Best Keto Tortillas Chips for Nachos

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1. Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips

Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips

There is one bag of Calidad White Corn Tortilla Chips. The corn tortilla chips are made with traditional ingredients. The chips have 0g of trans fat per serving. Quality chips are perfect for seven-layer dips, nachos, or scooping up freshly made salsa and guac. It's great for authentic Mexican recipes.

Brand: Calidad

👤You heard me. They taste good. If you like tortilla chips but don't eat enough of them, then Calidad is for you. You have to throw out tortilla chips that are old. The chilequiles are very good and are very hard to eat at the end of the bag. Wow, and an amazing price. The chip tastes better than any other tortilla chip. It was great with La Victoria salsas.

👤I sent these chips to my father because he thought they were great. He was reluctant to go shopping for fear. He ate all the items I sent him, including the taco kit. It was like a south of the border evening out when we Face timed dinner. Will buy again.

👤Sometimes they arrive intact despite my incompetence. They are great for salsa and guac, great for nachos, or topped with scramble eggs and the works.

👤This is a trusted product. I received it quickly and cleanly.

👤The chips were good, but what showed up in a big piece to scoop some salsa with them was good. The bag was smashed into pieces. I'm not sure if it was the manufacturer or how they were shipped, but there were about 10 chips in one piece.

👤The corn chips are a good value. A bag for 12 ounces costs $2.

👤It was very thin, crisp and salted.

2. Quest Tortilla Style Protein Loaded

Quest Tortilla Style Protein Loaded

The Quest Loaded taco Tortilla style snacks are great. Each chip is loaded with taco flavor and ready to eat. Only a prescribed diet plan can be used for weight reduction. Do not use a diet with less than 400 calories per day. 20 grams of fat, 4 grams of sugars, and 8 grams of fiber.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤These are my favorite chips when I just need a snack but don't want to eat all the oil and carbs from standard chips. These are the best of the best. They are brittle for dipping, but the taste on the Loaded taco flavor makes up for that. If you are low in calories, the snacks from Quest are legit.

👤I like this flavor. I received Loaded Taco and ordered it. I think they have fixed the language issue here, having the wrong name listed. I think they're really good. The texture isn't great, but it's better than other chips I've had before, and you get used to it after a while. I like them a lot and I wish there were more in each bag. I will definitely be ordering again.

👤I like all the quest chips. They are not actual chips, so don't expect them to taste like them. They are what they are and they do the job of satisfying cravings. These taste similar to the taco bell or jack in the box. It has less than 150 calories and 20 grams of high-quality, animal-sourced, plant-derived, animal-derived, plant-derived, animal-derived, I am in the middle of a cut phase and I am always hungry.

👤These are the best chips I have tasted. I have tried the other flavors and brands and they are the best for me. The portion size is perfect. The taste reminded me of taco salad. I ate the chips with 1 made.

👤I didn't know what to expect. Is it possible that the chips are made from the food? Huh? "Loaded taco flavor?" That's either going to be great or terrible. These things are awesome. It tastes like a taco Bell Supreme. I like real Mexican food too. The flavor is great. I wish they made a plain chip that I could eat with salsa. I would buy these again.

👤I haven't eaten taco on Keto. A taco salad is not as crisp as a fried taco shell. The flavor is good. I think I could live off of them.

👤The hardest thing to think about was not having chips. The taco taste is delicious and this has helped me with my cravings. The chili lime ones are the best.

👤Corn ships with salsa are very tasty. Corn chips are softer than crunch. The problem is all the salt. The mouth is puckered by the salt. It could be made with half the salt. I don't need to taste the salt.

3. Siete Family Foods Tortilla Restaurant

Siete Family Foods Tortilla Restaurant

Banned colors, flavors, Preservatives and other ingredients are often found in food. High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats are not allowed in any food. No bleached or bromated flour. No synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

Brand: Siete

👤I like Siete's chips. I was devastated when I found out I had a corn allergy. You are talking to a girl who loves chips and salsa. If I am going to be on a deserted island and only have three items, one will be chips and one will be salsa, I will take one chip and one salsa. I could. Live. Off. This. When I discovered these chips, my world exploded with color and flavor. They taste amazing, they pair perfectly with any salsa, and they are a great alternative to your traditional chip. You will not regret trying these.

👤We are sort of tortilla chip connoisseurs. We've had our fair share. These are our favorites. They're pricey for a small bag.

👤I am on a sugar/grain free meal plan and can't get enough of these chips, they are so delicious. My family did not know they were grain free when they came to visit, so they took a bag to the house they were staying in. When I went over to the bag they had, I asked how they liked those chips. My parents said they are great. I told them that they are grain free and they were shocked. You don't know that they aren't made with corn or other flour. I plan to try the other grain free products.

👤Amazon packed mine in a plain paper envelope. There is a bag of chips. In an envelope. It was a large bag of delicious crumbs that I was not going to use for the nachos I was going to make. Maybe I was supposed to mix it all up and bake them myself. I'm looking for other places to buy the product, but I'm not getting it from Amazon again.

👤These are the best grainfree chips. They don't last long in our house, we purchase them by the case. Tgey always arrive in great condition. Siete chip has a better health choice.

👤These can be used as a sub for tortilla or potato chips. The dip scooper is an awesome dip scooper, even though it was good for a tortilla. Lots of chips in the bag is a great value.

👤These chips are free of wheat. I don't notice the difference between these and regular tortilla chips. Definitely will be buying again.

👤These are a replacement for tortilla chips and have a different taste. I know there is no corn, but it almost tastes like it.

4. Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Gluten

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Gluten

There are 18g and 4g of net calories. It is made with high-quality Whey and Milk Protein Isolates. No added soy ingredients. There are 8 bags of Quest tortilla style chips.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤If you eat these chips with an accompaniment, they taste similar to a snack like a snack chip, but with a thinner, lighter, more "crackery" texture. They are good by themselves, but there is a slight aftertaste. I wouldn't call it a health food, as it is a processed food with a long list of ingredients. These will hit the spot if you are trying to cut back on calories and find yourself craving your favorite snack. A 1oz serving of Frito- Lay's Nacho Cheese flavor has 140 calories, 8g fat, 1 g sat fat, 0 trans fat, 210 sodium, 0 cholesterol, 16g carbs, 1g fiber, 0 sugar. The back of the bag says that it has 140 cal, 6g fat, 1g sat fat, 0 trans fat, 10mg cholesterol, 340g sodium, 5g carbs, and 1g fiber.

👤I have just started on the Keto diet. I have been clean from my addiction for 31 days. I didn't think I would succeed with the diet because I'm not a meal eater. I was looking for things that were tasty, quick, and filling, but also reasonably priced. These have fulfilled the crunch crave so far, because pork rinds get very quick. After 15 days of strict diet and checking ketones, this was a treat. I dip the ranch ones in garlic hummus. It works. If I sprinkle shredded cheese on them, I can bake them in the oven and make a ghetto plate with some hot sauce. There is a bottle of sparkling ice cherry limeade. It is like you are not even following a diet. I would choose real ranch corn chips if I wasn't on a weight loss mission, but these are a great substitute. Hope this helps!

👤I'm sure you all started off with a bar called Quest. They have expanded into making cookies and chips. It's not like a tortilla chip, it's more like a tortilla chip with a cracker finish. The chips have the same flavor. It gets a little salty at the end of the bag. I have tried both Ranch and Nacho Cheese and like both of them, but I prefer the Ranch flavor more. It's difficult to find variety of snacks to do a low-cholesterol diet.

👤I was nervous to try them. I liked the chips but not enough to buy cases of them. I read the reviews and bought a case. These are amazing! They are 'healthier' and 'protein' chips. They taste like a treat. Being able to eat chips guiltlessly is awesome. They are so good that they give you a taste of doritos or Cheetos. I don't feel bad about it after. They are a little fragile so you have to be gentle, but I just eat them plain anyway. I wish they were cheaper. I love them!

👤I am the pickiest eater. I have issues with food texture and consistencies with my 5-year-old. I went out on a limb because I was desperate for a snack that was low in fat. I get cravings for junk food when I work night shift. These taste like a good ranch snack. I like the chips even better than the ones from Doritos. I can't believe they are so low in calories. I don't eat a bag of chips every day. It takes a couple times a week to get through cravings. I like to mix these into taco bowls.

5. Calidad Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

Calidad Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

A bag of Calidad Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips. The corn tortilla chips are made with traditional ingredients. The chips have 0g of trans fat per serving. Quality chips are perfect for seven-layer dips, nachos, or scooping up freshly made salsa and guac. It's great for authentic Mexican recipes.

Brand: Calidad

👤So delicious! Would buy again and again. I would fill a bathtub with these. I might commit a few crimes for these. No tortilla is worth jail time, but a fine or community service could be considered a worthy offense.

👤I've always been happy to find this brand on AmazonFresh for the same low price I find locally. Calidad was highly rated on ATK, but that's not why I chose it. It is not overly salty and can't beat it for yellow corn flavor. Sturdy enough for thick objects. Any of the big name brands have this over them. Highly recommended.

👤Hooked on the best tortilla chips. They are fresh and stay that way. The flavor, texture, crunch and dipping quality is better than any chip. I have never found all these features in a corn chip before. It makes for an enjoyable experience. You don't feel like screaming because it's a large bag that opens easily. It's true! The chips are large and don't fall until the end. It's a good idea to recommend %.

👤Who eats tortilla chips plain? These chips are meant for dips, salsa, and nachos, and they can do those things.

👤My husband liked them, he takes them to eat at work, and he said he can eat them with any food I make him for lunch.

👤The chips are sturdy and work well for nachos. Amazon Fresh needs to do a better job of packaging orders. The last time I got these, they were thrown in a bag under other heavy items.

👤You can usually find a flaw in a tortilla chip, but you accept it because the other pros are good. The chips are perfect in every way. The price was cheap. The texture and sturdiness are very good. It is perfect and authentic. Salt is perfect. It was fresh like it was made the same day. When I order from Amazon Fresh, I buy these bags in 4s or 5s.

👤The chip flavor is inedible due to the amount of salt. Salt City.

6. Protein Chips Snacks Tortilla Muscle

Protein Chips Snacks Tortilla Muscle

Not fried! All natural and made in the USA. The bags are 6 ounces. In size. Excellent vehicle for dips and tortilla style chips. These chips can be used as a salad topping. It's also delicious on its own. 13g of high protein, low crab, 5g net crab, and 5g fiber are included. There is a snack that is friendly for people with diabetes. It's great for a high performance diet. It's easy to add more meat to your diet. The taste and texture will appeal to both adults and kids.

Brand: Wholesome Provisions

👤Adding sweet tasting ingredients to something that is supposed to be salty was what they were thinking. These are too sweet to be used as tortilla chips. It's too sweet to enjoy as crackers. Maybe I can use them as a dessert crust. What a disappointment.

👤I like the taste of the chips. They are still good despite not having the usual taste of a tortilla chip. The only complaint I have is that you pay a lot of money for a small bag of chips. I was surprised by the size of the bag. I understand paying more for a item. It would be great if the bag of chips was bigger. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I am a weakness for chips and it has been a struggle to find chips that are low in calories. I agree with other reviewers that these do not taste like tortilla chips, but are delicious in their own way. If I had to compare it, Flavor reminded me of Biscotti. They are quite expensive for the amount of chips you get per bag.

👤Texans love their chips and salsa, but I also wanted to lose weight. These helped me fight my urge to eat tortilla chips. There was a small amount of garlic in them. They're very good, but have a different texture than chips, but I highly recommend them.

👤These are very good, but they are not as good as a tortilla chip. If you want a thin tortilla chip, you will be disappointed. They look like wheat thins in the shape of a chip. They are really good. I don't like salsa. They would work well in other dips.

👤These are a great snack for low-income people. Most of you probably know that there are very low options for low-cholesterol foods. It's a great way to dip as a veggie alternative. They were shipped in a loose bag. They were pretty broken up, like the bottom of a chips bag, making it hard to eat. Love the flavor.

👤Love, love, love these chips! I contacted Amazon after only one of the two came. The problem was fixed quickly. I am sad I can't get them anymore because it is discontinued.

👤The most boring of chips is a low-fat pita chip.

7. Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips

Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips

Do you want a chip that is rich and spicy? You are lucky! The Quest Ranch Tortilla StyleProtein Chips were made by them. Only a prescribed diet plan can be used for weight reduction. Do not use a diet with less than 400 calories per day. 19 grams of fat, 0 sugar, 1g fiber, 8 serving

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤There is a misleading listing. The packs are usually sold in packs of 12. This was a group of 8. I've been ordering from Amazon for a year and never had an issue. When you look at the serving size, you can only see that it's an 8 pack. They did this to sell less for more. Carefully place your order.

👤They are not like tortilla chips or Doritos. They are both thin and crisp. The ranch flavor is strong. The texture changes after a couple bites. I wouldn't buy them again because I don't like them.

👤It was definitely satisfied with my craving for a crunch. If you are looking for a real dorito, you are going to get it. They are light and dissolving quickly. Good taste. I was having a hard time hitting my goal, but this helped.

👤The chips are a great substitute for regular chips. The bags feel like they are full of air, but I guess that is the portion we are supposed to have. I recommend these chips.

👤I usually take this product in my lunch, but sometimes have it at home as a snack. They are very breakable and my biggest problem with them is that. When I pull out the chips from the bag, they tend to fall all over the place.

👤I love the Quest Chips because they give me a boost of energy in the middle of the day.

👤I think the ranch flavor has the best flavor of the quest chips.

👤I have these chips with my salad and some grilled turkey and topped off with a little yogurt dressing and it is unbelievable.

👤It tastes like tortilla chips. I will order them again.

8. BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

The perfect snack! BeyondChipz tortilla chips have 2g net calories and 13g of Plant-basedProtein, which is perfect for high-energy snacks, vegan snacks, or healthy snacks for adults and kids. Every time, BeyondChipz deliver a salty and satisfying crunch. Their chips have all of the crunch and texture of a tortilla chip. None of the bad stuff! There are many different types of food that are free of wheat, corn, soy, rice, peanut, and potato. 5 Servings per bag! Each bag has about 13 chips. They use the best food storage pouch you can find with a Resealable top for maximum chip freshness. You get a premium product in a pouch. They stand behind their products. If you don't like your BeyondChipz, they will give you a full refund of your order. Their chips are friendly with the Ketogenic diet. If you're looking for a snack that will help you lose weight, or add some extra calories to your snack, look no further. Versatility! BeyondChipz will be your go-to snack for a quick healthy snack.

Brand: Beyondchipz

👤These chips are great for a low-fat diet. The salt chips have a dry taste but are still great for dips. The ranch are really good. I haven't tried any other flavors yet. I just ordered ranch flavor and it is good with anything. I have made these and other foods with them and they are very good. If you are looking for an exact replica of a Dorito, look elsewhere. They are the best I have tasted on the market if you are a person with a diet that is low in saturated fat.

👤Terrible! I had high hopes based on other reviews. It took me a while to swallow the sand. I like quest chips that are low in calories. I wanted a salt only version of these.

👤They are good for being low in calories. They are crisp and can be used as a Dipper for sauces. They work on their own. The flavors aren't close to their names. There is little difference between plain and bang-bang. They have the same number of calories as real chips, but not as much. They are better than nothing, so try them!

👤These chips have a good flavor and arrived quickly, and none of them were broken, which is different from the chips I have ordered from other companies. The chips are very good for dips. The ranch flavor was good if you were not picky. I can't stop at just 13 chips because they have more of the daily requirement of sodium than I do. My usual organic corn chips have a maximum salt content of only 6%.

👤The package of these chips has the word "Protein" on it. They are made with the best ingredients and all of the ingredients that fit for people who are not interested in grains. I love tortilla chips and potato chips but had to give them up. I am free of grains. These work. They are very hard. Even the plain ones have a great flavor. It's tough enough for humus and wide enough for salsa. I put goat cheese on mine. Hats off to this company. Great product. I bought a lot of bags. That's right.

👤I finally found a healthy alternative to my salty snack cravings. The chips look exactly like the picture with the perfect amount of seasoning. Can't wait to try the other flavors These are a great snack if you are looking for a snack.

👤I wanted to hate them. I bought them because I'm on a diet that's good for me and I'm going to a Superbowl get together. I don't understand why they label this a flavor that tastes like nothing. I've never eaten cardboard. I can only imagine that this is similar. If you order from their shop, you'll spend almost $30 on shipping, and if you buy on Amazon, you'll get 4. I hope that before the last bag I get used to the taste, because I regret buying these. Saving grace is the fact that they are low in calories.

9. Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Cheese

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Cheese

Enjoy more. CarB LESS: The chips have a satisfying taste of a regular tortilla chip. Theirs has 18g ofProtein and 4g net carbs per bag. The bullet enters complete torsos. The chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids. The Quest Nacho Cheese Tortilla StyleProtein Chips are seasoned to perfection and contain no added soy ingredients. BAKED, NEVER FELL: The chips are baked to provide you with a satisfying crunch without adding oils to your chips. You can take the chips with you wherever you go, in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever you go.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I've been missing chips since I started the Keto diet. I was excited to find chips because I was missing crunch and I was willing to pay the price if they satisfied my chip cravings. I knew they weren't going to be perfect, but I was so happy. I didn't think they would be pure chalk. I got sick after eating a snack. They didn't get any better with dip. I am sad. It has the "light crunch" you'd hope for, and maybe it's just the nacho cheese flavor, but it was horrible. Very disappointed.

👤You immediately think of the taste of a cup of coffee when you think of large amounts of protein. You can feel it on your tongue. It's not a cringe, but it is a cringe. You push the feeling aside because you know you won't find a lot of the stuff in one serving. You think to yourself, it's for the gains. You bite the shotgun. Forget about what you know about the subject. These chips are great. The Ranch flavor reminds me of Cool Ranch, but they aren't as thick. I like to have chip cravings. It's a one minute walk to buy some and that doesn't help. They help satisfy that craving. I might add that it's healthily. I can only speak for my taste, but I don't see where the reviews are coming from. I think it's a 5-star for me. I don't want a full star on the packaging because I'm more concerned with the taste. They are packed in a box labeled "Quest" and that is all. There was no padding or wrapping. You can get a bag with broken chips. There are many broken chips. The taste. The taste is important. The taste!

👤If you're expecting a snack, you should know better. These taste like a cracker with a light cheddar flavor. The flavor and chip quickly leave your mouth. These are better for a vessel to scoop the dips into your mouth. If you absolutely want a chip. They are not horrible but they look like a chip. These are okay. It is very expensive. You have to buy a lot of them. I suggest buying the smaller box.

👤So good. Doesn't taste like a snack. It tastes great. It is worth it to pay more initially for a snack than later for a weight gain or blood sugar issues from eating junk snacks. The ranch flavor is the best. I have tried a lot of different snacks and one of the best is a low-cholesterol snack. I keep these on because I don't want to eat junk when I'm in the mood for it, so I keep them on subscribe and save. They fill me up better than similar chips.

👤I have the Ranch flavor. I know that anything low in calories and high in fat is not going to replace the real thing. I am very happy to have found these. I've been doing the diet for 4.5 months. I notice that the better low-fat versions of food taste better the longer I don't eat junk food. The flavor of these chips is great, they are a little grainy, so they would be better with dip. I think they may break off in the dip more easily than a regular dorito, but who cares, I can eat chips again! I will not feel left out when I go camping this summer because everyone else is snacking on chips and junk food.

10. Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips Ounce

Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips Ounce

There is a bag of TOSTITOS Bite Size Tortilla Chips. A great snack for sharing. It's great when you pair it with a TOSTITOS salsa.

Brand: Tostitos - Chips

👤Many of the chips were broken.

👤Bite size for cheat days.

👤My favorite snack. Great taste. It's great with cheese sauce.

👤We were a bit broken from the fresh chips.

11. Sunchips Multigrain Chips Variety Count

Sunchips Multigrain Chips Variety Count

The Variety Pack includes 1 ounce bags of Sunchips Original, 1 ounce bags of Sunchips Harvest Cheddar, and 1 ounce bags of Sunchips Garden Salsa. The single serve packs help with portion control and make sure fresh chips are available every time. There are no artificial flavors orPreservatives. Most of their packages only show the month and day of expiration, so they recommend you consume the snack by the date.

Brand: Sun Chips

👤Unhappy! It may seem like a good deal. The sunchips I received today are guaranteed to be fresh on May 8th. Really? I didn't want to eat 40 bags of sunchips in a short period of time. The descrition doesn't indicate a short date. It feels like it's kind of dishonest.

👤Sun Chips are a great snack. 40 bags were thrown into a brown cardboard box that was slightly damp. The bags had an expired date in the future. It already tasted a bit old, after being sampled. No harm was done when Amazon offered an immediate refund.

👤The delivery is 1 week before the date. I will never buy them again.

👤We love Sunchips but they were past their sell out date.

👤The description says that they are out of date, and that's just a lie. There are three different flavors. The salsa expired a week and a half after my delivery date. The other two gave me about 2 weeks. If I had known they were going to give me 40 bags of chip in 3 weeks, I would not have taken the deal.

👤There is a nice selection of chips, but they all have expired dates. I canceled my recurring order for these because they are not good. They are cheap if you eat them fast. There is a reason.

👤The Sun Chips on this lot are only three days away from their expiration date. Several of the bags had small holes in them. Very disappointed.

👤The bags were open. Not good.

👤The daughter was so happy that we gave her the chips as a christmas gift.


What is the best product for keto tortillas chips for nachos?

Keto tortillas chips for nachos products from Calidad. In this article about keto tortillas chips for nachos you can see why people choose the product. Quest Nutrition and Siete are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto tortillas chips for nachos.

What are the best brands for keto tortillas chips for nachos?

Calidad, Quest Nutrition and Siete are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto tortillas chips for nachos. Find the detail in this article. Wholesome Provisions, Beyondchipz and Tostitos - Chips are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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