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1. Protein Gluten Snacks Keto Friendly Barbecue

Protein Gluten Snacks Keto Friendly Barbecue

1.31 ounces. It's easy to store, on-the-go, and macro-controlled diet packages. It's ideal for high performance athletes, active lifestyle, exercise enthusiasts, and dieters. Adults and kids will love the crunch and taste. It's very satisfying to have a snack that is crisp and delicious to satisfy your cravings. Excellent flavor and texture. The finish is clean and delicious. It's just like regular potato chips. Food is high performance and functioning. High Protein (14g), low carb (3-4g net carbs), and high in fibber (4g-5g) are some of the things. SUGAR is free and GLUTEN is free. 120 calories per package. 100% Made in the USA. Try their other products.

Brand: Wholesome Provisions

👤Thank you, Amazon. These were crushed when they arrived. I like my chips powdered.

👤I don't like to rate it so low because they taste great. I would love to have them on my snack list, but they were crushed up. Not one chip was intact. There were 2 small bags of chips in a plastic bag. I don't want to pay for smashed chips so I'm hesitant of ordering more.

👤I am addicted to food. Potato chips that are salty and bright are my favorite. I tried another brand. It didn't taste good because it was higher in calories. This one tastes great. It's filling. When I eat a packet of these, I feel like I'm getting more nutrition. They are addictive but you aren't as hungry. I like them so much that I keep ordering them, even if I can't eat anything else but a bag of them. I have a syndrome. When I eat something high in carbs and don't balance it out with a lot of fat, I get the swings ofDiabetes. My cupboard is full of them now that I get them promptly. They are not normal.

👤I didn't like the first chip I tried. I don't know if it was the taste or the texture, but I didn't think I would like these. By the end of the first bag, I was in love. I ended up eating too much on the first night. The net carbs in these are low enough that I'll have these when I'm craving chips. I've been looking for salt and vinegar chips.

👤I was excited to try these out. I wanted to see how the macros held up as a chip after seeing how well it fit any diet. In a way? They tasted good. I got 7 packs of each flavor and am happy with them. Both flavors stood out, and I didn't catch any aftertaste or mouthfeel. They are light and airy, but sturdy enough for a dip, and are very similar to a potato chip. I don't know what else I can say other than it's just like a potato chip but way healthier. If you are not strict, this would allow you to cheat without a lot of a hit.

👤These chips are great. I bought chips from their competitor and they were pretty good. The competitor didn't offer salt and vinegar, but I love it. These things are an ultimate cheat because of their lack of calories. They actually contain a decent amount of fibre. I don't feel like I need to pig out because they're satisfying. It is mind blowing how they got them to like these. The price is competitive with other supplements but I hope enough people will buy them so the price can go down to compete with the price of chips. I might try to buy them wholesale. They are that good.

👤I opened the pack and was worried that they might be smashed. They weren't! They are really good, but I wasn't sure about the flavor. There is a little hint of something. I've been looking for a chip that I could eat with salsa and not have a lot of calories. These are perfect! They are thick enough to hold the salsa. They have a nice texture and mild flavor that makes the salsa stand out. They take the place of tortilla chips nicely. I will be buying them a lot.

2. Simply Doritos White Cheddar 0 875oz

Simply Doritos White Cheddar 0 875oz

DORITOS snacks are awesome because of the chips and boldness. Simply put, their Simply snacks are the ones you feel good about sharing with your friends and family. There are no artificial flavors, colors orPreservatives. The product is made with real cheese. There are 36 bags of Simply Doritos White Cheddar Tortilla Chips in this package.

Brand: Simply

👤Only the Dorito's were Organic, so the description is a bit misleading. The other brands of snacks that were sold in this box were not ORGANIC and the two varieties of Cheetos products were not even NON-GMO.

👤I like these. My seven year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after being in the intensive care unit. Our life has been counting calories since then. She is allowed to have a snack every few hours up to 15 grams of carbs and these fit the bill for the whole bag. The smaller bags were more expensive than the larger ones I was buying from the local discount store. I believe someone is packing them because they arrived in a cardboard box. I counted them and mine had 34. I know it's two off. I thought I was paying for two. The snack is delicious. If you need a low-cholesterol snack, these might be the one for you.

👤The variety pack is ok. I will not buy again. I think the organic white cheese Doritos are quite good, and I can buy a big bag of them again. The white cheese Cheese Puffs are very soft inside and also very hard outside. There is an after effect of taste or texture in my mouth. BBQ and plain chips are just plain and OK. I feel a bit more righteous about eating chips now that the Simple line is made without a bunch of chemical junk. As expected, my variety pack had 9 different flavors. You know how the grocery puts small bags in a large bag to sell. All 36 packages were loose in the box. That could be the reason for a mix up on what is shipped. There was a label on the outside of my box that said not for retail sale, but since that is not printed on the individual bags, that is not a good sign. The Cheetos seem to be the only exception to the fact that my box was less than 30 days from its original date. Some of us may not notice, but only one of the 4 flavors is organic.

👤I ordered these on July 18 and was happy with them until I realized that they had an expired date. I didn't notice until I cracked one open to eat today and found the chips were very old. I'll probably order again, but be prepared to eat them all within a month.

👤The date was too soon and wasted money.

👤I've ordered this before. I got a box of cheetos and doritos, just as I ordered. I got a mix of chips and food. I'm not returning them because I can eat them and it's not worth the effort. If you are considering buying this, you may get a random mix of snack packs instead of just cheetos and doritos as the listing advertises.

👤Very disappointed. The variety box was ordered. It contained all the smartfood salted popcorn that was received. If I only wanted one flavor, I would have ordered it. So disappointed. Not what I paid for.

3. Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein

There are 20g and 3g of net calories. It is made with high-quality Whey and Milk Protein Isolates. No added soy ingredients. All Natural, Potato Free, andGluten Free. There are 8 bags of Quest tortilla chip.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤If you eat these chips with an accompaniment, they taste similar to a snack like a snack chip, but with a thinner, lighter, more "crackery" texture. They are good by themselves, but there is a slight aftertaste. I wouldn't call it a health food, as it is a processed food with a long list of ingredients. These will hit the spot if you are trying to cut back on calories and find yourself craving your favorite snack. A 1oz serving of Frito- Lay's Nacho Cheese flavor has 140 calories, 8g fat, 1 g sat fat, 0 trans fat, 210 sodium, 0 cholesterol, 16g carbs, 1g fiber, 0 sugar. The back of the bag says that it has 140 cal, 6g fat, 1g sat fat, 0 trans fat, 10mg cholesterol, 340g sodium, 5g carbs, and 1g fiber.

👤I have just started on the Keto diet. I have been clean from my addiction for 31 days. I didn't think I would succeed with the diet because I'm not a meal eater. I was looking for things that were tasty, quick, and filling, but also reasonably priced. These have fulfilled the crunch crave so far, because pork rinds get very quick. After 15 days of strict diet and checking ketones, this was a treat. I dip the ranch ones in garlic hummus. It works. If I sprinkle shredded cheese on them, I can bake them in the oven and make a ghetto plate with some hot sauce. There is a bottle of sparkling ice cherry limeade. It is like you are not even following a diet. I would choose real ranch corn chips if I wasn't on a weight loss mission, but these are a great substitute. Hope this helps!

👤I'm sure you all started off with a bar called Quest. They have expanded into making cookies and chips. It's not like a tortilla chip, it's more like a tortilla chip with a cracker finish. The chips have the same flavor. It gets a little salty at the end of the bag. I have tried both Ranch and Nacho Cheese and like both of them, but I prefer the Ranch flavor more. It's difficult to find variety of snacks to do a low-cholesterol diet.

👤I was nervous to try them. I liked the chips but not enough to buy cases of them. I read the reviews and bought a case. These are amazing! They are 'healthier' and 'protein' chips. They taste like a treat. Being able to eat chips guiltlessly is awesome. They are so good that they give you a taste of doritos or Cheetos. I don't feel bad about it after. They are a little fragile so you have to be gentle, but I just eat them plain anyway. I wish they were cheaper. I love them!

👤I am the pickiest eater. I have issues with food texture and consistencies with my 5-year-old. I went out on a limb because I was desperate for a snack that was low in fat. I get cravings for junk food when I work night shift. These taste like a good ranch snack. I like the chips even better than the ones from Doritos. I can't believe they are so low in calories. I don't eat a bag of chips every day. It takes a couple times a week to get through cravings. I like to mix these into taco bowls.

4. Tostitos Sized Rounds Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Sized Rounds Tortilla Chips

It's just the right size for a single bite to dip into a jar of salsa. Add your favorite salsa to it.

Brand: Tostitos

👤This was the first time I ordered a combo. The package had mini bags of tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese dip. The dips were thrown in top of the chips by the mail. The dips would have been put into a smaller box with bubble or air pockets around it before being put into the larger box with the chips. The top of two of the dips have small punctures in them which makes them useless, because the chips are in tiny pieces. Disappointed!

👤It was poorly packaged. There are 8 salsa and cheese tubs and 8 bags of tortilla chips in the box. The chips were not able to stand a chance. The bags were made of half crumbs.

👤I am not sure what I expected these to be, maybe buying chips off Amazon was a bad move, but the entire box was damaged and I just opened this up to a bunch of busted chips.

👤My sister and her husband were surprised with this. They received a box with chips, but no salsa or cheese. If you ask me, the chips are pretty expensive. Very disappointed. Who has money to throw away?

👤It is expensive. The convenience store prices were charged. I didn't have to go to a store to buy these because we're in a Pandemic. The bags of chips are larger than typical snack bags. They could make this box better by adding a salsa and cheese for each bag of chips. Compared to other reviews, packaging seems improved. The chips weren't smashed by the dips because my box had a divider.

👤I have been ordering these chips for my business for a long time and they have been perfect. The packing tape was barely sealed and the box was badly damaged. When I opened the box, there were five bags in it. I run a business and can't afford to lose money due to poor package handling. The chips are great, and you get a lot of chips in each bag. When you get all the bags, it's a great value. I was very disappointed with this purchase.

👤These are on plan due to being baked. They are portioned out for me. I don't eat a big bag. Sometimes the big bags are hard to find so this fits my needs perfectly. My kids like them in their lunches and we will eat them for dinner.

👤We bought a box of these because we love tortilla chips, but sometimes we eat them because the bag is open, and we don't want to waste what's left. It's been awhile since the bag was opened, so the chips are soggy. We have enough for one round of chips and salsa, and we aren't tempted to eat more just because there is an open bag. Every time we want chips, they are always new-bag-opened fresh.

5. SunChips Garden Flavored Multigrain Snacks

SunChips Garden Flavored Multigrain Snacks

Sun Chips Garden Salsa is a bag of snacks. Fresh taste of ripe tomatoes and fresh-picked jalapeo peppers was Seasoned with the taste of gGarden. A great snack for sharing. No bad things. 21g of whole grain is included in 1 oz. serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily.

Brand: Sun Chips

👤I would love to say that these were great, but they were crushed when I got them. Poor planning.

👤My dog ate the bag after it was stolen.

👤There is a small amount of chips in the bag. The bag was mostly air, and I don't care about the number of chips. Stay away!

👤These chips are very weak. I've had to keep them out of my house because I will eat the whole thing in one day. They're that good!

👤The taste of this Sunchip flavor is similar to their others. You'll like these if you like the original.

👤These are not as good as the cheddar cheese. They have a light garden taste and have a nice texture.

👤I love this chip. It has a good crunch and is made from grains, so it makes me feel good.

👤The bag of chips was fresh and I was happy that they didn't get broken up in the delivery.

6. Real Coconut Gluten Tortilla Himalayan

Real Coconut Gluten Tortilla Himalayan

It was cooked in coconut oil. Daniella's coconut kitchen has delicious natural recipes and ideas. There are no artificial flavors, colors orPreservatives. Each pack contains 8.25oz.

Brand: The Real Coconut

👤Have to come back. When checking on the site, there is an undisclosed ingredient of maltodextrin. There is a reduction in the rain.

👤We got hooked on these chips after buying them at a store. Back in NC, I can't find anything except Amazon. The bags were wrapped together and placed in a mailer bag, not a box to preserve the chips being broken to crumbs. I'll use it as a topping for taco salad.

👤You can sometimes get a craving that is hard to satisfy when you are strict with Keto. I like to make homemade guacamole and a few of these chips every now and then, and it really hits the spot. Thank you, these exist!

👤The chips have a good flavor. I've missed chips and salsa since I started living a PALEO lifestyle. This is an alternative. My bags were shipped in a plastic bag and when they arrived they were in a million pieces. There seems to be some inconsistencies in the product. I've had different bags in the past. The bag was very heavy. One bag of chips seemed a bit over done and another bag was lacking salt. I'm not sure why this is, but I think it's interesting that you won't know what you're getting. I like this chip and will try it again.

👤I've ordered this product many times. The chips were not expired yet, but they tasted rancid and were not usable. Review was impossible without a star.

👤The contents were crushed. It was broken. The chips tasted good. It's just tiny. The bags were damaged.

👤I recently bought a bag of these at my local Whole Foods and it was so delicious. I was in total disbelief when I received them from Amazon. Never ordering from Amazon again. It was gross!

👤It's usually great. I buy these from Amazon a lot. One of the bags was flat and the chips were old. There may have been a hole in the bag.

👤J'ai paye 28$ pour 2 sacs de chips. Le sac sentait l'huile ranci. 10 aout 2020 and 22 aout 2021. It's unacceptable! It's dire du gout! Compltement atroce. On ne pas retourner l' article!

7. Gluten Toasted Coconut Lightly Unsweetened

Gluten Toasted Coconut Lightly Unsweetened

DANG! That is good. They harvest mature Thai coconuts, slice up the coconut meat, and toast it to perfection using a recipe that's true to their roots. These coconut snack chips have a hint of sea salt. Keep it simple. They use simple, healthy ingredients that are paleo friendly, vegan, dairy and soy free. Their chips are B Corp Certified. There is nothing but the good stuff. There is a serving of Guilt-free vegan food with 1g of sugar. Add a satisfying crunch to your smoothie, yogurt or acai bowl, or add it to your kid's lunch box by enjoying straight from the bag. Less sugar than an apple! Dang Coconut Chips have no added sugar and are a great snack. A snack bag is a great way to have healthy snacks on the go. Even your kids will love them! They created Dang, named after their mom, to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with the flavors and ingredients they love. You'll find delicious whole foods in this bag.

Brand: Dang

👤I'll try to describe these. A co-worker brought these for me to try. Within minutes, I was on Amazon ordering them. Don't let the fact that you don't like coconut deter you from trying these little slices of heaven! They are so delicious that they are in your mouth. It is mind blowing to think that they are healthy. They are an exceptional product. I surprised my family with a whole box of these and they were the first to try them. The coconut chips are for everyone. The price is worth it. If my review was helpful to you at all, please click "yes" that it was helpful so I can continue to give my unbiased review and opinion of products to assist with any questions buyers may have.

👤I am grossed out... I was going to dump the bag of coconut chips into my hands when I saw a black hair slip out of the bag. It is hard to see from the picture. Is the hair fused like it was baked together? If someone would like to contact me, I will send in the chip. Even though I love these chips, I couldn't finish the rest of the bag.

👤Let's start with something at the beginning. I don't like coconuts. I don't like their taste, their texture or the way they judge me when they look at me. Would a person buy a treat based on something he dislikes? Stop judging me because I was bored and I had extra Amazon bucks. I recall reading about them and one of the commenters said they didn't taste like coconuts. I thought it was worth a try. I ordered a few bags to try out. If I hated them, I would have at least two children who would eat anything. I hid them away when I was feeling more brave and didn't want to remember them. I gave up when I found out that the canned tuna I had left in the house was past its eat by date. I was shocked. This stuff was great. It is absolutely delicious and tasty, but it left me satisfied quickly. I don't have a way to explain this. I would have expected to plow through them and finish them off in one go. But that didn't happen. They go great with tuna. There is an update. Finally, I have gone through these. It's odd. There is no doubt that they are good. They are not like the kind of thing where you sit down and finish off a bag in one sitting. I just have a small amount now and then and I feel satisfied. You would think that scarfing them down would be normal. I think I go through two bags a month.

👤I missed snacking on something crisp when I was new to the low-cholesterol lifestyle. These chips are good. I don't think I'm the best person to give advice to someone who doesn't like coconut. They don't have a coconut flavor, but they do taste like coconut. They are very salty and sweet. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a non-carby snack or just someone who wants a real food snack.

8. Keto Chips Carb Cauliflower Bites

Keto Chips Carb Cauliflower Bites

It's better than cauliflower crackers, veggie chips or veggie straw as it's grain free. The cauliflower is fresh from the ground and not frozen. Kids lunch box with cauliflower crunch and Keto friendly snack mix. Diet snacks are great for people who like chips. Off the chart are chips that are friendly to ketosis. The real califlower chip puffs are low heat for crispiness and nutrition.

Brand: Real Naturals

👤If they were more affordable, I would give them 10 stars. These are my favorite snack. I am a poor working man who does not own a successful software company. Come on! $5 per serving is ridiculous.

👤I like the crunch and texture but they have a sweet flavor. I don't understand why they add sugar. The quantity is very small. Not worth the money.

👤These are repulsive. The flavor is terrible. Once you get them, it is all crumbs. I can not stress how good these are.

👤They tasted terrible, ate one and tried to return the rest, but they won't accept returns, don't waste your money like I did!

👤This product was disappointing to me. The taste was ok, but they are not as crisp as you might think. They sounded wonderful, so it's too bad.

👤It was like and airy. The bags must have been crushed because of the crumbs with cauliflower heads.

👤It tastes like fish, but I am not a fan. This one is not a good one to try.

👤There are 4 tiny bags. This is terrible, it tastes like bargain bin BBQ flavor stuff you got as a kid when you couldn't afford name brand items. It is a must-miss for me.

9. Variety Five Pack Quevos Flavors

Variety Five Pack Quevos Flavors

The first egg white risotto. Egg whites were used to make a snack that was healthy and satisfying, because they knew potatoes and tortillas weren't good for snacking. KETO, LOW CARB & DIABETIC FRIENDLY SNACK - Quevos egg chips have only 4 net carbs per serving, making them ideal for a keto snack. It's perfect for people on low-fat diet and for people with diabetes. The high-fiber and high-protEIN snacks from Quevos provide a good source of fiber, with 4 grams per bag. All natural quality ingredients are used in the making of quvos, which are low in sugar and high in fiber. Are you getting ready to be eggcited? You can have them all if you have one QUEVOS KETO FLAVORS. The chip that delivers the nutrition and purity of an egg white omelette in a variety of keto flavors is very delicious. You can find eggstacy by tasting each flavor.

Brand: Quevos

👤I was looking for a chip replacement that was healthy and delicious. These were not what they said they were. I decided to try them out after reading other reviews. Excuses... I tell you all the lies. These were not for me or my taste buds, but for each of them. I tried every single one of the Quest tortilla chips and they came closest to replicating the real thing. As for the Quevos. I couldn't give them away. It's a pity. Highly disappointed.

👤I received a pack of these in the pickle flavor with a subscription box after placing my order. They were gross. Most of them were broken as they are delicate and easy to crack. The texture is terrible. I felt like I was eating something that had been recycled. The flavor was not strong enough to make the chip taste different. If I could have canceled or returned them, I wouldn't have reviewed them. Don't spend your money on this product. The KETO youtubers are going to rave about this junk.

👤I liked the sour cream and onion that I tried today. I've been missing these since I started working with keto. Sometimes you want a snack that's not too greasy, and these were it. Looking forward to trying the other flavors. The price isn't bad because a lot come in the bag, and if you think of the cost of a regular small bag of chips, these are only about a buck more. I'm still wondering if I'm missing something and if there are hidden carbs because they are so good. I will be buying these again. Thanks!

👤These are actually better than real chips. I don't know if they were low carb or not. I passed some around the office. I have read a lot of reviews that say this is great. I always get upset. Not with these, they are great and fill a lot of chips.

👤The chips were mostly broken up in small pieces. Disappointed.

👤It was surprisingly delicious. If I eat them all in one sitting, they're not healthy. It's a little pricey to eat all the time. To those who said they got an empty bag. It's a bag of air and says so for padded packaging so the bags aren't flopping around in the box breaking. The bad reviews for broken chips are not the product.

👤I was excited to try these for a while and was not disappointed. These chips taste the best. I found a snack.

👤I received a sample of a product. I loved the character. They are a good snack. I like that they are not high in salt. They are made with egg whites and have a pleasant taste. The flavor of the pickle was my favorite. This is a must try snack if you are trying to eat healthier.

10. BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

BeyondChipz Torpillas Gluten Tortilla Chips

The perfect snack! BeyondChipz tortilla chips have 2g net calories and 13g of Plant-basedProtein, which is perfect for high-energy snacks, vegan snacks, or healthy snacks for adults and kids. Every time, BeyondChipz deliver a salty and satisfying crunch. Their chips have all of the crunch and texture of a tortilla chip. None of the bad stuff! There are many different types of food that are free of wheat, corn, soy, rice, peanut, and potato. 5 Servings per bag! Each bag has about 13 chips. They use the best food storage pouch you can find with a Resealable top for maximum chip freshness. You get a premium product in a pouch. They stand behind their products. If you don't like your BeyondChipz, they will give you a full refund of your order. Their chips are friendly with the Ketogenic diet. If you're looking for a snack that will help you lose weight, or add some extra calories to your snack, look no further. Versatility! BeyondChipz will be your go-to snack for a quick healthy snack.

Brand: Beyondchipz

👤These chips are great for a low-fat diet. The salt chips have a dry taste but are still great for dips. The ranch are really good. I haven't tried any other flavors yet. I just ordered ranch flavor and it is good with anything. I have made these and other foods with them and they are very good. If you are looking for an exact replica of a Dorito, look elsewhere. They are the best I have tasted on the market if you are a person with a diet that is low in saturated fat.

👤Terrible! I had high hopes based on other reviews. It took me a while to swallow the sand. I like quest chips that are low in calories. I wanted a salt only version of these.

👤They are good for being low in calories. They are crisp and can be used as a Dipper for sauces. They work on their own. The flavors aren't close to their names. There is little difference between plain and bang-bang. They have the same number of calories as real chips, but not as much. They are better than nothing, so try them!

👤These chips have a good flavor and arrived quickly, and none of them were broken, which is different from the chips I have ordered from other companies. The chips are very good for dips. The ranch flavor was good if you were not picky. I can't stop at just 13 chips because they have more of the daily requirement of sodium than I do. My usual organic corn chips have a maximum salt content of only 6%.

👤The package of these chips has the word "Protein" on it. They are made with the best ingredients and all of the ingredients that fit for people who are not interested in grains. I love tortilla chips and potato chips but had to give them up. I am free of grains. These work. They are very hard. Even the plain ones have a great flavor. It's tough enough for humus and wide enough for salsa. I put goat cheese on mine. Hats off to this company. Great product. I bought a lot of bags. That's right.

👤I finally found a healthy alternative to my salty snack cravings. The chips look exactly like the picture with the perfect amount of seasoning. Can't wait to try the other flavors These are a great snack if you are looking for a snack.

👤I wanted to hate them. I bought them because I'm on a diet that's good for me and I'm going to a Superbowl get together. I don't understand why they label this a flavor that tastes like nothing. I've never eaten cardboard. I can only imagine that this is similar. If you order from their shop, you'll spend almost $30 on shipping, and if you buy on Amazon, you'll get 4. I hope that before the last bag I get used to the taste, because I regret buying these. Saving grace is the fact that they are low in calories.

11. Protein Chips Snacks Tortilla Muscle

Protein Chips Snacks Tortilla Muscle

Not fried! All natural and made in the USA. The bags are 6 ounces. In size. Excellent vehicle for dips and tortilla style chips. These chips can be used as a salad topping. It's also delicious on its own. 13g of high protein, low crab, 5g net crab, and 5g fiber are included. There is a snack that is friendly for people with diabetes. It's great for a high performance diet. It's easy to add more meat to your diet. The taste and texture will appeal to both adults and kids.

Brand: Wholesome Provisions

👤Adding sweet tasting ingredients to something that is supposed to be salty was what they were thinking. These are too sweet to be used as tortilla chips. It's too sweet to enjoy as crackers. Maybe I can use them as a dessert crust. What a disappointment.

👤I like the taste of the chips. They are still good despite not having the usual taste of a tortilla chip. The only complaint I have is that you pay a lot of money for a small bag of chips. I was surprised by the size of the bag. I understand paying more for a item. It would be great if the bag of chips was bigger. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I am a weakness for chips and it has been a struggle to find chips that are low in calories. I agree with other reviewers that these do not taste like tortilla chips, but are delicious in their own way. If I had to compare it, Flavor reminded me of Biscotti. They are quite expensive for the amount of chips you get per bag.

👤Texans love their chips and salsa, but I also wanted to lose weight. These helped me fight my urge to eat tortilla chips. There was a small amount of garlic in them. They're very good, but have a different texture than chips, but I highly recommend them.

👤These are very good, but they are not as good as a tortilla chip. If you want a thin tortilla chip, you will be disappointed. They look like wheat thins in the shape of a chip. They are really good. I don't like salsa. They would work well in other dips.

👤These are a great snack for low-income people. Most of you probably know that there are very low options for low-cholesterol foods. It's a great way to dip as a veggie alternative. They were shipped in a loose bag. They were pretty broken up, like the bottom of a chips bag, making it hard to eat. Love the flavor.

👤Love, love, love these chips! I contacted Amazon after only one of the two came. The problem was fixed quickly. I am sad I can't get them anymore because it is discontinued.

👤The most boring of chips is a low-fat pita chip.


What is the best product for keto tortillas chips hilo?

Keto tortillas chips hilo products from Wholesome Provisions. In this article about keto tortillas chips hilo you can see why people choose the product. Simply and Quest Nutrition are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto tortillas chips hilo.

What are the best brands for keto tortillas chips hilo?

Wholesome Provisions, Simply and Quest Nutrition are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto tortillas chips hilo. Find the detail in this article. Tostitos, Sun Chips and The Real Coconut are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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