Best Keto Your Way Chips

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1. Stacys Pita Chips Variety Ounce

Stacys Pita Chips Variety Ounce

Twelve 1.5 ounce bags of Stacy's were included in a 24 count case of Pita Chips. Simply Naked Pita Chips, six 1.5 ounce bags of Stacy's Parmesan Garlic &Herb Pita Chips, and six 1.5-ounce bags of Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are included. There are no artificial colors or flavors in baked goods. Enjoy these portion friendly pita chips on the go, as a delightful lunch companion, or anytime. SABRA Hummus can be enjoyed straight from the bag, or as a dessert with some warm tea or coffee.

Brand: Stacy's

👤I ordered them to be used for lunches on the go. I expected to get 24 single serve little bags. The chips were fresh and delicious. I was supposed to receive 24 bags, but three of them had nothing inside, and I posted a video of myself opening two of them. There were two others that only had 2 chips. I paid for 24 bags and got 19 of them. Unless you feel that this is still a good price for less product than what is advertised, I'd say save your money.

👤I saw the dead ants in one bag and thought it was an isolated instance. I saw a bunch of dead ants in another bag, maybe the whole bunch was bad. Sometimes the chips are covered with ants, but in today's bag they were concentrated towards the little bits at the bottom. If the company called me, I would give them the remaining bags and the bag with ants at the bottom.

👤I tried all three flavors before writing a review. How could I do a proper review? Things. I like it. It's the taste. Nothing else matters if they don't like it. I was hesitant to try the GARLIC and HERB. I don't like garlic. If you don't like garlic, you won't like these. Not terrible. Not my favorite. You're not eating a lot because it's a small bag. The CHEESE was very good. I would buy again. I like the sea salt best. Just the right amount of salt. It's perfect for dips. It was on their own. TEXTURE is large. I was worried that this would be too thin and wouldn't work well with dips. For me, they do. If you were going to try to put a lot on them, you might want to take something heavy. These are good little dippers because of how flabby and crinkle they are. These chips are amazing. I like to put them on top of anything that needs a bit of crunch. Get creative. These are great rice dishes that need a bit of crunch. The mac n cheese is crumbled on top of the CHEESE chips. Excellent price for 24 bags. They were about 11 bucks with tax. Small but perfect for me. They tasted fresh. There are no real problems, but one thing: check arrival date. They're flaky because they're not made to be shelf stable forever. Expiry date is not very far off. I only received one order that the expired date was passed before I received them.

👤I was excited to try the chips. The flavor combination sounded great. And I love to eat Pita Chips. They work well with all sorts of dips. The first crunch of one of these chips is very good. The chip has a strong crunch and is delicious. Each chip after the first one is less inviting. The flavor is so strong that you can't eat it all at once. I have eaten a second bag of chips after finishing the first bag, but I am now just ignoring them. I don't like the flavor of these chips and I don't like the taste of garlic after eating them. These leave my hands very messy and greasy. I should have bought the plain chips. The chips were packaged well and are mostly intact.

2. Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Pyure Organic Hazelnut Friendly Leading

Sugar reduction just got that much. SWEETER- Pyure Organic's newest spread has Cocoa. Less than the market leading brand. It is sweetened with organic erythritol. The sweet tooth was approved. Spread on your breakfast waffles, fruit, pretzels, add to brownie mixes, lattes, ice cream, or better yet, spoon straight into your mouth! A smooth, rich, chocolatey and creamy taste is enhanced with coconut oil and cocoa butter. The net carBS are low. It's perfect for sugar sensitive lifestyles. The highest quality ingredients. All ingredients are certified organic.

Brand: Pyure

👤This is good and satisfying to have in the cupboard for an occasional treat. The texture is very loose and perfect for dipping and drizzeling. I bought 3 different types of sugar free hazelnut products to test, and this one was the only one that was LC friendly and affordable. I have been on a diet for over a year and my tastes have changed. This info might make a difference for people just starting out, as they haven't completely stopped eating sugar, and some sugar free product reviews are negative. This product won't help you lose weight. It is a compromise to help stay on track, and should only be used in emergencies or when needed.

👤One of my all-time favorite snacks was the spread on pretzel thins, but I was fat, pre-diabetic, and very bad for you. 140 pounds were lighter three years later. I stumbled upon this. I was expecting it to be thinner than Nutella and to have a little bit of a fake-sugar taste to it, so I was somewhat disappointed. Not so! When I eat a small amount of it by myself and don't bother with the aftertaste, it's a pretty good one. It tastes amazing and is not made with inflammatory oils. It's definitely thinner, but that doesn't bother me. My second jar needs to be ordered now. It's a good thing.

👤I love the product. I wanted to spread the consistency on toast, dip strawberries and put in smoothie for a sweet taste. They don't use Palm Oil and all of their ingredients are organic. I have tried maple syrup alternative, honey alternative and liquid sweetener for coffee and was impressed with all of them. This will be a regular dessert in my home. Must try!

👤This is as close to a sugar free alternative as you can get. I put mine in the fridge and it firmed up beautifully, even though it was a lot less runnier than Nutella. Definitely recommend.

👤The jar size is smaller than the jar I usually buy, that's something to know about this product. This is noticeably smaller than the large jars I get. I should have looked closer at the volume. It's pretty good, a very low sugar, palm oil free version of Nutella. I give it about 4 stars on merit alone. The consistency is runnier than the chocolate and it makes it harder to work with. I put it on a banana. If I were to compare the taste, I would say it's half as good. I think my expectations for this product were realistic, so I give it four stars. I paid 3 times more for a smaller jar than I would have paid for the normal jar of Nutella, but I'm willing to pay more for a healthier version of a treat I only eat from time to time. If you're only interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then you might skip it, but if you're really interested in the product and want a lower sugar alternative, then I think it's worth trying.

3. Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

These ready-to-go snacks are delicious and fun to snack on. Pringles Potato Crisps are available in cups of different potato crisp varieties. Original is Kosher Pareve, and it's always tasty, never greasy. Variety Pack contains milk and wheat ingredients and can be eaten at home or on the go. There are 27 cups of ready to eat potato crisps, 6 cups of Original, 6 cups of Sour Cream and Onion, 6 cups of Cheddar Cheese, 3 cups of BBQ, and 3 cups of Pizza.

Brand: Pringles

👤This was not a good idea. They were crumbs when they arrived. Not a single chip is intact. Pitiful.

👤The snack sizes of Pringle's are very convenient for a quick snack and lunch. The chips were broken into pieces when they arrived. I was worried that might happen during shipment but I gave it a shot. We will pay a little more to get the chips in store for now.

👤I was worried that they would be crumbs upon arrival. However, they were intact! They have a lot of different things. I haven't seen flavors like pizza in stores. We love these so much that we have them on a subscription. It's a great size for school lunches. I highly recommend.

👤All pringles are delicious. My kid loves the cheddar flavor even if he isn't a fan of cheese. This is all positive. We didn't get all the crumbled up stuff. I can't relate to those reviewers. The portions are the main issues for me. There is nothing to eat. The cup will not contain many chips. I don't want them to stop. I think that's correct. All that plastic is the other issue. What a waste. Think about it, all those people buying these multipacks have a few pieces to eat, and then they go. The plastic cup will live on. I am not a tree hugger, but I might give them a hug or two, especially in the summer, but these cups are a waste. They are the real deal, not the flimsy ones. I probably won't do it again. It's a pity.

👤These are great! They were in an Amazon box and didn't get crushed a lot. They are a little bit, but what can I say? It is bound to get a bit broken because of the amount of travel.

👤My son has 27 students in his room so finding snacks with that quantity can be a challenge. I found this and my son loves pringles for the money. I'm sure the other kids liked them. Everyone can have their own cup of chips from the three different flavors in the box. I will buy them again in the future. I try to get something different each month, but I will run out of options and come back to these. They would be great for his school lunch as he doesn't eat in the cafeteria. I might get them again for that, instead of the individual bags I usually carry. Great find!

👤Each packet contained different amounts of chips. One packet may have 15 or more chips, and the other may have 10 or more. Most of the time they have been sitting in the warehouse, they tasted like it. The sour cream and onion was the only variety I liked. I feel like these were over priced, and just sitting around the warehouse type of product. I am always worried about purchasing food products from Amazon because they can be hit or miss, and I am left holding the bag.

4. Real Ground Cauliflower Tortilla Chips

Real Ground Cauliflower Tortilla Chips

It's made with cauliflower and other veggies. There are plant-based, vegan ingredients. It is certified as being free of the harmful effects ofGluten-free. Non-gmo project is verified.

Brand: Real Food From The Ground Up

👤This review doesn't cover the taste at all. I am returning the expensive chips because I thought they were not real. The description is misleading because I don't see the count on it. Don't buy these chips for anyone who's on the diet.

👤I have food allergies to a lot of things. I was happy when I tried the chips and they tasted like real corn chips and they caused no allergic reactions. The chips seem to be healthy for you but that's where the negative ends. The bags are almost full, the rest is empty. That is not a joke and it is not worth it. One bag will only hold a small bowl of chips. I'm a person who wants to have a real snack that is more than 10 chips per manufacturer, and I'm an ideal body weight. Someone eats 10 potato chips. Really? This is hilarious. I'll have to look elsewhere until the price is substantially lowered and they fill the bags. I don't think it's a good idea to throw away money on bags that are half empty because chips are not affordable. The product is very expensive. I would like a salt free version as some might find it salty. The manufacture now has Amazon Prime shipping with a 5% discount but not a 15% discount. People ask me how I can't see my chips anymore. I don't answer them because I won't spend $60 a month on bags of chips. I wish these were like bags of tortilla chips that are large and filled to the top, but this product is far from that. I can't help but think that this product is overpriced. *

👤There is a false advertisement that says cauliflower chips are healthy. Next to high-carb cassava is the third ingredient. There's more oil in this than cauliflower. Doesn't taste good either. They call them cauliflower tortilla chips.

👤I don't like people trashing products because they don't read the label. These chips are not used in cooking. They do not say they are on the packaging. If you read it wrong, you are the dumb one. There is no reason to give it a single star because of your mistake. These chips are not cooked. Yep, fried. They have oil. They would be tasteless if they weren't a wafer of cardboard. If you didn't read the label, shame on you and the maker of the product. These chips are good. They don't taste the same as Doritos. These are their own thing. Good flavor and crunch will be found if you accept them as such. They hold up to wet dips. And can even eat it. Don't buy a packaged snack food if you need something that doesn't contain any of the following. I know better than to eat certain foods and restaurants. Jeez people.

👤It is hard to find a chip that is corn free. I need to find ways to keep my blood sugar in check. I have found that a combination of cauliflower and cassava flour is a really good combo that doesn't spike the blood sugar as bad as a rice chip would. The seasoning makes the nacho flavor the best one, if you don't like it, go for another one. It is dairy free. It is a total win. There are two elephants in the room. The bags are too big for what is inside. Listen me out. The chips are addictive. You can eat an entire bag in one sitting and not have to worry about eating past that point. I want to address someone who wrote an ignorant review and I'm going to quote them as saying "there's more sunflower oil in this than cauliflower." I have to realize people have no idea of how products are made, they read ingredient labels and think if one of the first ingredients If the chips were oily they would have an argument. I keep ordering these chips because they don't make me feel bad like other chips, and they are also delicious. They use a lot of white rice, which is not good for someone with blood sugar that can easily spike. I have found that these chips have a mellow effect. You can eat more of these than other chips and not get the same effect, but moderation is important. You get the dorito effect, where you get the good food dust stuck to your fingers and you lick them off, and the spices they use for the nacho flavor is great. I have tried the flavors of the crackers, but they were gross. The cinnamon straw things tasted like a slightly healthier version of the cinnamon twists at taco bell. It is best for someone like me. I don't order those again because they are extremely addictive and I have to keep away from sugar.

5. ParmCrisps Original Parmesan Jalapeno Keto Friendly

ParmCrisps Original Parmesan Jalapeno Keto Friendly

There are 6 bags of ParmCrisps, each containing one Original Parmesan Crisps, Jalapeno, Sesame, Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion, and Cheddar. ParmCrisps are made with 100% Aged Parmesan cheese and premium seasonings. ParmCrisps are 100 calories per serving and have no artificial growth hormones, flavors, colors or Preservatives. ParmCrisps are low in cholesterol and sugar. Each serving of non-GMO, Atkins Friendly has the same amount of nutrition as a glass of milk. ParmCrisps are made in the USA and are free of sulfates. Corn, wheat, and flour are not fillers. It's cheese that's baked into a crisp. ParmCrisps can be eaten on a salad, soup or sandwich, or you can pair them with your favorite wine. The flavor and crunch of a potato chip, but not the sugar or the carbs. ParmCrisps are great for snacking.

Brand: Parmcrisps

👤I could still see even though I stuck one of the bags in my eye.

👤These are individually sized bags. Four dollars for a single bag is ridiculous.

👤These are expensive and taste like cardboard.

👤I would like to like these. They taste like burnt cheese. The variety pack was purchased to try different flavors. They all had the same burnt taste. My husband thought the same. The bags were thrown away. Sonoma Creamery is a better choice.

👤These taste terrible. I saw that 1/3 of the bag was 100 calories when I tried them. I was afraid I would eat the whole bag and blow 300 calories. I tasted them. I was able to get 1/3 of the bag down. I wouldn't eat a whole bag. I don't know what to do with the rest of them. I might try them. I might throw them out. What a waste of money. I only bought 6 bags.

👤I'm only two of the six bags, but I tried the jalapeno one. It was so bad. It was my duty as a fellow human to warn. I opened the bag and looked around to see what the smell was like. I tried one and put the whole thing in my mouth. It was not good. I don't have anything to compare it to. Bad! Going straight to the trash. I can tell others in the family how good it is, and then they will eat it. The ones with cheese were the first ones I tried. They were fine. It's pretty good at first, but about 1/2 a bag. I couldn't eat anymore. They're a tad strong, but too much. I'll post on the others once I'm ready to try them.

👤When I received the box, I wondered how they could fit 6 bags in it, Amazon delivery must have forgotten a box or two. It is difficult to find satisfying snacks between meals on the keto diet. These barely pass for snacks, so should have read more reviews. They have flavors on the cover, but they don't taste like cheese. When you smell the chips, they remind me of the treats I give my dog.

👤The flavors are great. We like all of them so we get the multi-flavor pack. The bag size in this combo is the right one. Most of the cheese snacks are the same price. This is the best one we've found. Would recommend.

6. Gourmet Basics Smart Fries Classic

Gourmet Basics Smart Fries Classic

Smart fries are a full flavor crunch that is free of fat. These snack fries are low in calories, so you don't have to worry about your weight. The air was perfect. Air popped potato sticks don't need all the oil that regular fried potato crisps do. The low fat chips give you more chips per serving than other baked or popped chips. The name Gourmet Basics means no artificial things. There is no artificial flavors or fake cheese. It's especially no MSG. One chip is not going to satisfy your craving for more with salty snack foods. Along with your favorite 100 calories packs, fat free snacks, or weight watchers food, serve smart fries. Don't just try one amazing flavor of smart fries, try an assortment of them! The snack variety pack includes Classic Sea Salt, Original KC BBQ, Sweet Jalapeno, and Aged White Cheddar.

Brand: Gourmet Basics

👤I ordered these because I wanted them to be like the potato stick snacks from Trader Joe's. These are more of a puffed potato stick than a french-fry style. It's not bad, but are they really salty? The flavor would have been better if the sodium content was less.

👤These fries are smart. They're very satisfying as a snack. They're a little too salty for me, as is the case with a lot of snack foods. I appreciate that the bags are serving sizes so you know what you're getting.

👤They're so light, that's why they're great. I can't eat food when I drink. These are so light that you don't even notice that you ate anything, so you can drink and still have fun.

👤Be careful, buyer! I ordered these because my family only liked the Honey BBQ flavor from the variety pack. Guess what? I got a variety pack with only 4 bags of honey BBQ in the box and not all 20 bags as the listing states. I will never buy them again. I'm disappointed to say the least.

👤These fries are very good. Nice taste. It might be just a bit too salty, but overall very good. You can take them with you to eat lunch or snack.

👤At my WW meeting, everyone was talking about these alternatives for a regular potato chip, so I decided to try them. If you want chips, they are a good substitute. A poor man's potato chip.

👤These are low in calories and fat. It's easy to grab and go. The cheese flavor is very inconsistent and the last few bags that I have bought in stores have had an odd almost chemical taste to the cheese powder they put on them.

👤A bit of salt... I'm looking for something when I want chips. These have less fat and calories than most chips.

7. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

There are 24 1 ounce bags shipped in Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. The whole family will love snacking on their delicious Garden Veggie Chips. The leading potato chip has 30% more fat. No artificial flavors or trans fats. It is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Brand: Sensible Portions

👤These are a good snack for people trying to control their weight or have diabetes. They taste great, are not crushed up in the package, and have worked wonders for me in my travels. They don't do a number on my blood sugar readings.

👤The chips were fresh and crisp, but a little close to being expired. Enough time to kill it before the exp date. My toddler gets excited when he gets to eat this flavor of chips. It is made from different vegetables not just potato.

👤My daughters and I enjoy eating these chips. They have a nice flavor and the portion size is right. If you want to use them to scoop up a dip, they are thick enough to do it. They have a great crispness when they bite into it.

👤The straws are too salty. My husband and I don't want to eat them. A bad choice for a snack.

👤I like this product because I don't feel guilty eating something that tastes like a chip but has veggies in it. The others I've gotten seem to be a bit more salty. The packaging this time was aweful. Two of the bags burst open as my box was crushed in. This had never happened before. I don't like the fact that it came in the back of someone's car and not in a truck. Hope this is a one time deal.

👤We order these often and know the price is a bit high but we enjoy the convenience and quality. The bags were not sealed and the case was filled with chips. The sealed bags of the treat contained hard chips that destroyed the enjoyment of the treat. I'm not sure how to contact anyone, but I'd like to know why.

👤The product was delicious. My family loves them. When I take a bag of chips to the cottage, any that aren't eaten on the first serving seem to end up being old by the next day, so I like the individual bags. I am constantly trying to keep up with demand since everyone grabs them.

👤I was happy to see these for sale. The chips are hard to find as most places only have straws. The chips are better. Having portioned out already is great. Each pack has a large amount.

8. Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Loaded

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Protein Loaded

Enjoy more. CarB LESS: The taco style chips have all the crunch and satisfaction of a regular tortilla chip. Theirs has 19g ofProtein and 4g net carbs per bag. The bullet enters complete torsos. The taco style chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids. There are Salty, Savary, and Chubby. The chips are seasoned to perfection and have no added soy ingredients. BAKED, NEVER FELL: The chips are baked to provide you with a satisfying crunch without adding oils to your chips. You can take the chips with you wherever you go, in your backpack, purse, car console, gym bag or wherever you go.

Brand: Quest Nutrition

👤I've been missing chips since I started the Keto diet. I was excited to find chips because I was missing crunch and I was willing to pay the price if they satisfied my chip cravings. I knew they weren't going to be perfect, but I was so happy. I didn't think they would be pure chalk. I got sick after eating a snack. They didn't get any better with dip. I am sad. It has the "light crunch" you'd hope for, and maybe it's just the nacho cheese flavor, but it was horrible. Very disappointed.

👤You immediately think of the taste of a cup of coffee when you think of large amounts of protein. You can feel it on your tongue. It's not a cringe, but it is a cringe. You push the feeling aside because you know you won't find a lot of the stuff in one serving. You think to yourself, it's for the gains. You bite the shotgun. Forget about what you know about the subject. These chips are great. The Ranch flavor reminds me of Cool Ranch, but they aren't as thick. I like to have chip cravings. It's a one minute walk to buy some and that doesn't help. They help satisfy that craving. I might add that it's healthily. I can only speak for my taste, but I don't see where the reviews are coming from. I think it's a 5-star for me. I don't want a full star on the packaging because I'm more concerned with the taste. They are packed in a box labeled "Quest" and that is all. There was no padding or wrapping. You can get a bag with broken chips. There are many broken chips. The taste. The taste is important. The taste!

👤If you're expecting a snack, you should know better. These taste like a cracker with a light cheddar flavor. The flavor and chip quickly leave your mouth. These are better for a vessel to scoop the dips into your mouth. If you absolutely want a chip. They are not horrible but they look like a chip. These are okay. It is very expensive. You have to buy a lot of them. I suggest buying the smaller box.

👤So good. Doesn't taste like a snack. It tastes great. It is worth it to pay more initially for a snack than later for a weight gain or blood sugar issues from eating junk snacks. The ranch flavor is the best. I have tried a lot of different snacks and one of the best is a low-cholesterol snack. I keep these on because I don't want to eat junk when I'm in the mood for it, so I keep them on subscribe and save. They fill me up better than similar chips.

👤I have the Ranch flavor. I know that anything low in calories and high in fat is not going to replace the real thing. I am very happy to have found these. I've been doing the diet for 4.5 months. I notice that the better low-fat versions of food taste better the longer I don't eat junk food. The flavor of these chips is great, they are a little grainy, so they would be better with dip. I think they may break off in the dip more easily than a regular dorito, but who cares, I can eat chips again! I will not feel left out when I go camping this summer because everyone else is snacking on chips and junk food.

9. ChocZero Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

ChocZero Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

The best bread topping has arrived! It can be used on pancakes, almond flour waffles, and other breakfast sweets. You can add it to your ice cream by melting it and making a syrup, or you can use it as a strawberry dip. There is no sugar, no STEVIA, and no sugar alcohol in monk fruit. Their chocolate spread is great for sugar-free lifestyles. They don't use artificial sweeteners. A low sugar diet is good for people with diabetes. Their low glycemic index is due to their high prebiotic fiber which adds the right amount of treat for your sweet tooth. They're kid friendly and diet friendly. Cut sugar and guilt with this dessert and breakfast. All natural, non-GMO, GLUTEN free, CORN free, and SOY free. Everything about their spread is delicious, from their high percentage of real hazelnuts which they roast in-house to their high quality chocolate. It was chocolatey, smooth, rich and compliant with the Ketogenic diet. 1 net calories per serving. There is dairy as well as sustainable coconut oil and palm oil. The new standard in sweet is calories that are free from sugar alcohols and sugar.

Brand: Choczero

👤If you're diabetes, eating the serving size will cause a large spike in blood sugar. I'm a type 1 diabetes with an A1C of 5.6%, and have confirmed that the spread spikes blood sugar by eating a serving size in isolation 3 times. If you're on the diet, this means the spread will cause an increase in blood sugar. The seller responded with a joke about a rise in blood sugar when people eat. I've been a type 1 for 16 years. 2g of sugar would be expected to increase in price. The increase is due to the high glycemic index ingredients that are far beyond what 2g of sugar should do. They don't understand their customers. The spread tastes okay.

👤It tasted amazing, but made me upset with gas and stomach upset. I don't have this problem with other products, but even if I eat just a little, my guts are struggling.

👤I was not expecting that. I have been low-carb for 10 years. I have read the cautions about the effects of sugar substitute but didn't expect it to be anything I hadn't seen before. I was wrong. I haven't had any for a decade. This would be a treat. I wanted it to be a little bit more than that for a sweet tooth fix. I opened it a couple of hours ago and it was a nice consistency and tasted okay, but I could probably adjust to it. So far, so good. I put the jar in the frig after having a bit of it. Now comes the 'whoa boy!' It came about an hour ago. That's some serious food poisoning! I looked at the ingredients and they aren't the same as the sweetener, so I assumed it was the _Fructooligosaccharide_ which I have never used before. A search on the internet shows that it is the culprit. I might keep it in the firig for when I need an immediate laxative, but I'm not going to subscribe anymore. I was very optimistic. I wear a continuous glucose monitor, but it's a no-go on that score because I got too large a bloodglucose rise from it. Sorry, Choc Zero. I bake with your chocolate chips. This one is a failure.

👤I am really upset. I found it much cheaper on the original website after purchasing 3 jars. The item and syrup were cheaper on the website. I tried to get my money back so I could purchase it from the ChocZero website, but it said that the item was not eligible for return. I recommend ordering it straight from ChocZero instead of purchasing it through Amazon. It's ripe off, save your money! 25 bucks for a jar of spread is insane, but buying it directly from the source is much cheaper.

👤I was a big fan of NUTELLA before I started the keto lifestyle. I've been on the diet for 2 years. I was thrilled when I saw this product, because there is no nutella in the market at the moment. This stuff is amazing. The consistency is a little bit runnier than nutella. The flavor is amazing. The paper seal that was on the jar is the only bad thing. It took me forever to remove it because I was so excited to dig into it.

10. Flock Chicken Nashville Friendly Protein

Flock Chicken Nashville Friendly Protein

100% KETO: These chicken skin chips are the ultimate snack for people on a low-fat diet. High in Protein, low in cars. Their chips are packed with 13 grams ofProtein and less than 1 gram ofCarbohydrates, so they are a great snack for busy days. The Hattie Bs Nashville Hot Flavor Chicken Skin Chips are a big hit. There is a free healthier alternative. Their chicken skin chips have less salt and sugar than other popular snacks, making them a smart alternative for snacking. Their chicken chips are perfect for snacking and fit perfectly into your active lifestyle. Add a topping to your breakfast or lunch salads. It's great for sharing with friends.

Brand: Flock

👤I usually don't write reviews but felt the need to do so for this one. I love chicken skin. The best thing about the chicken is its skin. It was really good! If you are looking for deep fried barf in a bag, this is the treat for you. The portion size is small. I was very disappointed that this wasn't what I was expecting. I have to brush my tongue.

👤The flavor isn't bad. You have a greasy and oily feeling in your mouth. The smell when you open the bag is not appealing. I don't want to eat any because of the smell. You only get 5 pieces per bag. It was a rip off for the price. I will not order anymore.

👤I've been doing Keto for a long time. I've been trying to find something else to satisfy my craving for salty snacks as much as I love pork rinds. I was excited to try the skins. They are terrible. It's like biting into a piece of grease. I was going to return them, but they wouldn't allow it. They are very expensive so be careful when buying them.

👤I was excited to eat this snack. I found it through an ad. I was wrong to think I love hot chicken. The taste of the chicken is disgusting and there is no hot chicken flavor to speak of. My experience was that they were only crumbs and that there wasn't much in the bag. I don't recommend them. I ate one piece and threw the rest of the bag away. I am disappointed that Amazon won't allow a return on this item. I believe the company has a money back guarantee.

👤The taste was too expensive. I won't hold the seller responsible for the smaller size of the bags and serving. Mentioning it so buyers are aware. This item motivated me to leave a review, hope this helps.

👤We can't get enough of the snacks from the flock. I can't eat them as they are too spicy, but he said he would eat a tub full of them if he could.

👤Omg! I like these. I ate 8 bags in two days. I wish more came in the bag and it was less expensive. Definitely good and could be buying again.

👤I went to Nashville for a work trip and tried these at Hattie B's. The best part of fried chicken is the flavor. I was happy to find these on Amazon and they were the same chip with the great flavor.

11. TERRA Original Chips Salt Pack

TERRA Original Chips Salt Pack

Twenty-four 1 ounce. There are bags of chips with sea salt. A blend of sweet potato, taro, and batata. It was made with real vegetables. Non gmo project verified and kosher. 0 grams of trans fat and 0 grams of cholesterol. Certified organic is a specialty.

Brand: Terra

👤I'm not sure why these were shipped with a pull date of 12/17, but it's not acceptable. The chips tasted bad. I can't believe these were shipped. Someone didn't do their job.

👤Terra sea salt vegetable chips from the local stores have always tasted great, but this online purchase left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The 24 pack of chips had an eight day expiration date. I really like these chips, but I don't think we'd be eating 24 bags in a week. Every bag tasted bad. The chips tasted like they were not fresh and had a rank "off" taste. None of the bags were damaged. I sent them back to Amazon and got a new box of Terra Chips. The chips taste marginally better, but they don't have the same fresh taste we're used to from Terra Chips. We threw out the batches because it was too much hassle to have them replaced again.

👤I have been eating these chips for 15 years. Sometimes, I would get a bag of chips that tasted like cardboard, but it was not often. Over the last year, the chip quality has changed dramatically, with entire batches of chips being too hard to eat. My last three orders were all of cardboard and rock chips. I have no idea what I will get from these chips, so I will never order them again.

👤I love fresh chips. I look for them at the airport shops. I think I am slightly addicted to them. I ordered these and they arrived quickly. They had a very nasty taste when they tried a packet. Over the past 10 years, I have purchased many from supermarkets. When I got this package, I was able to try a pack. They tasted terrible. I had to spit it out. I can't say if these will poison me, but they tasted terrible anyway.

👤I love these chips. They are delicious. This is the second time that I have opened a bag that had less than a full bag of chips. I shrugged it off the first time, but now feel betrayed. I have these chips on a subscription. I hope they improve their quality. If I find bag # 3 like this, I will have to spend my money somewhere else.

👤This product has great taste, flavor and texture. I returned one box due to rancid taste and received a replacement from Amazon. The replacement tasted the same as the original, rancid. I have to dispose of two boxes and eat the expense because Amazon wouldn't accept a return. Since they may be an entire lot with the same problem, please don't buy lots with April 20 expiration. Hopefully a human will read this and fix the problem.

👤I ripped into my new box of individually packaged Terra chips after I ran out of the previous ones. I was very disappointed that the order didn't have a notch with which to tear it open, and that each of the 3 bags I have so far doesn't have that. All of them are tightly sealed and ready to go. I think they arrived this way because they are kept in a temperature controlled area of my home. I'm past the date to return them on Amazon. I'm stuck with a large box of chips.


What is the best product for keto your way chips?

Keto your way chips products from Stacy's. In this article about keto your way chips you can see why people choose the product. Pyure and Pringles are also good brands to look for when you are finding keto your way chips.

What are the best brands for keto your way chips?

Stacy's, Pyure and Pringles are some of the best brands that chosen by people for keto your way chips. Find the detail in this article. Real Food From The Ground Up, Parmcrisps and Gourmet Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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