Best Keto Oatmeal Cookies

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1. Lenny Larrys Complete Oatmeal Protein

Lenny Larrys Complete Oatmeal Protein

The Complete Cookie is a convenient source of plant based proteins that taste delicious with oats and sweet raisins, and you can finish a whole box of cookies without feeling guilty. Their oatmeal raisin vegan cookies are packed with plenty of fiber and zero guilt, and they are made with plant based ingredients. The Complete Cookie has 16g of plant based proteins and 10g of fiber, which will satisfy your tummy and sweet tooth, as well as your peace of mind. They don't use dairy, soy, eggs, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners in any of their Complete Cookies. They started out with a high-protein cookie, but now they are dedicated to making clean eating the new cool and have a variety of flavors to choose from.

Brand: Lenny & Larry's

👤These are the best cookie for "protein bar" I used to look forward to eating them, until I realized they were making me noxious gasses. I was going to take the day off to deal with the farts. It's the truth.

👤There needs to be a warning on the cookies. They cause distress in the colon. Room clearing, paint peeling, noxious gas, and explosive diarrhea are what I mean. I ate a few of them, but I didn't know about this until after. I couldn't leave my house because of the bad gas. It was terrible. I kept eating the cookies because I didn't know what was causing it. I call them fart cookies. I am single, work from home, and live alone, and I'm thankful for that. No one else would be able to survive with me in an enclosed space. It's really bad. I have to keep apologizing to my dogs. It sounds like the 4th of July and the smell is similar to The Bog of Eternal Stench. Poor things don't know what's going on. I came here to read the reviews and see that I am not alone, after it finally clicked that it might be these cookies. The manufacturers of these cookies say that if you don't get used to it, you may have some issues with your gut. It is putting it mildly. I think the gas I am producing could be used to launch rockets. I'm 16 days in and on my 2nd package of 12 of these cookies and there has been no improvement. It's the same as it was on the first day. So. Again, please put a warning on these cookies. Consumers need to know this information upfront. WMDs should not be unleashed upon innocent bystanders because of the fumes that your body will produce. I have one more pack of these to eat and I'm going to eat them, but I don't see myself ever buying them again because I'm unable to learn from my mistakes. The cookies were great. They are fresh and tasty and have not been broken.

👤These are quite tasty. This is a huge but. I have started calling them "fart cookies" because they cause so much pain. Nothing else has created that sort of reaction before or since. I finished the entire box before swearing them off, even though they were good.

👤It was very filling, but maybe it was just the effect of the gas produced in me as well as my son. We were not comfortable.

👤There is no denying that these cookies taste better than any other cookie on the market. They are hands down delicious. You need to know that every vegan who thinks they are taking a few cows out of the meat market is helping to reduce methane emissions and save the planet. It will result in swarms of bees from your own hive in different parts of the country. I would not recommend that you wear loose sweat pants for 48 hours after eating cookie because of the swelling of your large and small intestines. If you can't keep yourself safe from humanity for a period of no less than 24 hours after consuming, you should invest in some charcoal filters and a can of air freshener.

2. Indulgent Delicious Shortbread Ketogenic Ingredients

Indulgent Delicious Shortbread Ketogenic Ingredients

A single serving contains 10 grams of fat, 2 grams ofprotein and 1 net carbs. There are 8 cookies in one box. All Natural flavors and sweeteners, and no soy, are included in the list. The perfect macro ratio for a snack is found in each serving.

Brand: Finaflex

👤I don't mind erythritol being a sweetener. It is alarming that this product is listed as having three grams of erythritol but no erythritol on the ingredients list. I don't get along with all of them. These cookies are very bitter. I threw a bit of them away after trying to finish them and realizing I didn't like them at all. The cookie texture was nice. I don't know if it was better if I didn't have an issue with many stevias, but the only flavor I liked was bitterness.

👤The cookie that made me sick was horrible. Almond cookie shouldn't get a star. I had to rate the star.

👤The cookies were crushed. Very disappointing. They were not good. There was no exchange or credit possible. A big waste of money.

👤The cookies were in the form of crumbs. It's terrible! A small bag is for $19. I will never order this product again. It was a big disappointment.

👤The flavor is good. The texture is like eating sand. Don't attempt to eat without a drink. I think it's pretty overpriced. I won't be buying them again.

👤Have a drink with you. Will make your mouth dry.

👤You are selling a small box of cookies for over $18. I have never seen a rip off of this magnitude. How do you live? You should be dead.

👤I loved the cookies. I will buy them again because it was very delicious.

3. Quaker Instant Oatmeal Protein Variety

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Protein Variety

oats are 100% whole grains. Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in saturated fat and cholesterol can help reduce the risk of heart disease. There is a minimum of 7 grams ofProtein per serving. There are 24 individual oatmeal packets that include Cranberry Almond, Banana Nut, 8 Cinnamon, and 8 Maple Brown Sugar.

Brand: Quaker

👤The majority of the box is made up of 8 packets of Cinnamon and 8 packets of Maple Brown Sugar. How dare you use the word "sugar" in the name of the flavor, but not the substance? Since the dining room at the retirement community I'm at has been closed, and no more oatmeal with real brown sugar and raisins as part of our breakfast, I'm left with only scrambled eggs. We used to get choice of eggs in the dining room, but they won't go back and forth between our rooms and the kitchen to provide it. I was able to get a different flavor of oatmeal using Amazon Prime. Since I have a drug called Narcolepsy, it's important to get lots of food. We'll find out if the brown sugar or the raisins was the more important part of my breakfast. I might need to get a different oatmeal if the raisins win. Something that will help keep me from falling is likely to be next.

👤I thought I was buying oatmeal packets from Quaker that were the same as I've had before, but they were not. The package contains 8 "Cinnamon", 8 "Maple & Brown Sugar (MBS)", 4 "Cranberry Almond" and 4 "Banana Nut". I have had the other flavors in the past, but I have been buying the MBS for months. The cinnamon and maple-brown sugar are not the same. You have to read the box after purchase to find out if the ingredients are included in the images. You find that other so-called "natural" ingredients are included that don't actually include cinnamon, maple or brown sugar-- instead they taste like fake cinnamon and MBS tastes purely of stevia and nothing else. I've had these before and they tasted different due to different ingredients. I'm not sure if the ingredients have changed permanently or if they have multiple versions of the same flavors. Either way, watch out. They call the flavors the same thing. These were disgusting. Amazon offered a no-return refund. The product made by Quaker is reflected in this rating.

👤I've eaten Quaker Oats at least 3 times a week for decades. When High Fiber became available, it was 40% of your fiber per day, not the current 35%. The Maple and Brown Sugar are the standard. It's disappointing when I try another High Fiber. The Banana is a very chemical taste that can't be hidden when I eat it. It's possible that it's just my sense of taste. The Cinnamon and Spice is not very inspiring. Fresh green apple chunks are added to make that come alive. Why can't we get a High Fiber version of Apples and Cinnamon? The ticket would be that. The regular apples and cinnamon are good. Five stars to Maple/Brown Sugar, three stars to Cinnamon and Spice, and zero stars to Banana. I won't get this version again because Amazon didn't have it all winter. Oh, *sigh*. It's a note to self. In July, buy 4 "32" Maple packs. Hahaha.

4. Rip Wafels Caramel Vanilla PACKAGING

Rip Wafels Caramel Vanilla PACKAGING

A healthy snack with only 3g of sugar has 120 calories and 6g of fiber. Simple clean ingredients are no artificial colors or flavors, trans fat, soy or high fructose corn syrup. The snack wafers are made with a blend of natural ingredients. Packable and snackable are healthy snack food for the office, lunch boxes, post workout or breakfast on the go. There are 12 individually wrapped Dutch caramel and Vanilla stroopwafels.

Brand: Rip Van Wafels

👤It is a good idea to be careful with anything that is low sugar or "keto-friendly". The typical diet has a max of 50g of carbs per day. One of these waffles contains 13g of carbs, not just due to the sugar, but it also contains wheat flour, chickpea flour, and vegetable glycerin. The first ingredient is chicory root fiber. Too much of this ingredient can cause a series of symptoms, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a fun treat, but don't go too far with it. It's not good for you if a treat fits in the macros.

👤I have a huge sweet tooth and have been trying to cut out all sugars from my diet as much as possible. I love Stroopwafels and these Rip Van Wafels have 3g of sugar in them. Since the nutrition label is not given, I should have been more aware of the other reviews discussing the actual contents of the product, but I ignored them because I was too excited to get a low sugar treat that had decent calories. For one Wafel, which is about 4x4 inches circular, the count comes to 120 cals, 13g of carbs, 6g fiber and 3g sugar. The main ingredient in the product is a plant-based extract that has thousands of times the amount of sugar of regular sugar but no calories. I don't think it has an aftertaste. It isn't FDA approved as a non-nutritive alternative sweetener, so keep that in mind. We don't know what a healthy daily dose is or if it has long term effects. This can make you bloated and gassy, so maybe not a good snack on or before a date. 13g of carbs is too much for anyone who is trying to be a vegetarian or vegan, and for someone who is trying to be a vegetarian or vegan who has too much. The amount of sugar is fine. They have a similar texture to original Stroopwafels. I've only tried the Dutch caramel and it's the only thing I can say about it. I keep the outer rim partially wrapped in the wrapper when I eat. I've tried to keep it over your coffee cup to make it softer, but it doesn't work very well because the crumbliness in your coffee can be off-putting. I don't think it's worth the 13g of carbs, but it's tasty. Be careful with the Chicory root Fiber. It does do what it says it does, a tasty lower calories/lower sugar Stroopwafel, so for that 4/5 stars.

👤I have been following a strict diet but couldn't figure out why I kept falling out. I realized that I was being kicked out after this cookie. It has 19 calories which is not friendly to the Ketogenic diet. The cookie is a scam. There is a Is Rip Van Wafels Keto Friendly? Rip Van Wafels minis have 3 net carbs per cookie. The larger Low Sugar and Rip Van Wafels are not good for you.

5. Too Good Gourmet Cookies Healthy

Too Good Gourmet Cookies Healthy

Love at first sight. Too Good Gourmet has a collection of delicious cookies. There are four amazing varieties in this set. Box 1 is filled with chocolate chip cookies, box 2 is filled with French Toast and Maple Syrup cookies, and box 3 is filled with Peanut Butter cookies. Too Good Gourmet has a set of 4 upscaleCookie boxes that you should purchase directly from them. Too Good Gourmet uses the same natural ingredients found in your kitchen in their special recipes. Do you want to have the taste of homemade cookies, but not the sugar and grain in your diet? You can't eat just one if you want to satisfy cravings. These irresistibly delicious cookies will keep your body in a state of ketosis. Too Good Gourmet has mastered the art of combining decadently sweet flavors with sugar-free, grain-free, and low carb ingredients to make for a low glycemic index treat that won't spike blood sugar while satisfying the need to indulge. You can eat your cookie as well. Experiences matter. Too Good Gourmet has been honing their skills for 20 years. Their baked goods are mostly made by hand, in small batches to ensure freshness. You will notice the difference with just one bite. There is a pathological and chaste. Too Good Gourmet makes their baked delights in the USA. They donate tons of cookies to food banks and other organizations.

Brand: Too Good Gourmet

👤The variety pack was purchased in March of 2021. The average was $7.30 per box. All cookies are about 1/2 inch or 1.5 cm thick. There are eight cookies in each box. The largest of the four types of chocolate chip has a best buy date of Nov 2021. Chocolate chips are made with erythritol, which I commonly experience from the Stevia/ Erythritol sugar, and is easy to open and close. Is it an attempt at the toast and egg flavor? I got two bites for this review. I can't take another. Not to my liking. I ripped the box because I didn't use scissors, but the chocolate fudge taste makes me hesitant to try it. The chocolate fudge is 4.5 cm or 1 inch in diameter and only a few chocolate chips are present. I will most likely purchase the chocolate chip again. I am satisfied with the purchase, I wanted a Low Carb cookie. This is a likely candidate to pickup if I want a cookie but don't want to make them.

👤The flavors are not good. It was very little taste. I couldn't taste the peanut in the peanut butter. The french toast cinnamon is dry. Yuk. Each pack has 8 small cookies. The piece is 50 cents. A terrible serving and a terrible taste. I don't think these are good. Stick with cookies.

👤These are good cake bites. There's a good chocolate taste without any sugar substitute. I have issues with them. They are small and only in a nice-sized box. It's like the elves made them for a party. If you're fresh from a break-up, you'll eat 2 more if they're a little larger.

👤The negative reviews are correct. The cookies are small. They don't look like the boxes. They don't taste good. They are expensive for what you get. I will make my own fat bombs to satisfy my sweet cravings.

👤The French toast flavor of these cookies is disgusting. They have a bland flavor and are expensive to be gross. They might be dog treats. Don't waste your money on these. I can't even get a refund.

👤These cookies are very good. I wish they were cheaper, but we would probably order them all the time. It is perfect for anyone who is trying to cut down on calories.

👤I liked peanut butter the most. They should be put in the refer. The flavors come out better with them. You have the best tasting desert ever if I put a broken up cookie on the van ice cream.

👤There are 8 boxes. They are about the size of a 50 cent piece. They are small. The flavor is not great. They are not very interesting. The texture is the worst part. They have the same texture as a bowl of oatmeal that has sat out all day.

6. Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Fiber One Cookies Chocolate Pouches

Soft-BAKED COOKIES. Fiber One Soft-Baked Chococlate Chunk Cookies are soft and delicious. There are healthy vegetable skewers. They baked in 20% of your daily value of fiber so you'll feel like a smart cookie when you say 'yes'. The irresistable taste of chocolate chunks in these Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies makes them a great choice for chocolate lovers. The potties are favorite. It's perfect for an office snack, lunch box, dessert, or on-the-go treat. 6 ct is contained in 6.6 oz.

Brand: Fiber One

👤The deal is here. I used to enjoy eating these cookies, but they felt very decadent. They used to measure 3 inches across. If you're lucky, you'll get a cookie that's 2 inches, but sometimes smaller. The amount of cookie you get for your money has not been reduced. It's not just these cookies that are upsetting me. I buy everything. My cat food used to fill the cans, and again, manufacturers are putting less in the can than what I used to pay. I would give Fiber One a 5-star rating for having a great tasting product that kept me regular, but the cookie no longer fills me up and I find myself having to eat 2 or more, so I wouldn't give them a 5-star rating. I have to spend more to feel full because there are only 6 in a box. No. I'm done. I will never buy any product that reduces the portion size without reducing the cost.

👤I bought Fiber One items that have sugar instead of artificial sweeteners which have their own negative effects so I am happy that they are available. These are good for a lower calories product. I don't get heartburn. I eat fiber on a regular basis and am used to it. The inuli is the type of fiber they use. Is it terrible? It burns my entire stomach in a very short time and lasts for at least six hours. I don't like using non-nutritive fiber from trees and non-edible plants to say there is fiber in the food. We have a lot of issues with the colon.

👤These cookies are good. They taste the same as regular cookies. They have a lot of chocolate in them. A small snack that I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth. They are 120 calories with 5 grams of fiber, which is better than regular cookies. They are wrapped individually so they can go where I go. I can also, when people are having desert. A 120 calories cookie is in line with my plan. The added fiver is a big plus. It was delicious.

👤I am sure I didn't get an old box as they were soft and tacky. Exactly like homemade? It depends on the homemade! I put them in the microwave for about 5 seconds and they were out of the oven. It's not so bad for you! It's not like a cookie should be a health food, but less calories and more fiber than regular cookies. The con is that it is not a big cookie, smaller than the Pepperidge Farm Choc Chip, but a regular size cookie. It wasn't bad, but not quite like homemade. Not going to try to figure out which ingredient makes it taste different.

👤When I looked at the price, I was almost sketical. I decided to grab a box to see if they're as good as the rating suggests. I can confirm that they're a steal for the price after trying one. They are large in size. The flavor packed into these cookies is insane. They taste great and blow regular store cookies out of the water. I can't complain about the fact that there's only 6 cookies per box, but I can complain about the fact that I have to order more than one box next time. I've tried a lot of Fiber One products over the years, and I'm pretty sure that they're still one of the best products out there. They like to be health-conscious.

7. Nanas Oatmeal Cookies 3 5 Ounce Packages

Nanas Oatmeal Cookies 3 5 Ounce Packages

There areEGAN COOKIES. This moist cookie is perfect for people with restrictions. The homemade cinnamon, oats, and raisins flavor is so good that you will not miss wheat. Carefully selected ingredients. Their treats are made with care. These cookies are free of wheat, eggs, refined sugar, and dairy products. There are sweet treats. Everyone deserves a sweet treat, even if they follow a kosher or vegan diet. Their cookies are great for snacking. Real food cooks. The texture of the cookies is perfect for dunking. You know you are eating something delicious made with real ingredients. There is one delicious dessert. You will think their cookies are home made when you try them. There is one case of cookies in 3.5 ounces.

Brand: Nana's

👤Quality control is failing and recent changes to the original ingredients are adversely affecting product quality. Number 1 rule of a good product is don't fix it if it isn't broken. The ingredients and recipe for the Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies have been changed. Apparently, even Amazon was caught off guard since their "About the product" is incorrect. These are not 3.5 ounces anymore, they are 3.2 ounces. 2. These are no longer "fruit-juice sweetened", which may account for the reduction in ounces and the product's dry/stale problems. The brown rice syrup is what these now use. 3. "No refined sugar" is not correct. The chocolate chips were sweetened with "Whole Grain Malted Barley and Corn". "Sugar" is the first ingredient in the chocolate chips. 4. The main ingredient is Barley flour instead of Oat Flour 5. Palm Oil is now being used instead of Expeller Pressed Canola Oil. The product was offline for almost 1.5 months in March/April of last year, but I think the fluctuations in quality have caused a spike in product returns. Is it a coincidence that almost 20% of reviews are 1-star? I think something is not right. All of the products from the Nana's had a somewhat dense texture but still had a nice traditional cookie crumb. Most of the different cookie products were top notch because of the ingredients, which included a strong nose of vanilla and hints of other spices. The fruit-juice was not overly sweet and never showed itself as a fruit flavouring. It has been like playing roulette when ordering these. 2 out of 3 times they are moist. They are dry and have a bad smell. Amazon will not replace or refunds these. Even though the product is not returnable, Amazon was kind enough to grant a refund exception. I've been buying them since 2005. I don't think the management of the company is thinking about the needs of their core customer when they make changes to the recipe. This was a cookie for people who couldn't or didn't want to eat normal cookies. Eliminating core components like fruit-juice sweetening, including ingredients with processed sugars, producing dry-ass stale cookies is not a bad idea. I guess that's how cookie crumbles. The original ingredients are: Organic Oat Flour, Whole Grain dextrins, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Chocolate Chips, and Soy Lecithin. The new and improved ingredients are wheat free flour blend, brown rice syrup, Palm oil, and baking soda.

👤It's one of the few sweets I can eat with low blood sugar. I wish they would bring back the sugar free Chocolate Chip cookies. I was really upset when they added white sugar to the chocolate chip cookies. This is the only pre-made sweet item I am aware of with no sugar, dairy, coconut or Egg Yolks. It would be great if they switched to Olive Oil for their health.

👤These cookies are soft and I like them that way. These cookies are close to non-GF cookies. The flavor and texture of these cookies are better than any other cookies I have tried. Lemon, Chocolate and Peanut Butter cookies are made by the same person. The lemon and chocolate are very good. I have not tried peanut butter. I can't comment on that one. If you have any allergies, these cookies are egg free and dairy free. I'm always looking for my favorites. Give them a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. They aren't going to be the same as traditional cookies because they are GF.

8. Lenny Larrys Plant Based Chocolate Cookies

Lenny Larrys Plant Based Chocolate Cookies

A chocolate chip cookie with low net carbs and packed with plant based nutrition will keep you on track, and you can finish a whole box of cookies without feeling guilty. The chocolate chip vegan cookie is a delicious blend of creamy chocolate chips and cocoa nibs and is packed with plant based nutrition. This cookie has 3g of net carbs, 8g of plant based proteins, and 5g of fiber and it will satisfy your tummy and sweet tooth. They don't use dairy, soy, eggs, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners in any of their Keto Cookies. They make healthy eating fun and delicious with a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, toast coconut, snickerdoodle and more.

Brand: Lenny & Larry's

👤I've been doing the diet for a long time and I've tried many types of cookies. The texture and flavor are terrible. They need to work on their recipe after eating 3 cookies. I threw the hole box away with the cookie.

👤The best cookie. And it's big! 3 grams of net carbs is all. It tastes great.

👤The peanut butter is my favorite flavor. These are a treat. They are a bit soft in texture, which is fine with me. I sprinkle salt on them to make them taste better. These are a good buy.

👤The product is great for the diet. It does not increase blood sugar levels.

👤I bought my first small package at Walmart. They were good. I ordered a package from Amazon. These were not very good. They had a bad taste. I bought a small package of Coconut at Walmart. They had a bad taste. If you get a package with cookies that are fresh, they are really good, but no way to tell what you will get.

👤Some of the reviews made me hesitant. People may not have tried many cookies. These are great! The texture is great. Will purchase again.

👤I love this cookie. This brand of cookies and bars is my favorite. The least amount of carbs is a plus. I love it!

👤This product has a light taste of cardboard with a hint of sawdust. The true appeal is how this cookie sticks to my mouth and refuses to leave. The packaging was delightful and had a better flavor profile than the cookie.

👤If you buy from this seller, he will send you a different cookie and charge you the more expensive price without your consent. He will send you the Complete Cookie instead of the Keto Cookie if you buy this cookie from someone else.

9. Nootropics Legendary Diabetic Bariatric Friendly

Nootropics Legendary Diabetic Bariatric Friendly

The best way to snack is with a 2-in-1 KETO COOKIE, this bag is a smart choice for the entire household, they all know that you are what you eat so why don't you start snacking like a genius? This is the snack of the future. It's 100% guilt free and you get added brain nutrition for a healthier, happier you. Natural brain boosting ingredients are included in each serving for better focus, improved mood and long-term brain health. You will feel focused, have your cakes, and eat it too if you eat a dense bite. It is likely that refined sugar shouldn't be legal. They wanted a snack that could be healthy without compromising taste or health benefits. Anyone who has practiced the atkins diet will be happy to leave their old bars behind. This is the smartest snack on the schoolyard. Better tasting than the competition. Their gourmet cookie snax is happy about it. This is a great healthy chow with lots of fat and calories. All of their desserts are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. They are confident that you will love them, but if you are dissatisfied, please reach out for a full refund.

Brand: Eat Different

👤I am from a group of people who think healthy alternatives don't taste as good as the food they are replacing. I have decided to cut down on sugar. Finding a healthier cookie alternative would be much easier for me. I found these Eat Different cookies at a few grocery stores and am sticking to them. I was surprised by how soft and compact they are. They taste fresh even after a few days of laying around. I used to get chips ahoy cookies, but they were crumbling. There are barely any annoying crumbs to clean. I took them on a walk around the lake yesterday and they were in a bag that was compact and flexible. I would have stocked these cookies in my pantry if I knew they were healthy. The birthday cake flavor is good. I'm looking forward to trying them all, but I'm not sure if they'll add flavors in the future.

👤The taste of this idea is really impressive, it's genius with the brain nutrition, but what really impressed me was the taste. I am mind blown by these. There is no sugar either. I don't think of these as a healthy snack alternative because I would rather eat the other chips. I am excited because I received an email from the company saying that white chocolate chip is coming next, so I am looking forward to it. Each bag has 5 calories. It is a large package that you don't want to eat in one sitting. I think it is a good value for the money because it is resealable and you can get multiple serves. I would like a smaller option in the future.

👤These cookies are very good. It's hard to find good sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth. The cookies are soft and sweet. I think they have a bit of the cooling effect on the banana flavor, but it isn't a bad thing. You may not like them if you don't like that. I don't mind it! The serving size is very generous. They are very rich and I found eating 1 was all I needed to get over a craving. I enjoyed all of these cookies.

👤This is easy to snack on. These cookie are fun to eat on the keto diet. It makes me feel good to have brain boosting vitamins in my body. These cookies are delicious. They are a great way to stop snacking on sugar. Since eating these, my energy levels have been at an all time high. Coincidence? I don't think so. I don't eat them for dessert because they are like a legit exceptional dessert. The guilt-free dynamic is a long way from being guilt-free. I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes from this brand. This was a great first experience.

👤There is a new cookie on the market. The main ingredients are almond flour and a sugar alternative, which leads to a very specific taste and texture. This cookie has something. I like the size of the cookie and the fact that they are not as hard as the High Key brand. I can reach into the bag and take one. What could be improved? The erythritol has a cooling sensation. It's overwhelming. I thought I had a high tolerance for that. It's definitely worth a try for people who are trying to lose weight.

10. Quaker 1 Minute Original Breakfast Canister

Quaker 1 Minute Original Breakfast Canister

100% whole grain oats are the only ingredient in the oatmeal. You can serve instant oatmeal with 8oz skim milk. Whole grain foods and other plant foods are rich in vitamins and minerals and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Good source of vitamins and minerals. Add fruit, nuts, honey, and other items to make a complete breakfast.

Brand: Quaker

👤The snack recipe has 2 cups of oats, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate chips. chia seeds should be refrigerated for at least 30 minutes. Remove and form balls. Place balls in a sealed container.

👤I think my batches were contaminated. I've been sick on days that I haven't and on days that I have, I've been fine. Returned for a full refund. Be aware! I have never had a problem after purchasing this in-store.

👤A couple years ago, my fiancĂ©e was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had to change to a low-FOdMAP diet. With her diet already being very restrictive, and still seeing symptoms of bloating, we found out that normally processed oatmeal can still contain gluten. She started to see changes after we switched to this product, since she always eats oatmeal in the morning and has a low FODMAP diet. Buying in bulk can save you money.

👤I always buy this oatmeal because it's the only certified, gluten free oatmeal that is a reasonable price. I don't have any issues with it. I eat it every day. Oatmeal is in our house. For the win, Quaker for the free diet.

👤It has bugged me how much more expensive it is. I grew up eating oatmeal. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had to buy Bob's Redmill. It's a great product, but it's way more expensive than regular oats. I'm happy to hear that Quaker Oats is making a version that is free of wheat. It is close to the regular price if you shop a bit to find a good price.

👤I have never had a problem with consuming these oats. I'm happy to be able to find these and buy them in bulk for less than I can get them locally. I ordered the 12 pack in October of last year, and they have an expired date in 2020.

👤There are differences between one-minute, old fashioned and steel cut oatmeal. This oatmeal has been chopped up so you don't get any texture. The texture of old fashioned oats is better than the flavor. I will give away my 12 cans because I was disappointed with what I received.

👤I like this oatmeal and eat it. I checked Amazon and it was there, even though it hadn't been in any of my local stores. I eat it almost every day, so it's not a problem if you have to buy a 12 container. The date was good enough. This company has a fast shipment.

11. FYXX Tummy Cookies Cranberry Probiotics

FYXX Tummy Cookies Cranberry Probiotics

The taste is delicious. The oats and cranberries are a perfect combination of sweet and sour. GUT HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: This treat is good for your tummy because of the Probiotics, beta glucans and fiber. Their products are made in the U.S.

Brand: Fyxx

👤When they arrived, they were much smaller in size than I thought and crumbled in the bag. Didn't like the taste either.

👤Didn't like it. Won't recommend.


What is the best product for keto oatmeal cookies?

Keto oatmeal cookies products from Lenny & Larry's. In this article about keto oatmeal cookies you can see why people choose the product. Finaflex and Quaker are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto oatmeal cookies.

What are the best brands for keto oatmeal cookies?

Lenny & Larry's, Finaflex and Quaker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto oatmeal cookies. Find the detail in this article. Rip Van Wafels, Too Good Gourmet and Fiber One are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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