Best Keto Snacks Zero Carb No Sugar Gluten

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1. Atkins Caramel Almond Clusters Keto Friendly

Atkins Caramel Almond Clusters Keto Friendly

Carmel Almond is a criminal. This is the way it is done. The crunch of almond clusters and the great taste of caramel make this a satisfying snack. Stay on track. The treats are delicious and will keep you true to the diet. 2 grams of net carbs and less than 1 gram of sugar is what the peanut butter cups and caramel almond clusters have. At home or on the go. Enjoy delicious and satisfying treats that fit in with your busy schedule. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Atkins peanut butter cups and caramel almond clusters. All the taste. No compromise. Your favorite flavors are not sacrificed to give your body the nutrition it needs. The peanut butter cups and caramel almond clusters are all sweet. Quality ingredients. Quality ingredients make the flavors of the Atkins Way taste great.

Brand: Atkins

👤Even though there is no sugar, it still tastes like sugar. The taste is great. I replaced them with all the candybars that I have ever had.

👤I started this diet two weeks ago and I am a big fan of chocolate. I tried all of the diet ones and they didn't like the taste, but this one is very good and I love the individual pack.

👤These are the best tasting products I have ever purchased. The products usually taste nasty. Not these. You can't tell if they're a diet or not. I will keep these in my cabinets.

👤It was well received after it was purchased as a gift. I think it's too many chemicals. This may be a good option if you want a treat.

👤These caramel clusters are very good. I like them. It's definitely worth the buy. My new favorite.

👤These Carmel Clusters are delicious.

👤I bought these for the first time and they tasted great. I like the portion size of each cluster. Really satisfying the craving. They cost $9 a box. I got a great deal on them, but I won't buy them again unless they are 1/2 off. The price per pound is too high.

👤They are a great treat for staying in ketosis. Some comments mention chemicals, but the ingredients are relatively clean. It occurs in fermentable foods and beverages. People who suffer from low calcium are helped by calcium carbonate. It's a must have for anyone watching sugar.

2. Gourmet Keto Snacks Diabetic Friendly

Gourmet Keto Snacks Diabetic Friendly

This healthy dessert can be enjoyed without guilt if you just use a spoon. This snack revolution is for both kids and adults and it has zero added sugar, no added junk and healthy fat from almond butter. Have your cake and eat it too? Endulge their batter and sprinkles without compromising your diet. This tub is sweetened with allulose sugar, which is a good source of allulose. There are no added ingredients in the sweet unsalted butter base. They use natural ingredients that will make you feel good. This is not a lot of food. There are more than one way to enjoy a good thing. A number of sweet creations can be made from their cookie dough, from cookies to bars. No bake fat bombs are a great option. All of their treats are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. They are confident that you will love them, but if you are dissatisfied, please reach out for a full refund.

Brand: Eat Different

👤This is a pleasant surprise because I am the first to say that there is not a lot of good healthy options. It is clean and delicious. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't feel like I have high standards for snack foods. I could eat the whole jar in one sitting. The price is annoying. It is one of those things where I feel like I am getting what I pay for. The ingredients are good. I contacted the company and it seems like they will be getting the prices lower as they grow. I will continue to support!

👤Wow! Wow! I bought this to try out as I need to include more meat in my diet but am not a fan of bars, shakes, and other bars. Who doesn't like cookie dough? I was surprised by how good this is. It has a lot of flavor but doesn't have a sugar alternative after taste. It is too good and it is a little dangerous. I could eat it all day.

👤This cookie dough was delicious. I expected it to be a nut butter texture, but I was surprised by the consistency. It is like cookie dough. Excellent! It is a bomb with strawberries but also on its own.

👤This cookie dough exceeded my expectations. I didn't think it would be as good as it is. There is a lot of sprinkle and flavor with a wonderful texture. It tastes like cookie dough. It is a bit costly but it is worth the convenience, taste and ingredients. It was here the next day as well. This cookie dough has amazing macros that will keep me on track. Such a great find.

👤This stuff is great. I had issues with shipping on my first order, but thanks to Salina, I was able to get a replacement jar. Highly recommended.

👤The cookie dough tastes amazing. You can't even taste the difference with it being vegan. The texture was creamy and I don't feel guilty eating a lot of it.

👤It's not like a natural nut butter that is separated from the oils and solids when you open it. The jar was still mixed well and looked like a spread. It's not overly sweet. I don't eat a lot of breads since I follow a diet. I've been eating it from a spoon. I like the consistency of the flavor. I don't have texture issues. It has a ground coconut texture as well as a flavor, so keep that in mind. I like it. I like coconut. The sprinkles are well done, they just melt in your mouth, and I haven't noticed a waxy remnant which you can get with some types of sprinkles. The product tastes like a coconut cookie dough and I would recommend it. I received this product for free as part of a promotion.

👤I can't explain my feelings about this product. First of all, something that is advertised as a weight loss program has to be a weight loss program. The cookie dough has 14g of carbs per serving. The package came open which made me wary of eating. The product was quite unappetizing because it came completely melted. The price for 10 bites of cookie dough in a jar is crazy. Do not buy this product because of my advice.

3. HighKey High Protein Breakfast Cereal

HighKey High Protein Breakfast Cereal

This highprotein cereals is free of sugar and has 0g net carbs. This low-cholesterol breakfast is sure to start your day off right and help you maintain a well-balanced diet. This food can be used for a healthy breakfast, or can be made into a fun and healthy snack. Compare to other low sugar foods. High quality snacks. Their cereals make for great snacks with high levels ofProtein and low levels ofCarbohydrates. This low sugar cereals is great for a post workout meal or as a power breakfast food. HighKey has a new breakfast option that only has 90 calories per serving and is bursting with cinnamon flavor. If you're looking to add some extra calories to your breakfast, grab a box of this cereals. Less than 100 calories per serving. This low calories sugar free cereals is a great start to the day. This low-cholesterol breakfast snack is made with clean ingredients like monk fruit and real cinnamon. It tastes great with almond milk, low fat milk or both. This high fiber cereals has no added sugar, making it a great option for people with diabetes. Their HighKeyProtein Cereal is made with all diet types in mind. If you're looking for a new snack or food option that's free of diabetes, look no further than their new Cinnamon Protein Cereal. HighKey is a company that makes diet snacks that taste the same as the original, without the added sugars and carbs found in traditional breakfast foods and snacks for kids. Try this healthy breakfast today! This grain free cereals can be called a number of things, like low-cholesterol, low-fat, and even free of wheat. The HighKey way is to call this CinnamonProtein Cereal a healthy alternative to your favorite cereals. Cold cereals have some of the same ingredients as traditional cold cereals. This cinnamon breakfast cereal is great for low-cholesterol, paleo, and keto-friendly snacks.

Brand: Highkey

👤I'm a 72 year old man. I lost my wife to cancer. I ate to handle most of the stress. I used to be on a see food diet. I eat food that I see. One of my favorites is a fruity breakfast cereals. I was 5'7" when I reached 262 lbs. I have type 2 diabetes. I have lost 100 lbs by following a low-fat diet. The perfect breakfast is this cereals.

👤This tasted terrible. I can not return it. I want to warn others. The contents of the small box are bright in color but look like fake cat food. I don't think it's a natural product because of the strange chemical taste. I ate three scoops to give it a chance, even though the first was bad and I felt sick. I went to return to Amazon, but I wasn't able to. I took Rolaids and brushed my teeth but still can't get the bad taste out of my mind and stomach. I wish I had not bought it. I would like to return it. It was not cheap. I wonder if the box I got was contaminated or if they really expect people to eat it. It was really bad.

👤I didn't like it, it had a weird taste. I like the convenience of ordering it and getting it the next day, because the other keto cereals I tried were on Amazon. It's not good.

👤I tried both flavors. Both were much sweeter than sugared cereals. It's like you had a bowl of candy and put a table of sugar on top. I have a sweet tooth, but this was gross. It wasn't just the cloying quality that made it unpalatable. There is an artificiality to the flavor that's hard to describe, because there aren't any food flavors that remind me of it. I understand that the cereals are sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol. The balance is off and the recipes are too intense. I liked the texture. It's like rice Krispies that don't get wet. It would still be a sweet cereals if you cut the sweetener by 1/3. Maybe it would be eaten.

👤I had high expectations for this as the other flavors of cereals and other products have been good. I don't like this flavor because it has a sour taste to it, the texture is great, and the flavor is mild, but it disappears when mixed with milk, so I don't like it.

👤It has 10 grams of food. I can give my daughter low-fat cereals, but I don't want to contribute to misinformation about nutrition. Net carbs is misleading information that will slow down your weight loss journey. Your body still needs to release theinsulin to process the fiber. The label is misleading because it excludes the sweetener from the calories. The next thing to do is subtract the sugar from the food. If you don't get the results you want, you can eliminate sweeteners and count total calories under 20 grams per day. It's easier to get out of the addiction that way. We will keep ordering because the daughter likes it.

4. Chocolate Alcohols Artificial Ingredients Preservatives

Chocolate Alcohols Artificial Ingredients Preservatives

KETO is easy because of 1 NET CARBS and great taste. No artificial ingredients, no sugar, and no sugar alcohols. Simple ingredients are used. Go Better Keto Chocolate Almond ButterCups are made with no harmful ingredients. A treat a day is the way to go. Fuel your day. You can eat a Ketogenic diet without compromising on taste or flavor. Good fats are what Go Better Keto Cups use to keep you fueled. Go Better Kepcups are sweetened with Allulose and have a splash of Monk Fruit.

Brand: Go Better

👤The actual ingredients are listed over the listed ones. Bag looks like it has been sitting in someone's pantry for 10 years, it tastes bad and looks old. They should not be in business.

👤I didn't like this at all. The taste of chocolate and caramel is weird. The chocolate caramels are better. I'm very disappointed.

👤I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get offended on premade sweets. It is a god send to be able to occasionally enjoy sweets and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. This isn't a note. It was literally. You don't taste anything until the very end when there is a mild almond taste. The chocolate is thick and hard and it is not in a good way. I have had a lot of healthy sweets over the last few years. These still fulfill a sweet tooth. I froze them, as it seems to improve some Low Carb sweets. They are a complete dud and a rip off.

👤I received this product a few days ago and I like it. I cannot eat certain foods so I have been trying to find candy that is sweetened with allulose or erythritol. I don't like the taste of stevia. I enjoy this candy because it doesn't leave an aftertaste. The only downside is that the products are very expensive.

👤I was skeptical about these but I am so happy I bought them. They will be a staple in my new way of eating. Even my husband, who is tall and skinny and hates anything other than plain sugar, said this was one of the best he has tried, that it did not have plain sugar in it. Absolutely love these!

👤This is not returnable. Read my story. This was delivered to a building. It is 63 degrees at 530 pm. It has been cloudy and rainy. It was laying on its side when it melted into a large bar, which means it was laying on its side. It is completely re-hardened, and it is obvious by its off color that it was liquid at one time. I tried to break a piece of the brick to taste it, but it crumbled into small pieces. I can't grab a piece big enough to eat it. It looks gross in that bag.

👤I like these. I have been following the diet for a long time. I have missed chocolate and caramel because of my blood sugar tests. This is good. The caramel tastes good. The chocolate is not sweet. It's good. I have had a treat in the past. I am ordering more. It doesn't have sugar alcohols.

👤These are so good, they are gooey inside and outside.

5. Wonder Noodles Friendly Fettuccine Spaghetti

Wonder Noodles Friendly Fettuccine Spaghetti

You have read right, enjoy a heavenly pasta salad free. Wonder Noodles are not good for you without remorse. These noodles are great for people with aversions to wheat or other grains. Frown no longer with a pasta zero diet. Wonder Noodles Pasta are rich in taste and flavor. The noodles are free of fat, sugar and calories. You will be surprised at the delicious pasta taste. There are zero calories, zero cars, and zero Koke pastries. Wonder Noodles says it all. Are you on a paleo or keto diet and want to eat pasta? Fettuccine or Spaghetti slim fast keto pasta is a guilt-free choice. There are two types of people - Kosher and Vonkman. The pasta is low in GI and contains no MSG. The perfect food for people with food sensitivities. A delicious meal of pasta noodles in just 2 minutes is easy to prepare. It's a great on-the-go meal. Wonder Noodles Fettuccine or Spaghetti Pasta should be with you wherever you go.


👤I like to serve this noodle with a Bolognese or other meat sauce. Theoodles are very stretchy and have an odd bite to them. They don't like the flavor of the sauce. I have made lemon butter white wine sauce for years. I cook pasta in a pan with it to absorb the flavor. The noodles mouth feel was slithery in a bad way. I am trying to go as low in calories as I can, but I am desperate for a good pasta replacement. This isn't something I want to do.

👤I bought it for a diet. It met all the requirements except for taste and texture. It had to be thrown out. It tasted like styrofoam.

👤These are a great substitute for noodles. It has the same texture in the mouth as traditional noodles.

👤Nothing good aboutoodles. It is extremely expensive. Don't waste your money.

👤I lost 25 pounds on keto and was craving pasta. I was able to overcome the crave without adding a gramm to my body.

👤Just can't get over. It is like eating worms and slimy things. Go back to the drawing board. The noodles have a great flavor. My wife couldn't get through the first cup without spilling her guts, and I had to force myself to eat a cup of each. It was nice try, but I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The noodles are very strange. I have been doing a low-cholesterol diet for 18 months and have gotten used to different foods. It's kind of pricey. My husband likes them.

👤They are a great option for my diet. My boyfriend doesn't like the texture of the food. I think the texture is fine.

6. Chocolate Roasted Almonds Artificial Ingredients

Chocolate Roasted Almonds Artificial Ingredients

KETO is easy because of 1 NET CARBS and great taste. No sugar, no sugar alcohols, and no wheat. Simple ingredients are used. Go Better Keto Chocolate Peanut Bark is made with no artificial ingredients and is a great snack. Fuel your day. You can eat a Ketogenic diet without compromising on taste or flavor. Good fats are what you need to keep you fueled throughout the day. These bags are convenient and make snacking on the go a breeze. You can get a daily dose of chocolate for your diet. Go Better KETO BARK is sweetened with Allulose and made in the USA.

Brand: Go Better

👤I have ordered the bark several times and have to say that it is some of the best chocolate with almonds I have ever had. I am addicted to the bark.

👤These chocolates are really good. Dark chocolate is the most low-fat chocolate. I didn't find a milk chocolate substitute that I liked and even the ones I didn't like were made with malitol, which spiked my blood sugar terribly. It doesn't taste like a Hershey bar, but it's close enough and good to chew with almonds. It makes you feel good about eating chocolate and the sweet tooth. The pieces are large. I expected them to be small pieces. Two pieces of chocolate bark is generous. The pieces are 2” x 2” I will buy again.

👤This should get 5 stars for the shipping alone. They were shipped with ice packs to keep them cool. They taste good. I will definitely be buying again. Fantastic job.

👤I received ice in a big package. The chocolate wouldn't melt. Thay tasted great and it was great to eat. Will buy again.

👤They tasted good but couldn't tell they were low-cholesterol.

👤Go milk chocolate bars are great for people who can't have a lot of sugar. It tastes good with salted Almonds. Will buy again. You get a lot for your money, and I am satisfied after a couple bars. I opened the bag and found some bars missing, you get a lot in one bag. They were delivered on time.

👤I will admit that I have never tried any other products that are branded as Keto. I was worried that it would taste bland because of the low sugar and carbs. I was pleasantly surprised to try these out. The taste is not as sweet as normal milk chocolate, but once I took a few bites I got used to it and ended up liking the taste. I usually don't like chocolate where I end up eating the whole bag, but after just one and a half pieces of this bark, I felt like I was full.

👤It was delicious and sweet. This treat is 5 stars. Enough in size, shape, andavory-ness. A little pricey. I will be back for more.

7. Jack Links Sticks Sugar Ounce

Jack Links Sticks Sugar Ounce

Jack Link's beef sticks are made with 100% beef and no sugar, so they deliver 6g ofProtein to help you power through when you need it. Jack Link's Beef Sticks are a good source of calories and good for your body. They are an epic snack that you will crave. Jack Link's Zero Sugar Beef Sticks are seasoned with their signature blend of herbs and spices and slow cooked over hardwood smoke for that timeless flavor you love without any sugar. One-handed snacking is the way to go when you and your family are on the move. Jack Link's Beef Sticks are great for snacking. SELLING BEEF JERKY BRAND. Jack Link's has a tradition of hard work, fun and quality products that makes it a success. People Feed Their Wild Side with their snacks.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks were something I enjoyed a lot. Amazon canceled my subscription because the product was no longer available. Jack Links, Beef Sticks Variety Pack was an alternative product I was offered. The Pepperoni sticks are about the same price. The price is $16.00 I thought I would try them. The Teriyaki is terrible. It's like eating meat paste. I threw the rest away after tasting one. It made me sick. The Jack Links Beef Pepperoni Sticks reappeared on Amazon at 3X the original price. What is the deal? I stopped my subscription. I was very disappointed in Jack Links and in Amazon.

👤These are not like regular Jack's sticks. I used to sub for my normal subscription, but now stuck with it, I can use it for dog treats. Also. I guess be careful what you buy from Amazon because they won't refunds. I don't want to waste half an hour of my life trying to get a refund, so I'm not going to contact them to complain. Walmart honored online food purchases, usually Amazon is great. SMH.

👤I like beef sticks. I've never tried one I didn't like, but these are not exageration. Is it nauseating? Theyp taste like an old piece of bologna dipped in wax paper. I don't know what these are about but I wouldn't recommend them. I don't understand, maybe it's the nitrates and msg that make other beef sticks taste so good. I caught my dog eating a cat turd once, but he turned his head away from these.

👤I didn't like these at all. I didn't like the flavor. I didn't like the texture. I like their regular beef jerky. I won't buy these beef sticks again.

👤I ordered a second box because they are so good. They are great for anyone since there is no sugar in them. One stick with 6 grams ofProtein is enough to keep me going between meals. They're good and don't last long in our house.

👤I didn't like the taste or texture. The jack link's sticks were not as dry or hard as these. I don't like the taste of teriyaki. It's off to me.

👤The shell is very hard. It's like trying to eat a pipe. Maybe not that bad, but really bad.

👤I ordered 2 for my husband for his lunches, and I believe he has already eaten a full case of them, so he approves and so does my daughters.

8. SlimFast Snacks Peanut Butter Grams

SlimFast Snacks Peanut Butter Grams

There is a snack that is diet friendly. SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb snack cups are a great snack for a diet. Each snack is packed with 8g of fat to keep you full and satisfy your sugar cravings, and it has layers of rich, creamy peanut butter coated in chocolate to satisfy your sugar cravings. KETO & LOW CARB. Their snack cups are made without the sugars found in regular sweets, making them the perfect snack for people on a low-fat diet, as well as anyone looking for an alternative to traditional sweets and snacks. GLUTEN is free. Their snacks are made with optimal nutrition in mind, and are made with a variety of ingredients. Their Fat Bombs are free from artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, so they are equally delicious in taste. SlimFast understands that snacking while on a diet can be hard. Their Fat Bombs are perfect for snacking on the go. Pack their Fat Bombs with you so that you always have a quick, healthy treat that will keep you full and help you stay on track wherever you go! Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Slimfast

👤I am angry with this product. The front of the box says "coconut mct oil", which leads you to believe it's 100% coconut oil. It is made with a blend of coconut and palm oils. I am anti-palm oils due to the clear cutting of forests to grow the palm trees and the false "sustainably produced" sources. Slim Fast needs to correct the false print with the coconut and palm oil blend. They are likely to not sell as much. I won't buy these again.

👤This is a fat bomb. I was surprised to find it at Walmart for $10 for a box.

👤Those who gave five stars are not the only ones. If you are trying to find a way to make a cup like the one I use, keep looking. These are not good. The "peanut butter" to "chocolate" ratio is way off, the texture is dry and oily at the same time, and the taste is not even good. It's a good thing. I knew I was taking a chance on these, but I need to remind myself to order something other than this product to keep my sweet tooth at bay.

👤I was knocked out of ketosis by these. The first time I took a test strip, I had negative readings because I ate two. My nose was bleeding and it tasted like expired ressess. If you're trying to stay in ketosis, eat reqular reesees.

👤If you love lemon and are tired of all of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors, then you will love these. I am sure you know how much the public loves your lemon fat bombs. They are the only product you did not use. I have a suggestion. Key lime pie and orange creamsicle fat bomb can be made using the same formula. I think they will be a big hit. We can see how many people like this idea if we mark my comment as helpful. We fans know that these are sold out at a lot of major retailers.

👤I was knocked about of ketosis by these. They aren't "keto approved". Save your money and progress.

👤Oh. My. Gosh. These are amazing. The flavor is excellent if you expect them to taste like Reese's. I was worried because a lot of the snacks in the program have an odd, slightly horrible, artificial aftertaste. No need to be worried. I only gave it a 4-star because of the price. It is incredibly expensive for something that could easily disappear from my shelf in a weekend. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. They are not easily absorbed by the body so you subtract them from the total number of calories. 2g Erythritol is equal to 1g net carbs. If you eat them all in one sitting, you won't feel guilty.

👤I bought this because I thought it wouldn't spike my blood sugar. I will never buy it again big, it was the wroth thing. No.

👤I didn't pay attention to the prices. I bought a box in the US for $9.99 and thought it was a bigger box because of the price.

9. HighKey Banana Nut Muffin Treats

HighKey Banana Nut Muffin Treats

Craving banana bread but looking to decrease sugar? Look no further! Their muffins are loaded with fresh banana bread flavor. Don't wait for those bananas on the counter. These mini muffins are perfect for breakfast or dessert. Order their mini treats and get started! The Highkey snacks are low in calories and have 2g of net carbs so you can enjoy them day or night. Banana Nut Mini Treat are a great snack for low-cholesterol people. You can indulge in these bites without being thrown out of ketosis. Highkey snacks are perfect for kids and adults and are a healthy snack. Banana muffins are low in sugar, low in carbs, and made with natural sweeteners to start your mornings off. The Mini treats are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and mysterious ingredients. Kids love the Banana Nut Muffins. snack cakes are high in awesome, not sugar, so they are low in sugar, so they are good for you. Their snacks are made with natural sugar substitute such as allulose and monk fruit extract. The best part? These bites are a low-sugar, low-carb snack. Enjoy your favorite sweets again! Their muffins are grain free and have no added sugars, so they are a great choice for when you want a snack that is convenient. HighKey uses simple ingredients, such as almond flour, for a delicious alternative to regular sweets. If you're looking for foods that taste the same as the original, HighKey has got you covered.

Brand: Highkey

👤I get cookies from High Key on a monthly basis. I was excited for these, but they are a bit disappointing. The texture is very odd, it is a little squishy but not in a good way. The taste is similar to cardboard. Love the idea! I don't think they have nailed the recipe yet.

👤I was very excited to try this new item from this brand, but I was very disappointed that it was gross. A flavor that smells like wood and is similar to doggy treats. Birthday cake is not a very soft snack, and definitely not a taste of cake, for being advertised as such. It's dry and squishy in your mouth. It was very unpleasant. It's not easy to come up with tasty stuff, using keto ingredients, to try to mimic traditional carb based options, and I applaud the brand for trying, their keto impression of "Turtles" is delicious! I will keep buying products from HighKey, but this was a mistake and they will be thrown away. They will not be buying these again, and will not be excited to try their other soft baked products, which are available over at their website. I felt a big let down.

👤The product was well packaged. The Highkey box made a good first impression. The bag of mini bites was colorful. The bag had information for people who were concerned about diet. The bites were ready to eat. The bites were not too sweet. The mini bites had a nice texture. There was a slight flavor to the bites. The flavor of the mini-bites was not great. The bites had more texture than flavor and could not be considered a healthy treat. We wouldn't buy the mini bites again.

👤These are nice and fluffy, but they need more fruit. When I make these next, I will add some extra sugar, a lemon drink mix and a bunch of fruit.

👤I've followed low-carb and keto for about 4 years, with a break or two here and there for both adjustment and sanity. Baking from scratch is relatively easy these days, but finding KETO mixes that taste good is a challenge. Baking from scratch tends to yield disappointing results in terms of texture and flavor. I've made a few decent recipes over the years, but most of the time they still miss something. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the High Key chocolate chip cookies mimic Chips Ahoy minis, so I decided to try these muffins. They came out of the oven about an hour ago, and I couldn't wait to try them. You know the smell of a berry... Yes... My husband said "What are you baking?" as these filled the house with a beautiful smell. He's not a fan of the diet. I'm pretty sure these would impress him in a blind test. I was praying that the taste of these would level up the smell and it did! They are awesome! I've been searching for a commercial KETO and GF product that was easy to make, delicious, and fluffed up like a muffin, and I finally found it. I'm not worried about the products being too sweet or eggy. I sub unsalted butter for coconut oil because baked goods just taste better with butter, and since it's perfectly keto, there's no macro issue. I think the butter helped in their fluffiness, as coconut oil tends to bake heavier and more dense, which could explain why some reviewers aren't as happy with their results. You can't go wrong with butter. I made mini-muffins, which are 70 calories a pop, and just 0.5g net carbs, and they make me dance. I will be buying these again and trying their other products. I'm happy these weren't a waste of money. They're not cheap, but I know that making products from scratch isn't cheap, and I've thrown out a lot of food that tasted bad. These are the best so far.

10. HighKey Carb Snacks Salt Crackers

HighKey Carb Snacks Salt Crackers

Their Seasoned Salt Almond Flour Crackers are low in calories and high in nutrition. They're the perfect healthy snack with 2g of net carbs per serving and no added sugar. The snack crackers are a good snack for adults and kids. These crackers are low in calories, so you can enjoy them as a substitute for salty snacks. Their crackers are great with dips and boards. If you love saltine crackers, you'll love their Almond Flour Crackers, they're low in calories and low in fat. If you're a person with a Diabetes, you'll find the low carb snacks at HighKey. Don't eat the whole wheat crackers, saltines crackers, rice crackers, pita crackers, and rye chips, and grab a bag of their savory keto crackers for your next low-fat snack. Their crackers are grain free and can help power you through the day. These snacks are free from artificial flavors, grain, and other ingredients. Their Almond Flour Crackers give you the energy you need to get through the day. These high quality crackers are a snack you will love eating. Almond flour snack crackers are made with real wholesome ingredients like sea salt, garlic, and onion powder, making them a great snack for kids and adults. At Highkey, they specialize in creating healthy snacks that are low in calories and high in fiber. Do you need a new snack? You can grab a bag of Almond Flour Crackers. HighKey Sea Salt Crackers are made with real butter and almond flour for a better snack. These crackers are perfect for snacking on the go. HighKey crackers are made with zero added sugar, so you can finally enjoy your favorite snacks.

Brand: Highkey

👤These crackers are really good. These are perfect for people who are low in calories but still want some cheese and crackers. It's a good idea to put cream cheese, spinach dip, hard cheeses on them for a low-fat snack. I like to have a few things on my shelf. A small amount is enough to satisfy my hunger. It was great!

👤The crackers would have been perfect if it weren't for the ONION flavor. I ordered Sea Salt, which implies that it is not original. I tasted a lot of onion as soon as I ate one. I saw onion powder and garlic powder when I looked in the ingredients. They give the crackers a distinct taste, so they should be named "garden herb" or "onion". I would never buy these crackers if I knew they had a strong onion taste. I don't understand why the company can't just make a sea salt cracker with a strong herb. It is like calling a cracker unflavored, but sneaking in something. That would be lying. If you added sea salt to a cracker that was called onion flavor, that would be fine because salt is a complement and doesn't over power. It is the other way around with this company. They took a neutral flavor and made it taste like herb. I feel like I have been deceived. High Key might think that they are giving the crackers an enhanced flavor because Sea salt wouldn't be enough. There are people who just want a neutral cracker without the onion taste. I want to thank High Key for ruining my day by selling me crackers that are onion crackers. The onion is also in the Cheddar flavor. Can you make a product without onion flavor? Not everyone likes onion.

👤I am a person with a disease and everything is " no". Sometimes I snack in the middle of the night. These crackers are made from almond flour. The crackers taste like Chicken and Hen crackers. I have to say that they like it. okay The 8th cracker sawdust came to my mind when I got there. They answered my need to "cruch" and didn't kick my blood sugar.

👤You are paying nearly $13 for a bag of crackers. The process of making dough and baking it is the same as with a standard cracker. There is no plausible reason for such a high price. A bag of crackers should be no more than $5. texture is next. 4 out of 10. I know it is made with almond flour and will never be like a regular cracker, but they are too sticky and thick to eat, and they get stuck on your teeth. It was very unpleasant. Finally, flavor. 2 out of 10. There is not a cracker flavor. It tastes very bland. All purpose flour is almost like eating plain. It was nasty. I bought sea salt and cheese. The sea salt variety was bland, but I wanted something better to remove the gross flavor of blandness from my mouth, but the cheddar were just as disappointing as the sea salt variety. There is no cheese flavor. I was expecting a mild taste like with goldfish crackers. I got more flour-tasting dough in my teeth with no cheese flavor. Two thumbs down and a double bummer. I will not be buying them again. I went through the trouble of calling Amazon and demanding a refund despite the items not being returnable, because I was so upset about spending $25 on 2 bags of crackers. I would normally give them away, but because they were so gross and expensive, I decided to give them back. You can save money by making your own crackers from Sola bread slices. HighKey needs to stop making fun of crackers and stick to cookies, an item of theirs that I love very much.

11. HighKey Keto Chocolate Turtles Candy

HighKey Keto Chocolate Turtles Candy

Each serving contains less than 1g of sugar and 8g of fiber, which is sugar free and diabetes friendly. They have created a dark chocolate caramel candy that is low in calories, low in fat, and has no sugar. HighKey's take on caramel nut clusters are without the added sugar and carbs. They come with 6 delicious serving per box. They believe in making delicious food that everyone can enjoy. Their chocolate turtles are made to serve as a variety of snacks and desserts. If you want to follow a diet that doesn't include sweets, then you need to replace your mainstream brand chocolate snacks with their keto diet snacks. It's possible to snack without the extra calories, sugar and guilt. Enjoy low-cholesterol, grain-free snacks all day long. The caramel almond clusters are packaged to fit anywhere. You can grab and go with the 6 individually wrapped dark chocolate almond caramel clusters. There are snacks, candy, and dessert that are free of wheat. When you run out, you'll miss out on their chocolate nut clusters, which are packed with real and fresh ingredients. These chocolate candy snacks are made with their signature blend of erythritol, allulose, and stevia extract. Natural flavors include cocoa butter and fresh almonds. It is comparable to chocolate covered turtles, almond turtles, caramel chocolate candy, and healthy desserts. Use as a topping on your ice cream. It's the perfect low-fat chocolate treat with caramel and almonds. The chocolate taste is classic. At HighKey, they are masters in the kitchen who are always coming up with new ideas for you. Their healthy snacks are made to be enjoyed by all. These chocolates will satisfy your cravings without weighing you down. HighKey clusters are made with zero added sugar, so you can finally enjoy your favorite sweets without the sugar crash.

Brand: Highkey

👤It's absurd to pay 14.47 for 6 pieces of candy. The price is still too high despite the fact that quality ingredients cost more. I'm going to give you a heads up. When you receive your order on the box, it will say "continue to be hungry, get your next bag free." They want you to leave a review. I've done this with a different high key product and there were no problems. The item that was originally purchased is always free. There were no caramel clusters on the list of options when I went through the process to get my free box. Don't put on the box that you're going to get a free box and not have the item you want. I was planning on buying again even with the ridiculous price, but that little manipulation is a big turnoff.

👤I can't deny that these are good-tasting, even if they weren't keto-friendly, but this company is bilking customers out of way too much money for this and their other products. I don't know if it's just opportunism or if their production cost is close to their asking price, but it's not worth a repeat buy from me. Walmart's Sam's Choice chocolate bars cost less than the per-unit price of these, making them a much better value for a low-carb treat.

👤This does taste pretty good, but it does have an odd taste after a sip of erythritol. If you are a true believer in the concept of keto, you will know that this is 1/3 of your daily intake. Going over 50g will make you out of ketosis. The biggest issue is that they market this as 4g net carbs, when in reality it is 17g of totally carbs in the back. There is an additional 1g sugar, 2g erythritol, and 4g allulose. That is not true. If you want to cheat on your diet, just eat a piece of chocolate for a tenth of the price. You don't need to pay for a piece of chocolate with 17g of carbs. Almond butter, coconut oil, and 100% dark chocolate can be used to make fat bombs at home. 17g of carbs is much more cost effective.

👤These are amazing. They are way over priced. For $5 at Walmart and $6 at Whole Foods, you can get a bag of 6 peanut butter cups. These are twice as much. I will get them again, but not as much as I would like.

👤I can't say enough good things about these things. I mean it. It's like having a real candy bar, which after over half a year on keto brought a tear to my eye. There is a The box looks bigger in the pictures and there are only 6 smallish clusters in it. Phewww. I don't know if I should buy another box. Highkey needs to get the funds to start mass-produced and put their stuff in grocery stores and maybe lower the price so people on budgets can afford them.


What is the best product for keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten?

Keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten products from Atkins. In this article about keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten you can see why people choose the product. Eat Different and Highkey are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten.

What are the best brands for keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten?

Atkins, Eat Different and Highkey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto snacks zero carb no sugar gluten. Find the detail in this article. Go Better, and Jack Link's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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