce

Their chocolate sea salt bar is a real food product. Made with real food ingredients- 100% chocolate, egg whites, dates and nuts. There is 12 gram ofProtein. 5 grams of fiber. It's not a problem if you're free of gluten. Any high protein snack. It is the perfect time for a snack. They suggest trying this real food bar for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack before or after a workout. Save the snack bar for later. Paleo, check. Gutenberg free and guillotine free swaths. Check Whole 30. Double check guilt and free of wheat. The perfect bar for a healthy lifestyle is the RXBARs. There is a snack option for the diet. On-the-go protein packed fuel. RXBARs are a great snack for the office or on-the-go. You can get the energy you need by grabbing a bar for a snack. They made the protein bar, and they are the bar that made it. Simple real food ingredients, no added sugar, and no B.S.

Brand: Rxbar

👤This bar is exactly what you would want in a nutrition bar, with no added sugars, Preservatives, or Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks of Chunks But, buyer beware. One of these bars for breakfast, for a week straight, was enough to start a chain reaction of flatulence that I am pretty sure killed someone in the grocery store the other day. I was embarrassed to leave the house because of my farts, which are the kick starter of my diet. When I dusted him last week, he threw up. I was an extreme water drinker with a mostly plant based diet and only when I eliminated these from my diet did I lose the poison gas. Nutrition and density are a plus, but you might lose people you care about.

👤These bars are very good. They would get 5 stars from me. The quality control is terrible. Some bars are good, but then you get a bar that is so old it looks like it was made in the 70's. The company's failure at quality control will destroy the bar's reputation. I love the short and simple ingredient list.

👤Many reviewers are divas. I've read a lot of reviews about the taste and texture of this product. They don't realize that most of the bars they see are candy bars with added nutrition. The bars are clear, clean, and straightforward, which appeals to me the most. The ingredients on the front match the ones on the back. Most of them will have a somewhat lightly sweetened FigNewton-like taste, regardless of the specific flavor you order. The chocolate sea salt flavor is my favorite so far. If you're looking for a clean source of energy, then this bar is for you. I've tried many, many bars and this is the only one that has clean ingredients. It looks like a clean product because it has clean ingredients. It's a good thing that the bars are very soft, which is great if you're trying to lose weight and get the most out of a bar. It is not like taffy but like a typical date fruit.

👤I was looking for a substitute for a meal. I was disappointed that the date flavor was overpowering the other flavors and that the bars had more calories than Prime bars. Which is fine. If you enjoy dates. Which I do. I do not want peanut butter covered ones. I am sure I could find a combo that worked with the date flavor. I won't buy them again for the next reason. I got hungry very quickly. The bars of the cliff stick with me longer. It doesn't make sense from a content perspective. I need a breakfast that will get me to lunch. The texture was very dense and I liked it a lot. The whole thing was sticky. Cleaning out your teeth is like eating a little alkward. They get greasy in the heat. I would not want to pack them for a hike. There are five I was down on a very sharp item while eating my second one. It hurt. I think it was a shell. It's understandable in a raw processing plant. Real food has shells, right? A note for the company. Attached is a photo of it. It would be a good snack but you will be hungry for a long time.

11. Atkins Snack Caramel Chocolate Count

Atkins Snack Caramel Chocolate Count

A 12.4 ounce box of snack bars. A decadent peanut-nougat center covered with a thick layer of caramel, all dipped in a rich chocolaty coating. There are 7 grams ofProtein per bar and 6 grams ofFiber. 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of net carbs per serving. It is friendly to the ketosis. When used with the ketogenic programs. It's perfect for a low-carb lifestyle.

Brand: Atkins

👤I wanted them to work. The taste is amazing. It's a preferred candy bar. I had them eat while I tried to maintain ketosis. This is the worst decision I've made on my weight loss journey. These were the perfect solution to sweet cravings. No, no! I found my weight loss stopped after I chose these as an option. I was not sure if it was a short term stop or not. I wanted to test my blood sugar. I keep coming out of ketosis because of these. I've lost 9 lbs since removing these. Lesson learned.

👤I was excited to find these snacks, they were low in calories. It almost tastes like a candy bar. The intense stomach pains, gas, and diarrhea that follows a few hours later is not so great. I would like to see them switch to Monk Fruit Sweetener.

👤These taste great. It is a very close baby Ruth consistency and taste. You will have the worst gas of your life if you eat it for half an hour. Loud, stinky gas. If you ate two or three of these in a row, what would happen? Beware of low-carb snacks that use malitol as a sweetener.

👤I always keep the Atkin's Chocolate Coconut Bar on hand because it's very good at keeping my sweet tooth satisfied for a long time on the low-fat diet. The Baby Ruth bar was always one of my favorite candy bars, and this looked and sounded like it was one of them, I saw them on my Facebook feed. I couldn't believe how heavy they were when I got them. I ate the chocolate and it tasted exactly like real milk chocolate, and the bar tasted like I was eating an actual Baby Ruth, so I couldn't believe it was a low net carbs diet bar. I hope they didn't change the name of the baby. This will be the best you have ever tried.

👤When I get close to running out, I will always get my treat. I divide them into two parts, one for the morning and the other for after dinner. I have been on the diet for two months.

👤I saved a few cents by subscribed to these snack bars. I received my last shipment. I bought 2 boxes from a local store for the same price. June 2020 was the date when the retail items expired. The items expired in Feb 2020. There is a difference in taste. The retail item is softer and tastes fresher. The subscription item had a funny smell. The retail item tasted better than the subscription even though they were a few cents more.

👤I am reviewing this because I found that the delivery was not satisfactory. The driver must have placed this item near a hot spot because I wanted to eat one of the bars. It was in an envelope, not a box. I understand because I only ordered one box of the Bars, but I was reminded of something that caused all the chocolate to melt from the bars. The driver should know not to place items that are light weight near other pkgs that could contain hot items or near the vehicle's heater. It has enough caramel/nuts to satisfy my chocolate craving.


What is the best product for keto nuts and chocolate?

Keto nuts and chocolate products from Lily's. In this article about keto nuts and chocolate you can see why people choose the product. Atkins and Munk Pack are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto nuts and chocolate.

What are the best brands for keto nuts and chocolate?

Lily's, Atkins and Munk Pack are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto nuts and chocolate. Find the detail in this article. Fbomb, Eliot's Adult Nut Butters and Nuts 'n More are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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