Best Keto Ramen Soup

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1. Annie Chuns Non GMO Shelf Stable Japanese Style

Annie Chuns Non GMO Shelf Stable Japanese Style

You'll be nourished, body and soul with these restaurant-style soup bowls. Pre-cooked delicious ramen noodles are combined with a Japanese-style spicy sauce. It's ready to eat in 2 minutes. There are bowls in this picture.

Brand: Annie Chun's

👤I was not happy with the amount of plastic and packaging. The cute plastic bowls say "I'm recyclable", but people know that only a small percentage of plastic ever gets recycled. Not cost effective. I found the taste of the paper cup to be pretty bland, so Annie Chun needs to use it. Not a lot of body. "Mike's Mighty Good" is less expensive, more delicious, and has less packaging. I will not buy again. The little plastic bowl is very heavy and unstable. It's too easy to tip and spill your lunch. Don't ask me how I know.

👤I've tried Shoyu Ramen, Pho and Udon. The base is very similar and they both taste the same. She should never enter the kitchen again if she is really behind this. This is nothing but a small bag of noodles with dried ingredients, which will probably cost a few cents to make in mass production. Going for almost $4 a bowl is pure greed and is taking advantage of good old Americans. There is no reason for instant noodles to cost less than $1 in Asia and more in the United States.

👤I eat these every other day. They are swinging. Put the noodles in the provided bowl after you empty the contents. Under the fill line, fill with water to about 1 cm. After putting the lid back on, cook them in the microwave for 2 minutes. The lid will pop off with 15 seconds to go. Take them out, stir them up, and then sit and not eat them.

👤I re-ordered it because it's better than other instant noodles, but they sent me the wrong flavor. I was asked not to return it, but I will. Customer service is great.

👤I like the flavor, but I was disappointed that it was not spicy like the package says. I added some spicy habanero to it.

👤If you don't have time to check the RETURN POLICY or the SODIUM CONTENT, never buy food on a whim. I usually make my own soups, but I bought these to check out. If you just eat the noodles without seasoning packs, you should be fine. It is not worth it for the price. They are non-refundable.

👤I'm not influenced by the old flavor of this review. The box it comes in is good for display value. The biggest impact is the way it tastes; it is a meaningless product. Nothing really, no flavor, no spice, no character. It can't taste bad if it had no flavor. There are many other ramen noodles that have good taste. This is fine if you just want something to go down your throat. Add boiling water or a microwave.

👤It's fine for ramen in the microwave. If you don't add the whole packet of sauce, it's a bit bland. A small amount of your own seasonings can't help. It's fine for a quick lunch. Even though it's mild, I did feel a bit of spice. I have zero tolerance for spiciness. It's my life and I am embarrassed. It's funny. It's definitely overpriced here on Amazon. If I found it for $2 a bowl in a store, I would grab some for lazy days.

2. WonderSlim Low Carb Diet High Protein

WonderSlim Low Carb Diet High Protein

The dried soup packet contains 12g of protein and 70 calories for a satisfying, light lunch. Hot soup on the go. Each box has 7 packets of soup in it. A cup of soup can be a snack at any time of the day. 7g net cars. They've cut out the unnecessary calories, sugars and carbs to make a soup mix that enhances weight management. With WondersLIM, you can create an individual diet regime with their delicious range of drinks, shakes, breakfasts, entree, supplements, soups and more.

Brand: Wonderslim

👤Medi Weightloss discontinued the chicken noodle soup that I fell in love with. I ate it at least three times a week. I went on a search and found this one. It's very similar to Medi soup. I want to try the other Wonderslim soups, shakes, and snacks. The instructions state that the soup packet should be added to hot water, but I find it clumps. I put the packet in the water and heat it. It is dissolved that way.

👤When I find a good or bad product, I am quick to write a review. I bought the soup and am drinking it from my cup. I like it. I only added pepper. I had to add several herbs to get the taste I wanted after trying the Bariwise and finding them to be too watery. This is the only flavor I have ordered. I need a soup that is high in calories and low in fat in the winter. I am on the Medi weight loss program and they discontinued their powdered soups, but I like this one better. I will be sharing this find with my weight loss counselor tomorrow.

👤I am on a strict diet to lose weight quickly for an acting role. Each calories cannot be wasted. The soup is good, comforting, a good snack and filling, and it is also a great choice for those on a diet. You will order again. Wishing me luck!

👤I had my first bowl of soup last night. I was expecting to add salt to the seasoning. This wasn't the case! The soup was full of flavor and I followed the instructions. I have been on a diet for about 4 months and this soup is perfect for me, I need something quick and I don't have access to food I can eat. I plan on trying a lot more WonderSlim foods and shakes.

👤The box was pretty much flattened when this arrived in a bag. The contents were still in their own container. It does not taste bad but it does not taste good. There is no substance at all. It's just watery. It was too expensive for something with no substance to it. I thought it would be a bit more creamy, but it wasn't. It doesn't fill you, it's not filling at all, and it's a total waste of money. It would make you feel like you had something if it had some substance to it.

👤This soup is great for people on a low-cholesterol diet. I make great egg drop soup by adding one egg. Load up for winter.

👤This soup is not great but it is very filling and you can eat it. I just put it in a cup and drink it. It is filling when you have been on a diet for a while, but not as much when you are just starting. You will say like I did, "Hey that is not very soup!" Let the soup stand for 5 minutes after you make it.

3. Lipton Soup Instant Cream Chicken

Lipton Soup Instant Cream Chicken

You can sip and savor the creamy cup of soup made from the cream of chicken. A chicken cup soup is comforting and satisfying. A cup of soup can be made on a stove top or microwave. It cooks in under 2 minutes and you can enjoy a cup immediately. Each box has four envelopes of soup.

Brand: Lipton Soup

👤It's not as thick and "creamy" as it used to be. A "hack" would be to use less water, but in the past it was thick without using less water. I've been looking for it at local stores, but they never carry it. The biggest issue is the taste. It tastes different. So disappointed. I made this soup every time I was sick. It has an off taste to it. Adding crackers helps cover it up, but I wish you didn't have to. I have 44 more packets of this soup. I tried it twice with two packets, and I like more than 6 ounces of soup. The first time I put it in the microwave. I wondered if it had a weird taste because I had warmed up a bowl of Pho earlier that day. The second time I tried it, I used a saucier pan. I poured it over the packets in my bowl. There was no noticeable change. I won't be ordering any more. I regretfully say goodbye to one of my favorite quick meals that helped me during times of illness and colds.

👤Yes! Cream of Chicken soup used to be a staple in grocery stores, but a year ago it disappeared from every shelf. This soup is available on Amazon. I read a review that said the flavor was off, but I think it's the same as the old one. It had been a long time. It is still as delicious as I remembered. The soup is very thick and has a perfect consistency. The water needs to be very hot. When I cook soup at home, I let it get very hot and then it cools off. I would like to see Split Pea soup come back. I would buy that and recommend it to everyone.

👤This soup is great when it is cold. It is a comfort food from when I was a kid. It was very thick and creamy. We go camping and work. Next to a campfire, eat it. I always have this soup in my pantry. I trust him. This brand has been around for a long time. Kids love it too. It is great with some pumpkin seeds on top. I hope this is helpful.

👤It tastes great and I like that it is a quick lunch or snack. I like to add some precooked chicken or rice to my soups and stews because I usually have on hand ready to go. It makes a meal that much more heartier. I used to like the instant chicken noodle, but then they added hard carrots. It was ruined by that. They ruin things that are not broken. This is a great base soup that you can add in anything you want, and still have a fast meal.

👤All of the grocery stores in my area, including Walmart, have stopped stocking the Cream of Chicken Cup-a-Soup. I like this soup. I ordered it online and will continue to do so. It's great for a pick-me-up during the day or a fast lunch on busy days. The price is reasonable. This product is recommended by me.

4. NongShim Noodle Spicy Chicken Ounce

NongShim Noodle Spicy Chicken Ounce

Chicken noodle soup with a spicy kick is a fresh, spicy recipe of chicken soup. Other Tasty INGREDIENTS include high-grade noodles, mush-rooms, and Bok choy. The convenience on-the-go meal only takes minutes to cook using hot water or the microwave. Microwave safe bowl container allows for a safe and convenient meal that is easy to prepare and recycle. 0g Trans Fat is made in the USA.

Brand: Nongshim

👤How have I not tried these bowls before? The bowls have a wonderful fresh taste. These are better than the Maruchan brand. The Nongshim is a better deal. You get more noodles than the cups. The noodles have a better texture. I can buy the bowls for a little over a dollar, but this is a good investment. The bowl is sturdy and can be microwaved, unlike the styrofoam cups. A better deal all the way around. This will be my go-to whenever I can get them. Will be buying by the case. Did I mention that they are so delicious?

👤The pricing for this item will be shown. $12 at Walmart. Since the '70's, the brands I found in stores have given me stomachaches, even though I have always loved ramen soups. I don't know why the Nongshim brand doesn't. The Spicy Seafood was good. I tried the chicken and it was okay. This chicken is spicy. Wow. I have purchased many cases and it is now my favorite soup. It's easy to make, not too spicy. I pull the lid up halfway, heat the water in my (take 1 minute, 30 seconds), put my fork on the cover to hold it closed, and then re-cover the bowl and put my fork on the cover. After a few minutes, stir. I just eat it when I'm ready. I have never had a bad bowl. I would love to have different flavors of the bowls so I could try them all. It's a good thing.

👤These are delicious. The ramen at the supermarket is bland. I've seen these at most of our supermarkets for around $1.50 per bowl or 10/$10 on sale. I'd rather have them come to the door than have to take them home from the store with a couple bags. They are not a health food, but they are not awful people. You can't do that much damage with a 400 calories lunch. A 350 calories lunch is probably better than what most of the people around you are downing, unless you have a sodium issue. There's plenty of flavor in the soup and I like to add some extra soup to it. I don't bother with the microwave because I just throw the water, bowl and package into a pot and wait for it to boil, dump it into a bowl and eat. It was really good! My husband likes it with an egg or two on top and any leftover veggies mixed in, but I'm not a fan of ramen. I like it best.

👤If you're looking for a meal that's high in nutrition, this might not be it. I love these bowls of noodles. I feel like I'm back in my college days, but there is nothing better than a cold winter day or when I'm sick. These noodles make my throat feel better when I am congested. It works for me, but probably doesn't fall under your traditional cold remedies. If you don't like hot and spicy foods, this probably isn't for you. They are easy to make and provide a delicious hot and spicy noodle treat.

5. Miko Brand Instant Awase Variety 30 Sodium

Miko Brand Instant Awase Variety 30 Sodium

20 serving per package. Tofu, Wakeme, green onion, and fried bean Curd are included. There is fresh miso paste. There are 3 different types of dashi.

Brand: Miko Brand

👤I thought this would be a quick meal, but I was completely disappointed when I read on the bag. The States of California know that this product can cause birth defects and other reproductive harm, so why would anyone want to eat it? This is not right.

👤I don't know what it tastes like. Not a critic of food. I like my food. I like good food. Don't ever listen to me. This is not my opinion at all. I buy the regular flavor of this brand. I enjoy it a lot. Stay away from salt...old age...yadi-yadi-yada... I love my flavor. I want less salt, diet this, and have zero calories. I need to live long to see my kids. Regular flavor has less salt. It's pretty close when it comes to flavor. You will see the difference between the two pastes. Regular has a consistency. In comparison, this one is pretty small. Big fan of the different packets. I can't tell the difference between them. It really adds to the soup. I didn't realize I was buying it from a different seller with a jacked up price.

👤One of my best friends in Japan recommended this soup and I found it on Amazon. It is very easy to make, just put one paste and one packet together into a mug, then add hot water and stir it. That is it! It costs less than a dollar per serving to make a delicious soup at home. I would buy these again.

👤I bought this because of the many positive reviews on Amazon. The picture shows all of the contents of a single packet. There is not much in the packet. There are scallions and seaweed shown. The "soup" was bland and I used 6 ounces of boiling water. I didn't like the taste of it. I opened 2 other packets to see if I opened a bad packet that slipped through the cracks of the quality inspection process, butnope. All the packets were the same. Avoid at all costs. I'm tossing the rest in the trash.

👤I haven't been able to go to my local Chinatown because of COVID. I tried to find some on Amazon. Amazon has everything. The package was quick and had a lot of different variations. The flavour doesn't pack the punch I'm used to. If you don't want a high level of salt in your food, then this may be the option for you. I will try another brand.

👤It's great for making non-miso soups. I made a sauce out of the mix and used less water to make it. I used onion and paste in the bok choy keto soup I made today and it added a lot of flavor to the bland liquid. I don't care for some of the mixes, the paste is still going to be used in something for added flavor, it was not for me.

👤I can add the sodium back with a splash of soy sauce. I was surprised to find that everything is sealed. This comes with 20 sealed packets of paste and seasoning. This allows me to double the water, put in 2 miso paste packets and add 2 random seasoning packets like seaweed and tofu on days when I want a little more soup. Each tastes great on its own.

6. Crystal Noodle Soup Variety Count

Crystal Noodle Soup Variety Count

Each package contains oneSpicy Sesame Paste, Paitan, 6 Kinds of Mushroom, Vegetable, Kimchi, and Spicy Tofu flavors. It is easy to make and ready in 3 minutes. It's great for a quick lunch. The noodles are not fried. 0 percent trans fat.

Brand: Crystal Noodle

👤They say they are free of wheat, but they contain wheat. I don't look at the reviews before buying something. Don't do the same thing. The seller did nothing to change or answer the buyers after they were told that the product was advertised asGluten free. The seller has no care for their clients, so I don't think anyone will buy this.

👤They say they are free of wheat, but they contain wheat.

👤When I received my soup mixes, four of the six had written on the ingredients on the containers that they contained wheat. The mushroom and vegetable were the only ones that were free of the allergy. This is not good if you have to eat a lot of wheat for medical reasons. I was really disappointed with that. I might consider buying a box of the mushroom flavor or the vegetable one that is free of the allergy. Both were very good. Please make sure that the items you describe are up front with the contents, as it could be dangerous for some people.

👤Their products are free of both vegetarian andGluten free. I bought a variety pack that has fish and wheat in it, and three flavors that are made in a facility with wheat and fish. I am allergic to both. There are problems with advertising. Very sad.

👤These are the best. There are low calories and good flavor. It's comforting when I don't want to cook or go outside to eat because I have a lot of homework. It works out in my favor as I'm trying to eat less saturated fat and less carbs, so the vegetarian and crystal noodles flavors work out. The only real issue I have with these is the excessive amount of salt. I make sure I have my levels checked before I eat one of these because there's almost a day's worth of salt in one small bowl. I add water to the top of the cup instead of just to the line as the instructions say, and then I don't drink the soup after. Since I'm not drinking the soup after, I'm cutting out a lot of the salt in my noodles and veggies. I like to cook up a bunch of vegetables, and add an egg to the bowl with some radish kimchi. It's comforting with the slurpy noodles and the richness of a soft poached egg. I'm increasing my intake of fiber and food. It helps make this a more substantial meal. Hope this helps!

👤I bought this product for my son because he missed eating Top Ramen. The product is advertised as free of gluten. My son called me from his dorm in New York City where he had been vomiting all night after eating this product, after eating his first cup. The packet contains soy sauce. Soy sauce is not free of wheat. Even a small amount of gluten can be very dangerous for people with Celiac. This product is dangerous and should be removed from the market.

7. Wild Zora Variety 12 Pack Flavors

Wild Zora Variety 12 Pack Flavors

A healthy cup of free soup made with grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and vegetables. You can make an easy snack by adding boiling water to a bowl or mug. The person is friendly. There are simple ingredients in each serving that are safe for the Paleo Diet, the Keto Diet, and those with acromegaly. Natural food is not artificial, has no added sugars, and is free of chemical preservatives. A woman named Low Carries. The soup has a great balance of nutrition with 50 calories. Five delicious soup flavors are available from Wild Zora.

Brand: Wild Zora

👤I purchased Wild Zora because I am a person who loves soup and is constantly on the go, but also because I am close to a container that can heat water. When I don't have time for a long lunch at the office, I use a packet of Lemon Chicken from the 12-pack I purchased for use at the office. I was expecting a soup that would last me until I could eat again, but I got way more than that. This soup is so easy to rehydrate that you can just pour 8 ounces of hot water over the mix into a soup mug or bowl. The lemon and ginger give the chicken a great balance. This product is my go-to when I know I'll be busy, and it's also my stand-in for an easy appetizer when fixing food for my folks or friends. It makes a wonderful add-in when cooking wild rice for stuffing. It's easy to adapt to all sorts of delicious applications.

👤The packet doesn't make a soup that can be eaten on its own, but that's not a bad thing. It's important that it makes a delicious soup that you can either sip or use as a base for making a meal. You can mix it with water and coconut milk to make a soup. Add it to homemade bone broth for a delicious lunch. This packet is compliant with the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) standards. This is a must for people on restrictive diet.

👤It made me sick. It seems like it might have something in it. Gave me a bad headaches and had to miss work. I bought this on the recommendation of a fellow AIP'er. It could be made without that ingredient.

👤I like the taste of the soup and it's safe for me to eat it. The dried veggies sink to the bottom and don't seem to change color. I am happy to have found a warming drink that I can drink anywhere. Thank you for making this product. I've passed packages on to friends.

👤I had higher expectations for this soup after reading the reviews. A lot of the dried veggies sank to the bottom. After you stopped stirring, the herbs would float to the top. It will be great for those days when I can't bring a snack because I'm stuck at the office. I don't think I'll buy again once this pack is gone.

👤Really good. I stirred it in an egg and it was ready to eat. There is a A fine product. It really needs to impress me with something extra for me to rate something like this a five. This product has only been tried once and may end up there.

👤The soup takes a long time to break down. The ingredients are still very tough after 5 minutes. I don't think I enjoyed the soup.

👤I was excited to try it because there aren't as many commercially available Aip/Paelo foods. I added some dried or fresh dill to it to make it more filling, and it has a little lemon flavor to it. It's not bad for what it is, most instant cup soups aren't very tasty and they're really not great for you. I'm happy that it's all wholesome. I'm pretty happy with it as a snack or meal-on-the-go, even though it's a bit chewier than I'd like.

8. Kettle Fire Cauliflower Broccoli Vegetables

Kettle Fire Cauliflower Broccoli Vegetables

KETO-FRIENDLY high quality ingredients. Their soup base is made from slow-simmered chicken bone broth and fat from clean sources like coconut cream or heavy cream, which help you hit your macros with a smile on your face. Less than 3 net calories per serving. Never antibiotics or hormones. It's not a food allergy, it's a diet that's low in cholesterol, and it's non-GMO. 2 cartons per carton. This soup can be eaten in 5 minutes, making it easier to eat on the go. It's the perfect upgrade for busy lifestyles. It can help reduce cravings. Bring a carton of soup with you to work so you can stay healthy while you are away from the house. You can look forward to eating delicious foods with a variety of mouth-watering soup options. Your non-keto diet friends will be asking for these soups. Do you want to take it to the next level? Adding chicken or extra cheese to a mega-meal is a great way to make it a heartier meal. ECO-FRIENDLY: Their packaging is made from natural and renewable materials. The pantry has a shelf-life of two years. Unopened, non-perishable. After opening, keep it refrigerated for a few days.

Brand: Kettle & Fire

👤It was too expensive for four small boxes. It was ok. Will not buy again. They want to charge ridiculous money for a food product that is made with keto.

👤I tried all four soups and the flavor was terrible, so I threw all of them away. If you're looking for a soup that's low in calories, it might be best to make your own.

👤I wanted to like it so much. I had to talk myself into buying it. My mistake is the same as yours. If I could only give this one star, I would be so happy. The soup is pale yellow and looks like broccoli, but there is no broccoli in it, it is just a pale yellow color. It would be expected to be a thick and creamy soup. It's got a thinner consistency than water and tastes terrible. The soup leaves a god awful taste after it's been eaten and there's no hint of broccoli or cheddar. My husband can't take two bites of this. It's not worth much. Not even going to try the mushroom flavor.

👤Kettle and Fire Bone Broths are a favorite of mine. When I decided to follow a diet that would help me lose weight, I tried the keto soups. They are very good. I drink a cup with a small side salad and am completely satisfied and have been able to maintain a 15 pound weight loss over the holidays. I will always have some on hand.

👤I was expecting the soup to be thick and creamy. The taste of both the Mushroom & Broccoli Cheddar was not up to par, even though it was a thin consistency. I have a box of each that I cannot use. I will be giving them to a food pantry. Very disappointed.

👤I bought the expensive way because I'm a truck driver trying to maintain ketosis and be healthy on the road, and they were thin and not worth the money. We shame on ourselves for falling in to the trap of buying this stuff online, because the flavors were gross, and they were with out gagging. Yuck. Money was wasted. Normally, I would season something and call it good, but this can't be done because I'm not a pocket eater. If you don't believe me, steer clear of the butter chicken, because I tried the variety pack.

👤I wouldn't expect bone broth to taste as good as it does unless you've been using it. I think your whole life. I was looking for the healing benefits of bone broth without having to cook it. This is what it is. They put it in soups. If I'm eating soups, I doctor them up. If you allow bone broth to cook for a long time, you can get the best benefits, but it can taste too good. I don't know if the quality is good. If you're looking for good, genuine, closest to some others, then bone broth is for you. Get this!

9. Mikes Mighty Good Optional Included

Mikes Mighty Good Optional Included

Chicken ramen soup is the ultimate comfort food. The leading ramen brand has 40% less salt per ounce than the chicken soup that is decadent and delicious. They use scratch noodles made with organic flour that are steamed, not fried, and add a lot of rich soup made with simple ingredients. All of their products are free of genetically modified organisms. Add fresh ingredients or serve noodles straight from the packet. You can top ramen with chopped veggies and pork. You can either transform your bowl with a few simple options or enjoy them. The noodles in ramen bars are inspired by Japanese-style noodles. Craft ramen is what Mike's Mighty Good is. Get creative with this instant gourmet soup base. Many people in their community love using their soups to make recipes. Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen has a noodle soup for you to satisfy your craving.

Brand: Mike's Mighty Good

👤I will paint this picture for you. We're all in a state of isolation. All you want is good food. The ramen shop is closed. You're not paying attention. You need food. Now. You can findMighty Mikes on Amazon. Prime that for 2 days. You eat it when it comes to your house. Your crops are thriving, and you have cured coronaviruses, because your skin is clearer.

👤The pork is delicious, healthy and 100% worth the cost, however I received the spicy beef which I don't eat and I can't get a response from the seller, so I'm not going to do that. I canceled my subscription and won't be able to buy from this seller again. Customer service is important, vital and lacking here.

👤I don't think I enjoyed this one at all. The instructions were easy to follow, but the taste wasn't there. The soup tasted like a cardboard cup and didn't have any flavor. The noodles were a mess. The only flavor I got out of the meal was the green onions I added to myself. It's not a good time.

👤This ramen was really good. Is it bland? It's a good base and it tastes good. The soup is a little creamy, but it could use some pepper and seasonings. I'm pregnant and everything I eat causes me indigestion. The noodles tasted fresh and had a good bite. It's not spicy for me at this point. The beef flavor has more punch. This is good if you want something that will fill you up and make you happy. If you want something that tastes like normal top ramen, you're not going to get it here. The soup tastes like chicken noodle soup. There are few ingredients and nothing weird. It's good.

👤I'm very disappointed. I should have tried a package from the store before ordering a small case of noodles, because I've never had them before. I think they had good marketing and sounded legit. The noodles had a weird texture and taste. The soup was bland. I threw out the rest after about 4 bites. What a waste. I will donate the rest to a food bank.

👤I was thrilled to find that I could find organic ramen noodles, as I am a fan of ramen noodles. The cost is more than the cheap ones at the store. The flavor is great. Better than any others I've had. Maybe even restaurant quality. I think the directions are a bit optimistic. The method of boiling water is used. When I tried to stir them, they wouldn't separate. They were very tough. Is it Al dente? I put them in the microwave and continued cooking them. The noodles were a better consistency after that. I would buy them again. They may need more cooking than the package says. I'm surprised that some reviewers think these are bland. The flavor of the soup is great. Not as salty as some of the cheap ramen noodles. Maybe that's what these people are used to. They're not as hot as other brands are. They're not "bland" or "watery" and are loaded with salt. The oil packet was the same. I might leave it out next time. As the description says, it is optional. I wanted to try it. One could use less of the oil if they wanted to. The sesame/peanutty smell is intense but not unpleasant. Some people may not like the fact that there are no peanuts in the ingredients. The makers give you separate packets for the seasoning and oil so you can make your own meal. A few people mentioned that you don't get a lot of noodles. If you're used to getting the same amount in the supermarket packs, that may be true. I found the amount to be quite filling, and it was probably too much because of the rich substance. Was very pleased with Mike's work. I found them cheaper and more responsible than Annie Chun's noodle bowl. I ordered a 6 pack of the pork flavor because I liked the chicken flavor so much. The cooking time issue is the only downside. Very easy to fix!

10. Samyang Chicken Roasted Noodles NUCLEAR

Samyang Chicken Roasted Noodles NUCLEAR

The 'fire noodle challenge' is taking place all over the world. There are more than a million videos on the internet of people trying the challenge. If you are a passionate person, don't hesitate to participate in and enjoy it. There's an addictive delicacy that's named Fluffy Chicken Flossy Ramyun. The most representative hot spicy stir-fried ramyun is loved by the whole world. It's the best-selling product to people who like spicy taste. Be prepared to be addicted. Noodles have a good texture and are firm. It has a spicy sauce mix with seaweed and sesame. Cooks are easy and quick. The noodles should be put into the boiling water for 5 minutes. Throw away the water and reamin 8 spoons. 30 seconds later, stir-fry with liquid sauce. Stir and serve. 0g trans fat, 0g cholesterol.

Brand: Samyang

👤I have eaten Samyang products for a long time now and I can confidently say that it is one of their best products. The chicken flavor is enough without the hot flavor so you can choose how hot you want it to be or just not use the hot packet once or twice. One of the best flavors they have is the flavor. The flavor is very creamy with seasoning that is eaten with chicken. The flavor is reminiscent of Alfredo sauce. I think it's 3/6. The flavor is not strong and lacks depth. These noodles are round, unlike any other noodles. It is easier to cook in this shape. The dried noodles can be put in the pot. The dried noodles can be put in sideways if the pot is not filled high. I have a pot that is the perfect size, and I'm sure most of the other people do as well. The spicy level is not as spicy as the original. The packets of spicy are the same size as the original, so I think it's because of the creamyness blocking out some spicy. My stomach is not as upset when I eat this one compared to the others. I think it's at least 10% less spicy than the original.

👤Very spicy. If you are sensitive or think you should use a small amount of the liquid packet, then you should use it. Also came with a packet of seeds. The quality of the noodles is better than maruchan. I will have a hard time going back to my ramen noodles.

👤During the Spicy Noodle Challenge times, I was curious enough to order this 5-pack. I was hesitant because I didn't want to be stuck with 4 packets of ramen if it was hot. I hit the order button because of my love of ramen and my sense of adventure. I wasn't sure what to expect since I rate my spice tolerance higher than average. There are a lot of dramatic videos and reviews when it comes to the Spicy Noodle Challenge. It's spicy, but whatevs'. I was a little afraid in case it was actually nuclear spice levels, but I also thought I would be in the latter category. I was surprised at the heat at the first bite of the ramen I made, it was a mellow aroma and I was surprised at the heat at the first bite. It is definitely very spicy. I thought, "If this is the first bite, it's going to get so bad." The heat mellowed out from there. As I continued to eat, it stayed the same level as the initial heat. My mouth was burning, but I was able to finish it. It's definitely spicy and I can see people with lower tolerances finding it difficult. I put lip balm on so my lips didn't burn. I had a burning sensation in my mouth for 20 minutes after my clearing of my sinuses. A mild capsaicin high kicked in, which was nice. The noodles are the best I have found in instant ramen. They have a very firm texture. It's almost all heat/spice, which overwhelms the other flavors. It's good, but it's like one bite out of four when it comes through. The rest is just a lot of heat. I finished a 5-pack and ordered another, because I liked them so much. :D

11. Korean Ramen Noodle Powder 10 05oz

Korean Ramen Noodle Powder 10 05oz

There is a soup with various flavors. A ramen soup with 10 grams of ramen. There are 30 to 50 kinds of food in ramen soup.

Brand: Raum Food

👤The vendor sells soup. Korean ramen. Korean hot spicy ramen noodle soup powder is used. Both are very spicy. The smell of the powder might make you think it's not good. Add hot water and the smell disappears. The soup is similar to the Hot and Sour soup sold at most American Chinese Food restaurants. The Korean Spicy version is more spicy. I think it's too spicy. They make about 60 cups of soup. The result is better than any pre-packaged ramen. The reason I do it this way is with Miracle Noodles. Miracle noodles are made from 100% fiber. You can't tell the difference between them and regular noodles. I can't have pre-packaged ramen because of my diabetes. My home made ramen is even quicker to make and less expensive than the store made ramen. Diet food is also perfect.

👤I've been looking for a cost-, waste-, and calories-efficient way to fulfill my ramen cravings and this is what I found. I use this with my ramen alternative and it absorbs it well. It is similar to Shin Ramyun in taste and spiciness. This is worth it for $9. Please never stop this product.

👤I wanted to stop buying individual packages. Buying noodles in bulk is easy. This one is great and I needed it. It is very spicy. I'm the white guy that makes them think I'm crazy when I order extra hot food. I use 1.5 cups of water for about a heaping spoon and I think there are 30 serving at the portion size I'm using. I came back to get another order.

👤I have been buying small spicy ramen noodles to add to my meal preps so that I can get the packets of seasoning. My diet doesn't care about seasoning so I began to use it to season the chicken as you can see in the picture, I added scallions and a bit of soy sauce along with the seasoning. The seasoning in the bag is short but that isn't a big deal. I found it quite expensive and wish it was cheaper. The taste is good and I will continue to season my chicken with it. I can not eat the whole skillet of chicken when it is cooked, but it is so good.

👤I've been on a lower-cholesterol diet, but I've always had to buy ramen just to get the soup base out of it. Money and food are wasted. It wasn't the same as I was looking for. There is a I saw this stuff. It's almost exactly the flavor I've been looking for and I love it! I like that I can add as much as I want to my soup. I add in a few eggs. I love it! When I start running low, I will buy this again.

👤The seller suggested a water to powder ratio of 17oz. I wasn't impressed when mixed this way. The perfect ratio for me was 12oz. water to 1 Tablespoon powder. This ratio is very similar to Shin Ramyun. This is very spicy. I like that. It might be too spicy for some people. This is going to be the answer to Miracle Noodles. The conversions are too watery for me. 17oz is the 500cc. 2 cups of water. 10 grams of powder.


What is the best product for keto ramen soup?

Keto ramen soup products from Annie Chun's. In this article about keto ramen soup you can see why people choose the product. Wonderslim and Lipton Soup are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto ramen soup.

What are the best brands for keto ramen soup?

Annie Chun's, Wonderslim and Lipton Soup are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto ramen soup. Find the detail in this article. Nongshim, Miko Brand and Crystal Noodle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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